Review by AssassinCaveman

Reviewed: 09/16/11

This shows why it's a bad idea to remake a N64 game

Okay the good is this is a well done remake graphically and the 3D is the best I've seen on the system.

But that is it.

Ladies and Gentlemen this game should have come out just like Let's Golf 3D. an E-shop game for about 20 bucks, maybe 25 for the first year of it's release. Because the main flaw is glaring. at the end of the day this game has less levels than a old school Sonic game.

In one playthrough your going to get through 7 levels if you beat the game, which thanks to the better control offered by the circle pad and the slightly easier difficulty in the 3ds mode of the game won't be too hard. Now I'm not a stickler for difficulty, but when you have a game where only 7 levels need be played for you to win you at least need the other thing fixed in this version: the ability not to save.

This game back in the N64 days was a must have, or at worst a must rent due to how short the game could be if you were good at it. But back then we were still used to games not saving unless they were needlessly long like an RPG or a Mario level game. Now I can get similar content for much cheaper. and hell just like Ocarina of time the fact the Virtual Council version is available is a hurt to this game, just not as much since it comes with Multiplayer

but dear lord the Multiplayer was lost. okay you only need one card to play, that is cool. but if you don't have online play that requires a card for example we as consumers have no reason to get this game for a lack luster addition to the game that while fun is still basically limited to your group of friends who bothered to have a 3ds and they'd still have to be near you to do the download play.

Bottom line maybe rent this game since it will be cheaper if offered for a weekend rent from any place that has that, but don't waste your money on a buy unless you either don't have a wii or N64 to play the original on- which even then I say rent unless your friends are so into playing star fox all the time.

Next time you have a remake Nintendo you have to have something to make it worth the 40 dollar tag. adding 3D, a lackluster extra mode and updated graphics isn't enough to warrant paying 4 times the VC price unless your target is people who somehow dodged a wii but got this system.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Star Fox 64 3D (US, 09/09/11)

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