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Reviewed: 09/13/11

Nintendoman1987 Review - Star Fox blasts his way onto your 3DS

Star Fox 64 3D is a remake of Lylat Wars or Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. It was was greatly received back then and praises by gamers and critics alike. Bundled with a Rumble Pak it was revolutionary at the time, but does this 3DS remake do the same? The answer is, not really, but that doesn't stop it from being the same fantastic game you know and love!

Gameplay:- 9/10
Star Fox 64 3D is a shooter set in space, on planets surfaces and even underwater. You pilot a space ship through various levels blasting everything in sight, sometimes you take control of other vehicles, but most of the game is spent in the air. The majority of the game is semi on-rails, but you still have the freedom to move about the screen. Some sections named "All Range Mode" allow you to fly freely in arenas in dog fighting battles. The main game consists of you completing 7 short levels to reach the end. You move from planet to planet doing different objectives (mostly just blowing stuff up) to reach the end and defeat the games boss. However the game has more than 7 levels to play there are more like 15, but to visit them all you have to do multiple playthroughs taking different courses through the game by selecting a different level or carrying out specific actions on the previous stage! In the stages themselves you shoot at enemies racking up kills and collecting powerups such as bombs to take out large groups of enemies, improved lasers to dispatch your foes quicker and rings to improve your health! You earn medals on each level that you get a high killcount on provided that all your teamates survive. Your 3 team mates are the other cast members of team Star Fox and fly around during the levels shooting enemies for you and getting into trouble, at which point you have to try to save them! The main aim of the game is going for the highest killcount possible to set a high score and better your previous scores. If this is not your thing then you will most likely not like this game. It is not designed to be played once, it is about bettering your previous scores. There is also a new Score Attack mode where you can replay any level you have already beaten and try to reach difficult killcount targets to get a gold, silver or bronze medal. The main issue with reaching a high score comes from the way kills are counted. There is no combo meter to improve your score and simply killing every enemy in a stage (which would have been more fun) is not enough to score high. The high points come from charging up your laser, which fires a large blast and locks onto an enemy. This can take out multiple enemies at once, and any enemies that are killed by the splash damage of the blast and not the direct impact give you and extra point so you end up charging up your laser and firing it at the ground or a wall just so the splash damage kills it instead of the actual laser which just seems less fun than actually trying to kill all the enemies. It is still a different take on scoring which is still fun regardless. The new multiplayer mode in this version of the game is also great. Up to 4 players battle it out in a dog fight to become the winner. There are a few different modes and maps to make things interesting and empty spaces can be filled by bots which is very welcome in this sort of game. There are Mario Kart style powerups to collect to give you an edge in battle and some of these are very interesting to use. Another cool feature is the 3DS' built in camera. It films you whilst you play and other players can see you face at all times in a little box next to your health bar above your ship and it is really funny to see there reactions as they get shot down. Multiplayer is single card download play, so only one of your friends needs the game. Its such a shame that there is no online multiplayer as it is such a fun addition to the single player mode.

Story:- 5/10
The story is pretty weak in the game. An evil scientist call Andross has declared war on the Lylat system and you are recruited to stop him. There are some interesting moments but nothing special.

Graphics:- 10/10
The graphics are amazing. This game makes great use of the 3D, better than any other game seen so far. Everything in the game has been improved by a large margin and really brings this old game up to date!

Sound:- 10/10
The audio has all been cleaned up. The voice acting and the sound files all sound a lot better and this game has really nice score. The music is really catchy at points and really adds to the action packed feel of the game.

Controls:- 9/10
The controls are much more responsive than in the original game. The gyro controls work really well, just not as good as the circle pad on its own which works very well. Some of the buttons can be difficult to press in conjunction with another action and after a short time playing may make your fingers ache.

Play Time Replay Value:- 10/10
If you are not a high score chaser then this is probably not for you as the game can be finished in about 30 minutes in one playthrough. Those of you that are however will find a large amount of play time in this game, exploring the different planets, going for all the medals and trying to beat your high scores.

For fans of the original it brings the game up to date for you to play all over again. With a few new additions it is definitely something you should pick up. For those who have never played the original and like the thrill of beating high scores then you are in for a treat. Its a great game if you understand what the gameplay is all about.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Star Fox 64 3D (EU, 09/09/11)

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