Review by Ameriph

Reviewed: 09/12/11

A great game, but not for me.

I played the original Star Fox 64 on my Nintendo 64, and I loved it. This time around, however, it's not for me. I thoroughly enjoy the Star Fox franchise, and would love nothing more for it to grow and expand, but Star Fox 64 3D is quite underwhelming in my opinion. The game stars you as Fox McCloud, and you are tasked to save the Lylat System from Andross's invasion. While the situation starts out very grim, as Andross is nearing victory in the war, Fox McCloud and his team, the Star Fox team, head out to the front lines on a planet called Corneria. If you want to know how things turn out, you'll just have to play the game yourself. Can't go around giving away the ending now, can I? ;)

Game-play wise, Star Fox 64 3D is considered an on-rails shooter, so you are tasked with killing oncoming enemies and even occasionally protecting the rest of the Star Fox team from bogies(feeling retro yet?) all while dodging obstacles while automatically traversing a set path. To protect your teammates, it's best to charge up a shot and then lock on to the enemy that is attacking your ally and then fire either a bomb or the charged shot at the enemy or enemies. It makes for an entertaining few hours, but after a few runs through the game, you will have explored all the paths and seen all there is to see.

The game has taken a turn for the better, graphics wise, as well. The old lava was nothing but bright red-orange looking water, but the new lava has significant detail(this is the most famous screenshot comparison). Some sound improvement is also notable from the original.

They've also added a replay feature to the levels, which is a nice gimmick for replaying through your favorite levels without having to play through the whole game again.

Now we have the letdowns:

The biggest thing they've done other than pretty it up and add a replay feature is make the multiplayer WiFi compatible. There is only local multiplayer. The multiplayer would have been one of the biggest selling points of this game had it not been so neglected. I personally do not have any friends that live near by or that I even go to school with(and I'm in college) that have a 3DS, making it pointless to me, and while others may enjoy it temporarily, continuously playing against the same people will quickly get boring, and the game has clearly not aged well, despite being excellent for its time.

After around 5 or so play-throughs, you will have its very simple story memorized and will most likely have all the planets unlocked, so the only thing left will be the multiplayer, which is restricted to local, so you're out of luck with finding a huge variety of people to play with.

In short, Star Fox 64 3D gives the game a few things it needed, but does not fully serve the game as it should have been served.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Star Fox 64 3D (US, 09/09/11)

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