Can you now save the game on 3ds?

  1. What i just said

    User Info: thenoobynoober

    thenoobynoober - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes the game autosaves after each level, but there is only 1 slot.
    There is also a guest models that doesnt save and so doesnt erase your autosave

    User Info: benbonney

    benbonney - 7 years ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. You mean the ability to save in SF64 3D? From what I understand, the game autosaves after every level.

    User Info: Retrostarman87

    Retrostarman87 - 7 years ago 0   0
  2. ^StormKMD, you can save in N64 mode. Finish a level and you'll see the "save". Turn off your 3DS and it will ask you to continue when you reboot and go to single player.

    User Info: hyper_twitchy

    hyper_twitchy - 7 years ago 0   0
  3. Yes, your game does auto save. The next time you boot up the game and you choose "main game" you will have the choice to continue from where you left off. Beware though: If you complete the main game without quitting and restarting later, you get a special designation on the score screen. You will not get this designation for a play through you open a saved game on.

    User Info: HakuPSO

    HakuPSO - 7 years ago 0   0
  4. There are actually two modes- Nin3DS mode and Nin64 mode. You can save your game in 3DS mode, but not in 64 mode

    User Info: StormKMD

    StormKMD - 7 years ago 0   2

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