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Reviewed: 04/04/11

Ridge Racer zooms into 3D

Ridge Racer 3D has arrived onto the Nintendo 3DS with flying colors and in 3D for the first time on a portable handheld.

Ridge Racer 3d delivers the non-stop driving arcade racing game that has been released for years. The game pits you against 3-7 other racers in many many races.

Since there is no story, the review will not include one.

Gameplay : Ridge racer 3d once again brings the classic style that Ridge racer is known for, fictional cars driving on beautiful tracks. Ridge Racer 3d is the 2nd RR game in the series to be in 3D and the first to be on a portable handheld in 3D. The basic goal is to be first in every race but the only thing that stops you from getting gold is the cars in front of you.

The game offers many modes including single player and multiplayer. Single player is the meat of the game where grand prix will take you the most of your game. Grand prix has 3 different modes from basic to expert ranging from class 4 to class 1 categories of cars. You can also play through a single race or try to beat the time. Also for the first time in ridge racer and a part of the 3DS is street pass. If you and another 3ds owner has the same game and has activated streetpass and walk past each other, your systems will connect each other wirelessly and send data and info to each other and allow you to compete against their ghost data in streetpass duel.

The game contains a good amount of unlockables from the basic class 4 cars all the way to the fast class 1 cars ranging from the standard, mild and dynamic classes of cars too. Plus you earn points as you race and as you earn points, you can unlock newer models of a certain car family to increase the speed and also provide new different nitros in each car.

Graphics : Ridge racer looks pretty and fluid on the Nintendo 3d and the game has alot of detail from the sparks of the cars colliding against each other or the sparks from the walls itself with the cars sliding upon it. Also lots of confetti and rocks and snow fly towards you while speeding at 200-400mph. The game slows down quite alot if there's alot of cars on the screen and nitro is activated but most of the time the framerate holds up. It doesnt' hold as well in 3d as it does in 2d but it is very playable in either dimension.

Sound : The crazy voice actors are back in this one providing you awesome cheesy one-liners as you race or you can turn it off. The music features many classic and new music tracks from all the earlier previous Ridge racer games.

3D effect : The 3D effect for Ridge Racer 3d holds up quite well featuring not only depth to the game but popup as well. The depth provides a great sense of where you are on the track and where the curve is making the game feels more fun to enjoy in 3D. The popup provides detail as you drive, leaves, confetti and other small objects fly through the screen popping up in excellent 3d effect.

Replayabilty : The game has alot of new cars and nitro packs to unlock as you earn points, the game has a huge single player grand prix as you go through many events in each grand prix difficulties and the game gets really challenging as you reach the 30-50% mark.

Pros :
-Excellent launch title to own
-Lots of unlockables
-An excellent fun filled single player mode
-3D allows a great depth and popup to show off the 3DS to other people

Cons :
-Annoying AI. The AI can be cheap and rubberbands with you.
-No online multiplayer, just local wifi
-Streetpass data is usless if you live in a small town with no one who has a 3ds as well.

Review Score
Graphics : 8.5/10 - not bad looking 3ds game. This is a launch title.
Sound 9/10: Pretty good tunes from many classic ridge racer games, the voice acting is once again crazy and fun to listen to
Gameplay 8/10 : It's ridge racer, if you like the series, you will enjoy this one, Framerate issues can happen frequently
Replay value : 7.5/10 It is great in single player but a lack of online and street pass can bring the score down if you don't have people who have the same game
3D effect : 10/10 Excellent 3D effect shows off the power of the 3ds
Overall score : 7/10

Since this is a launch title, this is one of a few amount of games that is available now that can keep you busy for many weeks.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Ridge Racer 3D (US, 03/22/11)

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