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Boss FAQ by ActionMario11

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/08/13

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Bosses FAQS
			Boss FAQs by: ActionMario
			Email: MarioStar4455@aol.com
			Version 1.0
======Table of Contents======
|1. Preview                 |
|2. Quick Notes             |
|3. Playable Characters	    |
|4. Ablities                |
|5. Bosses                  |
|6. Credits                 |
|7. Copyright               |

=====Section 1: Preview=====
Hello. ActionMario here and this is my first ever FAQs. This will feature one
of my favorite games for the 3DS: Paper Mario: Sticker Star. In this game,
Mario must collect the Royal Stickers and rescue Peach from Bowser. You can
say that this game has a similar plot to the original Paper Mario. Teamed up
with a Sticker Fairy named Kersti, can Mario rescue Peach and gather back the
Royal Stickers?

=====Section 2: Quick Notes=====
In this game, Mario can ONLY attack if he has Stickers. We will also learn a
bit later in the game that Mario cannot use Hammer-related stickers if he
doesn't have his Hammer on him. Also note that the Jump commands have changed
in this game to where Mario can jump up to 5 times per enemy. In my opinion,
the Hopslipper stickers are the best stickers in this game thanks to their
multi-hit purposes.

As a side note, only email me if you have any other good tips for defeating a
boss or if I left out something. Just don't want my page to get flooded with
spam messages.

=====Section 3: Playable Characters=====

Well, the only playable character in this game is Mario. Though, Kersti could
count too though he can't be physically played with. Mario, being the main
hero, must defeat all of the bosses to reclaim the Royal Stickers.

=====Section 4: Ablities=====

In this game, Mario has two abilites: The Stickers and the Battle Spinner.
Stickers are unique ways for Mario to attack which all have different types.
Take note that there are different ranks to stickers: Shiny, Flashy, Big
Shiny, and Megaflash. As for the Battle Spinner, it is your best friend
for boss fights. With it, it will allow Mario to use two or three Stickers
in the same turn. Mario can also pay 15 coins to automatically get two matches.

=====Section 5: Bosses=====

Bowser Jr.
Max HP: 20
Difficulity: 1/10
Location: Warm Fuzzy Plains
Recommended Sticker(s): Scissors

The first boss fight of the game is the most simplist and easiest. Bowser Jr.
wants Mario's Scissors sticker but isn't going to give it up so easily. It
should be obivious that you should use the Sissors thing sticker and cut
up Bowser Jr.for a quick victory. If you don't, he will just keep healing
himself and eventually use an attack that instantly defeats Mario.
Kamek (first fight)
Max HP: 20
Difficulity: 3/10
Location: Water's Edge Way
Recommended Sticker(s): Any Jump-related stickers, Shell, Fire Flower

This first fight with Kamek isn't that much tougher than the fight with Bowser
Jr. The only problem here is there is two Goombas in the fight as well. Use a
Fire Flower, Ice Flower, or Shell Stickers to take out the Goombas then break
out Jump-related stickers like Hopslippers to take down Kamek. Kamek only
attacks by hurling spells at Mario which is pretty easily to block against.
Big Buzzy Beetle
Max HP: 40
Difficulty: 4/10
Location: Hither Thither Hill
Recommended Sticker(s): Battle Spinner + POW Block, Jump, Hopslipper

This boss can be tough if you don't come into the fight prepared. For starters,
the Big Buzzy Beetle ALWAYS flips itself over on the very next turn and Hammer-
releated stickers are useless against it. You must use the Battle Spinner to
attack more than once in the same turn. You can flip it over using a Jump
or a POW Block sticker. It is also wise to pay 15 coins to ensure a matchup.
After it has flipped over, unleash those Hopslipper stickers to defeat the
oversized turtle. NOTE: After you defeat the Big Buzzy Beetle, you will earn
a helpful item: an HP-UP Heart which raises Mario's current HP by five.
Megasparkle Goomba
Max HP: 90
Difficulity: 6/10
Location: Goomba Fortress (World 1)
Recommended Sticker(s): Fan, any Stickers

For the first major boss in the game, the Megasparkle Goomba is one tough
cookie. Start to damage him normally with Hopslippers until it rolls up into
a cone. Remember, you cannot hurt cone-enemies with Jump-releated stickers
(unless you're using a Iron Jump Sticker) so use those Hammer stickers (Shiny
Hammer stickers work nicely). Once the Megasparkle Goomba seperates into many
smaller Goombas floating in the air, use that Fan thing sticker to blow them
apart and deal major damage to them. After that, use those Hopslipper stickers
to finish it off.
Kamek (second fight)
Max HP: 20
Difficulity: 4/10
Location: Yoshi Sphinx (World 2)
Recommended Sticker(s): Jump releated stickers

Although Kamek isn't fighting alongside enemies this time, he uses a nasty
trick called the Sandal Spell which turns all of Mario's stickers into
Flip-flops. The only true way to hurt Kamek is to wait until he is on ground
level and pick the Sticker that as mulit-hit purposes (hope you remember
where those Hopslipper stickers are). About two of those should send Kamek
Tower Power Pokey
Max HP: 300
Difficulity: 5/10
Location: Drybake Stadium (World 2)
Recommended Sticker(s): Bat, Toy Bat, any other Stickers

The second major boss fight of the game isn't that much tougher than the first.
For starters, you can indeed jump on the TPP since, oddly, it doesn't have
spikes on it's head. The TTP mainly attacks by spinning at Mario and slamming
onto him. Once the TTP reaches all of it's segments, break out that Bat thing
sticker to knock his pieces away and deal MAJOR damage. After that, it should
be simple to use Hopslipper stickers (Shiny Hopslippers work nicely) to
bring down this overside Pokey.
Big Scuttlebug
Max HP: 16
Difficulity: 8/10
Location: Rustle Burrow (World 3)
Recommended Sticker(s): Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Shell, then Jump related

Let me point out the key facts which makes this boss fight earn a 8/10
ranking: You have NO hammer, you don't have Kersti so you can't use the Battle
Spinner, and you lost ALL of your stickers when you first enter the level and
you might not have the correct stickers to fight. The Big Scuttlebug starts
the battle on a web and you must destory the web first before dealing any
damage. Major Note: Do NOT jump on the web! If you do, Mario will get stuck
and the Big Scuttlebug will Bite Mario for major damage. Instead, use
distance, non-Hammer stickers such as Fire Flowers, Ice Flowers, or Shells.
Remember, Mario lost his hammer on the way down to this level so he cannot
use Hammer-related stickers. After the web is destoryed, if you have it,
use a Shiny Hopslipper to end this fight quickly. It is also wise to use
Mushroom stickers to keep yourself alive!
Gooper Blooper
Max HP: 300
Difficulity: 3/10
Location: Whitecap Beach (World 3)
Recommended Sticker(s): Sponge, Car Sponge, Shiny-ranked Stickers

What's this? A familiar face since Super Mario Sunshine? It's Gooper Blooper
and he's back for revenge! Unlike the past two bosses, Gooper Blooper is
actually pretty easy if you bring in the right stickers. Gooper Blooper has
two mains of attack: a tentacle strike and poison spray. You must damage the
Gooper Blooper until it turns purple. When Gooper Blooper does that, you use
the Sponge sticker so the poison spray attack will get deflected back at
Gooper Blooper. Now, Gooper Blooper is poisoned and he will take 25 HP each
turn AND cannot hit you at all! Use those Shiny Hopslippers to send this
Blooper packing! Also take note to the epic music during this fight. It's
so epic, even Gooper Blooper claps along to the beat of the song.
Big Cheep Cheep
Max HP: 88
Difficulity: 7/10
Location: Surfshine Harbor
Recommended Sticker(s): Fishhook, Shiny or Flashy Hopslipper stickers

Another tough fight. First of all, you NEED the Fishhook thing sticker to win
this fight or, at one point, you cannot damage this boss at all. The Big
Cheep Cheep first attacks by body slamming into Mario. After it has taken
damage, it will swim into the background, heal itself, and spray water at
Mario which may give him the Soggy ailment. This is where you use that
Fishhook sticker to fish that oversized fish back onto dry land. However,
doing so causes the Big Cheep Cheep to grow even bigger and will explode in
a matter of turns. Break out those strong stickers, even Big Shiny or
Megaflash, to quickly take it out. If it explodes, it's Game Over for you
and yes I mean that literally.
Bowser Jr (second fight)
Max HP: 100
Difficulity: 4/10
Location: Between World 4 and Surshine Harbor
Recommended Sticker(s): Hurlhammers, any other Jump-related Stickers

This second fight with Bowser's son isn't that much tougher. Bowser Jr. will
carry Bob-ombs over his head so you need to use Hurlhammer stickers to knock
them down onto him. After that, it is simple to attack him hard with
Hopslipper stickers or any other stickers (remember, Bowser Jr is ALWAYS an
air enemy so you must use Jump-releated stickers to deal any real damage to
Big Boo
Max HP: 100
Difficulity: 2/10
Location: The Engimansion (World 4)
Recommended Sticker(s): Vaccum, Upright Vaccum, any Jump-releated stickers

Oh! This takes a page out of Luigi's Mansion! The Big Boo isn't that tough
of a boss if you know how to defeat it. The Big Boo mainly attacks by
slamming into Mario which can be easily blocked. Once the Big Boo turns on
the lanturns and turns invisible, use either of those Vaccum stickers to
suck it up, blow out the lanturns, and deal MAJOR damage. After that, even
the simplist of Jump stickers should take it out easily.
Mizzster Blizzard/Bowser's Snow Statue
Max HP: 500
Difficulity: 5/10
Location: Bowser's Snow Fort (World 4)
Recommended Sticker(s): Oven, Radiator, and any Fire-based Stickers

It sure has been awhile since a Mr. Blizzard has been a boss. First of all,
Mizzster Blizzad mostly takes the form as the giantic Bowser's Snow Statue.
In this form, he can breathe ice breath on Mario and crush him. Mario should
break out those Fire related stickers to deal massive damage onto him. The
Oven and Raditor thing stickers work wonders in this fight. The recently picked
up Megaflash Burnhammer is a must for this fight too. Once it is down to 100 HP,
the Bowser's Snow Statue breaks apart revealing the true boss: Mizzster
Blizzard. Fortunately, Mizzster Blizzard is extreamly weak and only attacks by
hurling snow balls. Finish him off with some Fire Flowers and victory is yours.
NOTE: Do NOT use any Ice-related stickers in this fight as it will only heal
Mizzster Blizzard.
Petey Piranha
Max HP: 300
Difficulity: 5.5/10
Location: Rumble Volcano (World 5)
Recommended Sticker(s): Jump and Hammer related stickers, POW Block

Another familiar face! Petey Piranha is the only boss in the entire game where
it doesn't take a certain Thing sticker to easily beat him. That's one of the
bad news, the others are he ate Kersti eariler so you cannot use the Battle
Spinner and Petey has mad defense. Where to start? Well, you start to damage
him normally until he starts to spin around. After that, he will get dizzy and
that's where you break out that POW Block sticker to knock him over. This is
where you can break out your strongest multi-hit stickers to deal damage.
Once Petey has reached 100 HP, he will spit Kersti back out and you can use
the Battle Spinner again! Finish off Petey using it to win.
Bowser Jr. (final fight)
Max HP: 300
Difficulity: 6/10
Location: Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla (World 6)
Recommended Stickers: Tail, Shiny Tail, then any Jump-releated stickers

Bowser Jr. is definately fighting serious this time. Notice that little glass
top over him? Well that gives him great defense (even more than Petey Piranha)
where even the Shiniest of Hopslippers will do barely anything at all. Equip
any Tail sticker and get ready for a little game of baseball. You will have to
deflect those fireball attacks back at Bowser Jr. which will damage him and
his shield. After it has been destroyed, finish Bowser Jr. off and send him
flying away for good!
Kamek (final fight)
Max HP: 20
Difficulity: 5/10
Location: Bowser's Sky Castle (World 6)
Recommended Stickers: Multi-hit Stickers

Kamek is definately more cheap in this fight as he uses both the Sandal Spell
and Clones. Your best bet is to pick out the right Kamek and use those
multi-hit stickers to finish him off.
Max HP: 500
Difficulity: 10/10
Location: Bowser's Sky Castle
Recommended Stickers: Tape, Scissors, Shears, Shaved Ice, Eekhammer, Tail,
Shiny Tail, Super Boot + Jump Stickers

This is it! The final fight with Bowser. Let mepoint out that Bowser counts
as a spike enemy so equip the Super Boot beforeattacking with Jump-related
stickers. This battle has TONS of phases so I'll
break them up as followed:

Phase 1: In this phase, Bowser will summon enemies from openings on the side
wall. Use the Tape sticker to stop this from happening and stop all enemies,
including Bowser, in their place. Use a Shell sticker to defeat multiple
enemies and deal enough damage to Bowser until he heals himself and goes back
for the next phrase.

Phase 2: Bowser summons a giant Whomp to keep himself safe. For that, use an
Eekhammer to knock it over. Notice what's on it's back? Use those Scissors
sticker to cut that thing up to pieces. After that, Bowser heads back to
start the next phrase.

Phase 3: This is, in my opinion, the hardest phase of Bowser. You both are
on a platform near lava where Podoboos are jumping out of. Bowser attacks
using those Podoboos and believe me, this attack is HARD to guard against.
This is argubly the toughest attack to block in the entire game. For that,
use the Shaved Ice sticker to freeze those Podoboos and now, Bowser cannot
attack! Damage him quickly until he heads back one more time.

Phase 4: This is the easiest and quickest phase of the battle. Bowser uses a
small Chain Chomp to attack. All you have to do is equip the Tail or Shiny
Tail stickers and deflect the Chain Chomp back at Bowser, knocking him over,
and ending the battle!

Bowser (Giant Form)
Max HP: 500
Difficulity: 8/10 (1/10 if you have many Super Boot stickers)
Location: Bowser's Sky Castle
Recommended Stickers: Super Boot followed by Jump-related stickers

Bowser isn't finished yet! Bowser used the Royal Sticker to make himself
giant! In this form, Bowser mainly attacks by slapping Mario and
breathing fire which can burn stickers. Here are the phases for this fight:

Phase 1: Bowser can barely be hurt in this form. Just keep your HP healed
until Kersti develops an idea to use herself as a Sticker!

Phase 2: Time to kick butt! Kersti's scarfice allows you to use FIVE
stickers in one turn for the REST OF THE BATTLE! Equip that Super Boot
sticker first and unleash all of your strongest Jump stickers! This is
the final fight so use even the rarest ones! After that, Bowser is defeated
and you completed the game.

=====Section 6: Credits=====
Mariowiki Website for information and names on the bosses.
Of course, Nintendo, for making the game.

=====Section 7: Copyright=====
(c)ActionMario (2013)

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