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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by DBM11085

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by DBM11085

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/16/2013

Table of Contents

  1. What's New
  2. Introduction
  3. Controls
    1. Field Controls
    2. Battle Controls
  4. Overview
    1. World Map/Stages
    2. Battle System
    3. Paperization
  5. Walkthrough
    1. Introduction
    2. Decalburg
    3. World 1-1: Warm Fuzzy Plains
    4. World 1-2: Bouquet Gardens
    5. World 1-3: Water's Edge Way
    6. World 1-4: Hither Thither Hill
    7. World 1-5: Whammino Mountain
    8. World 1-6: Goomba Fortress
    9. World 2-1: Drybake Desert
    10. World 2-2: Yoshi Sphinx
    11. World 2-3: Sandshifter Ruins
    12. Surfshine Harbor
    13. World 2-4: Damp Oasis
    14. World 2-5: Drybake Stadium
    15. World 3-1: Leaflitter Path
    16. World 3-2: The Bafflewood
    17. World 3-3: Wiggler's Tree House
    18. World 3-4: Strike Lake
    19. World 3-5: Loop Loop River
    20. World 3-6: Outlook Point
    21. World 3-7: Rustle Burrow
    22. World 3-8: Tree Branch Trail
    23. World 3-9: Gauntlet Pond
    24. World 3-10: Stump Glade
    25. World 3-2: The Bafflewood (Part 2)
    26. World 3-11: Holey Thicket
    27. World 3-12: Whitecap Beach
    28. Surfshine Harbor (Part 2)
    29. World 4-1: Snow Rise
    30. World 4-2: Ice Flow
    31. World 4-3: The Enigmansion
    32. World 4-4: Shaved-Ice Cave
    33. World 4-5: Whiteout Valley
    34. World 4-6: Bowser's Snow Fort
    35. World 5-1: Shy Guy Jungle
    36. World 5-2: Jungle Rapids
    37. World 5-3: Long Fall Falls
    38. World 5-4: Chomp Ruins
    39. World 5-5: Rugged Road
    40. World 5-6: Rumble Volcano
    41. World 6-1: Gate Cliff
    42. World 6-2: Bowser Jr's Flotilla
    43. World 6-3: Bowser's Sky Castle
  6. Enemies
  7. Stickers
  8. Things
  9. HP-Up Hearts
  10. Secret Doors
  11. Paperization Block Contents
    1. Jump Stickers
    2. Hammer Stickers
    3. Defensive/Support Stickers
    4. Attack Item Stickers
    5. Mushroom/Leaf Stickers
    6. Enemy Weapon Stickers
  12. Shops
    1. Decalburg
    2. Whammino Mountain (World 1-5)
    3. Outlook Point (World 3-6)
    4. Shaved-Ice Cave (World 4-4)
    5. Rumble Volcano (World 5-6)
  13. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
    1. Super Flags
    2. Luigi Sightings
    3. Sticker Museum
  14. Credits
  15. Copyright Notice

Walkthrough (Continued)

World 3-9: Gauntlet Pond

Here, you will find the third Wiggler Segment sitting on a platform surrounded by poisonous water. As for yourself, start by going north to the yellow strip, then ride and jump across the first two swinging platforms. Below the second one, peel off the Eekhammer Sticker before riding the third swinging platform across the pool. At the other end, defeat the Ninji and peel the Hammer Sticker off the wall below. Peel the Bowser Sticker from the floor to get another platform moving. Ride that one across to the left, where you will meet the Wiggler Segment. As you approach, it will run away, so grab the Jump Sticker below if you want and head all the way east into the second area.

Use the Heart Block when you arrive here, then peel the Hopslipper, Slaphammer, and Jump Stickers to the north. Jump to the top of the northwest area and jump onto the first swinging platform when it appears. While it's stationary, jump across to the following platform and peel the Bowser Sticker by the poisonous cloud. With the second platform swinging now, ride the first one to the south end of the room. Jump onto the platform and onto the second swinging one when it arrives. Stand on the right side of this platform to avoid the poison cloud at the north end. Wait for it to swing southward again, then jump across to the east and head down the hill to find the Wiggler Segment again. It will run away once more.

With that said, ride the second platform back to the north end and get off. Jump in the air between the two blocks ahead to reveal a hidden Fire Flower Sticker, then continue to the northeast area. Over here, you can Paperize to make a hidden ? block appear in the distance above the poison if you want. Aside from that, go west and peel off the Bowser Sticker to unleash a moving platform; this will help later on. Go north and jump across the two swinging platforms to reach the other side (the second swinging platform leads to the Comet Piece if you ride it to the north, but we are skipping that for now). At the other side, defeat the Ninji waiting for you. Hit the ? block to find an Ice Flower, and also peel the Hurlhammer one on the adjacent wall.

From here, use the next hanging platform to reach the lower level where you can find a Hopslipper Sticker right in front of you. While on this lower platform, hop across the lily pads to the west and onto the platform there. Approach the rectangular object and Hammer it several times to clean it up, then check it to receive the Sponge Thing! With it, go back to the first moving platform and ride it upward, then jump across to the swinging one to the left. Clear the block in the way and continue across a series of these platforms until you reach the southwest end. Once you get to dry land, take the Hammer Sticker and head south.

On this ledge, hit the ? block to get a Line Jump Sticker, then pull the Bowser Sticker off the ground to reveal some shortcut stairs. While you are up here, go right and Paperize, then place a Sticker over the vent that is causing the poison cloud. This will stop the cloud, so you can now ride that moving platform across. Jump over to the ledge at the other side and go north. From where you are now, you will see the Wiggler Segment moving back and forth on its platform. Jump across to it and pull it out, and the third Wiggler Segment will join you.

Now that you got it back, jump back across to the solid ledge and head directly east. Jump down to the lower area and ride the moving platform across (from removing the Bowser Sticker earlier). At the other side, go up the ledges and around to the two swinging platforms. Jump to the second one and ride it northward, then jump off and go ahead to the Comet Piece, finishing up this stage!

World 3-10: Stump Glade

Starting off, go forward and you will find a giant tree stump and not much else. The stump has a hole in the middle, so jump on in. When you land, you will find yourself as an unwitting participant in a game show called "Snifit or Whiffit"! There will be three challenges to complete in order to win in this game show. The grand prize, of course, is the Wiggler Segment being held captive.

The first challenge is called Pick-and-Choose Panic!. It involves answering random trivia questions about the game. You will have to answer three questions correctly in order to win, but you must be fast. The room is filled with poisonous gas, and if you take too long, you will die! Below are a list of the questions I have seen thus far; if you have more to add, please contact me!

  1. If you use a Spike Helmet, you can also stomp enemies with spikes. X
  2. Koopas, Paratroopas, and Lakitus can all fly. X
  3. Some Toads were locked up inside a cupboard in Decalburg. There were nine Toads inside that cupboard. X
  4. To use the Battle Spinner, you need five Coins. X
  5. Your host's name is Snifit. O
  6. Bowser Jr.'s father is King Bowser, and his mother is Princess Peach. X
  7. This doesn't leave this room, but... Princess Peach is actually a man. X
  8. If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invisible. X
  9. If you get all Poison Mushrooms in the Battle Spinner, all foes get poisoned. X
  10. When Mario and Kersti first met, Kersti was stuck to a sign. O
  11. Mario has no siblings. X
  12. To swing the Hammer, you press (Y). X
  13. Right now there are 30 Snifits in the studio audience. O
  14. Kamek can fly through the sky. He rides a broom. O
  15. If you use a Mushroom Sticker, Mario's body gets big. X
  16. Mario, Toads, and Koopa Troopas all wear shoes. O
  17. A Hammer Sticker has a more powerful attack than a Shiny Hammer Sticker. X
  18. My dinner last night was a delicious mushroom steak. O
  19. This doesn't leave this room, but... King Bowser actually loathes Princess Peach. X
  20. Straight up, Bowser's cooler than Mario! O
  21. If you have an Iron Jump Sticker, you can jump on enemies with spikes. O
  22. A Shiny Jump sticker is more expensive than a Jump sticker. O
  23. Kamek, Bowser Jr., and Koopa Troopa all wear glasses. X
  24. If you're low on HP, you can't use the paperization ability. X
  25. Wiggler's body has four segments, not counting the head. O
  26. If you use a Mushroom Sticker, your HP will be restored. O
  27. A Jump Sticker will cost you three Coins. You can sell one for two. O
  28. You're at Decalburg's Sticker Shop. A Mushroom Sticker costs 15 Coins. O
  29. If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invincible. O
  30. Kamek, Lakitu, and Bowser Jr. all wear glasses. X
  31. To swing the Hammer, you press (B). O

The second challenge is known as Big Bonking Snifit Bash! In this one, there will be four pipes arranged in a square pattern. Snifits will pop their heads out of each, Whack-A-Mole style, and you must hit them with your Hammer. There will again be poisonous gas, so you must act quickly in order to stay alive! You must hit 20 Snifits in order to win here. As a hint, you can tell which pipe they will pop out of next by watching the rattling inside of the pipe. Sometimes a Heart can appear as well; hit it to recover five HP.

The third and final challenge is called Unrelentingly Exciting Shuffle Gaaaaame! For this final game, there are three blocks in the air. One has a green check mark, while the others contain Snifits. The contents of each will be displayed briefly, and then the boxes will move around. Pick the correct box to win a five HP Heart. Pick a Snifit and you have to defeat it in battle before trying again. You have to pick correctly three times in order to win, and after each correct guess, the boxes will move around more quickly, so pay attention! For the final round, there will be four boxes in the mix, making this all the more challenging indeed. An interesting trick here is to pay attention to the direction Mario is facing; he will be looking at the correct box!

Once you win all three challenges, the game show will end and you will receive the third Wiggler Segment. You will both then fall through a hole in the floor following the game show. Before you can go anywhere, the host of the game show will come down and talk to you. He offers up a final, special stage for you to complete. If you win, he will give you an "awesome prize".

Accept, and you will drop into another arena. The special game is called Big-Bonking-Panic-Pick-and-Choose Snifit Bash! This game mixes the first and third rounds of the main game show together. You will be asked a question from the list above, but before you can choose your answer, you must navigate the poisonous gas and Hammer five Snifits as they pop out of the pipes. You still only have to answer three questions correctly however. Do so and the game will be finally over.

After completing the special game, peel open the giant gift box to receive the Radiator Thing. Exit the room via the pipe to return to the previous exit room. Use the Heart Block and grab the Comet Piece to exit this place. Unfortunately, the third Wiggler Segment ran away, so you need to chase it down in the The Bafflewood again.

World 3-2: The Bafflewood (Part 2)

For your second time through here, nothing has really changed from before, so I will keep the directions brief. From the beginning, follow the path around the bend to the maze entrance itself. Once there, take these directions: NE, NW, and then NE three times. You should arrive in the area with the many Stickers lying around, but this time the Wiggler Segment will be there as well. Grab any multi-target Stickers you may want, then approach the segment to fight it, along with two Piranha Plants.

After you defeat the Wiggler Segment, it will rejoin you again. In its frenzy, it opened up a new exit to the north, so jump over the fence and take it. In the next area, defeat the Piranha Plants and hit the ? blocks to receive the following Stickers: Shiny Iron Jump, Shiny Hopslipper, Shiny Line Jump, Shell, Shiny Shell, and Flashy Shell. Continue into the next area and Hammer the bushes to uncover a five HP Heart, then keep going onward. In the final area, take the Bowling Ball Thing sitting on the tree stump in front of you.

Now that you are done here, it's time to exit. From here, go: S three times, SW two times, N, W, and N once more. You should be at the Comet Piece at this point, so use it to leave.

NOTE: After completing this stage, you will need to return to Wiggler in World 3-3: Wiggler's Tree House to return the third Wiggler Segment to him.

Also, you will need to get a Bowling Ball Thing Sticker by slinging your Bowling Ball at the wall in Outlook Point or Decalburg. Once you have it, return to World 3-4: Strike Lake. Once there, go through the northeast door in the second area and Paperize to use the Bowling Ball Thing Sticker to clear the giant bowling pins, giving access to the secret Comet Piece. This will give you access to World 3-11: Holey Thicket.

World 3-11: Holey Thicket

From the start, follow the path as it goes along, and you will see a line of bushes running parallel to the path. At the end, do not go on to the next screen; instead walk behind the bushes and head back to the left. At the end, two Poison Bloopers will jump out with the Wiggler Segment in tow. They will fly away to another stage, but you still need to finish this one. So, head east and into the following section for now.

Continue along the path in this area, and defeat the Piranha Plant and Boomerang Bro along the way. Peel off the Iron Jump Sticker on the east wall, and take note of the glowing spot that is missing something. Go to the northwest and you will see Bowser Stickers on the tree and on the ground. Peel the ground Sticker to cover one of the poison pits, then peel it again to raise it up so you can reach the Shell Sticker in the ? block. Then, go into the west area.

Here, ignore the Bowser Sticker on the floor as it is a trap. Continue along and peel the Hammer and Iron Jump Stickers as you spot them. Defeat the enemies along the way, then peel the Eekhammer Sticker off the wall. Hit the ? block above to get the Shiny Jump one, and then peel the Bowser Sticker off the ground to reveal a pit. At this point, jump into the room below and defeat some more enemies. There is a gray circular patch on the ground; jump above it to reveal a hidden block containing a Shiny Hammer Sticker.

Next, go up the ramp at the other end of the room to back above. Hammer the tree repeatedly to knock out the Bowser Tape Scrap. With it, jump over the barrier and head all the way eastward to the previous area. When you make it back to that glowing spot, Paperize and place the Bowser Tape in its proper spot. Then, peel it off again to make some stairs appear. Go up them and you will be right in front of the Comet Piece. Peel the nearby Jump and Hammer Stickers, and you can exit here.

Secret Exit

Continue east from the first Comet Piece into a new area. Peel the Hammer and Jump Stickers on the wall, then confront the Poison Bloopers who are harassing a poor Toad. Kersti will suggest you pay them 50 Coins to leave, but you should battle them anyway. Defeat the bad guys and the rescued Toad will reward you with a Shiny Mushroom Sticker.

After that, go east to find an Iron Jump Sticker next to what appears to be a poisonous pit. If you look closely, it has a hole in the center, so jump in to land in a hidden cave below. Defeat the Spike Tops and exit to the right. Out here, first jump up the ledges to the left and peel a Hurlhammer Sticker off the back wall, then hit the ? block for a POW Block. Go into the area to the west briefly, where you can hit another ? block thrice to receive the Shiny POW Block, Shiny Fire Flower, and Shiny Ice Flower Stickers.

Return to the previous area and drop down to the lower section again, then go east and hit the ? block to get a Shell Sticker. Head north and defeat the enemies, and collect the Iron Jump, Baahammer, and Burnhammer Stickers via the ? blocks and by peeling one off the back wall. You will see an opening in the northeast wall; go into that room there. Follow the passage around the poisonous pool in the center and exit at the far end. The Comet Piece is directly in front of you; take it to exit!

This opens up the path leading to World 3-12: Whitecap Beach.

World 3-12: Whitecap Beach

Upon your arrival, make your way down to the beach level and you will see Bloopers floating around the Wiggler Segment, who is now covered in poison. Approach and you will have to fight all three of them. Once you win the battle, the Wiggler Segment will run ahead to the dock. Follow it there and it will then run off to Surfshine Harbor. Before you give chase, head to the southwest area of the beach here and check around to find the Pocket Watch Thing. Now, head on out of here for now; you will be coming back shortly, not to worry.

You must first go to Surfshine Harbor. There, the Wiggler Segment is by the ship; approach and it will rejoin you. Next, go back to World 3-3: Wiggler's Tree House and return the fourth and final Wiggler Segment to him. Wiggler will then return to Whitecap Beach, so meet him back there.

NOTE: Before you begin here again, it is highly recommended that you have a Sponge Thing Sticker (buy at the secret Thing Shop in Decalburg if needed, then sling them at the wall to form the Sticker). It is extremely helpful in the boss battle ahead.

When you arrive at the beach once more, go east to the dock and Wiggler will be waiting. You will also encounter a Luigi sighting at the dock; look at the rocks in the background and Paperize to pluck him off! Anyway, talk to Wiggler twice and you will ride on his back all the way over to the island, which is the source of the poisonous leak.

Once you arrive there, start heading east. Beat the Cheep Cheeps and peel the Line Jump Sticker you spot, and hop across the barrels to avoid the poisonous waters below. When you reach a plank leading southward, first head to the north. Grab the Worn-Out Jump Sticker before jumping through the circular window to reach the ledge behind it. Peel a Hopslipper Sticker, and take two Line Jump and Shiny Line Jump Stickers from the ? block.

Next, hop across to the south and continue eastward along the wooden plank. Be careful as you approach the next several platforms since a giant tentacle will try to hit you in the distance. Trigger it by standing at the edge of each platform, then jump across after it retracts. When you reach the southeast corner, you will spot a barrel floating in the water. Ride it to a hidden ledge to the east, making sure you keep moving upward so as not to fall off the rolling barrel. At the other side, peel the Hurlhammer Sticker and take the Shiny Slaphammer one from the ? block.

Get back across via the barrel and proceed northward along the main path now. Peel the Jump and '"Hammer Stickers along the back wall, and you will find yourself in front of the ship entrance. If you go south across the poisonous water, you can hit the last ? block to get a Shiny Eekhammer'' Sticker. Now, go inside the ship itself.

You will find Heart and Save Blocks here, which means the boss fight is up ahead. Make use of these blocks and make sure you have enough powerful Stickers in your album (especially the Sponge Thing Sticker). When you are confident that you are ready, go through the west door. Out here, Paperize to reveal a spot to place a Sticker for upgrade above the lone flower. Hit that ? block, then go west while avoiding the poisonous puddles to meet the next boss: Gooper Blooper.

Gooper Blooper

HP: 300

At first glance, the Gooper Blooper appears to be quite intimidating; even its tentacles clap in rhythm with the music. It once again has high HP, and a very distinct attack pattern. For the first three turns, following your action, Gooper Blooper will use its tentacles to perform a multi-hit attack. The first two turns involve two hits immediately following the distinct tentacle movements, whereas the third turn will involve four hits. You can see how many hits there will be in advance just by looking at how many of its tentacles are red and sticking straight out of the water.

On the fourth turn however, the boss will turn dark purple. It will conclude the turn by spraying poison at you, which not only poisons Mario, but obstructs the view of the battlefield for several turns. You do not want to be poisoned since it will impair your aim, basically ensuring your next several attacks will miss. This is why it is ESSENTIAL to have the Sponge Thing Sticker on hand.

For the first few rounds, stick with strong (shiny when possible) Stickers in conjunction with the Battle Spinner to attack. If you get lucky, you may crumple the boss for a round or two, making your attacks all the more powerful while rendering it harmless. Once Gooper Blooper turns dark purple, make absolute sure that your final Sticker of the turn is the Sponge. That way when the boss shoots out the poison, the Sponge will absorb it all and then spit it right back out at the boss. This will poison it for the next four turns, each time inflicting 30 HP of damage, all while impairing its aim, forcing all of its attacks to miss!

At this point, it is important to really pummel this boss so that it doesn't get enough turns to shoot another round of poison at you. If you have good Stickers (Hopslipper and Big Shiny Jump for example), this should be extremely simple to achieve.

Following the battle, you will win the third Royal Sticker! As usual, you will receive your sixth Album Page as well.

As a result of defeating this boss, all of the poisonous pools throughout World 3 have been cleared up, making for safer travel and even reveals things you could not see before. Here is a quick rundown of the new things you should go back to collect:

  • World 3-1: Leaflitter Path: In the final scene, just before the Comet Piece is where you will find a HP-Up Heart
  • World 3-2: The Bafflewood: Go back to the location where you found the Bowling Ball Thing; you will now find a Trophy Thing
  • World 3-8: Tree Branch Trail: In the first scene, scour the trench to find a Watch Battery Thing
  • World 3-9: Gauntlet Pond: In the second scene, drop to the bottom of the dried out pond and you will see arrows on the ground pointing westward; follow them to a hidden room where you can find a HP-Up Heart

World 3-10: Stump Glade: Get to the storage room after completing or backing out of the regular game show, where you can now find a HP-Up Heart

NOTE: Before coming to the harbor, make sure you have the Scissors Thing Sticker, as well as the Fishhook Thing Sticker, since you will need both of them.

When you come back to the harbor, make your way east to where the ship is. Before you get on board however, use the Heart Block and walk behind the boxes to end up behind the ship. At that point, Paperize and use the Scissors Thing Sticker to cut the rope holding the ship to the dock. With that done, go back around and onto the ship, and talk to the Toad captain inside to shove off.

As you prepare to sail off, the ship is stopped by something outside. Exit the ship and you will find a giant Cheep Cheep in the water blocking the way out of the harbor. Make sure you have the Fishhook Thing Sticker with you, then walk southeast and north along the dock to the very end by the Toad. When you get there, the fish will jump out and attack.

Big Cheep Cheep

HP: 88

This is essentially a giant version of a regular Cheep Cheep. Its only attack is attempting to crush you, which you can block easily enough. For the first turn, do not waste your best Stickers on it, since it will jump into the water and fully recover its HP. When that happens, use the Fishhook Thing Sticker immediately. This will corral the giant fish back to dry land, and prevents it from jumping into the water again. However, for each turn after this, it will become even larger. If you take too long to kill it, it will explode, defeating you in the process and causing a Game Over. That being said, hurry up and use some strong multi-hit Stickers to finish it off fast!

Alternately, you can simply use a Spike Helmet Sticker. Make absolute sure that you have at least 40 HP prior to doing this, since the recoil will damage you for that amount. The Spike Helmet will pop the giant fish, instantly killing it! A Thumbtack Thing Sticker can also do the same job.

Once you manage to defeat the giant fish, go back into the ship and the Toad will outright give you the ship to use freely. Usage of the ship will open up access to the northern half of the world map, which is where Worlds 4-6 are located, so let's get to it!

As a note, after accessing the second set of worlds for the first time, if you attempt to return to the harbor, you will be confronted by Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. (Part 2)

HP: 100

For this second battle with Bowser Jr., he will start off by holding a Bomb above his head. To avoid taking damage from directly hitting it, stick with projectiles such as Hurlhammer Stickers. Using the Battle Spinner to use multiple Stickers would be beneficial, but be careful when Bowser Jr. is low on health. At that point, he will recover 20 HP per round, so you need to step up your attacks to inflict more than that. Using your more powerful Stickers is a must if you want to end this battle safely and quickly!

After you win, Bowser Jr. will go away, allowing you to travel between the different worlds unbothered. With that said, go on and begin exploring World 4!

NOTE: Before you begin here, make sure you have the Radiator Thing Sticker, since you will need it.

Starting off here, go right and defeat the Shiny Goomba. Peel off the Shiny Hammer Sticker from the back wall and collect the Shiny Ice Flower one from the ? block before proceeding. Up ahead is a ramp, but make sure to peel the Shiny Eekhammer and Shiny Jump Stickers behind it first. Go up the ramp and go west to the ? block containing three more Shiny Jump Stickers! After that, go east to reach the next area.

As soon as you enter the area, you will see a huge snowy hill with penguin enemies sliding down it. Hit the ? block to get a Shiny Spike Helmet Sticker and peel the Shiny Hopslipper Sticker on the wall behind it. Keep going east, avoiding the penguins as they slide down the hill constantly. When you make it across, go to the next area.

There, you can flip over a circle of flowers for another hidden upgrade ? block via Paperizing. Hammer through the snowballs up ahead, and stay along the ground level first to reach a ? block holding a Shiny Slaphammer Sticker. Then, start to go up the first hill and you will find Snow Spikes rolling snowballs down them. You need to Hammer them out of the way or you will not make it very far. Defeat them as you go up those two hills for now, and you will see a hidden room behind the wall. Clear the Shiny Goomba and peel off the Shiny Jump and Shiny Hammer Stickers before heading west. Use the Heart/Save Blocks if needed before going into the west area.

Now that you are further up the snowy hill, you can see where the penguins are lined up before they slide down. Use this to your advantage to get by more safely, while defeating the Shiny Paragoomba along the way. At the other side, grab the Shiny Jump and Shiny Hammer Stickers before proceeding onward. You will come to a giant snow mound blocking the platform in front of you. Paperize and place a fiery Sticker (I used a Burnhammer personally) to melt the snow, revealing something crumpled up. Walk over and collect the Pipe in a Cave Scrap! With the new scrap, exit this area and get back across the penguin slope.

Secret Exit

On the upper level of the large snowy hill, you will find a brick structure on the east side. Paperize and use the Radiator Thing Sticker here, which will melt the slopes completely. This will reveal a new cave opening on the upper level, so enter it. Hit the ? block to get a Shiny Ice Flower, and start going up the first hill. There are two cubby holes along the way up since there is a Snow Spike at the top sending snowballs with Shiny Goombas balanced on top of them downward. If you get caught by one or Hammer the snowball apart, you have to fight the Shiny Goomba.

Get to the top of the first hill and beat the Snow Spike, then peel the Shiny Hammer Sticker there. For the second hill, stay along the north wall and the next set of snowballs will roll safely past you. At the top, get the Shiny Jump Sticker and proceed onward. For the third hill, again stay along the north wall, but this time you need to clear a Snow Spike walking around in the middle. Once you get to the next plateau, go around the corner and take the Comet Piece to complete the secret exit!

This opens up the path leading to World 4-2: Ice Flow.

Continue east to the area where the Snow Spikes were. Keep going east to find another set of hills going in the other direction. Take the upper hill first and defeat the Shiny Goombas along the way, as well as the Snow Spike at the very top to the west. Continue west to reach a cave opening; enter it. Jump up the ledges to the top and Hammer the tree in the back corner three times to spin it around. This will activate a short song, complete with a Birdo cameo, and finishes with you receiving the Goat Thing.

Now, go back down and out to the previous area. Head all the way east to reach an empty plateau with a circular snow mound in the corner. Walk over it and you will actually fall through to the elevated ledge below. Paperize and place the Pipe in a Cave into the glowing space to activate it. Before you go in, jump onto the brick on the ground and southward to hit the ? block high above, netting a Shiny Shell Sticker. When you land below, jump above the lone flower to get a Shiny Eekhammer Sticker from another hidden block.

From here, go up the hill to the west, grabbing 20 Coins along the way. At the midpoint, go northeast and drop through the snow mound onto the elevated ledge again. This time, enter the pipe and you will emerge far in the background. Simply walk to the west and grab the Comet Piece to exit here.

World 4-2: Ice Flow

Now, this will be an annoying level if not because of the icy conditions ahead. Go forward and drop down onto the ice, and you will find that the path forward is by walking along the ice. All while dodging those Cooligans and other obstacles, of course! You can pick up the Curling Stone Thing, which you will likely see sliding along behind one of the lines of Cooligans, so be sure to grab it. Anyway, start walking northward, stopping at the non-icy platforms on each side to get Shiny Hopslipper Sticker and a Heart which will recover 30 HP. At the north end is a cave, so enter it.

Inside, go east and peel the Shiny Hammer Sticker from the wall when you reach it. Jump up the ledges to the next level and head west onto the ice. There is a patch of weak ice along the south end; Hammer it and you will fall into a room below. Grab the Shiny Slaphammer Sticker and another Recovery Heart, then jump out via the leftmost hole. Get back to the second level and defeat the Ice Bro in the center, then hit the ? block in the back to get a Flashy Line Jump Sticker.

Head to the southwest and jump up the ledges to reach the third level now. Peel the Shiny Jump Sticker off the north wall and defeat the enemies hanging around. On the next set of ledges to the east, you will find a ? block; hit it three times to receive the Shiny Spike Helmet, Shiny POW Block, and Shiny Leaf Stickers. From here, simply jump upward along the remaining ledges to exit the cave.

Back outside, jump onto the next icy track portion. There is a trench just up ahead if you want to drop into it and rest safely. Avoid the Cooligans again and hit the ? block along the right side to get another Recovery Heart if you need it. You will see several ledges to the east as you proceed; when you reach the last ledge before the wide turn, jump up there. Go east and defeat the Snow Spike, and collect the HP-Up Heart on the last platform, which increases your max HP by another five HP! While you are here, go by the Heart Block and jump above the lone flower next to it to reveal a hidden block; it holds a Burnhammer Sticker.

Go back down to the ice and continue northward around the corner, and enter the cave ahead. Grab the Heart and the Shiny Iron Jump Sticker, then continue along and defeat the Ice Bro in the way. Jump up the ledges ahead and hit the ? block up there to get a Flashy Hammer Sticker. Take a look above and you will see a couple of Stickers stuck high on the wall. Jump below them to reveal hidden blocks, which will be helpful shortly.

Continue to the west and you will find more ledges to go up. Before you do that, you can head west to find an area with four tree stumps. Paperize and you can upgrade FOUR of your Stickers here if you like! After that, go back east and jump up the next set of ledges to the top. Defeat another Ice Bro and stand at the east edge of the platform. Hammer over the edge to reveal a hidden block; walk onto it and keep Hammering along to reveal more blocks which form steps ahead. Jump from them to the blocks you revealed before, and peel the Flashy Slaphammer and Secret Door Stickers from the high wall.

Now that you are done here, go back to the top and grab the Comet Piece to finish the stage.

NOTE: Before coming to the harbor, make sure you have several Spiky Helmet Stickers. Also, it is highly recommended that you have the Vacuum or Upright Vacuum Stickers, and Big Shiny Hopslipper Stickers. They will be extremely helpful in the boss battle ahead.

Here, go forward and speak with the mansion's steward, who is sitting outside in the snow. He will give you the Book of Sealing and asks you to capture a bunch of terrors within the mansion in that book, and return it to the basement. Since you have no choice, go ahead and enter the mansion. In here, first grab the Shiny Jump Sticker in the northwest corner of the first floor, then peel the Shiny Hammer one halfway up the stairs. On the second level, collect the Shiny Hopslipper and Shiny Fire Flower Stickers from the ? blocks. While you are up here, Paperize and take the Steward's Portrait Scrap off the wall.

Going back downstairs, use the Heart/Save Blocks as needed, and there will be three doors, but only the door to the north will open. So, enter that room. In the dining room, approach the large table in the center and you will get to meet those terrors, who are none other than the familiar Boo ghosts. After the scene, walk around to the back of the room and take the Shiny Jump Sticker, and defeat the Scaredy Rat running around. Check the oven in the northwest corner to receive the Oven Thing. Then, check the refrigerator at the opposite end to find your first Boo. Defeat it and capture it in the Book of Sealing, then exit the dining room.

Back in the main lobby, walk directly behind the stairs and move southward to find a hidden Boo (it peeked around the corner as you entered the room). Beat and capture the second ghost here, and now the other two doors will be unlocked. Go into the west room first. There, peel the Shiny Jump Sticker off the west wall, and jump to the adjacent shelf. Hammer the shiny object on the wall, then drop down to collect the Mansion Safe Scrap.

Next, go into the north door to reach a hallway. Hammer the third window and it will fall out, allowing you access to the outside. Jump out there and hit the ? block to get a Shiny Hopslipper Sticker, then Hammer the third Boo to battle it. Defeat and capture it, then head back inside via the window. Enter the door directly north of you at this point. In there, Paperize and take away the Mansion Door Scrap, then go into the connecting room. Paperize again and take away the Mansion Wall Scrap as well, then go outside to the south. Defeat the Scaredy Rat and grab the Shiny POW Block from the ? block before heading back in.

In that small room again, Paperize and place the Mansion Door here to gain access to a new room. Enter that room and Hammer the bookshelf at the back wall three times, then collect the Watering Can Thing that falls over. You will also find the fourth Boo hiding in the greenhouse room to the east, so defeat and capture that one. Exit the room and go back east to the connecting room, where you can Paperize and place the Mansion Wall in its space. Now that you can reach it, peel off the Flashy Infinijump Sticker on the wall before exiting to the south.

Defeat the Scaredy Rat and proceed along the hallway to the right. Enter the next door you see alongside the glowing space. In the room, Paperize and peel off the Mansion Bookcase Scrap, and stick the Mansion Safe in its place. Now, open the safe and a gold-colored Boo will emerge. Defeat the fifth Boo and capture it, then collect the Coins it spits out. Exit the room and Paperize once again, placing the Mansion Bookcase in the empty space out here.

Peel the Flashy Infinijump Sticker from it, and head east to the eastern hallway. First, go north and you will reach the back of the mansion. Peel the Shiny Hopslipper and Shiny Eekhammer Stickers as you turn the corner, but ignore the stairs for now. Instead go east and you will find the sixth Boo being knocked around by a couple of Scaredy Rats. Defeat them all and capture the Boo, then head up those stairs you just passed. On the way up, hit the ? blocks to get Shiny Ice Flower and Shiny Hopslipper Stickers, and peel the Shiny Jump one from the railing. At the top, you can place a Secret Door if you have one, otherwise head back downstairs.

Next, head all the way southward. One of the windows will fly open as you walk by; pick up the Stapler Thing after it stops moving, and enter the south room. You will find that furniture is flying all around the room. Peel off the Shiny Iron Jump Sticker by standing on the dresser to the left, and wait for the floating table to approach. Jump onto it and ride it to the northwest corner, and jump onto that higher ledge. Hit the torch from below to put it out, which will expose the Boos in the room. Defeat all three of them to have captured a total of nine Boos thus far. When the furniture falls down, jump across them onto the east bookcase, and pick up the Mansion Door Scrap at the other end.

Now, go west to reach the main lobby again. Recover and save, then go upstairs to the second floor. Paperize and place the Mansion Door there to gain access to the next room. In there, you will be on a balcony overlooking the dining room. Peel the Shiny Hopslipper Sticker on the east wall, and walk along to the north end. Use your Hammer to flip the mat in front of the east door to reveal a Shiny Mushroom on its underside. Peel it up, but before entering any of the rooms, walk along the sides of the room to reveal openings in the railing. Jump down to the dining room table below, where you can collect the Cake Thing off the table, and jump above the right flower to get a hidden Shiny Hopslipper Sticker.

Get back up to the balcony room, and enter the eastern door first. Check the portraits on the wall and five Boos will emerge to battle you, disco style. Defeat the five to capture them all, and exit the room. Go into the center room next, and use the Hammer to knock over the trash can. A crumpled up Boo will emerge, so defeat it easily to capture it. Be sure to Paperize and replace the Steward's Portrait on the wall while you are here. Don't be so quick to exit the room, however. As you approach the exit, watch the portrait's face turn into a Boo. When you see the change, quickly run back to the portrait and battle the Boo inside to defeat/capture it. Now, exit the room and enter the west door at last.

In here, check the cabinet and a stack of Boos will fall out, causing you to battle them all. Defeat the Boo Stack and you will have captured another 82 Boos! While you are here, Hammer the clock on the wall to reveal an additional Boo. Defeat and capture it, then make sure to grab the Big Bookcase Scrap behind the cabinet before exiting the room. From here, make your way back to the main lobby area once more, and exit the mansion itself to the south. Back outside, Hammer the fire set up by the steward and the final Boo will appear. Defeat it and you will have captured all 100 Boos in the mansion.

With your task complete, go back inside of the mansion. Use the Heart/Save Blocks, then go into the east room. There, Paperize and place the Big Bookcase into its position, and it will reveal a hidden passage. Enter the secret room and peel the Bowser tape to reveal stairs leading into the basement. Go all the way down the stairs and into the connecting room, and check the stand in the middle of the next room. Place the Book of Sealing there, and none other than Kamek will appear. He will taunt you before casting a spell on the book, causing a Big Boo to appear to battle you.

Big Boo

HP: 100

Despite its size, this is basically just a larger version of the Boos you have been facing up to this point. The only difference is that it has a multi-hit attack, but you can easily use timed blocks to avoid taking too much damage. As for yourself, use some strong attack Stickers from the start and cause as much damage as you can in the first turn.

If you happen to have two Big Shiny Hopslipper Stickers, you can use the Battle Spinner followed by both Stickers consecutively. If you can perform the timed attacks completely, each will inflict 50 HP of damage, finishing the battle in a single turn!

If Big Boo is alive after the first round, it will become invisible. Not to worry though, since you can force it to become visible again by using either the Vacuum or Upright Vacuum Thing Stickers. Doing so will blow out the torches, plus it causes around 35 HP of damage to the boss! The Soda Thing can be used to blow out the torches as well as inflict 15 HP of damage and Soggy status to the boss. Alternatively, you can use Spike Helmet Stickers (especially the shiny variety). That way, when it attempts to attack you from above, it will take a bit of damage instead. Keep up either approach until you end up winning this fight.

Following the battle, all of the Boos in the mansion will be completely vanquished. The steward will then appear, and he invites you to the room west of the lobby to relax. With that said, make your way back upstairs to the lobby, use the Heart/Save Blocks, and enter the west room from the lobby. Inside, you can sit on the chair to talk to the steward, or check the record player across the room. Most importantly, check the painting on the wall and you will be given the Forebear's Portrait Scrap.

Now, go through the north door to reach the hallway once more. When you reach the open window, jump through it to get outside, where you will find the Comet Piece. Take it to leave this mansion at last!

World 4-4: Shaved-Ice Cave

This is not actually a full level, as it only contains a Sticker Shop. It is definitely worth stocking up on Stickers here since they sell shiny ones and up, including the big shiny series and others you have not seen before. Replenish your Album if needed, then head on out.

World 4-5: Whiteout Valley

Starting off, peel the Shiny Hammer and Shiny Line Jump Stickers, then defeat the Ice Bro ahead. Peel the Shiny Jump Sticker next to the Secret Door location, as well as the Shiny Ice Flower and Shiny Hopslipper Stickers around the corner. Use the Heart and Save Blocks, then continue ahead to find a glowing spot in the wall. Paperize and place the Forebear's Portrait in the space, and the portrait will come to live, allowing you to walk into the adjoining area.

Talk to the Toad behind the counter and he will activate the chair lift for you. To ride it, simply jump onto a seat and you will automatically be on your way. There will be three scenes that follow as you ride in the chair lift. While riding, you can press A to make the chair hop, which allows you to knock enemies off the line above when they come near, or collect Coins/Hearts up there as well. You can press B to use the Hammer, and rock the chair back and forth with the Circle Pad; very useful for dodging enemies.

For all three scenes, you will deal with Ice Bros on a separate chair lift line in the background (swing the chair to avoid their icy attacks), and Fuzzy enemies in the foreground. The Fuzzy will often appear as part of a group on the line above your chair before diving down to attack. You can perform the hop to knock them off as you get close enough, and rock the chair to the sides to dodge them. When Fuzzies gets close, it will stop and move up and down slightly before diving at you. They are actually really easy to defeat, but the sheer number of them can make this extremely annoying, so dodging/knocking them off the line is a great tactic.

As you progress, more and more Fuzzies will appear at once, making dodging them more difficult, so keep that in mind. In the third scene, you will also find Luigi making a cameo by riding the chair lift in the background. Paperize and pluck him out of the chair if you like. Anyway, when you reach the top of the lift, you will be at the goal. All that's left then is for you to take the Comet Piece and exit!

NOTE: After completing this stage, you can go back to World 4-3: The Enigmansion and talk to the steward again to get another HP-Up Heart.

NOTE: Before you begin here, it is highly recommended that you have lots of strong fire-based Stickers. Particularly, the Oven and Radiator Thing Stickers, and the Big Shiny Burnhammer Stickers (bought at World 4-4: Shaved-Ice Cave). They are extremely helpful in the boss battle ahead.

From the start, you will notice a lot of Shy Guys on the upper level gathered for some reason. Peel the Shiny Hopslipper and Shiny Hammer Stickers as you make your way up there, as well as the Shiny Jump one further west. It turns out the Shy Guys are waiting on line to enter the building at the base of the fort. A nearby sign advertises a "premium entrance", which you would need a Secret Door Sticker to access. This premium entrance is the way to go unless you want to enter the same door as all of those Shy Guys, being forced into all those battles in order to get inside. Before you enter, jump over the blue flower in between the two line queues to hit a hidden block containing a Shiny Shell.

If you take the premium entrance, which is the queue on the right, you will get to skip past all of the Shy Guys without any battling. The regular queue on the left leads to the same place, but it's all full of Shy Guys. Inside the waiting room, you can find a Shiny Slaphammer Sticker in the southeast area near the premium entrance, a Shiny Hammer one just inside the regular entrance, and a Shiny Jump Sticker on the northwest platform.

Two Shy Guys can be found harassing a Toad on the west side; approach and you will be asked to pay them 100 Coins. Refuse, and you will have to battle two Shy Guys, which are actually comprised of 10 of them each (total HP is 120 each as opposed to 12). Defeat them and they will run away, leaving you with a free Secret Door Sticker. Anyway, get to the front of the line and before you continue, jump over the railing to the right and jump onto the crates to collect the Sewing Scissors Thing. Now, go back to the gate and talk to the Shy Guy to enter the attraction. You will jump into the next mine cart and away you go!

Starting off after the initial hill, there will be Coins to collect by jumping in the air. After a couple of smaller hills, jump over the two small spike patches to avoid damage. Turn the corner and hop over another set of spikes, then as you approach the gap between the tracks, jump to make it across. Otherwise, you will fall down to the level below and have to loop around again.

After the next turn, there will be three sets of spikes in a row to jump over quickly. You will see a Shy Guy holding a crumpled up item riding in the background, but we will get it shortly. Ahead, jump over two more spike pits, one of which is larger. When you see the line of blocks on the background track, Paperize and place a regular Sticker in the empty space in the middle to create a ? block. When you both make your next turn, the Shy Guy will crash into that block, dropping the Mine-Cart Rail Scrap for you to grab!

With it, jump over the next few sets of spikes and the gap that follows them. After two more groups of spikes, you will approach one more gap. As soon as you see the glowing space in the back wall, Paperize and place the Mine-Cart Rail there. Jump over the gap and you will be able to make it across this time, continuing to the second part.

Here, you now have to deal with Bob-ombs on the track as well as spikes. Jump over the obstacles as you start off, and after second set of spikes, look ahead to see an off-color section of track. Paperize and peel away the Diagonal Rail Scrap, then immediately Paperize again and place it in the same spot, only in the correct orientation. For now, continue along the track while avoiding the spikes and Bob-ombs, and you will reach a gap. Intentionally drop into it and you will loop around the track for a second time, this time taking the upper path thanks to the Diagonal Rail.

Jump over the spikes again and you will head up the hill, stopping at a platform in the middle area. Hit the ? blocks to get the Megaflash Chillhammer, Flashy Fire Flower, and Shiny Fire Flower Stickers. You can also use the Heart and Save Blocks here, and defeat some enemies hanging around. Be sure to walk along the northwest section of the back wall, since the last circular opening is actually the Mine-Cart Exit Scrap. Collect it and jump back into the cart to proceed.

You will drop onto the lower section of the track loop yet again. Go around the wavy section in the background until you spot the glowing circular section in the wall below. Paperize and place the Mine-Cart Exit there to fill it, then continue ahead. When you reach the gap after the turn, jump over it and you will be headed towards the exit. Be warned though, as you approach, you must JUMP in order to make it through. Otherwise you will fall onto a platform below with a pipe and door. The pipe drops you into another cart at the start of this area, and the door leads outside in case you want to exit the stage. I would actually recommend you crash and use the door if you need to get better Stickers, or use the pipe if you want another shot at using the Heart/Save Blocks.

Anyway, when you jump through the exit hole, you will go through one final scene before launching off the end of the track. You will go flying through the opening of the giant ice Bowser's mouth, crashing at the top of the stage outside. The statue will come to life and you will battle it, as well as the underlying boss controlling it: Bowser Snow Statue/Mizzter Blizzard.