Review by PegasusGuard

Reviewed: 04/21/16

Probably one of the best 3DS fighting games

...but my opinion might be a little biased.

I've been a fan of the DoA series since DoA 2: Hardcore. The draw for me has always been the fast, simple (compared to fighters like Tekken) combat, the array of different fighting styles, and yes, the very attractive women. DoA Dimensions definitely delivers on all counts, though I am a little disappointed in the lack of a range of costumes to choose from, which is my other personal favorite thing about the franchise.

If you're new to the franchise, or even if you've already played a few of the games, you'll enjoy the gameplay tutorial in Chronicle mode, which also lays out the story of the whole game series from the first Dead or Alive, all the way to DoA 4. I enjoyed this aspect of the game very much, because I'd started playing at DoA 2, so I hadn't been able to see the whole "story," such as it is in a fighting game.

Another great feature is having the moves list displayed on the bottom screen, allowing you to access the moves list while you play, instead of having to stop the action to find the moves you want to use. Maybe it's a bit "cheater" that you can tap the moves to execute them, but I think it's a fun addition, and I kind of think of DoA Dimensions as a "lighter" version of the main DoA games.

The only things that are a little disappointing is that DoA Dimensions seems a little easy compared to the other games in the franchise. Usually, even on the easy and normal difficulties, A.I. opponents seem to do more holds, and Hayabusa always pulls out his most cheater moves. Throughout most of Chronicle, the difficulty is pretty easy, and maybe tilting on normal toward the end. The only modes that seem a little on the harder side to me are the Tag mode, and the 100-man survivor.

The other thing is that tag mode (one of my favorite modes) only lets you play with an A.I. partner instead of letting you control both fighters in the single-player mode. I feel like this was done to give you a taste of what it's like playing tag mode with a partner, but the A.I. can be pretty stupid at times, and it's harder to execute team throws, which are one of my favorite things about tag.

Otherwise, the 3D visuals are stunning, I like the "Throwdown" implementation of Street Pass, and taking 3D pictures with the collectible "figurines" is actually strangely addictive.

Overall, DoA Dimensions is a good addition to the DoA franchise, and I like keeping it in my 3DS to play when I've got a couple minutes for a quick match or two.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Dead or Alive: Dimensions (US, 05/24/11)

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