Review by Noir_Rose

Reviewed: 08/29/11

Best fighting game available on a handheld platflorm, almost perfect! Great for fans and newcomers of the DOA series :)

I was disappointed in the line-up of original DS games. I couldn't take them seriously. I saw the 3DS and what it could do and thought "Okay, this has to be a lot better than what the DS and up could offer." So I bought a 3DS and a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D and I was actually pleasantly surprised that this was an awesome experience. Next, I picked up Dead or Alive Dimensions on Amazon. I was blown away by the gameplay. The only other DOA games I have was Dead or Alive: Hardcore for the PS2 and Paradise for the PSP (which sucked in my opinion).

The graphics are awesome in both 2D and 3D, though some scenes look better in 2D as others do in 3D. The fighting system itself is actually great. It's not too hard to master, but does offer gamers a challenge, and each fighter has a unique fighting style, and they are beautifully designed. Great detail was put into these characters, especially the females with their... assets ;) The Arcade mode is kind of stale. You basically fight from fighter to fighter without any special scenes, but you do unlock outfits for each character and new trophies for when you want to take a picture of a fighter in a certain pose and certain angle. Chronicle mode pretty much crams the original Dead or Alive to DOA 4 into one storyline. You may be confused if this is your first DOA game as the story goes by quickly, but it can be funny at times. There's almost always someone being slapped (especially Ayane) and some of the cutscenes just kind of freeze the characters, even when they speak and their mouths aren't moving! They just jerk into sudden movements. The issue with the Chronicle and Arcade modes are my only complaints of this game, other than that, this is gold. Another thing to add is you might want to put it in Japanese with subs instead of English. I found some of the voice actors for these characters to be poor. Besides, most of the Japanese voices are sexier anyways.

The online gameplay is great too, just make sure you got a strong connection or it'll lag a little. Downloadable content such as new costumes and throwdowns is always a plus :) If you're looking for a good portable fighting game on the 3DS and an alternative to Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, this should fit the bill.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Dead or Alive: Dimensions (US, 05/24/11)

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