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Reviewed: 08/15/11

If these boobies make you smile they will put you on some kind of register.

The game that has caused no small amount of controversy has made it to the shores of Europe. But behind the headlines and the fuming politicians lies a solid and enjoyable fighting game.

This game really shows off what the 3DS is capable of. The combatants are beautifully rendered. Backgrounds have a nice solid feel to them. The 3D adds depth and form to the overall picture too. Hair and costumes behave as they would in real life. The swirl and move convincingly and sometimes show more than you might expect! If there is an issue its that the game can slow down. The graphics do not seem to be always able to catch up with the buttons you have pressed, Punch in a complicated sequence and it slows the game down in order to catch up. This to be honest is a minor fault, but you do expect it to be picked up in testing.

The sound is excellent. it is fully voiced throughout. The voice acting is really very good. the actors have been given a clear idea of what is expected of them and this really comes across. the fighting sounds are appealing too. There is a meatiness and solidity to them that makes for deeply satisfying combat. you really do feel as if you have just shoved your opponents nose through their face.

Game play
There are several modes in the game. Arcade is where you have to beat a number of challengers to open the next. There are tag challenges where one player takes control of two fighters and takes on a cpu controlled duo. Survival where you must fight a number of non stop opponents. you start facing just ten, but this is just the tip of a very challenging iceberg. There are throw down challenges that come through from street pass. Win these and you unlock extra special trophies for you to show off to your friends. The main story mode is for me where it falls down a little. The plot is rather difficult to follow. There is dead or alive competition with plenty of participants and you see the story through the eyes of a good many of them. the idea of the story is that you get information drip fed to you. A little at a time. The problem there is that have a days break between chapters and you really struggle to get to grips with what is going on. In fact play it right through from start to finish and you will still be unsure. Another problem with the game is that for me it was really rather too easy. Using just the basic punches kicks and throws I have beaten everything in the game.

It would be wrong not to touch on the reasons the game has caused such a storm. Three of the female characters were originally said to be under the age of eighteen. despite this some of the costumes are very revealing. especially the school uniform. their chests are also amply rendered, and bounce a little to often for comfort especially in 3D. But the thing that really annoyed people were the un-lockable trophies. they were statues of the fighters in various costumes. You can also angle them however you want to take 3D photos from any angle you please. You can imagine what some people were doing. The UK version of the game (the one I own) has solved this problem by removing the ages of the four fighters under the age of eighteen. Three girls and one boy. This is not going to stop the most juvenile minded from taking risque photos. If they do they may have to face the consequences. in some countries even though they are not real people it is illegal.

An excellent game with few flaws. A relatively simple game that will suit newcomers to the genre. A simple game for experienced players looking for light relief. well worth a look.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Dead or Alive: Dimensions (EU, 05/20/11)

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