Review by AssassinCaveman

Reviewed: 06/22/11

Well done fighting game, but laggs a bit.

Simply put for the most part this is THE best game on the 3ds at least in this pre-Resident evil time.

The Dead or alive series was never too complicated unlike other fighters. While Street fighter was the one that brought the six button mapping that caused games to get more buttons in the first place, DOA has it pretty simple button wise. Punch, Kick, Throw, Guard/counter system. This may not seem that well so some fighter fans but for a game on a handheld like the 3DS this is a match made in heaven since the it doesn't force you to use the shoulder buttons and makes the gameplay faster because of it. and it can get deep as well since Punches and Kicks beat Throws, Guarding right can do great to heavy damage from countering punches and kicks, finishing with Throws being unguardable. In all it works together it be a fan and fun experience.

First the Good: The 3D works very well in this title as body parts like fists seem to pop out of the screen during the winner screens, give the locations great depth and work well with the cut scenes. The animation is so fluid even with the frame rate drop from using the 3D you get a lot of fast combat, so much so I had to play in 3D if I went online just to know what I was doing.

The online is really good too. While it depends on how your fighting for the most part I didn't have an issue and there was no lag. and with a grading system you have a goal to keep fighting people online to up your rank as much as you can.

Lastly the Tag mode gives you a decent challenge, it's better to go at this stuff with a friend as you AI partner will be sort of stupid so if you don't make him a high tiered character your boned in some fights unless you've mastered the counters. You can also go into free battle but unless it's set on the near impossible it's not too tough since the single player was made to be beaten.

So now the bad: The Single player. don't get me wrong this is where those great looking cut scenes happen but other than that it's really kinda bad. Arcade has a few courses to go through but is only a real challenge if your using a character your either not good with or your still starting out and using Arcade before going into fighting other players. and considering the very first one can be beaten in about a minute if your decently skilled this makes playing them again only good for use in time trials which I feel doesn't apply to many gamers.

The other part of single player is chronicle mode. The Cut scenes are all here as they try to tie in all 4 previous games into one story mode, but being a fighting series this just means a lot of it is confusing and some fights are for no reason, though it is good for a laugh. the only problem I have with some of these is that it does from beautiful animations that make you see the greatness of the 3DS to still frames with audio.....because I guess it took up too much space. This also serves as the guide to how to play the game, though after the first few chapters you'd think they'd stop but no they just randomly throw in a how do but it is skippable.

In the end this is a great game to have in your collection and even now a month after it's release it gives out new content through spot passing. so pick it up if your interested in fighting games or you can't stand Street fighter's button lay out and still want to play a fighter on a mobile device.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Dead or Alive: Dimensions (US, 05/24/11)

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