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Money Guide by turtle4apple

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/02/2014

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Money Guide
A FAQ by turtle4apple
Date Created: 9/01/14
Version: 1.0

||                                              ||
||              Table of Contents               ||
||                                              ||

1. Introduction
2. Ways to make money
3. Rocks and Trees
4. Re-Tail
5. Insects, Fish, and Seafood
6. The Stalk Market
7. Version History
8. Contact Information
9. Legal Information

||                                              ||
||             1. Introduction                  ||
||                                              ||

In order to do many things in the game, including saving money, expanding your
house, building PWPs, buying from the Nooklings etc, you just need one thing -
money. Making money has always been a core feature in Animal Crossing, and
New Leaf is no different to the other AC games when it comes to this feature.

||                                              ||
||          2. Ways to make money               ||
||                                              ||

In Animal Crossing, there are several ways to make money. Some methods of
making money are quicker than others, but it depends on which one you use.

Here is an overview of money-making methods:

1. Shaking trees - one way of making money is by shaking the trees that do not
   contain fruit. Please see the Rocks and Trees section of this guide to see
   close-up detail on this.

2. Money rocks - another way of making big Bells is by hitting rocks with
   a shovel or an axe. You can only get a maximum of 8 bags/coins of Bells
   per rock, and only one rock per day can make the money. The quicker you
   are (and the more empty nearby spots there are), the more money you can
   get from a money rock. Please see the Rocks and Trees section of this
   guide to see close-up detail on this.

3. Money trees - yet, another way of making money is by growing money trees
   yourself. If you have a golden shovel, you can bury some Bells with the
   golden shovel, and it will turn into a money tree. You may have hear the
   saying "money doesn't grow on trees". In Animal Crossing, the saying is

4. Selling - the most well-known way to make money is by selling items you
   don't want to someone else, especially the Re-Tail. Other than mannequins,
   the Re-Tail can accept anything, but some items have a disposal fee. The
   Nooklings can accept items too, but they are not the best ones to sell
   items to. They can only accept certain items (orderable furniture, clothes,
   stationary, fossils, fish, insects, seafood, fruit, flowers, and shells).
   Not to mention, their buying prices are lower. You only get 1/4 of the
   sale value of each item you sell at the Re-Tail, but only 1/5 of the sale
   value if sold at the Nooklings. Some animals can buy some items off of you.
   Sometimes, they are willingly to pay more than the Re-Tail selling value,
   but other times, they are willingly to pay less. Leila is the worst one
   to sell items to. You only get 1/20 as much as you get from the Re-Tail
   if you sell to her. Please see the Re-Tail section and the Insects, Fish,
   and Seafood section of this guide to see close-up detail on this.

5. Turnip Trade - the quickest legal way of making money in ACNL without using
   travel is by selling turnips at the Re-Tail. This has been a feature in
   previous games, and it hasn't been dropped out as it was carried on to the
   new game.

6. Interest - about once a month, the bank will pay you interest when you
   save money. For your information, they only pay you .5% interest (i.e. 200
   Bells per month if you save 100,000 Bells). You also have a maximum amount
   that can be made by interest (99,999 Bells), so if you have more than 20
   million Bells, you can make no more money than 99,999 Bells at a time.

Now that's all the basic ways you can make money from. Here is a list of what
you can spend your money on in ACNL:

* Debts - pay off your debts to Tom Nook so he will expand your house.
* House customization
* Public Works Projects
* Ordinance change
* Island trips
* Fortune reading
* Town Pass Card photo
* Hairstyles, makeovers, and color contacts
* Campsite games
* Other villagers items
* Turnips
* Buying from stores
* Ordering from catalog

||                                              ||
||            3. Rocks and Trees                ||
||                                              ||

The slowest way of making money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is to make money
solely off of trees and rocks. It's also the least riskiest way of making
money in-game. While you have to spend money to perform some money-making
methods, this is where you don't have to spend. However, you do have to spend
500 Bells to get a shovel, but that's just for once (unless if you want to get
another shovel).

            Shaking Trees               |

Like what I said earlier, you can shake fruitless trees to get Bells. If you
have a lot of fruitless trees in your town, you can make more money that way.
However, not all fruitless trees will give you money. Everyday, some trees
have other things in them.

- You have five chances to catch a bee per day. Therefore, five fruitless
  trees have bees in them per day (not just per character, but per town).

- You can shake these trees to get furniture off of them, but you can only
  get 2 pieces of furniture per day by shaking trees.

- During Bunny Day, fruitless trees may contain tree eggs. You can collect
  them to get pieces of furniture for the Egg Series, as well as the Egg
  Basket if you have all 6 eggs.

All the other fruitless trees (either oak trees or pine trees) will give you
a chance to make money. On a typical day, you can only get 100 Bells per tree.
If you don't get any money from the trees (or the other things mentioned
above), then you don't get anything at all. In addition, you can only get
money once per day per tree. If you don't get any money from the tree, then
the tree doesn't give you money at all.

Other items that come from the fruitless trees are worth money too. You can
sell furniture to the Re-Tail. Bees have the same story too. However, you have
to be quick when catching bees. If a beehive falls, you have a certain amount
of time to get out your net and catch them. A bee is worth 2,500 Bells. Even
if you fail to catch them, you can sell their beehives for 500 Bells per hive.
But if you fail, you get stung. You can get some medicine at the Nooklings to
get rid of the sting, but it's best if you wait until all five trees with
bees are shuck. If a hive falls, and you don't have your net with you, hit
START or SELECT, and choose "Save and Continue". If you do it before you get
stung, you will never get stung, but you won't get to catch the bees. If you
want to prevent beehives from falling out of trees, you may open your town
gates. Bees can't spawn with your gates open, so opening your town gates will
increase safety of shaking fruitless trees.

If the trees have fruits on them, then you cannot get money off of them, but
you can get something you can sell to the Re-Tail off of them.

             Fruit Trees                |

The other trees in your town are the fruit trees. To make money off of fruit
trees, you just simply gather the fruits and sell them to the Re-Tail. You
can make more money per tree that way, and you won't get any bees, furniture,
or 100 Bell coins.

To grow a fruit tree, you need to get a piece of fruit, and bury it in the
ground. A sapling will plant. Here are a few ASCII diagrams to tell you
how to plant a tree without letting the saplings die:

O = sapling
x = empty Space
T = tree
R = rock
P = house, building, or project

Here are some acceptable ASCII diagrams of tree growing:

   TxxxxxT   OxxOxxO   OxOxOxO   TxxTxxT   TxxxxxT
   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxPPPxx
   xxxxxxx   xPPPPPx   OxOxOxO   PxxRxOx   xxPPPxx
   xxxOxxx   xPPPPPx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxPPPxx
   xxxxxxx   xPPPPPx   OxOxOxO   Txxxxxx   xxxxxxx
   xxxxxxx   xPPPPPx   xxxxxxx   xxRxxOx   xxxxxxx
   TxxxxxT   xxxxxxx   OxOxOxO   xxxxxxx   OxxOxxO

But these are not acceptable. If you do this, the saplings will die:

   TxTxTxT   xxxOxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   OOOOOOO
   xxxxxxx   xPPPPPx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   OOOOOOO
   TxTxTxT   xPPPPPx   xxxOxxx   xxTOTxx   OOOOOOO
   xxxOxxx   xPPPPPx   xxxRxxx   xxOxOxx   OOOOOOO
   TxTxTxT   xxxxxOx   xxxxxxx   xxTOTxx   OOOOOOO
   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   OOOOOOO
   TxTxTxT   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   OOOOOOO

Basically, you cannot grow saplings next to buildings, rocks, other trees, and
boundaries of the landscape (cliffs and water bodies), but you can grow them
near buried objects, bushes, and flowers. Also, you can't grow palm trees on
the mainland or regular trees on the beaches. Plus, there are possible "dead
spots" in your town, where trees can't grow in. Please keep in mind that it
takes 4 days to fully grow a tree to the point where you can get stuff from

You can shake the fruit trees to gather fruits to sell. Like always, you can
only get three fruits per tree (two per palm tree), and it takes three days
for fruit to regenerate. Unlike previous games, you can stack fruit upon each
other. This will save more pocket space, which will allow you to sell more
fruits at once. You can only have fruits per basket, and it has to be the same
fruit. The perfect version of a fruit is not the same as the regular fruit
itself. Therefore, perfect fruits can only be stacked upon perfect fruits, as
regular fruits can be stacked upon regular fruits.

Here are the selling prices of each fruit:

Town fruit - 100 Bells
Foreign fruit - 500 Bells
Town fruit (perfect) - 600 Bells
Foreign fruit (perfect) - 3,000 Bells
Coconuts and Bananas - 250 Bells
Other tropical fruits (from Island Tours) - 250 Bells
Persimmons - 500 Bells

The only fruits that can be your native fruit are apples, oranges, pears,
peaches, and cherries. Other fruits cannot be your town fruit.

            Perfect Fruits              |

Another new feature in New Leaf is the perfect fruits. You can grow perfect
fruit trees by burying perfect fruits. However, there are many restrictions of
growing perfect fruits:

1. You can only grow perfect fruit trees of your native fruit. If you attempt
   to grow another perfect fruit in your town, it will come out as a regular
   tree. This can prevent cheating.
2. Each perfect fruit tree has a limited number of harvests. After 4 to 7
   times you shake a perfect fruit tree, it will die. One of the three fruits
   on its last harvest will be a rotten one. You will have to pay a disposal
   fee if you give Reese a rotten fruit.
3. There are only such things at perfect apples, perfect oranges, perfect
   pears, perfect peaches, and perfect cherries. Other fruits cannot have
   perfect versions.

If you have 9 perfect fruits stacked up in one spot with 16 stacks of the
same kind, you could make a ton of money if sold in towns that don't have the
fruit as their native fruit, especially on premium price day. One 9-fruit
stack of your perfect fruit is worth 27,000 Bells in towns where the fruit
isn't the native fruit.

             Money Rocks                |

Another classic way of making money is by hitting money rocks. Each town has
6 to 8 permanent rocks. Each day, one of them will have money coming out of
them. To do this, you need a shovel or an axe. It is best to use a golden axe
if you're using an axe. Any shovel will work as fine. Try hitting every
permanent rock in your town to see if money comes out of them. The quicker you
hit the rock, the more money you can get out the rock.


1. Only one rock can spew out money per day.
2. It's once per player, not once per town.
3. After the first hit, you have a limited time to keep hitting it. Once it's
   up, you can't make anymore money.
4. Along with the limited time, all surrounding spaces have to be empty. If
   one of them has a hole, a buried item, or some other item nearby, it will
   count as a used space. Even if you hit fast enough, the maximum amount of
   bags and coins you can get is the number of nearby spaces that are empty.
5. If you are too slow, you won't make much money per day.
6. If you time traveled backwards, no rock can emit money for the day.

How to get 8 bags/coins of Bells easier:

You need to create a buffer to keep your character from moving out of place.
Cliffs, rivers, train tracks, and buildings are good barriers near the
rocks, but the best barrier you can create is by digging holes nearby, but
not adjacent to the rock vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The ASCII
diagrams will show you where to dig.

x = empty space
O = hole
R = rock
T = tree
P = house, building, or project

   xxxxxxx   xOxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx
   xxOOOxx   OxxxxxT   xTOOOTx   xOxRxOx
   xOxxxOx   xxRxxxx   xxxxxxx   xOxxxOx
   xOxRxOx   xxxxxxT   xxxRxxx   xxPPPxx
   xOxxxOx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxPPPxx
   xxOOOxx   TxxTxxT   xxxxxxx   xxPPPxx
   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx   xxxxxxx

If you hit the rock with the buffer behind you, then you won't be backed up
too far after each hit. Hit rapidly to get more Bells. Here are the amount
of Bells per hit:

1st hit - 100 Bells
2nd hit - 200 Bells
3rd hit - 300 Bells
4th hit - 500 Bells
5th hit - 1,000 Bells
6th hit - 2,000 Bells
7th hit - 4,000 Bells
8th hit - 8,000 Bells

If you were at your maximum potential, you could get 16,100 Bells out of
the rock for the day. Assuming that you have no bad luck or good luck,
you can make 5,876,500 Bells a year if you were doing this everyday.

If you hit a money rock with a silver shovel, you have a good chance of
getting ore instead of Bells. Each of them sells for 2,000 Bells (3,000 for
silver, 4,000 for gold) at the Re-Tail. If you only get golden ore for the
day, and ore is the premium price item, you can make 64,000 Bells.

While one of the permanent rocks can emit money per day, one temporary rock
forms everyday. If you have already broke the temporary rock in the previous
day, a new one will appear. If not, it won't appear. The temporary rock will
give you one piece of ore.

             Money Trees                |

An old saying says that money doesn't grow on trees. This is true, but in
Animal Crossing, it's not true. Just like in Wild World and City Folk, you can
bury money with a golden shovel. While earning the golden shovel is harder in
New Leaf (mainly because of Gracie's fashion checks), it still has the same
purpose. If you bury a certain amount of money, you get triple the value you
bury after shaking the tree. However, you can make no more than 90,000 Bells
per tree, and they only bloom once. After the first shake, no more Bells can
be grown. Therefore, you have to cut down the tree to get more money trees.

Here is a table of probability of making money through money trees:

 Bells planted          Chance          Possible earnings

 1,000 Bells            1%              3,000 Bells
 5,000 Bells            5%              15,000 Bells
 10,000 Bells           10%             30,000 Bells
 20,000 Bells           20%             60,000 Bells
 30,000 Bells           30%             90,000 Bells
 40,000 Bells           40%             90,000 Bells
 50,000 Bells           50%             90,000 Bells
 60,000 Bells           60%             90,000 Bells
 70,000 Bells           70%             90,000 Bells
 80,000 Bells           80%             90,000 Bells
 90,000 Bells           90%             90,000 Bells
 100,000 Bells          100%            90,000 Bells

To get the best value, you should bury 30,000 Bells with a golden shovel.
Even if you only have a 30% chance, it's worth gambling for it. This is
the highest percentage where you can make three times as much as you bury.

                Luck                    |

A twist in money making by trees and rocks is the luck system. Every day, you
could either get good luck if you wear the lucky item, or you could get bad
luck if you don't wear the lucky item. The lucky item changes every day, and
so does the area of luck. If your luck is focused on wealth, then you will
face differences when hitting money rocks or shaking fruitless trees. To
unlock the good luck (or neutralize the bad luck), you have to wear the lucky

Here is what good luck can do:

* Each tree you can get money from will have 200 Bells instead of 100.
* Money rocks will have a maximum of 32,000 Bells emitted instead of 16,100.

And here is what bad luck can do:

* Fewer trees will give you money.
* Money rocks will have a maximum of 8,200 Bells emitted instead of 16,100.

Another way to increase your luck is by improving your Feng Shui. To
increase luck in wealth, you have to put yellow items in the western parts of
your room.

||                                              ||
||              4. The Re-Tail                  ||
||                                              ||

Behold! The most prominent way of making money in ACNL. The mighty Re-Tail!
The Re-Tail is where you can sell items to make money. Other than mannequins
and stuff that are currently in use like bingo cards, the Re-Tail can accept
anything, but you will be warned about golden tools and other prizes like
the ABD.

               Selling                  |

When there's items you don't want to keep anymore, or if there are items that
you want to make money off of, you may sell items to the Re-Tail. You can
tap multiple items to sell more items at once.

Here is a list of items and how they sell:

1. Items provided in stores - for items such as furniture, carpets,
   wallpapers, tops, bottoms, dresses headwear, accessories, footwear, and
   umbrellas, they have a selling price at the stores. You can buy them for
   one price, but when you sell them to the Re-Tail, you only get 1/4 the
   Bells. If you got the items on half price day, and the items are on
   premium price day, you get the full refund, but this is rare. For example,
   an air conditioner sells for 2,500 Bells if bought at the Nooklings's
   store. If you sell it to Reese, you will only get 625 Bells. But you
   shouldn't sell only duplicated crowns. It is a good way to make money, but
   it takes the fun out of ACNL. Please do not dupe crowns and sell them to
   the Re-Tail.

2. Fruit - on the trees that have fruits on them, you can shake them to get
   the fruits. A fruit is usually worth 500 Bells, but if it were a native
   fruit, it is worth 100 Bells. Tropical fruits are worth 250 Bells, and
   perfect fruits are worth 6 times as much as a regular fruit.

3. Seashells - they aren't a good way to make money off of in general, but
   they're one thing that you can make money off of. Everyday, shells appear
   on the beach. You can pick them up and sell them to the Re-Tail. Here are
   the shells and their selling prices:

   Conch Shell - 350 Bells
   Coral - 250 Bells
   Cowrie Shell - 30 Bells
   Giant-Clam Shell - 450 Bells
   Oyster Shell - 450 Bells
   Pearl-Oyster Shell - 1,200 Bells
   Sand Dollar - 60 Bells
   Scallop Shell - 600 Bells
   Sea-Snail Shell - 90 Bells
   Venus Comb Shell - 150 Bells

4. Gyroids - everyday after a day of rain, three new cracks appear. They are
   otherwise known as gyroids. For every gyroid you sell, you get 828 Bells.
   If you have Bell Boom ordinance active, they sell for 993 Bells instead of
   828 Bells.

5. Fossils - just like the temporary rocks, fossils will appear everyday if
   all fossils have been dug up. Four will appear daily, Unidentified fossils
   sell for only 100 Bells, but if they have been identified, they will sell no
   less than 1,000 Bells. Here is a list of fossils by their selling prices:

     <2,500 Bells:        2,500 Bells:         3,000 Bells:
   ----------------     ----------------     ----------------
   Amber                Ankylo Tail          Ankylo Torso
   Ammonite             Ichthyo Skull        Igranadon Tail
   Archaeopteryx        Mammoth Torso        Mammoth Skull
   Coprolite            Parasaur Tail        Megacero Tail
   Dinosaur Egg         Raptor Torso         Pachy Tail
   Dinosaur Track       Sabertooth Skull     Parasaur Torso
   Fern Fossil          Spino Tail           Raptor Skull
   Peking Man           Styraco Tail         Spino Torso
   Shark Tooth                               Styraco Torso
   Ichthyo Torso
   Sabertooth Torso

     3,500 Bells:         4,000 Bells:         >4,000 Bells:
   ----------------     ----------------     ----------------
   Ankylo Skull         Apato Tail           Apato Skull
   Archelon Torso       Archelon Skull       Apato Torso
   Iguanadon Torso      Diplo Hip            Dimetrodon Skull
   Megacero Torso       Iguanadon Skull      Dimetrodon Torso
   Pachy Torso          Pachy Skull          Dimetrodon Tail
   Parasaur Skull       Plesio Skull         Diplo Skull
   Megacero Skull       Ptera Skull          Diplo Neck
   Styraco Skull        Spino Skull          Diplo Chest
                        Stego Tail           Diplo Tail
                                             Plesio Neck
                                             Plesio Torso
                                             Ptera Left Wing
                                             Ptera Right Wing
                                             Stego Skull
                                             Stego Torso
                                             T-Rex Skull
                                             T-Rex Torso
                                             T-Rex Tail
                                             Tricera Skull
                                             Tricera Torso
                                             Tricera Tail

6. Works of art - they won't make as much money if sold, but they are near
   1,000 Bells per art. You can make 980 Bells per piece. But beware,
   some art pieces are considered illegitimate, as they will be counted
   as junk items.

7. Ore - like stated in the Rocks and Trees section of this guide, ore can
   be extracted by hitting temporary rocks or permanent rocks with a silver
   shovel. While they have their uses in refurbishing, they also have their
   uses in money making. Each ore (amethyst, emerald, ruby, and sapphire)
   is worth 2,000 Bells (2,400 on Bell Boom). The silver nuggets are worth
   3,000 Bells, but the gold nuggets are worth 4,000 Bells.

8. Fossil Models and Music Boxes - while they are only achievable from the
   Re-Tail or a friend from another town, they can also help you make money.
   A fossil model is worth 25 times as much as the production cost (which
   varies per dinosaur and other prehistoric creatures). The music boxes are
   worth 800 Bells per box.

9. Flowers/plants - like most items, the saplings, bush starts, and flower
   bags are worth 1/4 the selling price. However, if you plant flowers, they
   will have a higher value. Each regular flower is worth 40 Bells, while
   most hybrid flowers are worth 80 Bells. The more valuable flowers are
   the Black Tulips, the Orange Tulips, Blue Pansies, the Black Cosmos, the
   Purple Roses, the Black Roses, the Blue Roses, the Gold Roses, and any
   carnation you can grow.

10. Other - a lot of the other items not mentioned above are not very worthy.
    Most of them are worth less than 1,000 Bells. In fact, there are even some
    items like pitfall seeds that aren't even worth 100 Bells. They will still
    make money, but try not to sell these items.

11. Insects, Fish, and Seafood - the quickest way to make money without
    using Wi-Fi or taking a gamble is by catching insects, fish, and creatures
    of the deep. Those have a lot of value, but it depends on what you catch.
    Please see the Insects, Fish, and Seafood section of this guide for
    close-up detail on this.

12. Turnips - every week (except for Sundays), you can sell turnips to Reese.
    This will teach you all about the stock market in real life, as this is
    a simulator version of it. Turnip prices vary every day. Please see the
    Stalk Market section of this guide for close-up detail on this.

13. Disposal - junk items are items that Reese will technically not accept.
    To get rid of them, you have to pay a disposal fee, which will make
    you lose Bells, not earn Bells. Here is a list of items that you have to
    pay to get rid of:

    Empty can - 80 Bells
    Boot - 80 Bells
    Old Tire - 80 Bells
    Counterfeit art - 100 Bells
    Used items - 120 Bells
    Used fireworks - 200 Bells
    Rotten fruit - 400 Bells
    Spoiled turnips - 400 Bells

            Higher Prices               |

You can make more money off of each item opposed to the usual price. One way
is to change to Bell Boom ordinance. It may raise the costs by 20%, but you
will make 1.2 times as much as normal for every item you sell. For instance,
a Shark, which sells for 15,000 Bells, will be 18,000 Bells. Bell Boom can
also change the premium price system. Instead of one item at premium price,
two items can be at premium price per day.

Speaking of premium price, there is another change in prices in ACNL. Every
day, some random item will be on the Re-Tail's board. The items on the board
are the items where Reese will be paying extra. The selling price will be at
double rather than the original.

List of items that can be bought at premium price:

* Furniture
* Carpet
* Wallpaper
* Tank
* Tee
* Shirt
* Pants
* Skirt
* Shorts
* Dress
* Headgear
* Hat
* Accessory

For fruits, insects, and fish, Reese will be more specific. Only one of them
will be singled out when they are the premium price item. And turnips will
never be at premium price.

              Flea Market               |

The Re-Tail is more than just a place where you can sell to make money. It is
also a place where you can sell items to the animals. If there is an empty
space to put up something, you can ask Reese if you want to put up the item.

In order to sell well, two conditions have to be met:

1. The price of what you're selling doesn't exceed double the price you can
   get from Reese.
2. The price of what you're selling doesn't exceed 9,500 Bells.

Not everything can be sold at the Flea Market. Some items, such as mannequins,
fish, and insects cannot be sold at the Flea Market.

||                                              ||
||        5. Insects, Fish, and Seafood         ||
||                                              ||

The second best way to make money (and the best way to make money without
taking a gamble) is by catching insects, fish, and seafood. In this section,
you will see what's hot and what's not when you catch one of the three.

                Insects                 |

What are the reasons to catching insects? You can fill the museum, complete
your encyclopedia, earn a golden net, and to get a badge for catching a
certain number of insects. But why do some insects end up getting caught
more often than others? The reason is quite obvious. It's because of the
selling price. To make good money off of insects, you have to catch and sell
the more valuable insects.

                                WORST CATCHES:
These insects are not good for making money. All of the ones on this list will
have a selling price less than 1,000 Bells. Here are the ones you should not
catch to earn money (unless if you want to want to take an even longer time
to pay a debt or earn a golden badge for saving Bells). These 45 insects are
quite common (or not), yet they are bad for making the big Bells.

Common Butterfly        Yellow Butterfly        Tiger Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly       Monarch Butterfly       Moth
Honeybee                Long Locust             Migratory Locust
Rice Grasshopper        Mantis                  Brown Cicada
Robust Cicada           Giant Cicada            Walker Cicada
Evening Cicada          Cicada Shell            Red Dragonfly
Darner Dragonfly        Ant                     Pondskater
Diving Beetle           Stinkbug                Snail
Cricket                 Bell Cricket            Grasshopper
Mole Cricket            Walking Leaf            Walking Stick
Bagworm                 Ladybug                 Violin Beetle
Longhorn Beetle         Dung Beetle             Wharf Roach
Firefly                 Fruit Beetle            Flea
Pill Bug                Mosquito                Fly
House Centipede         Centipede               Spider

                                 BAD CATCHES:
Although they sell for over 1,000 Bells, they don't sell to well. These
insects don't even exceed 3,000 Bells if you sell them. Here are the following
insects that have a poor price, but not less than 1,000 Bells.

Emperor Butterfly       Raja B. Butterfly       Oak Silk Moth
Bee                     Orchid Mantis           Lantern Fly
Tiger Beetle            Hermit Crab             Jewel Beetle
Miyama Stag             Saw Stag                Horned Dynastid

                               AVERAGE CATCHES:
These are some insects that do a better job on making money thatn the majority
of the ones you can catch. Unfortunately, they aren't the best ones. They're
still good, but it will take long to get more money if you rely on just these.
All of them are worth at least 3,000 Bells, but aren't even worth 6,000 Bells.

Agrias Butterfly        Birdwing Butterfly      Banded Dragonfly

                                GOOD CATCHES:
These insects are very good to catch. Even if they are rarer or harder to
catch, they make good money. The best one of these isn't worth 10,000 Bells,
but it is still good to catch them.

Petaltail Dragonfly     Scarab Beetle           Cyclommatus Stag
Horned Atlas            Horned Elephant         Goliath Beetle
Tarantula               Scorpion

                                BEST CATCHES:
These insects are the best ones you can catch. Not only the lowest price you
can make off of just one is 10,000 Bells, but you just need to catch them on
the trees, but you have been warned. These beetles are super sensitive to
motion, so in order to prevent scaring them, you have to move very slowly
while you practice your sneak move (hold down the A button with your net out).
Giant Stag              Rainbow Stag            Golden Stag
Horned Hercules

                  Fish                  |

Catching insects can be easier and more predictable, but catching fish can
make more money for you. You have to hit A when you hear the splash sound
after a certain amount of bobs. Your best bet are the huge fish with fins, or
the huge fish without fins. However, you will see a list of what's good and
what's bad.

                                WORST CATCHES:
These fish are the worst fish in the game when it comes to making money. Some
of them are the more notorious examples of what fish to avoid. Some of them on
this list aren't as bad, but most of these fish are worth less than 500 Bells,
and all 31 of them are worth less than 1,000 Bells. Please release them unless
if you are doing a museum collection and other personal stuff, but do not
primarily sell them if you want to finish off a debt quicker.

Bitterling              Pale Chub               Crucian Carp
Dace                    Barbel Steed            Carp
Killifish               Crawfish                Tadpole
Frog                    Freshwater Goby         Loach
Catfish                 Bluegill                Yellow Perch
Black Bass              Pond Smelt              Sweetfish
Rainbow Trout           Salmon                  Neon Tetra
Clown Fish              Zebra Turkeyfish        Blowfish
Puffer Fish             Horse Mackerel          Sea Bass
Dab                     Olive Flounder          Squid
Ribbon Eel

                                 BAD CATCHES:
Although they sell for over 1,000 Bells, they are still not good enough. As
long as they're less than 4,000 Bells, they won't be good moneymakers, but
you can still sell these.

Goldfish                Popeyed Goldfish        Soft-Shelled Turtle
Eel                     Pike                    Cherry Salmon
Char                    King Salmon             Mitten Crab
Guppy                   Nibble Fish             Angelfish
Piranha                 Sea Butterfly           Sea Horse
Surgeonfish             Butterfly Fish          Red Snapper
Moray Eel               Football Fish           Ray


                               AVERAGE CATCHES:
These are some of the better fish, but they aren't your best bet. None of
these are worth more than 7,000 Bells, but all of them are worth 4,000
Bells or more. You can sell them as you wish, but they are better off for
smaller projects or for shopping sprees.

Koi                     Giant Snakehead         Gar
Saddled Bichir          Barred Knifejaw         Giant Trevally
Ocean Sunfish


                                GOOD CATCHES:
Here are the few fish that will help boost your money-making skills. They
aren't the best fish to catch, but they are better than most fish. Some of
them are even worth 10,000 Bells. Try catching as many of these as you can.
They may be rare, but they are worth it.

Arowana                 Arapaima                Napoleonfish
Tuna                    Blue Marlin             Hammerhead Shark

                                BEST CATCHES:
Not only these 6 fish are worth no less than 12,000 Bells, but the majority
of these fish on this list are part of the 15,000 Bell group. Even if they
aren't available all year, you can still catch at least half of them on the
island at any time of the year.
Stringfish              Dorado                  Shark
Saw Shark               Whale Shark             Coelacanth

               Seafood                  |

Catching fish and insects aren't the only way to make money, even when it
comes to extracting natural resources. If you have a wet suit, you can catch
creatures from the deep. There aren't very many creatures to catch in
comparison to the fish and insects, and most of them are cheap, but some of
them have a good value. There are three lists of seafood in this section,
which are the cheaper ones, the middle ones, and the more expensive ones.

     Poor Catches         So-so Catches        Good Catches
   ----------------     ----------------     ----------------
   Seaweed              Pearl Oyster         Snow Crab
   Sea Grapes           Scallop              Horsehair Crab
   Sea Urchin           Mantis Shrimp        Red King Crab
   Acorn Barnacle       Tiger Prawn          Spider Crab
   Oyster               Spiny Lobster        Giant Isopod
   Turban Shell         Lobster
   Abalone              Octopus
   Ear Shell            Horseshoe Crab
   Sea Anemone
   Sea Star
   Sea Cucumber
   Sea Slug
   Sweet Shrimp
   Spotted Garden Eel
   Chambered Nautilus

From these lists, all of the ones under the "poor catches" list are worth
less than 1,000 Bells. The "so-so catches" worth at least 1,000 Bells, but
none of them are even worth 4,000 Bells. The "good catches" are worth at
least 4,000 Bells. The best one is the Spider Crab, which is worth 10,000

            Using the Island            |

The Island is the best way of making money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If
you already have unlocked access to your island, you can use that to make
money. You could go there to get island exclusives or go on Island Tours, but
it is the best way to make money too.

There is only one limit. You can catch as many fish and insects you want, but
you can only bring back 40 at a time. Also, do not sell anything to Leila.
She won't pay very much.

Here is a list of average, good, and best catches of both insects and fish you
can get on the island:

Agrias Butterfly        Barred Knifejaw         Giant Trevally
Ocean Sunfish           Scarab Beetle           Cyclommatus Stag
Horned Atlas            Horned Elephant         Goliath Beetle
Napoleonfish            Hammerhead Shark        Blue Marlin
Giant Stag              Rainbow Stag            Golden Stag
Horned Hercules         Shark                   Saw Shark
Whale Shark

Your best bet is to catch the Cyclommatus Stag, Horned Atlas, Horned Elephant,
Golden Stag, Horned Hercules, Hammerhead Shark, Napoleonfish, Blue Marlin,
Saw Shark, Whale Shark, and Sharks. If you catch 40 fish and insects, and if
none of them are anything other than the aforementioned insects and fish, you
could come back to town with a value of 320,000 Bells or more. On the Bell
Boom ordinance, your minimum is 384,000 Bells. The maximum is 600,000 Bells
(which is harder to do). The maximum on Bell Boom is 720,000 Bells.

Tips for Beetle-farming:

1. Cut down every tree and dig up the flowers and shrubs on the island, but
   grow more palm trees. This will prevent insects like the fruit beetle from
2. The rare beetles don't show up until 5pm, but 8pm is when some of the
   cheaper bugs stop appearing.
3. Try aiming for the Cyclommatus Stag, Horned Atlas, Horned Elephant,
   Golden Stag, and Horned Hercules. They are worth either 8,000 Bells or
   12,000 Bells (depending on what you catch).
4. When you see a beetle on one of the palm trees, use your sneak ability and
   move very slowly. Do not swing your net until it is at the right position.
   Release the A button when you're at the right position. You can catch the
   beetles that way.

Please keep in mind that the two fruitless trees on the island are the only
two fruitless trees you can ever have on the island. Once they are cut down,
they will never come back. You cannot bring anything with you from town to
the island, and saplings are one thing you can only get in town.

||                                              ||
||            6. The Stalk Market               ||
||                                              ||

The one way where you can make the most money off of is by using the turnip
trade. Every Sunday (except for events like New Year's Day), Sow Joan will
appear in your town from 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. You can buy turnips from her
until noon. The turnip prices of Sow Joan's can go no higher than 110 Bells per
turnip, but they can't go any lower than 90 Bells per turnip. The lower the
turnip prices are, the more profit you can make. It costs more to buy more
turnips, but you can make more money that way.

Tips on the turnip trade:

1. Reese's turnip price changes twice a day. She cannot accept turnips on
   Sundays. Therefore, there are 12 turnip prices a week.
2. If Reese's price exceeds Sow Joan's, you make a profit. If her price
   is lower, then it's a loss.
3. Turnips can only last a week. After one week, they will rot.
4. Turnips will rot immediately if you time travel backwards, even by
   1 minute.
5. The trick where they never spoil doesn't work anymore in this game.

         Reese's turnip prices          |

Like said earlier, Reese's turnip prices change twice a day. Each day has an
AM price and a PM price. Most of the time, the prices drop, but there are
patterns of the turnip price drop. The lowest she will buy turnips at is 17
Bells per turnip. The highest is 699 Bells per turnip. There are four patterns
of Reese's turnip prices:

1. Constantly Decreasing - turnip prices drop after every change, so the
   highest price of the week is Monday morning's.
2. Large Spike price - turnip prices start off decreasing, but at some
   point, the prices will go up. Two prices after the interruption,
   there will be a price above 200 Bells per turnip. After that, the
   prices continue to drop. There is a chance of a "last call spike price",
   but it's best to sell the turnips on the first price that exceeds 200
   Bells per turnip.
3. Small Spike price - just like the Large Spike price, turnips are constantly
   decreasing at first. However, the spike price doesn't occur until the
   third price after the interruption, not the second price. The spike price
   is somewhere between 150 Bells to 199 Bells per turnip.
4. Random - turnip prices jump up and down randomly between a range of
   50 Bells to 149 Bells. There's no pattern in this pattern whatsoever.

           Turnip Storage               |

There are ways you can store your turnips if your pockets can't hold enough.
It would be best to store your extra turnips if you have over 2,000 turnips.

Here's where you can store your turnips:

1. Closet/lockers
2. Home (on the floor)
3. Somewhere in town

No matter where you store them, they still last for one week before they

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