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by seifd / Gatestoyourface

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Fish List by seifd / Gatestoyourface

Updated: 02/18/2014

Table of Contents

  1. Fish List

Fish List

NameSeasonLocationRecord SizeRe-Tail PriceNookling PriceLeila Price*Shadow
AngelfishSummer - Fall (May - Oct 4 pm - 9 am)River5.103,000Small
ArapaimaSummer (July - Sept 4 pm - 9 am)River137.20 in.10,000Huge
ArowanaSummer (June - Sept 15 4 pm - 9 am)River32.40 in.10,000Huge
Barbel SteedYear-round (All Day)River23.15 in.200160Medium
Barred KnifejawSpring-Fall (March - Nov All day)Sea27.50 in.5,0004,000250Medium
BitterlingWinter (Dec - Feb All Day)River3.75 in900Small
Black BassYear-round (All Day)River25.50 in.300240Medium
BluegillYear- round (9 am - 4 pm)River11.50 in.12096Small
Blue MarlinSummer (June - Sept All Day)Sea105.00 in.10,0008,000500Very Large
BlowfishWinter ( Nov - Feb Night)Sea9.84 in.125Medium
Butterfly FishSpring-Fall ( April - Sept All Day)Sea8.40 in.1,00080050Small
CarpYear-round (All Day)River29.50 in.300240Medium
CatfishSummer - Fall ( May - Oct 4 pm - 9 am)Pond(River)26.95 in.800Large
CharMarch - April/OcotoberWaterfall19.69 in.3,800Medium
Cherry SalmonOctober (Morning and evening)River13.78 in.1,000Medium
ClownfishSpring-Fall ( Apr - Sept All Day)Sea6.75 in.65052032Tiny
CoelacanthYear-Round (rain or snow)Sea62.20 in15,00012,000Very Large
CrawfishSpring-FallHolding Pond5.30 in.200160Small
Crucian CarpYear-roundRiver10.10 in.12096Small
DabWinter - Spring ( Oct - Apr All Day)Sea22.85 in.300Medium
DaceYear-roundRiver14.80 in.200Medium
DoradoSummer - Fall ( June - Sept 4 am - 9 pm)River43.80 in.15,000Very Large
EelSummerRiver48.15 in2,0001,600Thin
Football FishWinter ( Nov - March 4 pm - 9 am)Sea24.55 in.2,500Large
Freshwater GobyYear-round (4 pm - 9 am)River6.65 in.300Small
FrogSummerHolding Pond5.35 in.12096Small
GarSummer-Fall (June-September 4 pm - 9 am)Pond(River)6,000Huge
Giant TrevallySummerTropical Seas73.15 in4,5003,600225Large
Giant SnakeheadSummer (June-August 9 am - 4 pm)Pond(River)36.95 in.5,500Very Large
GoldfishYear-round(All Day)River6.95 in.1,300Tiny
GuppySpring - Fall (April-November, 9 am- 4 p,)River1.70 in.1,300Shortest
Hammerhead SharkSummer (June-September 4 pm - 9 am)Sea119.65 in8,0006,400400Huge
Horse MackerelYear-roundSea17.95 in.1501207Small
KillfishSpring-Summer (April-August All Day)Holding Pond1.65 in.300240Tiny
King SalmonEarly SeptemberSea/River55.12 in.1,800Huge
KoiYear-RoundRiver28.50 in4,0003,200Medium
Moray EelSummer - FallSea39.15 in2,0001,600100Large
NapoleonfishSummerSea74.20 in10,0008,000500Very Large
Neon TetraSpring-FallRiver0.85 in.800640Tiny
Nibble FishSpring-FallRiver3.65 in.1,5001,200Tiny
Ocean SunfishSummerSea109.60 in.4,0003,200200Huge
Olive FlounderYear-roundSea40.75 in.80064040Medium
Pale ChubYear-roundRiver6.55 in.200160Tiny
PiranhaSummerRiver13.10 in.2,9202,000Tiny
Puffer FishSummerSea16.2524019212Medium
RaySummer-fallSea55.50 in.3,0002,400150Large
Red SnapperYear-RoundSea41.35 in3,0002,400150Medium
Ribbon EelSummerTropical Seas53.60 in60048030Thin
Sea BassYear-RoundOcean48.00 in.20016010Large
Sea HorseSpring-FallSea3.50 in.1,10088055Tiny
SquidSpring-WinterSea16.20 in.40032020Medium
SurgeonfishSpring-FallSea13.70 in.1,00080050Small
Whale SharkSummerTropical Seas250.75 in.13,00010,400650Huge
Zebra TurkeyfishSpring-FallSea14.50 in40032020Medium
  • Leila is located on the island, so she can only buy fish that can be caught on the island.
  • Huge means a fish with a fin, very large is that size fish without the fin