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Resetti Transcript by Liquefy

Version: B | Updated: 08/05/2013

A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Resetti Transcript

This is version B created by Liquefy on August 5, 2013.  Version A was created 
on July 25, 2013.  If you have any questions, corrections, additions, 
suggestions, or comments, please contact me at jps5@hotmail.com.

If you reset your game or if your game quits because you lose power, you will 
be visited by a mole named Sonny Resetti (also known as Mr. Resetti) when you 
next load the game.

You can also see Resetti and his brother Don at the Cafe.

Finally, you can visit Resetti and Don in the Reset Surveillance Center (RSC) 
after you build it from the list of Public Works.

Here are transcripts of their speeches:

When you load your game, Resetti rudely interrupts Isabelle:

Hey, 'scuze me!
Mind if I bend yer ear for a bit?  Won't take a second.

Lessee... Uh... Oh, right.  I should introduce myself proper and such.  The
   name's Resetti.
Most people call me Mr. Resetti, on account of me bein' a respected member of
   the community and such.
Lookin' forward to workin' with ya!

...Course, this'll probably be the last time ya ever see me since there ain't
   no center or nothin'...

Ahem, so, it says here you quit without saving last time ya played.  Care to
   explain yourself?

[select "I wanted a do-over."]
Oh, a do-over, huh?  Somethin' didn't quite go your way, is that the deal?
Well, I guess that's one way to play it...
But don't ya think that just maybe it'd be more rewardin' to roll with them
   punches you're takin'?
That's definitely how I'd most likely recommend ya play the game.
Don'tcha wanna do the right thing and save?  For the kids?  For the whales?
   C'mon-save the whales!

[select "My batteries ran out."]
Aw, man, ain't that a kick in the moleskins!
'Tween you and me, them batteries don't last quite as long as they used to when
   I was a li'l mole...
D'ya think I could get ya to be more careful about charging up in a timely
   manner going forward from here?
'Preciate it...

[select "I had no choice!"]
WHAT?!  Haaaaa, that's a darned shame is what that is!
I dunno nuthin' about machines, so I can't really help ya out there.
But I hope from the bottom of my mole heart that such an awful thing never
   happens to you again!

Wassat?  You were expecting something a little different?
Heh...  Yeah, here's the thing.  The Reset Surveillance Center?  It don't exist
   no more.
When they were drawin' up the town budget for this fiscal year, folks were all
"What's wrong with a little reset every now and then?"  "We don't got the funds
   for this nonsense!"
Blah blah and so on and so forth...  So ya see, I ain't here on official
   business or nothin'.
I'm just volunteerin' this once.  So next time you reset, I ain't gonna pop out.
This is it.  Ol' Resetti's out...
Course, if you were to use your mayoral powers to restore the center, well
   that'd be different.
And if that should come to pass, I'd be back on the job in full force!
   Unstoppable mole power!
But listen to me!  Runnin' my trap like a fancy pirate or somethin'!
Good luck with all your future endeavors!  Take care now!  And buh-bye!

After building the Reset Surveillance Center, Resetti greets you outside your 

Hey, 'scuze me!
How do ya do, Mr. Mayor!
Now don't ya worry.  I know ya made sure to save last time, so I ain't here to
   chew ya out.
Naw, I'm here to thank ya!
Ahem.  For bein' so gracious as to establish the Reset Surveillance Center...
allow me to extend ya my most heartfelt thanks!  So thanks!
With this I can finally get back to monitorin' reset behavior in town!
I guess this means ya see how important it is for me to keep chewin' ya out
   when ya reset!
That's how I'm takin' it anyway...  Well, don't worry!  Next time I'll give ya
   the verbal lashin' of a lifetime!
Oh yeah.  Just one last thing...
I know yer the mayor, but the center is off limits, even to you!  Them's the
Resetti out!

After the Reset Surveillance Center is built, Resetti greets non-mayoral 
players outside their house:

Well, look who it is!
Ahem.  On the occasion of the establishment of the Reset Surveillance Center...
I supppose it's only fittin' that I properly introduce myself...
The name's Resetti!
But everyone calls me Mr Resetti, on account of me bein' such an esteemed
   community member!
Pleased to meet ya!
Now lemme ask ya somethin'.  Ya ever seen a message like this?
When you want to finish playing, press START and select Save and quit.
The idea bein' that you should save so there's a record of all the progress
   you made in a day.
Course, every once in a while, ya get some real funny jokers.
Entitled little good-fer-nothin's who think if somethin' don't go their way,
   they can cut the power!
"It's fine!  I'll just reset and try again!"  I guess that's the idea.
And, yeah, I guess that IS one way to play.
One WRONG way!
But doing everythin' ya can to avoid resettin' is the officially endorsed play
   style of Animal Crossing!
Takin' everythin' as it comes and rollin' with the punches has its rewards!
   That's our stance...
Which is where the Reset Surveillance Center comes in.
You know it's important 'cause it's all highlighted blue and everything.
So 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we're monitoring all players...
And when a reset occurs, yours truly rushes to the scene to read 'em the riot...
Er, that is to say, to IMPRESS upon the player the importance of saving his or
   her progress.
Now I know there'll be those times.
"My batteries ran out!"  "I didn't do it on purpose!"  "It was an accident!"
I get that; don't worry.
Anyway, alls I wanted to do was say hello, and I ended up putting on a one-mole
   show!  Time I was goin'!
Oh, and by the way, the center is off limits to the public.  That means you.
   Sorry 'bout that, kid!

The first time you enter the Reset Surveillance Center, find Resetti watching 

Hey!  How'd you get in here?!
I don't care if you ARE the mayor, this place is off limits!  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Look, kid, this is a place where PEOPLE do WORK!
It's not some playpen for you to walk in and drool on everything!
Ya know what this job takes?
I gotta stay alert!  Be ready to go any time of the day or night, any day of
   the year!
Ya know what I do on my birthday?  THIS.  I WORK.
At the same time, I gotta keep my mind and body relaxed.
It helps me be all cool cucumber for when things DO go down.  Which they WILL!
I've spent 30 whole years perfectin' that delicate balance!  It's an art!
Sometimes part of that is chillin' out watchin' TV!  And YOU'RE gettin' in the

You're not gonna find nothin', so quit snoopin' around!

Don't hang around forever.  Go on!  Get outta here!

Don't go fiddlin' about with anything, ya hear?  Keep your hands to youself!

The second time you enter the Reset Surveillance Center, find Resetti near his 

Oh, look.  Decided to show your face here again, did ya?!
Ya know, what with the Reset Center bein'...
Oh, uh, that's just what I call the Reset Surveillance Center.
But what with it bein' closed down for a while there, I've gotten really out of
Just diggin' a little tunnel's enough to get me outta breath!  And to top it
   off, my gut's gotten HUGE!
Do ya have any idea what the worst part of havin' a gut is?  Do ya?  Lemme tell
   ya...it's my claws!
Which claws?  The ones on my feet, a' course!  Which other claws would I be
   talkin' about?!
Even if I wanna cut 'em, I can hardly get around this big belly a' mine!  I can
   barely SEE 'em!  It's the pits!
...Hold up.  I don't have time to be spoutin' this trash with you!
I mean, maybe I look like I do, but trust me, kid, I'm real busy!  Go on!  Get!

Don't hang around forever!  Go on!  Get outta here!

Don't go fiddlin' about with nothin', ya hear?  Keep your hands off!

You ain't gonna find nothin', so ya might as well quit snoopin' around!

The third time you visit the Reset Surveillance Center, find Resetti dancing 
(?) in the corner:

La la lala! (musical note) Mo-lee mo-lee mole...  Lo-mee lo-mee lo...
Ain't been home for a while, wonder how the kids are doin'...
Bet their mom's just spoilin' 'em rotten!  Hm hm.  (musical notes)
Course, I'd ?????????????
AGHH!  When did you get here?!
I don't got time to play house with you!  I'm busy, all right?!
Go on!  Scram!

Don't touch nothin', ya hear?!  Keep your hands OFF!

Don't just stand there!  Go on!  GET!

Ya won't find nothin', so quit your snoopin' around!

The fourth time you visit the Reset Surveillance Center, find a conversation in 

See, it's like I'm sayin'!  If you could say somethin' to 'em, everythin' would
   go a whole lot smoother!

Haaa...  There ya go again with that goofy talk!
Listen to me, Sonny!  Ya need to learn how to build the proper relationships
   with people!

Great.  Here we go!  Bet you'll talk my ears off now...

Hey!  This is serious!  Are ya listening?!

Yeah, yeah, I'm listenin'!  Geez!

Show some respect, would ya!  I don't need ya back-talkin' under your breath!
   That's right, I hear it!
Now lemme tell ya a little story...  It's about the "crocodile bird"...

Yeah, yeah, it's that little bird that sits in the crocodile's mouth and cleans
   its teeth for it, right?
I swear, you're practically obsessed with those things!
And ya know somethin'?  I don't buy it at all!
You're makin' it up, 'cause in real life, we know exactly what'd happen to that
   little birdy!
Soon as that bird's done cleanin', the croc'd gobble 'im up!  CHOMP!  Gah ha ha

The noise you're spoutin' shows the limits of your imagination.
Listen up, Sonny!  If the croc eats that bird, what happens to his teeth?

Well, uh...  WHOA!
The croc's teeth would be all messed up!  They'd probably fall out and the
   croc'd starve...
Crocodiles don't got dentists or nothin'...

Ha ha ha!  Finally, ya understand!
Oh!  Looks like we've got company, so let's table this talk for now.

Don't hang around forever!  Go on and get outta here!

Don't go fiddlin' about with nothin', ya hear?  Hands to yourself!

You're not gonna find nothin', so quit with the snoopin'!

How do you do, Mr. Mayor.  I'm Sonny's older brother, Don.

I wish you luck in all you do.

Careful on your way out.

Try not to overwork yourself.

After the fourth visit to the Reset Surveillance Center, the dialog becomes 
random.  Here are possible dialogs:

* Resetti's Pic *
Ah!  It's you again!
Not shy in the least, are ya?!  You interested in my line of work or somethin'?
Well, forget about it!  The Reset Center doesn't hold a bright future for the
   likes a' you...
Only moles need apply, if you get my meaning?!  Gah ha ha ha!
This here's a picture of yours truly.  I don't really get why, but seems like
   you've taken a shine to me.
If ya don't need it, you can just toss it!
But this ain't exactly somethin' you're gonna have a lotta chances to get, so
   think hard.
Oh, and don't tell my brother.  It's our little secret, capisce?!

Don't hang around forever.  Go on and get outta here!

Don't go fiddlin' about with nothin', ya hear?  Hands to yourself ONLY!

You ain't gonna find nothin', so quit snoopin' around!

* Don Resetti's Pic *
Oh!  You've come again!  [Name], you're quite a strange one...
If you're looking for Sonny, I'm afraid he's not here right now.
Not out on the job, mind you.  He's at the doctor getting his back checked out.
As you get older, all sorts of things stop working so well.  Ha ha ha...
But, [Name], there's actually something I'd like to give you.
I'm not sure if you'll like it, but please accept it as a token of our little
If you have no use for it, just toss it.  I don't mind!
But this'll probably be your only chance to get somethin' from me, so take that
   into consideration.
Oh, and let's just keep this a secret from Sonny.

I wish you luck in all you do.

Be careful on your way out.

Try not to overwork yourself.

* Voice-Recognition System *
Those jokers down at HQ...  I tell ya, they don't give us no respect!  None!

Yeah, that's about the long and the short of it...

What's the big idea, installin' a voice-recognition system?
Feels like some bigwig dreamed it up, 'n' now it's bein' forced on us!
I mean, this ain't rocket science!  When we detect a reset, we roll out!  What
   more do we need?!

I hear ya.  All this fancy machinery is completely wasted on guys like us...

Yeah, this stuff is WAY too advanced!  'Specially for you!
You still think a cell phone is that stuff you wrap sandwiches up in!  It's
   ridiculous!  Ridiculous, I say!
Agh!  When'd you sneak in here?!
We're in the middle'a some important testin' on our new voice-recognition
You're just gonna get in our way, so get on outta here!
And whatever ya do, don't press "A" in front of the machine and say "Scramble!"
   Ya got that?!
Don't say it, no matter what!  "Scramble!" is EXACTLY the thing ya shouldn't
"Crumble!" is another word ya should probably avoid too!

We can talk some other time.  You should probably get outta here.

You should probably head home before something goes wrong.

You're gonna get in the way of our test.  Run along home now!

Don't just hang around.  Go on-get outta here!

You're not gonna find nothin', so quit snoopin' around!

Hey, don't go fiddlin' about with nothin', ya hear?  Hands off of everything!
   That clear?!

[Press the "A" button while standing in front of the machine.]
[The antennae rotate.]
[Press the "A" button and say "Scramble!" or "Crumble!" loudly into the 3DS 

Hey!  Would ya mind keepin' your trap shut?!  Thanks!

Hey now!  No time for talkin'!
Get outta here!

Oy!  Quit your dawdlin', would ya?!
Outta the way!

After you build the Reset Surveillance Center, Resetti will appear outside your 
door after you reset your game or lose power while playing.  Here is what he 

Hey!  Excuse me!  I'm from the Reset Surveillance Center, and I need a few
   minutes of your time.
Here's the deal.  Last time you played, you quit without savin'.  How'd that

[select "I wanted to reset."]
[select "My batteries died."]
[select "I don't remember."]

OK, I got it.  Yeah, I figured that might be the case.
Know what gave it away?  Your face, that's what.
I've been at this job for years, kid, and I can see right through ya!
Before ya start with the questions, lemme explain a few things to ya.
Somebody resets and lights start flashin' all over the Reset Center.  We always
   know.  ALWAYS!
The system works, pal.  Trust me.  And there ain't no reason for you to be
   testin' it!
Just stop with the resettin' already.  When you're done playin' your game, make
   sure you Save and quit!
You got it?  Learned your lesson?
Oh, yeah, one last thing...
People don't drink "expresso."  It's "espresso."  "Expresso" ain't even a
   thing!  Don't ya forget it!

You can speak to Resetti and Don at the Cafe between Noon and 1:30pm.  Their 
appearance is random.

What's up?  You need something?

Nowadays, there are WAY too many grown-ups who do pretty much anything they're
   told to do!
Can you even imagine the chaos that occurs if a bunch of older guys start doin'
   stuff the young guys say?
There are times you gotta stick to your own beliefs, even if you know you're in
   the wrong.
I wanna continue being that kind of opinionated old man people usually tend to
   avoid.  That's for me!

When it comes to coffee, I don't drink anything other than Blue Mountain!
   That's it!
For aroma, richness, and sweetness, there's nothing even close to better than
   Blue Mountain beans!
Er, I mean we all have different tastes, so I suppose I could see how you might
   like something else.

"Mr. Resetti, he's always angry and just yells at people...
"But that Don Resetti, he's always calm, peaceful, and friendly to everybody he
That's probably what you think of us, huh?  But that ain't right!
My brother is very persistent when he gives his endless lectures!
Ever been lectured for two hours long?  Yeah, even I'm not THAT bad!
In the end, you'll probably forget why you were even being lectured in the
   first place!
I'm just sayin', ya shouldn't judge a book by its cover!  And that goes DOUBLE
   for moles!

Oh, hey, [name]!  Thanks for always listening to my little brother.  I
   'preciate it a lot.

You know, I'm a firm believer that a coffee shop should be judged primarily on
   its house blend.
By the way, the blended coffee Brewster makes is definitely the best!  There's
   no question!

Sonny nags you all the time, doesn't he?  Yeah, I'm really sorry about that.
   Sonny's a handful.
But you know, usually he's always dwelling on something whenever he's by
I think he's getting really stressed out about the gap between his job and the
   changing social trends...

Sonny and I are brothers, but even though we eat the same things, we look
   completely different.
My guess is it has a lot to do with the WAY he eats stuff.
When I eat, I chew slowly to relish my food, but when he eats, he's exactly the
He shovels food into his mouth and chokes it down without chewing properly.
He's like a competitive eater!  It can't be good for him.
Eating fast can be hard on your digestive system.  It doesn't do a body good at

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