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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough HTML 09/12/13 super_luigi16 1.55 292K
FAQ 09/01/15 Liquefy R 708K

In-Depth FAQs

Bug List HTML 02/18/14 seifd / Gatestoyourface 3K
Cafe Guide 04/18/14 LordBlumiere 1.3 16K
Fish List HTML 02/18/14 seifd / Gatestoyourface 4K
Forged Art Detection Guide 03/18/14 Caleb_W 1.20 16K
Hybrid Flower Guide 09/24/13 Dork_Vader 1.0 4K
Island Tour Guide HTML 05/02/14 yoda2323 1.0 66K
Item Duplication Glitch FAQ 04/13/20 solidus snake777 1.03 9K
Item List 09/09/15 Liquefy K 620K
Japanese Item List 09/09/15 Liquefy L 790K
Korean Item List 09/09/15 Liquefy F 605K
Money Guide 09/02/14 turtle4apple 1.0 46K
Public Works Project Guide 07/21/14 turtle4apple 1.3 42K
Resetti Transcript 08/05/13 Liquefy B 20K

Maps and Charts

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