are there any active giveaway towns ?

  1. if ur an active giveaway town, please provide your friend code and what is in your town !

    User Info: mayorceleste

    mayorceleste - 2 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Hi my gate will be open all day all welcome to come. I have Golden Tools, Bells, Rare Flowers:, Furniture, Villagers: Al: Lazy Gorilla. Cheri: Peppy Cub. Cherry: Sisterly Dog. Francine: Snooty Rabbit. Frank: Cranky Eagle. Iggly: Jock Penguin. Henry: Smug Frog.] Pierto: Smug Sheep. Please do not destroy paths, Dig up bushes, Block Lockers. Troll. Add your friends codes down below and I will add everyone.
    -Steven- Mayor of: Hell FC:3625-8550-2897

    User Info: stevenfromhell

    stevenfromhell - 1 week ago 5   3
  2. Hi can I come?

    Mayor Andrew

    User Info: TheRoo01

    TheRoo01 - 1 week ago
  3. I've added you! I need some flowers, saplings, 4 leaf clovers! It would be a great help! FC: 1736-4776-2837

    User Info: sakurachan98

    sakurachan98 - 1 week ago
  4. Hello! Can I also come? Mayor Aero of Oia. FC: 2509 7855 2372

    User Info: Aeropo

    Aeropo - 1 week ago
  5. Hi, can I come too? FC: 1307 2254 1324

    User Info: MayorEmely

    MayorEmely - 1 week ago
  6. Can I please come too?
    My fc: 4742-5628-0113

    User Info: ovoanni

    ovoanni - 4 days ago
  7. hi would i be able to come too?

    mayor teagan of blossom
    fc: 1778-9607-5074

    User Info: teagann

    teagann - 1 day ago


  1. This should really go on the Online board

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   1
  2. As already said, there should probably be in the online board - where there's usually one or two giveaway towns active at any time.

    User Info: Gunbladelad

    Gunbladelad (Expert) - 2 months ago 0   0

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