Anyone Want to Swap Friend Codes?

  1. I'm searching for New Friends and their Codes. I want to finally venture out beyond my own town, to experience the thrill of visiting a far away village and see new things.
    My name is Courtney and I am 21 years. However, I love Animal Crossing and I believe you just can't out-age it. So, who's up to swapping codes and adding a new friend to get to know?

    Name: Sugar ( Mayor )
    Town: CandyPop
    Code: 0920-2067-1113

    Note: Right now my town is very pitiful looking, the reason why is because I have deleted my old town to star a new one. I am by no means new to animal crossing not even with New Leaf. I have played all Animal Crossing games from the Gamcube vr. up to 3DS. I still have the GC Ver too.
    So, it won't be too long before my town is built up again ( permanently ), I have a vision of what my town will look like later and the strategy to accomplish it ;)

    I will add all who answer to this message, so if you want too, join in, k?

    User Info: CandyPop93

    CandyPop93 - 3 years ago

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  1. ill be your friend! my names toadette,im 10 and ive had the game since Setmeper 2 last house is fully expaned and my town is completed expect for the fact apples moving away >_< if u need any help,any help at all,then ill be there. im very social i can help out with your town also.

    Name:Mayor Toadette

    *ps:this my first ac game XD*

    -Toadette *&#12461;&#12494;&#12500;&#12371;*

    User Info: toadissad

    toadissad - 3 years ago 1 0


  1. btw the numbers are suppoesd to be japanese :-P

    User Info: toadissad

    toadissad - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. Hi;
    You can add me too.

    Mayor CJ
    Town: Iola (pronounced eye-o-la)
    FC: 2938-8140-7254

    User Info: Medic375th

    Medic375th - 3 years ago 0 0
  3. Ill give out my code and add everyone who has their code on this post as well, but as the post is 2 yrs old i have to see if you still see posts. So if you get back to me ill add you :) thanks. Im in everyday as well

    User Info: kell74

    kell74 - 1 year ago 0 0

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