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Friend sending messages? Side Quest *new* 2 4 hours ago
Looking for friends! Anybody still play on 2020? Main Quest *new* 5 11 hours ago
Is it just me or does the leaf marker for furniture or when you use the cold chill emote look like the leaf from Mario? Build *new* 3 12 hours ago
How do I change my DRP location? Main Quest *new* 1 20 hours ago
Does anyone still play ACNL? Main Quest *new* 2 1 day ago
How often do you get the Fortunes 51, 52, and 57 ( Wii U console white, Wii U console black, and the New Nintendo 3DS)? Side Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Multiple fish in tanks? Side Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Can native perfect fruits grow in my town? Main Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Balloon item weirdness? Side Quest *new* 1 1 day ago
Anybody still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf? Build *new* 2 2 days ago

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