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Reviewed: 06/02/11

Fight Your Way Into The Store To Buy This Super Game

Super Street Fighter IV was originally released for the PS3 and 360 last year. Capcom, the publisher, decided that it would take a stab at the handheld game market with Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition for the 3DS. Many were skeptical that the handheld would be able to keep up with its 360 and PS3 counterparts. I am happy to say that nothing has been downgraded on the 3DS version.

All thirty-five characters are here in all their glory. Each character has his/her own unique story that a player can fight through. The dialogue itself is cheesy, consisting of lines like "Mama will be so proud" and “No matter how many times I see it, your limbs really freak me out, man!” It doesn’t ruin the experience very much though because the most important part of a fighting game is the fighting, not the story. Multiplayer is also available. Players can play with their friends locally or with strangers online.

The controls work well, but take a little time to get used to. Six physical buttons are used (a, b, x, y, l, and r) to fight in the “light” mode. The touchscreen also sports four virtual buttons that can be pressed to execute combos and powerful super attacks. “Light” mode is available for new players. A “pro” control option is also available. In this mode players can assign different moves to the different buttons. Although this mode gives players more customization options, it is hard to master. Players using this mode will have to use the training mode to learn useful combos. The combos take time to learn, but when they are learned, they deal more damage and work better than players using the “light” mode.

The game can be played in two modes, with a traditional Street Fighter arcade view and an over the shoulder view. The latter shows off the 3D well. When moves are being used in the player’s direction it seems as though they are popping out of the screen. It seems really cool for the first one or two matches, but then the effect will wear off. Although it looks good, the gameplay is affected. The rest of the matches will probably be played in traditional view. That is when the game is most fun. It is good old Street Fighter.

When playing multiplayer everything stays the same. Online players are granted battle points for every match they win. Although these points don’t give the player an advantage, others will know they are facing someone experienced. There are occasional lag issues, but they don’t last longer than one or two seconds. The other problem is that the game doesn’t restrict players from spamming moves. A player can use the same move again and again until the other dies, without any chance of winning. Although there aren’t many that cheat like this, there are some. Out of all the 3DS games, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition has the best online mode.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is the best 3DS launch game… period. The stellar gameplay and great multiplayer mode make this game better than the other 3DS games. The collectables in the game provide something to keep coming back to. If you’re looking for a great game on the 3DS, look no farther than Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (US, 03/27/11)

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