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Reviewed: 03/29/11

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D, a fantastic port which is as enjoyable as the console versions

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D is a port of the game from the PS3/360 developed by Capcom. Most fighting game fans will have heard of Street Fighter IV or at least the Street Fighter series.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D is a port of the 360/PS3 game designed to take advantage of the 3DSes 3D capability but is it a good port overall?

The answer is yes, it is a wonderful done port considering it's a hand held console. It features the usual modes from the console versions, Arcade mode which starts with an anime sequence for the character, allows you to fight through your opponents and then your rival (with bonus stages where you can beat up a car or destroy some barrels) and ends with a fight against Seth and an ending anime sequence. There is also Versus mode which allows you to fight either locally via wi-fi, fight the CPU and watch two CPUs fight.

Then there is training mode which allows you to train and learn how to fight with any of the characters and challenge mode which allows you to do the bonus stages and try to master your moves. And of course there is online mode which allows you to fight other players over the internet.

A new feature included is the 3D Versus mode which allows you to fight from an over the shoulder angel in either Versus mode, Online mode or even Arcade mode. It was designed just for the 3DS version as it would be able to take advantage of the 3D effect more than normal fights would.

The 3D effect is done very well in the game as a whole be it using the 3D view or the normal view that you will be used to from the console versions. I haven't found it to hurt my eyes or anything while playing although it will vary from person to person and I didn't have trouble keeping my eyes on the sweet spot, I think there is room for error in regards to the sweet spot on this game although again it may vary from person to person.

There is also no 3D effect for the anime sequences or the opening of the game but it still looks pretty nice even without the 3D effect.

The online mode also has barely any lag for me which I found surprising although it may vary depending on your and your opponents internet connections but I found the online connection to be just as good as the console versions which I was surprised by. I expected more lag than I got basically.

Another new addition is your special moves/supers/ultras being put onto the bottom screen of the DS for easy use during battles so casual fighting game fans shouldn't have a problem performing the moves as all you need to do is touch the button for the move you want to do.

There is also the Player Data option which shows you your player records (total play time, Arcade high score, etc), Character records (how many times you used a character, etc) and more. And there is a Figure Collection which shows you the album of the figures you have, Figure slots for using Figure points (FP) to buy figures. You can also trade figures via wireless and more.

All in all, this is a very good port which is just as good as the console version. The only negative is that hard core Street Fighter/Fighting game fans won't be able to use a fight stick with it but if you're okay with that and you're an SF fan or a fighting game fan then I would say this is a must buy. It's just a wonderfully designed port from Capcom.


Rating: 9

Product Release: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (EU, 03/25/11)

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