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by Tsunao

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Guide and Walkthrough by Tsunao

Updated: 12/10/2013

-insert ASCII art here-

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers
Author: Steven Patton
Email: tsunie37 (a with the circle) gmail (that dot...period...thingy) com
YouTube: Shameless YouTube plug here

IF I answer a question, it will be on my PRIMARY e-mail. If all communications fail, just PM at GameFAQs. I'm always lurking a few boards.

5th time writing a FAQ. >_> To give a history: I had 2 Final Fantasy V Advance FAQs (one for the main game and one for the Sealed Temple). I also had 2 Final Fantasy VI Advance FAQs (main game and an Esper...or rather, Magicite FAQ). I had them removed because they weren't all that great. <_< Plus, the main game FFV Advance one wasn't really...original. Copy-pasted a bit from another guide...switch up a few words...and then I deemed it bad. Shame for the FFVI Advance one, since it got a star. :3 I deemed that one as bad because there were others way better. But hey: it was fun. :3

How this FAQ works:

I won't go into detail what is happening. I just give general clue about what is happening, so I won't spoil the story...or at least try not. =P You know you are only here for what to do in such and such and where to go in such and such. =P Oh, and if this is your first time playing, DON'T highlight the spoiler sections (there's only two sections). I know it is attention grabby and will make you highlight to see the goods, but it is for your own good....unless you don't mind being spoiled.

A note:

Don't mind any messiness. I am working on cleaning it up. I will add other unimportant segments later.

Introductions and [many] Choices!

Lots of information about Amami City, the setting of this game. We learn of Paradigm X and all sorts of stuff. We go to a conversation with Hitomi. You are given a choice. Choice does not matter. Pretty cutscenes ensue. Next, you are prompted to enter a name. This name will be like a "real name" for your character. It is First Name first, then Last Name second. The second prompt for handle is what you will see in battles and what the member of Spookies will address you as.

More talking ensues. Suddenly, echo-y voice from nowhere. You are given yet another dialogue choice concerning the echo-y voice. Choice does not matter. Next, phone rings. Choice that comes up, again, does not matter (majority of the choices don't matter, but I am covering bases.).

At home, we meet the Main Character's (MC) family. Then we move to the MC's room. We get a message from Leader. We go the HQ! Exit the map (going to the edges of the map), and go to Shibahama. At Shibihama, the South Parking Garage is to the left of you upon entering. Can't miss it.

Talking and cutscenes ensue. We meet Spooky, the leader of the hacker group Spookies. More talking, then Spooky gives a question about Hitomi. This time, the choice you choose does matter.

The Choices

What you choose determines the skills Nemissa (that silver-haired girl on the front cover of the game.) learn. "She's more upbeat." gives her Fire and Expel skills. "She's a calm one." gives her Ice and Death skills. "Sexy defines her." gives her Electric and Almighty skills. Here's a chart for reference

18Roma CalorRoma GrandoRoma Fulmen
21HamaMudoMarin Karin
75Kurikara Kokuryu240,000,000 EvilsFull Moon Queen

Personally, I use the Electric line. I didn't have any problems with this line when I went through the game the first time. Plus, Megidola is just too damn good at times.

After your choice, there's more talking and we see a gun-looking PC. After the events, we can Save, look at the Gun-type PC, or Leave. Check the Gun-type PC. Then head into Paradigm X.

Paradigm X

Pretty cutscenes, followed by a crash course of Paradigm X. When you gain control, you can search around and talk to a few NPCs. To advance the story, head down the alley (it is near the bank) and towards the Air Vision, and check out the Theatre. When you are done checking out Paradigm X, head back to the Counter. SOULS! ensue.

Vision Quest 1: Alma Capture

We start the Vision Quest with a man, a car, the gun-type PC, and a phone. Destination: Algon NS.

Algon NS 1F: Nothing too special. Head north to the elevator. go to 2F.

Algon NS 2F: Head to the elevator in front of you for an event and to know where to go. Head west, through the door, and follow the path while fighting easy fights (or talk to some to learn about Urabe). Nothing too special along the way. Oh, and there's a terminal room along the way. Visit it for free healing and to Save. Up the stairs to 3F

Algon NS 3F: Another straight forward area. There's a conversation with a security guard. Just head on over to the Stairway. To 4F!

Algon NS 4F: Because all floors warrant a section! Another straight shot to a stairway. Next stop: 5F!

Algon NS 5F: Head east and go through the nearby door. Head south in the room and go into the Computer Room. Events ensue. Enter a password when prompted. FINISH!

Point Distribution: MC

As a general rule: do NOT put points into Magic unless you want to use his best armor. If you want to use the Masakado armor set, which requires Magic at 10 to equip all pieces, put Magic at 8 (not important at the moment since the set doesn't come in until late game/post game. Just make a mental note of it.) The last two points can be "cheated" with a piece of equipment. :3 If you don't care for the armor, just ignore it completely. For general stats, put points in Strength, Endurance, and Agility. If Agility is high, you can outspeed regular bosses and enemies. You can put some points into Intelligence to tank a bit of magic, but I had no problem with no points in Intelligence in my first run. You can maybe put some points into Luck to maybe avoid status effects and stuff. I don't know much about this stuff. I wished there was more info on stats.

After point distribution, more talking, [yet] another dialogue choice (doesn't matter). At the next choice: Use the Gun-type PC and enter the password you inputted in the Vision Quest. More shenanigans, another dialogue choice (choice doesn't matter, as usual). More stuff, next destination, Nemissa points time!

Point Distribution: Nemissa

As a general rule: do NOT put points into Strength unless you want to use her [possibly] best armor. One piece requires 12 Strength to equip, with 8 being the minimum (can also equip a set to "cheat" for those four points. :3) For general stats, Magic for (more) magic damage, magic accuracy, and MP, Intelligence for (more) magic accuracy and MP (never enough MP, mmkay?), Agility to outspeed things and dodge, and Endurance for HP and Defense. As a note: her [possibly] best armor requires 12 in Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, and Agility. It can also be obtained quickly, even at the beginning of the game (with a little luck from the Casino or getting a Dream Ticket to get coins to buy the armor pieces). If you prefer the hard way, you need the MC at level 56 to fuse Suzaku (and then Mystic Change it), which is kinda near the end of the game.

After point distribution, you get a message talking about Nemechi and COMP Hacks.

Save, head out to the World Map and go to Nikamimon. At Nikamimon, head all the way north then east to find Algon NS.

Demon Talking In a Nutshell

As a note: if the demon don't have a smiley face, you can't recruit them, either due to level or not having Apps (Dark Man for Dark Demons). Doesn't stop you from talking to them and negotiate and get an item. ;) Also, during Full Moon, talking is really risky. In my opinion, it isn't worth trying to talk to demons during Full Moons. The many times I got a wipe from trying to talk to demons on Full Moon, even with Moon Adult App. -_-

Be sure to remember the usual exchange rate (MAG = demon's level x 10; Yen = Demon's level x 100). Sometimes, it works, some times it don't. The many times I had a demon negotiation fail because I wasn't paying attention at the beginning of the game and wasting Magnetite and Yen. =P

Algon Soft NS 1F

Nothing of importance. Head north for a conversation with a person. Proceed to Elevator to 2F.

Algon Soft NS 2F:

Head south to the elevator. Jump to 5F!

Algon Soft NS 5F

Head north near the door for an event. Head west through the door and follow the path (skipping the door) for a chest containing Balm of Life. Head back and go through the skipped door to the elevator to 4F. Along the way, there's a Terminal Room and 1a Healing Space. Healing Space use Magnetite to heal. Don't worry about Magnetite problems. If you fight your fights, you won't have a problem with Magnetite shortage, especially later in the game.

Algon Soft NS 4F

Head west then north. You can go through the door to talk to someone. Head east. Talking from Lunch. Follow south and into the stairway. Down to 3F.

Algon Soft NS 3F

Head south and just follow the path. Along the way, a conversation with Six. Go through the door to the south for a chest containing 300 Magnetite. Go out the door and then follow the hallway south to stairway toooo....B1F.

Algon Soft NS B1F

Nothing too fancy...except for a room down the hallway, where lots of talking and a boss battle ensues. Summon a demon or two (I only had one: Knocker, because Gally Trot refused to join. -_-)

Summoner Carol J
PadlockCarol JIppon-Datara

Watch out for Carol J's Strength Song. It causes Confusion.

Start the fight off destroying the Preta. After they are done, eliminate Ippon-Datara and Padlock. They hit kinda hard. MC attacks, Nemissa throws out magic and heals. Demons can do whatever. I just got Knocker to cast Tarunda to lower attack. Not a really hard fight.

After the fight...yep: more talking and [yet another] dialogue choice (choice doesn't matter.) You now are tasked at going to the Goumaden, which will you will be visiting...a lot. :3 It is located northwest of the HQ. Just head north on the path, west, north, and then east. Lots of stuff happens. You get the Da Vinci App and get notified of COMP Fusion. After the events, you can also shop at the Shibihama Core. Be sure to check the shops everytime after a dungeon. The stock usually updates. Oh, and love the O.E.A. You will be using that to get your money, as Magnetite is plentiful if you fight your fights and not negotiate your way out or run.

After buying stuff you need and what-not, head back to the South Parking Garage to learn of news from the Summoner Net. This will give info about the Sea Ark, which can be used as a place for obtaining demons and grinding (not available at the moment). Exit out of Shibihama and head for the Warehouse District at the Amami Bay.

Warehouse District

Upon entering, we are greeted with Six and Yu-Ichi shenanigans (if you visited the Garage before heading to Amami Bay). After that, head to the Warehouse District, which is found by going north and then taking the first east along a path (dunno why I am giving out directions. LOL)

At the Warehouse District...

Go south and you will get info about happenings around the warehouse. Head south and go to the middle warehouse to trigger a conversation. We need to get a passcode and insultated clothes. It doesn't matter which warehouse you go to. Also, the dialogue choice for the first item you get (one pair of Insulated Clothes) does not matter (as usual).

Warehouse 1

There's a chest with the Jaber Foot in the fourth room to the left (when going north from entrance). Go through the door up north for an event and one of the items you need.

Warehouse 3

If you want a Dis-Poison, you can find it in the third room to the right (when going north from entrance). Go through the door up north for an event and one of the items you need.

After getting the passcode and the two pair of Insulated Clothes, head to the middle Warehouse (Warehouse 2). Be sure to equip them.

Warehouse 2

Warehouse 2 1F

For some talking, head north to the room in the middle. After that, head to one of the elevator doors on the left or right side to B1F.

Warehouse 2 B1F

Your destination is the elevator in the northeast corner. Take elevator to B2F.

Warehouse 2 B2F

There's a Healing Space and Terminal nearby. Follow the path (don't go south at first intersection. It is a frozen door.) At the second intersection, go south through a passage for a chest containing 400 Magnetite. Continue west (ignore the next south entrance) and follow the path until another intersection. Go south and follow the path until you get to an elevator. Take it to B3F.

Warehouse 2 B3F

Just head north to initiate a boss fight!!

Zoma Gargantua Zero

The boss is prone to hurling out Ice-elemental attacks, especially Aeon Rain. Insulated Clothes and Ice demons (Penanggal for example) will make this fight easy. Only problem is damage output due to its defense. It doesn't have alot of HP, though. Just pelt it with anything that isn't Ice-elemental to win. Watch out when it runs out of MP. It will get physical, and you don't have anything to stop that. =P Fight is super easy, though.

After taking down the boss, you can go through those frozen doors! (the yellow doors on the map) Let's do that first. At the elevator from B3F, take the elevator to B1F, go north to another elevator. Take that to 1F. At 1F, take the western elevator to B1F.

Warehouse 2 B1F

Head south from the elevator and you can choose to go west or south then east. Both ways have a path to some chests. Western door has a Chakra Pot and 200 Magnetite. Eastern door has a Butterfly Knife and Lu Incense. After getting the goodies, head to B2F via elevator in the northeast corner.

Warehouse B2F

At B2F, go through the south door at first intersection. Follow the path to a chest for In Incense. Make your way all the way back to 1F and go through the what-was-frozen door to finish! Oh, and dialogue choice does not matter.

At World Map, you get a call. Head back to HQ to find out your next destination. Dialogue choices do not matter (all dem irrelevant choices.). You also get access to the Sea Ark now. You can go there now to maybe get a few demons or maybe level up a bit. Head back to the Goumaden to give Victor the doll. He will now be able to Zoma Fusion. Love the Zoma. It will be your best buddy.

Zoma in a nutshell

Fuse demons into the Zoma to increase its level and stats, which depends on the demon (a demon with high Strength will give the Zoma high Strength). It will also learn some of the skills from the demon(s) fused. It also changes forms depending on the race of demon, with type changing at 20, 40, and 60. It can also change into certain demons, like Jeanna d'Arc, but that's what the Zoma section is for. Oh, and the Zoma is ALWAYS loyal (save for a few disobey, but it is kinda rare.) and requires NO cost to summon or maintain. Just...be careful when using Sword/Go auto-battle option. The Zoma will "durr" and Guard. Also be careful in New Moon. The Zoma get hits by the nerf stick hard. When it comes down to it, you can fuse willy-nilly to power-up the Zoma. If you want to restart the Zoma, fuse any demon in it on a Full Moon or New Moon.

Stock up, do whatever, and head to Akanedai and head for the Astro Museum. (Located in the upper-right area of Akanedai. Take the second intersection east and follow the path.

Astro Museum

Museum Lobby

Head north for a conversation and head through the door to Astro Museum 2F.

Astro Museum 2F

Head east, then north...then...y'know...you are just walking through corridors. You could make a mental note of the constellations, but this is a walkthrough! Solutions are mandatory! :3 When you get to the end of the constellation corridor, head north (past the intersection) to find two doors, with the first one having an Engagement Ring and the second one having a Samurai Armor. Head back to the southern intersection and head east to an intersection. Head north, which also has two doors. First one has 1000 Magnetite. Second one has...NOTHING! ._. Head back south to intersection, head, west, then a little north, where there's a Healing Space, a Terminal, and a door, where you have to solve a puzzle involving the constellations. Fail it, and you will get booted to the middle of the room with the constellation info. If you are a constellation nut, the questions should be no problem.

How many signs are there...12
...summer constellation.Sagittarius
East of Leo...Virgo
First sign...Pisces
...between Virgo and ScorpiusLibra

If you want a kinda easy time for the next boss, try to get Brute Azumi and Yoma Vodyanik. After passing the quiz, go north (behind the quiz room) and climb the stairs to 3F!

Astro Museum 3F

Two doors to the west. The south door has a chest with a Chakra Pot. The north one behind it has a trapped chest (Brute Bilwis; watch for powerful physical attacks) with a St Incense. Spam your slots with demons (never enuff for bosses. :3) When ready, head north to the Planetarium for ROCKIN'!

Cyber Moowis

An ACTUAL boss! Possesses Mazan and Maragi, which are dangerious. Also possess Bacterio One (poison on one row) and Strength Song (inflicts Confusion). Nemissa, at this time, should have Media. Game plan: if Nemissa can go before the boss, and if she is on Ice and Electric path, have her use her offensive spell and pray it inflicts a status effect. It's NOT fun getting a Mazan or Maragi to the face. If Moowis uses one of the two spells, use Media. If you have Brute Azumi and/or Yoma Vodyanik, you can try using Bufu and Zio from them try to get a status effect up. If MC gets hit by Bacterio One, try to cure the Poison unless you don't mind lowered physical attacks.

After battle, stuff happens and you get the Back Upper App, along with lots of dialogue choices, where the choice don't matter. Go to Paradigm X for more events...and pretend to head to the alley...THEN VISION QUEST!!

Vision Quest 2: He Who Haunts

We start with talking from a sax man with an awesome turban and a d00d. Destination: Amami Airport!

Amami Airport 1F

Start off heading northeast through corridors to an elevator (ignore the doors). Head back and go to the Administrative Counter (the room kinda in the center north). Head back to the locked doors and go in the elevator. Go to 2F.

Amami Airport 2F

Just follow the path and you will get into a conversation with a Summoner. You can choose to learn about Demon personalities if you want. The next Administrative Counter is located south. Stuff happens and FIGHT ENSUES!

Human Rei Reiho

You can't win this fight, mmkay? Just attack and keep your HP up with Silky's Media for a few turns.

After talking, head north through some doors and onto the Elevator. Go to B1F.

Amami Airport B1F

Administrative Counter is south as soon as you get off the elevator. After talking, head back to the elevator and head to Amami Airport 3F.

Amami Airport 3F

Head south to Control Room for ALL CAPS TALK FIGHT! (you can also talk to a Summoner to learn more about Demon personalities).

Cyber Winpe

Lay on the hurt with physical attacks (and Rakunda for more hurt). No real threatening attacks. Don't forget to Media.


Prepare, stock, do whatever.

If you want, you can talk to Mary at the Goumaden for a conversation. :3

There's also a sidequest involving the Amami Pass.

To start it, check the Summoner Net on info about the Amami Pass being held up. Go to Paradigm X and go to the Bathhouse Forum. Talk to a person to get information on someone about "Nose". Head to the Amami Pass.

Sidequest: Amami Pass

Since I skipped this (was unaware), I will fill in the blanks later. In a nutshell: avoid potholes to avoid inescapable fights and use Fire against the Speed Demon and the Headless Rider that accompanies it.

Next stop: Amami Airport at Amami Bay. (located in the upper-right corner of the map. Take the third intersection you come across east. It is kinda hard to find. If you are stopped by a Guard, the intersection is a little bit north....or south if you went a little too north.)

You can also head back to the Garage for possible Yu-Ichi/Six event and check PC and Check Mail for mail from Tomoko. :3

Amami Airport

Amami Airport 1F

Head north for conversation (there's also a Summoner that can tell you about Demon pesonalities.) Head to any elevator to trigger an event (Judah's Voice). If you want chests, they are to the west and east inbetween the rooms (not in the rooms. No chests there.) The west chest contains a Chakra Pot. The east chest contains 400 Magnetite. Take an elevator to 2F.

Amami Airport 2F

Your destination is the northwestern room. This will trigger Judah's voice again. There's also a Terminal and a Healing Space in the middle of the room (as well as another Summoner who will tell you about Demon personalities.) Next destination: B1F.

Amami Airport B1F

The Waste Facility is in the southeastern area behind a door (you can't miss the "Waste Facility".) Events and stuff happen and you will be able to store up to 12 demons and get Judah's demons as a bonus (and any other demon's that you may have recruited as Jedah.) Head any direction and yet another event will happen. Your next destination is 3F. If you want some goodies, they are in the west and east corner (but not through a door.) The west chest contains 1000 Magnetite. The east chest contains a Balm of Life.

Amami Airport 3F

Just head south through a door and more south until you reach the Control Room. Spam out demons to fill up the space and go through the door.

Drake Bai Suzhen, Snake Yato no Kami, Wilder Jueyuan, Femme Llorona
Bai SuzhenYato no KamiJueyuan

Bai Suzhen and Jueyuan are the tougher enemies, with Bai Suzhen possessing Scratch (physical attack to front row) and Marin Karin (Inflicts Charm, which is NOT fun) and Jueyuan having high physical strength, Fold and Agilao as well as being resistant to physicals attacks. Yata no Kami debuffs with Sukunda and uses Mazio, which isn't that powerful (though Shock isn't a fun status ailment). Llorona uses Media, which shouldn't be a problem if your damage output is high. Game plan: physical attacks to get rid of Bai Suzhen and magic to get rid of Jueyuan. Don't use Strike attacks (pretty much a demon's regular attack) on Yata no Kami.

When done, go back to HQ for many talking and access to EL-115, where you can buy Apps. EL-115 is in the northeast area of Shibahama. After visiting EL-115, head back to HQ and you will get information on access the Pet Shop, which is located in the Alley in Paradigm X. When ready to advance the plot, head home, which is located in Akanedai. After going there, head to HQ, then Paradigm X, then the Theatre, then the VR Art Museum (Start -> Culture -> Art Museum)

VR Art Museum

VR Art Museum 1F

Nothing to do at the moment. Head north up the stairs.

VR Art Museum 2F

There's a Terminal and Healing Space on this floor. Head all the way north through the Aqua Dolphin painting. In the painting, just keep going forward until there's a conversation. Turn around and exit. Upon exit, another conversation happens. Your next task: find three chess pieces, or rather two. Head to the southwestern corridor to "Strange Painting".

Strange Area

Move north and you will get into a conversation with a creature. The north and south sides, as well as east and west sides, connect, so...it pretty much loops. Funny map. If you haven't noticed, they are speaking backwards and give clues as to how to navigate through the area. Who needs clues when you have a walkthrough? :3 At the entrance/exit, go: west, north, west twice, south 5 times, then east twice. You should hit a teleporter (it would've been vague to say "use the map" in case people don't use the map hack. =P). In the first corridor, go west at the intersection. At the second corridor, head to the west teleporter. At the third teleporter, take the southern teleporter. You will now be in a room. In the center of the room is a smaller room, containing the Rook Piece. Head north through a teleporter and then exit out.

At VR Art Museum 2F, head down to VR Art Museum 1F. At 1F, head through the east corridor to the Ghost Waterfall.

Ghost Waterfall

Fetch quest time! Head north and head through a nearby door for a conversation. Continue through the door to get more conversation. Head back for yet another conversation. Next goal: talk to four old men. There is one in each corner. Along the way, you can find a chest in the northwest corner containing a Spirit Kodachi and a chest in the southeast corner containing a Dis-Poison. After talking to the four old men, go around and talk to them...again. Time to play detective! BTW: Ruan (southwestern corner) has the Entry Scroll. Head back to the Treasure Room to get the Knight Piece. Exit the painting and head to VR Art Museum 2F. Head through the southeastern corridor to the "Chess by Window" painting.

Chess By Window

a = Balm of Life b = Chakra Pot c = Dimute Stone d = Dimute Stone

Proceed west (ignoring the first door north) and go through the next door that goes north. Just follow north through some doors. In the corridor, head east through a door for a chest with a Balm of Life. Going west through a door will take you to a chest for a Chakra Pot. To advance, head through another door north to a big room, where you have to "walk the path of a King". From entrance: north twice, west, north twice, east 4 times, north twice, west twice, north for door. At the corridor, go east through a door for a Dimute Stone. The door to the west also contains a Dimute Stone. You WILL use this for the next fight...unless you don't mind not using magic. =P Spam out slots with demons you want to use and proceed through door. Conversation takes place, with another choice. Choose "Hand it over." for a boss fight.

Foul Juggler, Jaki Lham Derag x2
Lham DeragLham Derag

Don't brute force Lham Derag. It is resistant to physical attacks. But...not so much for magic attacks. =P BUT...that's solved by Juggler, who starts the fight with Silence Whisper. Juggler will then follow up with Sukukaja and Tarukaja and proceeds to use physical attacks, mainly Scratch. After the first round, have a human use a Dimute Stone. Use attack items (if you got any) and magic to take out Lham Derag (they aren't too tough, except for the attack department). As for Juggler, treat him like any other boss: buff, debuff, attack attack ATTACK! Oh, and be sure to Media. Boosted Scratch is scary. After two Scratches, he will throw out Silent Whisper and repeat (methinks).

After the fight, proceed north, head west then south through a door. Follow this path until you reach the Board Room. Backtrack and just head south in the big room to get teleported near the exit to the area. At VR Art Museum 2F, head to the Aqua Dolphin (fill demon slots with magic using Demons.

Aqua Dolphin

Just head north to fight the porpoise of the fight. (sorry..... :3)

Wilder Snappy

Snappy will squeak attack you with Dolphin Kick, so expect some damage on everyone. Staple attacks include Mabufu and Lullaby.

Don't brute force it! It is highly resistant to physical attacks. It likes magic attacks! *squeak* Spam out magic attacks (even if it looks like it is absorbing them) while healing for FIREWORKS! Use Me Patra Stone to do something about Sleep.

After the events, check PC and check mail for message from Reticulum. They will inform you of a new App. The stock will also be updated. Stock up if you want, as there's a boss fight coming up. Head to Home in Akanedai. Check out room for Dad. After the events, head out for CAPS!!

Cyber Moowis

His first turn will be him inflicting Mark on Nemissa with She Marker, so be aware of that. Due to Mark, Moowis will concentrate on Nemissa, packing attacks like Agilao, Zanma, Megido, and Dynablast. You can use this to your advantage by having Nemissa use her Roma skill, especially if she is slower than him. :3 (gets hurt, more damage, have a healer follow up) He really isn't tough as long as Nemissa is healed.

Stuff happens, and then next destination: Leon Auto Plant in Yurashima.

You can head to the Goumaden to talk to Mary.

Leon Auto Plant

Difficulty spike out the ASS! Many demons in here have high physical attacks, as well as powerful skills (Hell Rider's Spin Slash ISN'T a pretty sight. The many times I got wiped by it.) On the plus side, the majority of demons are weak to Expel. It's only fair to be unfair to the game. It started it first. :3

Auto Plant 1F

After the talking, go west or east and then turn and go north all the way for a conversation. Turn and then go through a door. After entering through the door, keep heading north until you see a hallway to the east. Go through that, then head south until you reach a door to the east. Go into the door to power up the place, the elevator...and allow random encounters. ._. Backtrack back to meet Reiho. After talks, go north through the elevator. Head to 3F

Auto Plant 3F

Pretend to head southeast and you will pick up an Emergency Power Room Key. You are to take this to a room on this floor, but unless you want to contend with lots of random encounter, head to 4F. Shortcut...kinda. :3

Auto Plant 4F

Just straightup head south and drop down the hole. There will also be a conversation with Six.

Auto Plant 3F

At 3F, head west then all south to get into the Emergency Power Room. This will power up Elevator #2. Now, all you have to do is take the elevator to 2F and then go to 4F, but where's the fun? Exploration time! Also on 3F, there's a Healing Space and a Terminal to the west. Since we are going for goodies, head to 2F.

Auto Plant 2F

No enemies on this floor. Walk along the outside edge going south (while getting into a conversation with Lunch) and head through Elevator #2. Head to Auto Plant 3F

Auto Plant 3F

Go east then north and a bit east to find a door with a Teometle in it. To the west is a door. When you get to it, it will say "No loafing." In here, there's pitfalls everywhere. To get through, you have to Run (hold B). In here, you can find a Revival Bead, King Panel, a Magical Mirror (useful for the boss in this area), a Diamond right next to it, and kinda at the end of it all, an In Incense. If you drop down, you go to the other side of 1F.

Auto Plant 1F

Should you happen to be at this floor, either by curiosity or following the guide: At the point of drop, there's a chest to the east containing a Balm of Life. In the northeastern corner sits a chest with an En Incense. Head to the southeastern corner of the room to get to a door. In the next room, go to the west opening. In that room, there's two chests to the west and north. West contains...Nothing!. ._. North chest contains 2000 Magnetite. Head back and head south. Along the way, there are chests containing a Dis-Poison and a Lu Incense. Follow the path to make your way out and then head to the elevator. You can take another shot at the pitfall room, or you can head to 4F via Elevator #2, so you can get even more chests. :3

Auto Plant 4F

Head north, go east at first intersection and follow it. Drop down the hole to land on a platform on 2F.

Auto Plant 2F

Nearby, there are two chests: one has a Soma guarded by Haunted Yaka (has Spin Slash, so be careful.) and another has a Balm of Life. Drop down any of the holes (end up in the northeastern room of 1F) and make your way back to 4F via Elevator #2. At 4F...again...head north to second intersection. Go west and drop down hole. At 2F...again...there are two nearby chests: one containing a Full-Face Helmet and another containing a Chakra Pot. Exit 2F by going through the western hole. You can go back and restore HP for boss, or keep on going. To get to the boss, go to 4F via Elevator #2, going north then west at first intersection, north at the next intersection, then west, then north again at the next intersection. Go around the wall and you will get to a door. ALL CAPS MODE GO!!

Cyber Moowis

Moowis will spend a few turns downloading attack programs. After a few turns (around Diarama), he will go on the offensive, casting really powerful spells, like Agilao, Maragion, and Megidola. It also has access She Marker, so you can kinda use the same strategy as the last fight with him. He also possess Destroyer Pile, which is pretty powerful. As for a strategy: you could try to buffing and debuffing. If Nemissa is Elec-type, then she can do some major damage. Try to have some demons with Media. It's not fun having a Destroyer Pile and, later, Maragion going all over the place. If you want to trivialize it, you COULD try to grind some Magical Mirrors from the Casino. o_o It won't stop Megidola, though.

AFTER ALL CAPS, head to the Goumaden, where will meet Madame Ginko. There, she will go blah-blah-blah, give you a dialogue choice (answer don't matter, though "I don't know." is important in New Game+.) and she will give you a Nameless Sword. It is used for Sword Fusion. Head out and go to HQ. At HQ, much talking ensues and you will also receive mail from Reticulum. This will open up more Apps, especially the Darkman App. It will allow you to recruit Dark demons. Next stop: Amami Float. To get there, you have to take the shuttle on B1F. It is on the west side.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

In New Game+, answering "I don't know." will allow Spooky to live after Satanael fight.

Amami Float

Amami Float 1F

Near the entrance, there's a Terminal and a Healing Space. Ignore going north. There are no goodies up there. Head east through door and then north and west through a door and then a passage north. At north, there will be a bigger room. In the northwest-ish corner, there's an elevator. Take it to 5F.

Amami Float 5F

Head south through a corridor. At the intersection, go west (keep going) and go through a door into another room. Head into the room up north for 3000 Magnetite. Head back and continue west. Up north in the bigger room, there's a door, with another door taking you to a room with a Chakra Pot. Head back and continue west through a door. In the room, head northwest to go through a door for a Me Patra Stone. Head south to get to an elevator. Ride to 13F.

Amami Float 13F

Just head north through the Lever Control door and pull the lever. There's a door east that contains 2000 Magnetite. Head back to Amami Float 1F.

Amami Float 1F

At 1F, head to the southeast (there's a door to the southeast) to Block A. Follow the path and around a wall to an elevator. Take to 5F.

Amami Float 5F

Just follow the path west, coming across a door containing 1000 Magnetite. There's a room containing a Chicom TNT west of the elevator. Take elevator to 13F.

Amami Float 13F

Head northwest to a room for a Radiation Mask. Now head to the east through the Lever Control Room to unlock the lift to Block B. Head all the way back to 1F.

Amami Float 1F

At 1F, after you head out the door past the lift, go to the door north of the Block A elevator (the door goes east). Ignore the north door in this room. There's also a room in the middle of the room (YO DAWG!) that contains a Magical Mirror. There's also a room north behind the elevator containing a Chakra Pot. Head into the nearby elevator to 5F.

Amami Float 5F

Small straightforward area. You will find a hat here. At the hatpoint, go northeast to find a door to a room containing a Chakra Pot. Head back to checkhat and go through the elevator to 13F.

Amami Float 13F

Follow along the wall going west to get to the Lever Control room. This will allow you to go to Block C. Head back to 1F. Oh, and between the first and second storage is a small room containing a Balm of Life.

Amami Float 1F

Be sure to save (if you haven't), as Finny fight is up ahead on 13F. When ready, go through the north door at Block B.that was skipped earlier.

Amami Float 13F

It is a straight shot west. Be sure to bench the Zoma unless you don't mind Finnegan destroying it in one shot and wasting a turn. =P Make sure the moon phase isn't between 1/3 to 3/8 waxing (filling up).

Finny will throw down the gauntlet. You can choose to Fight him one on one or Fight with Nemissa. If one-on-one, you won't have Nemissa and he will heal you. If you fight with Nemissa, he won't heal you. The fight will be different as well.

Summoner Finnegan

Fight one on one:


If you have any demons in the COMP, Finnegan will summon the same ones you have. Just exploit the weaknesses of the demons until Finnegan can't summon any more. Oh, and he will throw out Zoma Furnace on Round 1, which instantly kills the poor Zoma. D: Finnegan's attacks include Short Jab, Roundhouse, Electric Backfist, and Aim. When he runs out, it will be an easy fight. Personally, this is the easiest way to defeat him...as long as you don't contain demons that have Charm abilities. >_>

Fight with Nemissa:


The dangerous thing here is Berserker due to Crescent Slash. It isn't fun on waxing 1/8 to 3/8 moon phase, where it hits 3 times. =/ Hellhound and Orthrus aren't too tough. You can use about anything against them, preferably Ice attacks. Berserker is fast and powerful, but is glass cannon-y. It will null Strike attacks. Rakshasa, however, is still troublesome due to reflecting physical attacks. Start by trying to get rid of the front row. For Berserker, use MC physical attacks to take it out. Rakshasa wants magic attacks launched at it. As for Finnegan: go all out on him. Be aware of Electric Backfist and Roundhouse.

After the throwdown, head to Six's house in Nikamimon. Take second intersection east and then north. Can't miss it. After o_o's, go back to HQ. After stuff there, head to EL-115. With a new ID, we can get some goodies at the Algon NS building! At the Algon NS building, take the eastern elevator (it was locked). At 3F, there's an East Tai Hat. At 4F, there's a West Hua Robe. At 5F, there's a South Heng Ring and a N. Heng Greave. Equip the set to Nemissa. Exit this area, stock up, and head back to HQ. Before we go further, let's do a little sidequest. Go to Paradigm X and head to the theatre. Start -> Entertainment -> VR Park.

Sidequest: VR Park

Big area. No encounters in this area thankfully (save for the trapped goodies). Don't mind that shoddy map I made. I had to resize it because GameFAQs's format image size limit demanded it. At least it is filled in. I almost had time to color it. :3

If you want a Balm of Life, head to the west through a door. A message will inform you of a half moon and a path. After a series of turns (and maybe going through "doors") and then entering a room and going north, there will be a message when you reach an arch. There are many solutions to this room, so I will just go with what I do. Go through the fourth (from left to right) passageway. Go west on the first "door" you come across. Go north and the east through the first "door" you come across. Go east again through a "door" and then just go straight north and then turn west at the end. Of course, there are multiple solutions, but let's just go with this one. Just go northeast until you hit a deadend, where you will get said Balm of Life.

Head back and go through the east door, where there are even more turns and "doors", as well as another arch puzzle. From left to right: head through the first passage. Go north through the first arch and stop before heading through the second arch. Head east through a "door" and proceed north through another arch. Finish up by going north, then northwest, then west through yet another series of turns. The next room is a dark, messy maze. I can't give specific instructions, so you will have to use the map provided. In general, you head east and south on the eastern side of the room. It MAY look like there will be a dead-end, but some of the hedges are false. They look different from the rest of the hedges...or whatever. At the end, you have to wait until a New Moon to go through the door. Oh, and be sure to go around the walls for chests.

In the next room, there's many corridors and many goodies awaits...which are trapped: Magical Mirror (2 Beast Katakirauwa), Soma (Brute Wendigo and 2 Wood Shan Xiao), Stun Grenade (2 Snake Nozuchi), In Incense (Jaki Gashadokura), and Physical Mirror (2 Wood Skagsra). To proceed to the middle of the room, you have wait until a Full Moon.

Wood Omphalos, Wood Alraune x3

The Alraune are small fries. Fire attacks to take them out. After 6 turns, Omphalos will go on the offense, attacking twice while using attacks like Necro Dogma, Maragion, and Valiant Dance. Not too bad of a fight.

After victory, rest up, do whatever, and then head to the Theatre -> Culture -> Haunted Mansion.

VR Haunted Mansion

a -- 500 mag

Head north through three doors, while talking to the Receptionist. There's a Terminal At the next room, which has a Terminal and a Healing Space, keep proceed north and you will hear voices. Our destination are the three rooms up north. But first, we explore!! Head around to the southeast corner of the floor to find a chest with 500 Magnetite. When ready, proceed to any of the three rooms. Read the section appropriate for the area you are in. When you visit all three rooms and do the tasks there, head north to some stairs to 3F.

Room of Memories 1: Young Memories

a -- 1500 magnetite

We are now in a giant ol' maze! We are getting a chest AND getting to the destination at the same time! From entrance, follow the path. Skip the the first door (goes east), and take the second door that goes north. Follow this until you get to the first door (goes south). Take this door. Follow the path, skipping the door that goes north until you hit yet another door (also goes north). You will now be in a bigger room. There's a door south that contains 1500 Magnetite. Backtrack two rooms. Keep heading horth and then go west through a door. Go west at an intersection, north at the second intersection, west at the third intersection (skip door going south), then south at the fourth intersection. Follow to a door, and then you will be on VR Haunted Mansion B1F. Echoes and a straight shot to a room where events take place. There, you will be given a choice. If you want an easier boss fight, do not do anything to him.

Room of Memories 2: Wind of Recollection

a -- Chakra Pot

From the entrance, head east (will make a few turns) to a door going east. Head north, then east when you hit a wall, and follow around the wall to a door south. Head straight south for a chest containing a Chakra Pot. Head north back through the door. Head north and west (there is a door going north. If you see it, take a step or two south, then go west), turn north, west at the intersection, head northwest through a hallway going west until you hit an intersection (skip the door going south). Go south at this intersection, west at the next intersection (skip the door going north while at the intersection), north at the next intersection and then go south through the door. Follow until you reach a door going north (it is REALLY nearby). Echoes and a straight shot to a room where events take place. There, you will be given a choice. If you want an easier boss fight, do not do anything to him.

Room of Memories 3: Door to the Past

a - physical mirror

If you want an easier boss fight, do not do anything to him.


a -- 3000 Magnetite b -- tetraja stone c -- Idle Katar

If you happen to get here by accident or wanted to (:3), to exit, head to the center of the floor, which is located northeast. To get some chests, when you exit, head east (be sure to avoid a damage tile, though the damage is small) and head south at the intersection. Follow this path until you get to a door going north. This will take you through a series of corridors to a chest containing 3000 Magnetite. Exit out of the corridors and head east. Follow this path until you get to a door heading west. Follow through the corridors until you get to a chest containing a Tetraja Stone. Exit out of the corridors and continue north. Head west, skipping the first intersection (it is a damage tile). At the second intersection, head north, then east at the intersection, skip the first and second intersection, and then head northeast. There is a door there going east. Follow the passage all the way west to a chest containing an Idle Katar


a -- east tai hat

Northeast room contains an East Tai Hat.


a - south heng ring


a - n. heng greaves


a - Chakra Pot

The chest here contains a Chakra Pot. It is guarded by Divine Virtue. Beware of Zionga and Hamna. Weak to Skills and Gun attacks.


a - west hua robe

To advance, head north to the mirror after taking the stairs. This will open a passage in the middle of the room going north. oh, there's a chest in the northwest corner of the floor containing the West Hua Robe.

Ghost Erika

Goggie is fast and has Paral Web. Not too tough, really. Lukoje is a magic user, possessing Mazanma and the damaging Aeon Rain. Bugs is a physical user, possessing the front-row skill Scratch and the all-[splash] damaging Frenzy. Erika possesses Mabufula, Marin Karin, Question Box, and Mudola (and Gun Beam, but it isn't all that dangerous).

Try to take out Lukoje first, since Aeon Rain isn't fun to contend with (nor is its Sukunda). Goggie isn't all that threatening, but Atlus never forgives, so it has to go down as well. You can't really bruteforce Bugs due to it resisting almost everything except Fire. A few Rakunda will at least let you get in a few physical attacks. As for Erika, her kinda dangerous skill is Question Box, which returns all non-Calm demons.

After the fight, heal up, head to Six's place, and return to HQ. Many stuff...LADY!

Summoner Mayone
Purple MirrorVetalaKaso

Take out Purple Mirror since it not only reflect magic, but can also boost Magic with Makakaja, which pretty much all of Mayone's demons use. If you want to use something like Mabufu/Mabufula, be careful of Mizuchi. Kaso pack Agilao, so that's something to watch out for. As for Mayone, she uses Diarama and Zionga.

After many events, we head to the next destination: Akane Mall, which is located in Akanedai. Take the first path east when you come across it when you enter. But first, go back into the base to get more information from the Summoner Net, where you will find out about Dr. Thrill's lab, which is located south of Six's Home in Nikamimon. Let's go there first before going to Akane Mall. Oh, and to make your life easier, get a demon with Estoma, buy Repulse Water, or use the CAPS LOCK App with maybe Back Upper App. You'll thank me later.

You can also go to the Goumaden and talk to Mary for more conversation with her. :3

Side Quest: Primate Intelligence Lab

This place has off-the-walls encounter rate. The enemies are too tough. Just...they come in large numbers. This place is kinda a good source to get Magnetite.


a -- Me Patra Stone b -- Dis-Stone c -- nothing

Go north, then go west from the door that goes east (ignore said eastern door). Follow the hallway south (ignore the first door going east). You should come across a door that goes west, where you will find a box with a Me Patra Stone. Backtrack and continue north and then west through a door. Go south through another door...then south again through another door...and south yet again. We are now in a kinda big room. In the next room, follow the wall to the west where you come going north. Ignore the first door and go to the second door, where you will find a box with a Dis-Stone. East all the way to a wall, and then go north, west at turn (ignore the first door) and then north through a door. Go east, then north at intersection, then east after reaching opening, then south through a door. Here, you will answer a [random, tricky] question. After answer the question, head west and then south through a door. Up to 2F!


a -- lucifer panel b -- Chakra Pot

Go around the corner and then just head south (ignore doors to the west and east). Go around the corner to the east (ignore first door north). Head north through a hallway. At intersection, head east and follow this path until you get to a door going east. There's a box with a Lucifer Panel with...someone's name on it. :3 Backtrack, and then head east and then north through a door. At the next big room, head south through a door and follow it for a box with a Chakra Pot. Backtrack, and then head north, then west. There's a room somewhat in the middle, where you answer yet another question. Head through the nearby north..northwestern-y door. Bananas to 3F! Ook! (I tried to be punny. Sowwy. =X I'm workin' on it. >_>)


Invisibo big room! Luckily, the map on the bottom screen will get you through this area. :3 From the elevator, just head south through a door. Head follow along the wall south and then west through a hallway to a door (ignore the room in this room). Head north, the east at the intersection, then north when you can (ignore the doors to the west and east), then go east then north at the next intersection, then through a door going west. At door entrance, head north...northeast-ish. There's a door that goes north. Head straight west (no turns at all) through a door going west. Upon going through the door, go south and then into the nearby room, where you will answer yet another question (this is the final one...kinda). After answer a [tricky] question, head south through a door. Fill slots with demons (and put MC in the back row if you want to take on a tougher boss) and then head south through a door, where we meet Dr. Thrill again. Lots of monkeying around...MONKEY OFF! (I'm tryin'. -_-)

Summoner Romero

Atlus and whoever is just plain EVIL! Lots and lots of evil riddles that you may or may not have heard of. Thankfully, an awesome thread on the Soul Hackers board provided many answers to possible questions. You have to answer 4 [evil] questions to win. You could use a bit of thinking and/or Google for these answers, but this is a walkthrough, yo!

Possible questions and answers (more thanks to metokki for being a crazy person on recording the questions. :3)

Question 1

A farmer put something into a barrel of water. Now it's lighter!A hole
Mr. Corn and Mr. Tomato were walking down the street, when suddenly a car came racing up behind them!! Who got out of the way?Mr. Corn
There was a selfish king who loved new things. He always had to be the first to own and use new inventions! Eeek, eeek! But... There was one thing he urged his subjects to buy as soon as possible.A Telephone
When you look in the mirror, what you see looks almost like the real thing, but some people don't reflect right.MOM
A plan crashes on the border between two countries. Where do you bury the survivors?Nowhere
We punch each other at the same time. I hurt my hand, but you break into a million pieces!I'm a mirror
This is about office supplies, eeek! Which of these likes to eat paper?A stapler
One day a slug decides to climb a 15-meter pole! He can climb 3 meters a day, but every night he slips back 2 meters. Eeek!13 days

Question 2

Something you'll never question when you're alone, easily find with 2, and more difficult with 3 or moreWho farted?
The more you take, the more there are!Pictures
You use it when you're not using it, and you don't use it when you're using it.Toilet lid
I mailed my sick friend some hot chicken noodle soup, but it never got there!Entropy
What is smaller the higher it goes?Airplanes
No sooner spoken than broken.Silence
Bom caught a flu and went to the hospital. On the way there, he sat on a tack and a bug flew up his nose.Flu medicine
The older they get, the fewer there are!Kid's clothing

Question 3

What does "mano a mano" mean?Hand to Hand
What's a petard in "hoist by your own petard"?A bomb
What is "kanpyo" made of?Calabash fruit
What does "a dog's life" mean?A terrible life
Who said "Man is a thinking reed"?Pascal
What's "having a monkey on your back"?To carry a burden
How is "pierrot" pronounced?"Peer Row"
How do you pronounce "risque"?None of the above

Question 4

If you kill him, you'll spill your own blood.A Mosquito
"Blank" is 1000 times "blank" "blank". The same letter goes in the blanks. Eek!M
These words have something in common: Queen, Bacon, Fuerte, Reed.Challenge
An alien is explaining something from Earth to you. "It makes a hole in a piece of paper, then makes a line around it to show you where the hole is."A compass
What is younger the older it gets?A photograph
One person can't do this. With two, there's no point. With three, only two can do it.A secret
A Chinese sage dipped his blue coat in the Yellow River, eek! What happened to the coat?It got wet

After monkeying around, you will be given a choice. What you choose determines the difficulty of the fight...in a sense. Choosing to Aid him will mean being made a monkey of...and he will sic 5 demons on you with lots of Meat Bullet spam. Choosing to Finish him will make a monkey out of Romero..and he will summon 3 demons and it will be less Meat Bullet spam. Pick your poison and proceed to an Apedown (...sorry. D:)

Summoner Romero, Round 2

Aid him


Throughout this fight, the Rolway will use Meat Bullet, which reduces the HP of Rolway and the target to 1. It will kill something...or the MC if you have him in the front row. Thankfully, this allows you to pick off the weakened Rolway. As for Romero, from the back row, he will Diarama so the Rolway can do moar Meat Bullet. When in the front, he will use Demon Grind Teeth (inflicts Paralysis), Feral Bite, and Scratch. Nothing too dangerous, really. Just try to keep HP up (Feral Bite bites....a'hyuck) and lay on the hurt.

Finish him


Unlike the first choice, this one has less Meat Bullet spam. Instead, we have Rolway using Valiant Dance, Breath, Tackle, and Bufula. Romero, from the back row, will use Bad Breath. At the front row, he will use Scratch, Feral Bite, and Demon Grind Teeth. Treat this like any other boss fight: heal and take out the demons! Oh, and don't use Ice against the Rolway. They repel that.

After monkeying around, heal, do whatever, and head to the Akane Mall.