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FAQ/Walkthrough by ForkNToaster

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/02/2011

Harvest Moon - A Tale of Two Towns DS FAQ/Walkthrough.

Legal Information:
This guide is being written for GameFAQs.com exclusively for the GameFAQs FAQ 
Bounty program. If you wish to host this Guide on your Website, feel free. All 
that I ask is you send me an E-Mail at ForkNToaster@Gmail.com strictly for 
bragging rights.

The sole exception of this rule is if in the latest version of this guide, I 
post that your website is excluded from this rule, you are not permitted to 
use the latest version, in which I wont pursue legal recourse, but resort to 
Voodoo. And trust me, you don't want the voodoo hoojoo.

About Me:
My Name is Toaster J. Forkington, my parents were hippies. I'm a FAQing 
machine. At the time of writing this FAQ, this is currently my Fifth (but 
likely fourth posted) FAQ/Walkthrough. With the exception of No Heroes 
Allowed, all of my FAQs are only being written for the FAQ Bounty system (I'm 
holding out on that one!). If you have personal requests for a FAQ to be 
written for a game, whether you're the creator or otherwise, all requests can 
be directed to be ForkNToaster@Gmail.com.

I don't request payment for personally requested FAQs, but there will be a 
delay until it's posted so it's applicable to the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month 

These Giftcards make great gifts, I tell you what. Since Sony removed all of 
their digital game codes from Amazon, that's all they amount to anymore!

Version 1.00; Core guide.
Version 1.01; Added DS and 3DS differences. (See: Forgot to load this up to 
3DS version as well.)

More junk:
This is my first Harvest Moon game (excluding Rune Factory 3, although by the 
same publisher and the same type of game, the middle ground for the games are 
much different.)

I honestly can't stand Harvest Moon games, but for a 40 dollar gift card I 
can't help but try!

Harvest Moon games are essentially Sims City - Amish. You start out as a 
farmer, you work your way up and you pick up some broads along the way and 
make brosephs with everybody you meet. Sounds boring, right? Well, every game 
introduces something new, but it's all new to me so I can't get in depth about 
the minor changes.

DS and 3DS differences.

It's the same game on both consoles! The only difference is that the 3DS has 
enhanced features such as the Street Pass, where you can interact with people 
that you pass on the street. The 3DS also includes an extra petting mini-game 
to raise friendship with animals much faster. The 3DS also includes enhanced 
3-D graphics. I don't know if it's because my DSLite is so old, but I had a 
lot of screen flashes while playing this game. Could be attributed.

The DS version on the other hand isn't regionlocked, so if you're playing with 
a DSLite or older, you can play it in moonrunes instead of english!

The purpose of this game is to influence the development of a town, breed 
animals, tend a farm and the most important thing in life - inflating your 
wallet to pick up the babes.

You can play as either a Male or Female character, there's a cast of potential 
brides and grooms available to each role. Harvest Moon is also a very pure to 
heart, old fashioned game series, so it doesn't allow same sex marriages. I 
know, right, the comedic value is more important than the underlying meanings.

There are four seasons to a year, and they just happen to be the only four 
months in the year as well! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. From my previous 
knowledge (See: Rune Factory games aren't necessarily the same) each season 
brings a different Crop, Festivals and money making methods.

This guide will be written as I progress through the game. I've chosen the 
male character, so there might be some differences between story progression 
(Character interaction and the such). I'm also not sure if there's a divorce 
system, and I don't believe in Action Replay, so there wont likely be a 
detailed list of marriage affects provided by marrying every available 
bachelor or bachelorette.

Later versions will include a female perspective walk through as well as quite 
possibly a formatted version with crudely drawn maps and strategies courtesy 
of a 4 inch tablet and paint. Sweet!

Table of Contents
Year 2 and Beyond.........................[Year2+]
 - More Junk..............................[Junk2]
  * Further Junk..........................[Junk3]
Frequently Asked Questions................[FAQ]

The Walkthrough

You'll start off being able to pick your sex, birthday and Name. The story 
unwraps with your character riding a horse (without a saddle, don't try this 
at home, kids), pulling along a little red wagon with an enormous cardboard 

To top it all off, your character apparently never got their red wagon toting 
license and is involved in a serious wreck. I sure hope he had insurance.

After the animals steal everything you've got, they dump you in the nearby 
settlement of Bluebell, where you're greeted by Wimpy after he nixed all of 
the Hamburgers from his diet and had a Lapband installed. Okay, his real name 
is Rutger, but I'm sure the other oldies that have seen Popeye understand that 
reference. I hope...

Alternatively, an angry woman demands that you join her settlement of Konohana 
instead, she bears the simple name of Ina, followed by some sweet exposition!

Bluebell centers around the care of livestock. They're obvious members of 
PETA. Rutger then goes on about stinking flowers, romantic village, yada, 
yada. Obviously a town for women.

Konohana apparently is centered around raising crops and is designed after 
Japanese styled buildings.

So now we have to choose which village we'd rather join, and honestly I'd 
rather join neither and live in the forest with the animals that mugged me. 
But, then again, seeing how I already know the crop farming business from 
RF:3, I'll stick with the weeaboo homeland and leave the woman's town for a 
later version. Rutger leaves, telling you that you can come back and join 
anytime you'd like. So much for big life decision.

You'll be given a new outfit, told to forever abandon your western ways. 
Instead of issuing identification cards, apparently your loyalty is determined 
by what you wear, yay!

You'll also be introduced to a tunnel that's currently blocked up, but 
formerly was used to travel between the two towns, followed again by a 
mysterious green haired princess Leia that magically appears. The force must 
have skipped a few galaxies over.

Now we're given a chance to name our empty farmland, given a limited six 
characters, don't expect to name it something perverted, silly or funny. I 
personally chose "Assbut", forsaking the proper spelling of "Butt", it'll 
weigh heavily upon my heart for the rest of my life. The sensation, it stings.

Now we've got some movement instructions (didn't even say it from an out of 
character context, way to script). D-Pad = movement, L toggles between running 
and walking. B allows you to jump, followed by Ina talking down to you and 
telling you not to run into walls. I certainly showed her by face butting the 
side of my house a few times!

When you're done showing that house who the boss is, Ina will send you on your 
first epic quest. You'll have to face the mighty plains in a death defying 
struggle to find a.. flower. Oh, this is going to be a hard guide to write, I 
tell you what. Head south along the road to see a blue bell flower swaying in 
the ferocious territories of the.. wind...

Ina will issue some more commands, instructing you to throw items with the A 
button, and keeping them with the Y button. She tells you not to throw the 
flower, and she'll interrupt you every time you're in mid-chuck and make you 
hold onto it. I knew I should have gone to the frilly town of Bluebell 

Alright, now we've broken into this poor sap's house. I'll go over all of the 
basics starting from the lower lefthand corner and moving clockwise around the 

- Calendar, this is important for developing relationships and earning other 
types of rewards. It'll tell you when people have birthdays (cake symbol), 
Cooking Festivals (tophat symbol), holidays (star symbol), and harvest 
competitions (turnip symbol.

- Carriage, added at the beginning but useless until later. It's what you use 
to change your horse carts. Your horse cart affects your storage box maximum 

- Radio, added later from a request. It tells you today's forecast and 
tomorrow's potential forecast. Only useful in telling you whether or not you 
should stock up on specific items due to Rain.

- Storage, this is used to store things. It also makes mention that items will 
stay fresher while stored. Sweet. We start off with 12 slots, but a 1/1 page 
screen, so I assume we'll be able to get more space as the story progresses!

- Bed, this is where you bring the local babes back. Er, I mean.. this is 
where you rest to end the day and start the next. Er..hrm.. Apparently if you 
stay up after 5 AM, you'll pass out and wake up in Bed. This is an important 
feature of the game, since this is also the only place to save the game.

- Bookshelf, this is where we can check our assets. I'm guessing this just 
leads us to see how well we've been doing and how much our net worth is.

- Vase, we can put flowers in there to wilt to their impending demise.

- Kitchen, this is where you cook food. You can make things blindly and write 
down the recipe later, or cook from a recipe or even cook and adapt from a 
recipe. Sounds pretty complicated, but probably very exploitable.

- Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree, it's a perching spot for the rare pet, Owl 
to sleep.

After you've become acquainted with the house, be sure to hit the sack. It's 
been a long day full of wagon accidents, animal muggings and demanding broads. 
You deserve the rest.

In the morning the darned broad will be back and dragging you out of your 
precious man-cave-in-development to introduce you to the town.

- The Message Boards, this is where you accept (re)quests. Salvagable, let's 
grab a shovel and go defeat some ferocious squirrels in the wild! However if 
you ask her to explain the requests, she'll crush your dreams of becoming a 
mighty warrior and tell you that it's about delivering items for rewards.

The three things to remember about quests are;
* If you fail, the recipient will no longer accept the items, but you wont be 
penalized for failing.
* Put the deliverable item in your bag and talk to the recipient to hand it 
over for the reward.
* If you don't have space in your inventory, you'll have to toss the reward or 
another item to complete the request.

Before you're given a chance to do your own thing, Ina forces you to take a 
request and drags you back to your farm. At least she teaches you how to do 
what you came to this podunk town to do, farming.

Farming is seperated into four steps, clearing grass and weeds, tilling the 
soil, sowing the seeds and watering the potential cash crops. 

She'll hand over your handy dandy scythe (okay, a sickle) and teach you how to 
use the quick equip screen by pressing R to wield it in all of it's mighty 
glory. It's your duty to lead the gentle sheep (see: grass) through the gates 
of hell, bwahaha.. okay it's just clearing some grass. Move to the highlighted 
square and hit your handy dandy A button.

Next she'll hand over a Hoe, and not the kind you're thinking about you little 
pervert, the farm tool. It's used to till soil. Quick equip it and go show 
your wrath to the nearby soil.

Now we'll be given seeds, followed by watering can. Sew the seeds by the same 
method as above. The watering can on the other hand is much more complicated, 
you can't just equip it and use it. You have to fill it with water, then use 
it. Finally some challenge! Now we must make our way up the mountain to the 
fresh ice caps and fill our trusty dusty watering can.. or hit up the pond 
three tiles away.

The steps for growing crops is explained in the complicated diagram below:

Diagram time, oh how I love diagram time.

Seedling-> Plantling -> Profitling.

Wait a second, there's also some more knowledge to rap about here. If you 
don't water your sprouts every single day, they tend to wither and die.

After a plant has grown lucious and large into adulthood, you can pick it and 
sell it off to the highest bidder in a fast paced auction like environment. 
Wait, you just sell them? What the hell, game, where's the action? (spoiler 
alert: never).

You'll be able to tell how well a crop is doing by a star level. To raise the 
star level, use some fertilizer. Ina also tells you to fertilize while your 
plants are growing, apparently not before you sow the seeds.

If you're like me, you'll want to start farming immediately. If you're lucky, 
you'll find a mole living beneath your freshly cleared grass, I found it 
easiest to hit it with a Hoe until it screws off. Little bastards.

Anyways, if you hold down a directional button while performing an action, 
you'll move to the next applicable square. This should help you in clearing 
and tilling up to the tree, playing whack-a-mole along the way.

After that, go pick your turnips. A stalker will reveal themself, but ignore 
it for now. Gather all 9 and head in to the kitchen to make a few fresh turnip 
salad to help with your stamina gauge, although it's not much make sure to eat 
some if you find yourself almost out of blue in a river of red.

Leaving to bottom left, you'll walk in on Ina looking through a shipping bin. 
These beautiful boxes are how you earn money. You put things in and the money 
is delivered the next morning. Pretty simple, right? I started off by shoving 
four turnips in as well as the fertilizer, it's all seed money, my friends. 
Remember, whenever you close the bin, you can't take anything you've put in 
out of it.

To the right of the Shipping Bin, we've got Kana's Animals. It's open 10AM-
5PM, closed Friday, Saturday and Festivals. Inside is Kana, either a butchy 
looking girl or a feminine looking guy! They claim to be the tranny to go to 
for anything horse related. Now what does that mean? Darned if I know, I just 
read the nearby book, unfortunately it only speaks about carts.

Heading further south, we're greeted with the Free-Clinic, for all of your 
rambunctious cures. Inside are Dr. Ayame and her assistant, Hiro. The old hag 
tells you to work harder, and the young boy tells you to take it easy. Classic 
good cop bad cop, but don't fall for their trickery, make sure you don't work 
at all and exploit inherent glitches in the system to finish the game! They 
also don't tell you any further details about their business, much like Kana.

To the left of the free lcinic, Raul's Shop. Open 8am to 8pm, only closed 
Sundays and Festivals! After some obvious racist stereotyping, the little guy 
offers to let you view his items. From what I can tell, he has limited stock 
that will likely change from day to day.

To the right of both is the Request board, sweet, we're getting to know our 
town! There's two requests up, but I'll leave that for later. Let's get 
further acquainted with our town and head to the right to hit up the Town 
Hall, where we'll talk with Ina about useless stuff! Namely a tour of the 
town, but we don't need that, we're heroic explorers!

Heading further south, we'll be met with Yun's Tea House, open 10am to 10pm 
aside from Tuesdays and Festivals! This is where you can buy food to restore 
stamina in the off chance that nothing else is readily available. It features 
some old hag and grand child.

To the right is Gombe's Seeds, open 10am to 5pm, closed Mondays, Tuesdays and 
Festivals. Be sure to stock your seeds accordingly.

Heading south we'll hit Mako's Orchard. He'll teach you the inns and outs 
about fruits, seeing how he's the biggest fruit in the village!

Now heading back north, beyond the shipping bin we'll be greeted by a little 
kid, Ina's kid to be specific. She locked him out of her house, what a cold 
hearted woman. Further along there's a sign, Mountain path to the west and the 
village to the south. Before we head out to the mountains, let's head east to 
talk to Sheng, the town's smithy. He's also apparently obsessed with Pandas 
and wont tell you a thing about his craft right now. Primadonas.

Alright, let's hit up that request board to take up Kana and Gombe's requests. 
They also teach you two skills, bug catching and fish hand-fishing. It gives 
us a reason to go to the mountains, so let's go party hardy.

When we leave the town, we'll be greeted by Mako that makes some underhanded 
comments about nuts and flowers. Oh, wait, he's suggesting you collect them 
for money, he's not that bad of a guy after all.

Along the mountain path, there's a lot of animals to screw around with. Just 
pick 'em up and chuck 'em around. At this point in time we're not allowed to 
take any home (aside from bugs), so just enjoy ticking off PETA a bit.

When you're ready to progress with the requests, head southward to do some 
good old fashioned hand fishing as Kana explained, or westward to find that 
green colored Locust near the boundary of this map.

After you've caught the green piggyback locust and the sweetfish and killifish 
duo, be sure to turn them both in to their new respective owners to get a few 
late night crops going with your two seeds and food.. alright that's about all 
for the first day. Dump all the junk you found in the shipping bin and hit the 
hay after watering your plants!

~Spring 3, year 1.
Before you can even get your day started, you've got an unwelcome intruder. 
The Green-haired Leia breaks into your house (magically, I might add, there 
should be some law against that) and starts requesting stuff from you, the 

She introduces herself, she's the H. Goddess.. wait, really? If there are 
those of you that live your life in the gutters of the internet, we all know 
that H. stands for Hentai. Oh, Harvest Moon, you just got interesting.

Wait, what's this? Oh, oh god no, the HARVEST GODDESS. That's rather 
embarassing. If Harvest Moon games weren't targeted towards adults, I'd feel 
rather shameful for ranting in the worst possible ways.

Anyways, if you couldn't see it from a mile away, it's your job to get the two 
Towns to make friendly with each other. This is also where the guide isn't 
going to be a day by day suggestion fest. Seriously, did you think I was going 
to put 120 day sections into this guide? Oh, you sillies.

We're told to help bring peace four times a month, on the designated cooking 
festivals atop the mountain. Apparently if I win for my town, it'll make both 
mayors realize how awesome my town is and instead of pushing the "your food 
sucks lolol" debate that closed the tunnel up in the first place even further, 
everybody will have a sudden change of heart. Makes sense.

When you leave, you'll be greeted with a new horse, since your last horse was 
injured and broke your little red wagon, they shipped it off to the glue 
factory. You'll be stuck naming this new horse, god damned sims amish, 
couldn't even come with pre-stocked names.

The controls for Rexass, or whatever you decided to name your spledid new 
equine are simple A to mount, B to dismount. He pulls along the wagon to carry 
extra phat l00tz. Apparently the horse's storage is shared with the storage in 
your house. Am I right in assuming that I'll be trading with the nearby 
settlement of Bluebell? I can almost assure it.

One last control is to hitch and unhitch your cart, while mounted on your 
horse just hit the R-Trigger button.

!@# Spring [Spring]
- Cooking festivals are held every 7th, 13th, 19th and 29th.
 * 7th is for Salads, we're given Turnips at the start which work for this.
 * 13th is for Soups,
 * 19th is for a Main Dish,
 * 29th is for a Desert,
- Birthdays are as follows;
 * Spring 4, Georgia.
 * Spring 6, Mako.
 * Spring 8, H. Goddess.
 * Spring 16, Rutger. 
 * Spring 20, Ash.
 * Spring 24, Cheryl.
 * Spring 27, Nori.

- Konohana Festivals are as follows;
 * Spring 9, Cherry Blossom Festival, bring a dish to Town Hall to share.
 * Spring 15, Children's Festival, bring a rusty van and candy.. wait, really, 
bring desert.
 * Spring 25, Spring Crop Festival, Turnip competition.
   **(Year 1 Turnips, following years are Potato, Cucumber, Cabbage, 
Strawberry then back to Turnip and follows the exact same order.)

- Bluebell Festivals are as follows;
 * Spring 14, Harmony Day (Japanese White Day) If a girl, boys will come into 
your house and give you chocolate. If you're a boy, give girls chocolate for 
 * Spring 26, Animal Festival. (Odd Numbers chicken festival, Even numbers cow 
festival.) It's a competition based on heart levels. Brush that cow and throw 
that chicken 20,000 times for a win.

For the lackluster choices to bring to the Spring Cooking festivals, our 
kitchen comes pre-stocked with recipes for Turnip Salad, Turnip Soup, 
Marinated Fish and a couple of deserts.

Fortunately enough, Ina keeps you covered for the seventh, can anybody say 
ringer? After Ina cheats you to Victory, she passes off some booze, another in 
a long line of poor choices for this mayors of ours.

This also brings up one very important question, do you care more about 
finishing the game, or more about farm expansion and being rich? Purple 
requests come once a month at the first. They all come from Eileen, and Tunnel 
digging Requests always outrank Farm Expansion in priority. What this means is 
that if you want to quickly expand your farm and fail every cooking 
competition to unlock seeds years earlier, this is the best time to start. 
Tunnel digging quests come in three varities, at 3, 6 and 10 hearts. The first 
at 3 hearts (summer 1 will always be a farm expansion request) will be 
unavoidable at Fall 1 (even if you lose all 8 cooking competitions, you'll 
still be at 3 hearts. I think.) 

Finishing the tunnel earlier makes request farming that much quicker, where 
you can just go from town to town quicker as well as chances for Ore Stones 
laying around. Expanding your farm, on the other hand, leaves a lot more room 
for profit, to the point of skipping every event and selling all livestock 
until Fall year 2, when you can get your Draft horse and Chicken Cart and then 
stock up on Milk and Eggs that will never rot and last you for the rest of 
your game.

I did the mistake of my first run through this game and won cooking 
competitions. Unlocking seeds are much more important during the first year 
than say an ore stone laying on the ground every 20 days. Opening up Makers as 
well as your Rice Patty and extra Crop space is much more important over the 
long run.

Now, what's left to do? The game is essentially limited to requests and 
competitions, topped off with festivals. There's story progression, but the 
point of these games isn't to complete the story, but to enjoy an infinite 
grind mode.

Throughout the month, the animal shops will randomly stock Dogs, Small Dogs 
and Cats. They help, but they're also a hindrance. All they do is herd 1 
animal related to their job until you get them up on the heart meter. The 
problem is that their heart meter raises slowly unless you abuse exploits with 
making them fetch instantly at night for about five minutes per night for a 
few days. The only benefit to these animals is that they bring in your 
livestock at night. Pets don't need to be fed, it just raises their affection 
meter a little every day.

The more important suggestion is to check up on Jessica's shop and buy 2 
Chicks, 2 Calfs and 2 Lambs. Every day, interact with your Livestock, brush 
the Lambs and Calfs until they become Sheep and Cows, then you can Shear and 
Milk them for even more heart points. The more affection they show towards 
you, the better quality in phat lootz that you steal from them. At first, just 
selling Wool on it's own will have a decent turn around, and in general while 
you're a citizen of Konohana you wont be able to use a Maker to further 
produce higher selling items from any livestock. What does this mean? It takes 
about two minutes a day to take care of all your livestock, and it's a minimal 
amount of money, but it's also the only way to get some cooking ingredients.

All in all, I don't really feel Livestock is worth the effort if you're 
sticking to just Konohana, so having two of each will supply you with Request 
items and small amounts of money. It costs about 110g every two days to keep 
them fed without pushing them out of the barn. As a further sidenote, you can 
sell animals you don't want anymore in the off chance you're tired of dealing 
with their crap and don't want to let them die. The selling price isn't much 
higher than what it cost you to buy them as babies, so it's kinda pointless.

Spring 8th, Old Lady Yun sneaks into your place to share some killer Pot. She 
then explains how to use the pot, you fill it with goodies then put it over an 
open flame, then cook up a bunch of delicious treats. Double cooking rice 
(rice then cooking cooked rice into rice porridge) is a decent way to earn 
money early on, about 50g per every bit of rice you cook, flour is much the 
same (you only cook it once in the pot) will earn you 20g per, but something 
is better than nothing, rice and flour are request rewards and sold at the 
general stores, Bluebell tends to stock Flour and Konohana tends to stock 

It's really slow at first, but the first day you do this you'll be able to buy 
about 10 more, then the next day 20, then the next day 40, then the next day 
80, not actual numbers but you get the point. The more money you can invest in 
it, the better return.

If you haven't already started using this exploit, I suggest you focus all of 
your available gold into it. Why, you might ask? So you can buy a bamboo cart 
and upgrade it to get a lot more storage. This helps a lot in clearing 
requests faster, the flaw is that it'll leave you with nothing to do for a few 
minutes until you wait for your night time so you can water your crops a 
second time.

Somewhere between spring 8 and 12 Eileen will break into your house in the 
morning and solicit some shady work. Hey, she's a carpenter, all carpentry is 
shady business. Which unlocks the hammer time quest, which can be completed by 
giving Pandaman 8 rocks. The hammer is used exclusively for smacking Horses to 
make them run around frightened. Also flattening ground and breaking rocks 
into material stone, but that's less entertaining.

Lo and behold, when the thirteenth approaches, you get a visit from a cheating 
mc cheater pants that's come to make you cheat. You'll be given some 
Chamomile, an out of season Onion and the instructions to shove them in your 
pot and cook it until the cows come home. I also discovered something very fun 
while waiting for the cooking competition to start, if you smack a hammer near 
a horse it scares the back apples out of it and it dashes off. Chasing it is 
quite enjoyable.

Also as a sub note, if you've got the gold to spare, stock up on turnip seeds. 
I suggest about 15~20. The spring harvest festival will arrive soon, and even 
though you've got some Turnips chilling in your storage (you should, you 
slacker), it doesn't hurt to have another batch on the way. Best planted 
around the sixteenth or seventeenth, both days that the seed shop is closed. 
Also since you can't create seeds from crops yet, you'll probably be best off 
just turning in whatever Turnip you've got and taking the friend points. 
Otherwise you'll need to power level a turnip with some fetilizer, more in the 
advanced crop section near the bottom.

Children's day approaches on the fifteenth for some good old fashioned 
underage plumpening. Everybody sits with tea and makes the town's local 
children feast upon desserts. If you haven't been doing Bluebell quests and 
saving the few dessert rewards, Hiro tends to reward green rice candy. If 
worst comes to worst you can buy desserts over in Bluebell.

Come the nineteenth, Ina will barge into your house and shove some flour and 
oil down your throat and demand you make her Spaghetti. The nerve. If you win 
again, Ina will load you up on booze. Standard behavior coming from a single 
mom. oooooooh, snap.

On the twenty first, the good old H. Goddess will come in demanding respect 
and ritual sacrifices. She introduces you to the multiplayer fields, which 
function slightly differently. You can set which season it is, plants don't 
wither and anybody that plays with you can do anything they want on your 

This might also be the day that your first pet becomes available, but it's 
most likely just because I figured out how to buy livestock on the twentieth.

On the twentythird, Ina will barge in and tell you about moving. Just go to 
the town hall in the town you wish to live in anytime between the twenty third 
to thirtieth. Simple, right? A day later then you'll be a resident of the 
opposing town.

When the twenty fifth comes along, it's your duty to bring Ina the most rotten 
Turnip you've got and revel in the fact that you made your podunk town feast 
upon it. If you want to win, however, you need above a 2.5 star turnip.

After you fulfil 20 different requests, you'll get knocked up to level 3, 
which allows 18 requests and rank C requests to be undertaken. God damn sweet.

The Twenty ninth will come, and more cheating ensues for the final cook off of 
the month, Desserts. She'll hand you an egg and some milk, put them in the pot 
and voila, you've got some pudding. Ina also vows that she'll never cheat for 
her town's sake ever again, glad she has had a change of heart.

The thirty first brings a friendly reminder to dig up all your crap, since 
it's going to die in a day. Take care of any loose ends (a lot of requests 
will end on this day) and hit the sack to welcome Summer and a bit more fun.

!@#Summer [Summer]
- Cooking Festivals
 * 9, Salad.
 * 14, Soup.
 * 19, Main Dish.
 * 28, Desserts.
- Birthdays
 * 7, Grady.
 * 12, Dirk.
 * 13, Kana.
 * 17, Jessica.
 * 21, Diego, Raul and Enrique.
 * 23, Laney.
- Konohana Festivals
 * 3, Critter Contest.
 * 15, Angling Contest.
 * 25, Crop Competition, Radish.
  **(Year 1 is Radishes, Onion, Tomato, Corn then Watermelon.)

- Bluebell Festivals
 * 6, Hill-Billy-Handfishing day, bare hand fish up 12 fish for first place 
and 1,000 FP or 500 otherwise.
 * 10, Flower Day, give flowers to villagers for 1,000FP.
 * 18, Star Gazing Festival, view stars at 8pm, go straight to bed after.
 * 26, Animal Festival. Odd is Dog, Even is Cat.
Summer Wonderfuls are obtained from any gathering node in the zone (got both 
in a row off the first after the zipline from Konohana) during Typhoons.

As soon as summer starts, you're giving a fishing pole! Frickin' sweet. Just 
kidding, though. The time it takes for a fish to bite is completely random, 
ranging from anywhere between 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Then you just spam the A 
button and victory, you fished up an old boot. This is also the only way to 
fish up that evasive Musa Salmon and Goby which have plagued your request list 
for the last week. There's four spots throughout the mountain path, they're 
the docks you've been gleefully jumping off of to find poison mushrooms at the 
bottom of the lake.

Along with a wonderful new fishing rod, you've got three new Requests (two 
red, tool quests, and one purple, expansion quest). In all, it'll cost you 
23,000G, 2 material stones, 10 branches and 1 boiled egg. It rewards an 
expanded Farm, Frying Pan and Axe. If you made a killing in the rice porridge 
market and somehow made 1,000,000G before Summer 1, you could instead upgrade 
your house, but I chumped out and went with the extra row of crops.

Now, for summer crops, Soybeans are 100G per seed, but take the entire month 
to harvest. Radishes are cheap and quick to harvest and for your first year, 
the competition item. You should have six furrows (10 slots) in all, in which 
I'd advise devoting one furrow to Soybeans, one to Corn (at most you can plant 
this twice a month, but it's multi-harvest) and the other 4 to Radishes. There 
are two flowers available (Red Rose and Sun Flower) through Bluebell, but 
that's it for available crops, unless you receive seeds as a reward from a 
competition or requests.

In future years when you've gained Pineapple and Watermelon seeds, they're 
best being devoted to the multi-player field since you can keep it as a 
permanent summer there, so your plants wont die in the middle of the second 
harvest. Onions and Pumpkins can easily replace Soybeans and Radishes in the 
name of profit, but I'd continue to use Corn instead of Tomatoes since it has 
a higher turn around.

Another note about Summer is this is where you'll get some super sweet 
Typhoons. They push you to the left, and also allow you to hand-fish Turtles 
and Letters in a Bottle, but only during the Summer. Most importantly though, 
during and the day after a typhoon, you have a very high chance to get Ore 
from gathering points, even from ones that don't make sense. I just grabbed 
four Ore Stones, three on the day of and one the day after. It also waters 
your plants all day, and doesn't destroy crops like in RF:3, so sweet.

When the third comes, we've got a critter catching contest. It's simple, 
you've got a minute to catch a bunch of critters. Head northwest, there's only 
two critters southeast and you'll waste 20+ seconds getting both. To get first 
place you need to get 8 critters or more.

During the Main Dish summer cooking festival, I made a simple radish soup and 
gained our team the victory, rewarding a mithril, which can be shipped for 5k 
and probably has some important use.

The next day we've got the angling competition, show up with your rod equipped 
to town hall. You've got two game hours to catch the longest fish (95+ to 
win), but I wouldn't expect to win in your first year. Also, make sure you 
save 10 boots and 10 old balls, in case you didn't know you need them for the 
master rod in Winter.

Coming up is the next cooking festival for Main Dishes, which shouldn't be a 
problem for you to create anything. If worst comes to worst, keep a rice in 
your storage to double cook into Rice Porridge to get some seeds from a loss 
at least. Otherwise if you've been following my advice, Oil+Milk+Egg+Cooked 
Rice+Frying Pan will get you a Rice Omelete, and sans rice will get you an 
Omelete for an easy victory using freshly plucked ingredients. If only making 
a good omelete was this easy in real life. Another Mithril for victory, or 
random seed for loss. I also got an additional gift from Pierre that was sent 
to my house; a statue of him. What an Ego.

Also, this should be your last chance to plant Radishes for the upcoming 
festival. I highly suggest making a furrow (you should only have the level 1 
hoe right now, so 10 should be your cap) and filling it with anywhere between 
2~8 fertilizer for some radish power leveling. This method you'll be able to 
get a 3~4 star Radish for a victory. Also a side note, I won first place with 
a 1 star radish, rewarding an Agate, so it might have a hint of random 

Aside from birthdays, there's not much to do until the Radish competition, so 
I'll create a small checklist of things to make sure you're doing.

- Speaking with your Beau and giving them gifts once a day. Each marriage 
candidate has three days out of the week and times to allow for Dates which 
add to their friend points.
- Speaking and gifting your beau's family members, you need to be fairly 
respected by their family to be able to marry them.
- Check the gathering point behind the waterfall daily, it has the best chance 
for ore stones which you'll need.
- Pick up animals and toss them around, it helps with their friend points 
which have their own benefits.
- Clearing these pointless repeated requests. I know it's a hassle, but friend 
points and miniscule amounts of money add up to a waste of time. It's also 
necessary to hit Request Veteran, which only raises your max cap of requests 
to 22.
- Waste any excess G on Rice or Flour for miniscule amounts of profit.
- Continue to collect rocks and logs for Material Stone and Lumber. Not much 
use for it yet, but might as well stockpile now since there's only three 
different star levels at this point in the game.

After the Radish competition you've got your final cooking competition of the 
month, Desserts. I just went with my highest level Milk and Egg for a simple 
pudding. There's not much you can do without being a resident of Bluebell, but 
at this point in the game it's not like you'd have access to the makers to 
make anything complicated anyways.

You've got a few days until the month ends, so I'd start putting some time 
into destroying any crop that wont be harvestable by the 31st. No real reason 
in it, but if you're like me and are too lazy to eat food to restore stamina, 
it leaves you with a few days to pre-load Furrows, and as we all know, the 
best time to create a furrow is when you're not interrupted when at the 37th 

If you've got nothing better to do, refer to the checklist. You'll be needing 
material stones and lumber soon. Gather up and stash some Bamboo to give to 
Sheng before it rots. You'll lose fireflies at night when you go from Summer 
to Fall, so pay attention to that if applicable. Otherwise do as I did, ignore 
requests, feed your livestock and go to sleep after watering your soydaname.

One last note before switching to fall, make sure you get at least one 
Chamomile. Reason? It no longer spawns in the Fall and thus leaves you with 
little or no choices for a Salad because your Turnips will be rotten by this 
point. The only other alternative is the multiplayer field through Potatoes, 
Radishes, Turnips or Tomatoes. Tomatoes add a choice of Salad, Radishes add a 
choice of Soup.

!ZOMG! Fall [Fall]
Oh, Fall, how decent you are. If you're a player like me, who is only playing 
an action packed game like Harvest Moon for the sake of miniscule amounts of 
money in the form of gift cards, you're going to want to hang yourself from 
the barn.

The Fall isn't all bad, it's the first season with relatively easy to get 
resources that do earn a profit. Yellow Dragonflies. Except the Damselfies, 
every other yellow dragonfly is worth 200~400 a piece. Not bad, not amazing, 
but you'll catch 2~5 going between the towns.

Also, based on your relationships, you'll get one Purple and one Red request. 
I'm assuming somewhere around 6 hearts between the Mayors will unlock the 
first level of tunneling, which means that you've got a new gathering point. 
Randomly on each side of the mountain, Scrap Metal, Copper or Ore Stone might 

For the red requests, I got a Work Outfit and Spice Rack.

Regular Requests are much unchanged, you wont see any 1 star requirement 
quests quite yet, but you'll get some Fall variations. Every day, gift your 
spouse-to-be and their immediate family then do whatever you need concerning 
your monetary income. I'd suggest skipping through the next 2 years with fail 
dishes and anything you can buy at Yun's tea shop almost exclusively for the 
sake of unlocking new things and the undecaying cart, but it costs 300,000G, 

Winning Cooking contests only matters until you get to the full 10 hearts. 
Winning gets you almost an entire full heart, failing gets you what seems to 
be a sixth of a heart. If you've been doing well up until now, you'll probably 
hit full 10 hearts by mid Winter. When you get the full 10 hearts, sell off 
your livestock if you're living in Konohana. The only reason to participate at 
that point is for third year Seeds and rare stones.

Anyways, enough digressing.

Cooking Festivals
 - 7, Salad.
 - 14, Soup.
 - 21, Main Dish.
 - 28, Dessert.

 - 1, Cam.
 - 8, Sheng.
 - 16, Rahi.
 - 23, Rose.
 - 27, Howard.
 - 30, Ayame.

Konohana Festivals
 - 10, Music Festival. (Friend points for attending.)
 - 15, Moon Viewing Festival. (Starts at 8pm, ends your day after attending.)
 - 18, Flower Day. (Give any non-herb flower for 1,000 friend points.)
 - 25, Fall Crop Festival, Carrots.
   **(Year 1 is Carrots, Yam, Spinach, Eggplant, Green Pepper.)
Bluebell Festivals
 - 10, Music Festival.
 - 26, Animal Festival. Odd is Sheep, Even is Alpaca.
 - 31, Pumpkin Festival. Enter your house between 8am and 12pm to give Cheryl 
or any children you have Desserts for 1000FP.
Fall Wonderfuls are obtained from Hand Fishing while it's raining.
Fall 5, 10:30am. It's probably something specific (I always touch and screw 
with that bear.) but I got a cutscene with him skull bashing a boulder to 
oblivion. Might be coded, might not be, but it opens the way to the next map 
which you can just slide down anyways.

Also more interesting things, this day was the first time I've seen a Rare 
Pet, the Owl. It takes you from the mountain top to either Town. It's food is 
available from the general shop and possible requests. The same day, 
thoroughbreds also became available for Rent, they can carry two jug carts at 
normal speed. They replace your little pwny from back in the day, replace at 
your peril since you wont be able to get a two jug cart until next year. Same 
note goes to both, neither need to be cared for, but Owls do have heart 
levels, but it's only raised from Petting and Feeding.

*Sidenote, Owls will serve their purpose with 0 heart level. Raising the heart 
level only makes it sit on your head. The owl will fly you from the wooden 
platform at the peak of the mountain to the base of either town if the weather 
is clear.

Fall 7, Ina breaks into your house once again to introduce some Russian 
violinist. Snoregasbore. It also winds up being the day of the cook off. Make 
anything you can, or grab any type of salad you've purchased and head to the 

Fall 10, Music Festival. Pointless little holiday that just adds friend points 
to everybody that attends, which is going to be your entire village. It's 
important to push you up to new flower levels to unlock more red requests, so.

More sidespeak, if you've been doing requests very lazily, you've probably 
just unlocked Rank B requests, which unlike their Rank D or C brethren, are 
worth doing. They tend to require two different types of items in multiples, 
at least one star or higher. They also reward about the same amount of G as 
Rank C quests, but multiple items. You'll also most likely see seeds for in 
and out of season year 2 or higher crops. Thus only do requests that are Rank 
B or are easy enough to sit through the twenty seconds of idle, repeated chit 
chat. The best part about Rank B quests is the ridiculous rewards. Either 
it'll be an extremely rare item, or anywhere between 10~60 common items.

Fall 14, arrival of Soup Competition. Win or lose depending on what you're 
trying to do with this game. This also marks something else important, the 
last two days to get flowers for the flower festival. Fall isn't a bad time to 
get into the perfuming business, 3x Nadeshiko will always turn into a 3.5 star 
Pumpkin Perfume when purchased from Cam, so it's just 480x3+200G for 2080G 
shipped. You could also choose to farm the Flowers yourself, since Eggplants 
are mostly useless - not used in many cooking recipes and sell for very 
little, but a once a three day harvest, so profit margins aren't too terrible.

Fall 15, Moon viewing festival. Go to town hall after 8pm, get FP and be put 
in front of your bed afterwards with two choices, go to sleep and save or just 
go to sleep. In the day, make sure you gifted your bachelor(ette) of choice 
and their family, as well as shoving any livestock back into the barn.

Fall 18, Flower day. +1000FP to anybody you give a flower to. You can get 
flowers for free, but they're a fair bit less common this season compared to 
last. I stocked up on White Roses (stupid random draws) and handed them out to 
Reina and Mako (I want the nerd girl, damnit) Hiro, Sheng and Nira. They're 
the only people that I knew had red requests at that point in time. On the off 
chance you didn't heed my warnings earlier, Cam's shop does open up on Flower 
Day of year 1 as long as it's not raining all day.

Next cooking festival is on the 21st, Main Dish. Don't forget to get a few 
Rice and Oil from the general store for some super easy omeletes incase you 
want to win.

Fall 25, Carrot top day. Carrots are quick to harvest, so even with 8 
Fertilizer in a furrow, you'll only have a 1 star Carrot until you've unlocked 
the seed maker. Even then, I still won first place using a 1 star Carrot, so I 
wouldn't suggest more than 8 Fertilizer since that still empties all 8 within 
a week in a 40 tile trench.

Fall 28 comes along and the game likes to mock you by not allowing you to make 
complicated desserts. Pudding to infinity, brah. Take your win or your seeds, 
either or and get ready to lose out on a farm expansion for a bit more tunnel 
blockage cleared.

Things to do before the end of Fall:
 - Finish capturing Dragonflies if you're planning to stock up on them.
 - Stockpile Fertilizer, I usually carry about 50 at any given time.
 - Gather 10 Old Boots and Old Balls so you can get your master rod in Winter.

The first day that Gombe will sell seeds in Year 1 is Winter 2, so don't worry 
about destroying crops, and pray to Bob that it's not a full on rainy or 
blizzardy day on the second so you can start your crops early.

On a seperate note, Winter sucks for crops. You'll have a higher profit turn 
around by farming Flowers than Daikon (your only crop before bok choy, which 
is your only other crop) and then turning it into perfume depending on what 
you're farming. Thus you might consider stocking up on Buckwheat or Soy Beans 
in Fall and just devote the entire month of Winter to limited profit from 
Master Rod fishing. Come Spring 1, Year 2 you should be getting the Rice Patty 
expansion, which can only be filled in Spring. Getting a bit ahead of myself, 
but flowers are your best bet in Winter.

Winter!@# [Winter]
This is just about the end of the guide that you're following! In Konohana, 
there's only one event in Winter, the snow festival. There's also the new 
years party as well as the month with the most birthdays. No crop competition! 
Everybody rejoice.

 - 5, Hiro.
 - 9, Eileen.
 - 12, Yun.
 - 19, Ying.
 - 22, Gombe.
 - 27, Reina.
Cooking Festivals
 - 7, Salad.
 - 16, Soup.
 - 21, Main Dish.
 - 28, Dessert.
Konohana Festivals
 - 10, Snow festival.
 - 31, New Years Celebration.

Bluebell Festivals
 - 14, Harmony Day. It's Valentine's Day if you're familiar with Japanese 
culture. On valentines day, girls give you chocolate. If you're a girl you 
give boys chocolate for 1000fP.
 - 23 and 24 Starry Night Festival, 23 for girls (talk to ash or cam with 3 
flowers or higher) 24 for boys (Talk to Georgia or Laney with 3 flowers or 
higher). 1000FP with the boy/girl that invited you and 500 with their family.
 - 31, New Years, go to town hall after 8pm to gain 500FP with all attending 
and go straight to bed.

Alright, let's get this over with. Not much going on. Get your master rod, 
expand your tunnel, gift all the girlies.

7, Salad. Easiest is to just use Boiled Spinach (Pot+Spinach). It's hard to 
power level spinach at this point in the game, which will probably only give 
you a star level of 3.5 cooked.

10, Snow Festival. You'll view one of three snow sculptures (changes once 
every year) and earn 500 FP with all who attend.

16, Soup. One of the hardest festivals to win on year 1. If you're using the 
multiplayer field (which I only used for trees, lol@me!) Soy Milk will 
probably be the only crop you've got available (soybeans should be harvestable 
by now if you planted them in Fall) which is pot+soy+edamame. 

21, Main Dish. Omurice again, baby. If you've still got a cow and a chicken, 
buy the rice and oil and you've got a "<3 Tastes as if the Harvest Goddess 
made this herself!"

28, Desserts. Pudding is the easiest, not much else available at this point in 
the game. Not much else worth making, for that matter.

31, end of Year 1. Attend for 500FP, it ends your night so shove your animals 
back into their cages and finish gathering crops before you attend at 8pm.
!@#Year 2, to infinity and Year 10. [Year2+]
After you complete Year 1, the game is over. Well okay, it isn't over, this is 
an open ended game. There's no ending, only a beginning. And this is the 
beginning of it being over. New seeds become unlocked, and that's about it. 
The years fold out exactly the same except the town specific competitions that 
rotate every year.

At the first of every month, you get one Farm Upgrade and two tool Requests. 
Tool requests are often based on friendship level (most don't require more 
than two flower levels)

At this point it's just about enjoying the game for what it is, which I really 
can't. It's not a bad game, I'm just not that kind of Gamer. I'll never get a 
high enough request level to cover Rank A requests. I'll never grind out 
400,000,000G to unlock everything. I'll never raise friendship level with 
anybody besides the wife-to-be to max just to see the different character 

That's just the kind of gamer that I am. I will, however, include expansion 
details. Most of it is just more room to farm with, but there's also the 
Makers, Beehives, Pond and Rice Patty.

The things left to do are extremely limited to perfectionist completion, 
Marriage and Expansion. It will take you roughly 8 years to finish all of the 
expansions for both farms and the tunnel.

!#@!$Junk I just said I'd cover! [Junk1]
- Beehives, shove a honey comb into this, add perfume and you'll get honey 
based on the level of the comb and perfume.

- Pond, here you can farm fish. Just stick them in and they'll breed, great 
for controlling request rewards.

- Rice Paddy, fill the patty with water every spring and use this to farm 
rice. Only useful for going for those 5 star dishes that you can't get 
otherwise from the general store rice. Slow to raise, no need to attend the 

- Makers!
 * Bluebell has Yarn, Fermenting, which are unlocked by Eileen's pasture 
expansion, pet playpen and Maker Shed. After that you can add the Beverage 
maker. You need to complete 3 expansions on the farm before you can use the 

 * Konohana has the Seed Maker and Grain Mill available after three field 
expansions, Waterwheel and Rice Paddy. After that, you can add the Pickling 
Pot. You need to complete 3 expansions before you can use the makers.

Makers are used to process items into more profitable items. Sounds simple, 
right? Stick items in, wait a while and it comes out worth more than it went 
in. After you unlock makers in one area, they're accessible to you no matter 
what town you belong to.

!@#More Junk beyond further Junk. [Junk2]
 - Trees, they're unlocked in Year 2. They come in Tea trees (produce every 
month but winter) and Fruit (Produce only in their specific season). It takes 
about two months for a tree to completely grow, and then produce only during 
their month, once every 2~7 days depending on it's type.
  * Tea Trees require only one slot.
  * Fruit trees require a 3x3 grid.
   ** Trees don't need to (See: can't) be watered. Just plant 'em and forget 
about 'em.

 - Wild Animals, they give you gifts or do certain things for you based on a 
friendship rating between 1~1000. Touching them every day gains 5 FP and 10 
for feeding them. I seriously don't bother with them. Bears seem to move 
boulders based on other things (Tunnel Expansion, feeding them Honey) so I 
honestly don't bother with this.

They give gifts on sunny days when you move up to the middle of the peak of 
the mountain. They wont show up on festival days.

 - Alchemy, in year 2 you can unlock Oracle and her shop. She'll create 
potions, fertilizer and kitty crank (pet potions I guess, but I like sounding 
sleazy.) Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, go into her shop between 
4-10pm and she'll make you potions with your mats and 1000g.

You get 1 expansion at the start of your month, with tunnel expansions taking 
priority above farm expansions. Each expansion takes an amount of G as well as 
Material Stone and Lumber depending on how deep in a tree it is. The first two 
expansions denoted by - are the core expansions, and everything below each is 
what is unlocked by the previous.

The D, C, B and S are just the quality of the expansion tier.

The following are the available expansions;

 - Remodel S, Upgrades your house to the size to have a child.
 - Make Field C, adds one crop field.
  * Make Field C, adds one more crop field.
  * Make Field C, adds one more crop field.
   * Make Waterwheel and Rice Paddy C.
     * Pickling Pot B.
     * Fish Pond C.
     * Make Rice Paddy B, makes a second Rice Paddy.
      * Make Rice Paddy B, makes a third Rice Paddy.
       * Make Rice Paddy B, makes a fourth Rice Paddy.
  * Make Field C, adds one more crop field.
   * Make field C, adds one more Crop Field.
 - Remodel S, Upgrades your house to the size to have a child.
 - Pasture Expansion C, increase maximum livestock to 11.
  * Pasture Expansion C, incerase maximum livestock to 16.
  * Pet Playpen C, allows faster pet friendship growth.
   * Make Field C, Build a large enough field for trees.
   * Maker Shed C, Building containing maker machines for Yarn and Cheese.
    * Beverage Maker B, Beverage maker machine.
  * Bee Hut D, allows the use of a bee hive.
   * Bee Hut D, adds a second bee hive.
    * Bee Hut D, adds a third bee hive.
     * Bee Hut D, adds a fourth bee hive.
      * Bee Hut D, adds a fifth bee hive.
       * Bee Hut D, adds a sixth bee hive.
!~~!Marriage!~~! [Junk3]
When you've raised your friendship enough with your potential bachelor(ette) 
you'll sometimes get special dates (depending on flowers and area chosen for 
date). After viewing every special date and capping off their flowers, the 
general store will stock a single Blue Feather, which can be used to propose. 
If you destroy or lose the Blue Feather, it's gone for good. You'll be a 
spinstress for the rest of your life.

Other than that, you also have to have a bigger bed before you can get 

After you complete the Remodel S expansion, and you're married, you and your 
spouse can pop out a child. The only thing being married and having children 
does is allows you to celebrate your birthday. Pretty pointless, right? At 
least in RF3 you'd smack your wife until she made you lunch as well as having 
the children of the corn lingering around your house during sleeping hours.

There's also apparently a jealousy point system. If you cheat on your wife, 
your wife might get jealous. If you do wifey things with your wife, the other 
girls will get jealous. They'll all start treating you poorly based on 
jealousy level (doesn't affect friendship) and stop accepting gifts. Leaving 
you to have to say you're sorry and mend ways like a wuss. Just an interesting 
system delving deeper into standard scripted branching paths of dating sims. 

!@# Requests [Quest]
They suck. You have to do a lot of Requests to rank up, and even when you do, 
they still suck until Rank B. Most Rank B quests are designed with the air of 
"lol, you shouldn't be doing this until year 2!" in them since they require 
unlocked ingredients or makers. Anyhow, they're all the same with one small 
variance, and I wont get into a list of all the small variables.

Rank D quests require any rating item, usually only 1 or at most 3. They have 
the lowest rewards in both G and items. Usually only request items you have 
access to that season.

Rank C quests are Rank D quests but require more of the same seasonal items 
and tend to pay off twice as much G. Unlocked at Request level 3.

Rank B quests require two different items with at least 1 star in multiples. 
Their G reward is typically the same as Rank C, but the item rewards can range 
from a lot of crap to some amazingly rare seeds. Unlocked at Request Level 5.

The two different archtypes of quests are simple.
A.) Get this for me.


B.) Get this for this person but report back to me.

Then after that, depending on the difficulty of Request, each character has 
it's own archetype of Rewards. For example, Raul, Enrique and Diego will all 
reward Curry Powder, Oil and Oil respectively. When you complete Rank B 
requests for them, you'll then get Curry Powder and Oil, or Oil and Curry 
Powder respectively. On the other hand with Rose and Rutger, their main 
rewards are Chicken Feed and Plums (respectively, god I love that word.) Their 
secondary Rank B rewards, however, have a much larger pool of rewards that 
vary from quest to quest.

!@#Crops [Crops]
Crops are confusing. Not really, though. They're plants that you grow into 
Flowers, Fruits or Vegetables. Then you turn those phat l00tz into money, food 
or seeds.

There are two different types of Crops. One Time Harvest and Multiple Harvest 
(OTH and MH from now on).

Crops have certain Stages. Typically it's seedling, plantling and profitling. 
OTH crops tends to have a higher sell value, but can't have their level raised 
as efficiently as MH. MH crops are similar but not exactly the same. Where 
almost all OTH crops are three stages, MH are four. Seedling, Plantling, 
Advanced Plantling and finally Profitling. After you pluck it at Profitling, 
it reverts back to Advanced Plantling.

The next important part of Crops is the once and twice a day methods. You can 
water them once a day in the morning and hit the sack immediately and harvest 
them at their maximum day count. If you water them twice a day, it's usually 
harvestable 20~% faster. What determines if you can water a plant twice a day? 
It just needs a 12 hour difference between the times you watered them. The 
rules are simple;

If not raining, you can water once at 6am and then again at 6pm.
If raining the first half of the day, you can water them once at 6pm, counting 
as twice watered.
If raining the second half of the day, you can water them once in the morning 
at 6am or let the rain do it will only count once that day.
If raining all day, you can't water at all and the rain will only count for 
once watered. (This includes Typhoons.)

When you look at a seed, like Carrots for example, it says; "Fall crop, 
harvests in 5 to 7 days." The 7 days is the combined Stage 1 and 2 time. 4 
Days as a seedling, 3 days as a plantling. The 5 days is if you water it twice 
a day, 3 days as seedling, 2 days as plantling. This also raises questions 
such as; "Should I always water twice a day?" which in most cases you should, 
and in some cases no, you shouldn't. Why you ask? Well, that's based on the 
next sub category, Fertilizer.

!@# Fertilizer. [Fertile]
Fertilizers are little jugs of green goodness that raise the star quality of 
items every day. It works in two ways, either it applies it's affect to 
everything in the Furrow, and in the case of being unfurrowed, to the 8 
surrounding squares.

How does Fertilizer fully work? Every day it adds 1 Star Point for each 
fertilizer nearby or linked to it. Every 30 Star Points, the crop gains one 
Half Star, capping off at level 5 with 271 star points, with a cap of 300. 
(Figures taken from Fogu.com/hm10)

OTH plants wont gain SP if you leave them in the ground, only up until their 
harvestable state.

MH plants will gain SP even after harvesting, thus leaving them as the better 
crop to level up until you get the seed maker.

The best way and time to do this is when you've unlocked the Seed Maker, since 
crops will continue to rot while in storage, but Seeds never will. Dig up a 
furrow 11~31 tiles long (depending on the crop). The longer a furrow, the 
faster Fertilizer drains (regardless of how many crops are actually planted in 
it) so power leveling OTH crops will be a huge monetary drain.

Example 1; Carrots. 11 furrow ditch. Costs 10,150G.
10 Fertilizer and 1 Carrot seed. Carrot seed gains 10 SP every day. Gaining 50 
SP for watering it twice a day, and 70 for watering it once a day. As far as I 
know, SP doesn't carry over and only Star Level does, so you'll be pulling out 
a level 2 Carrot if you water it once a day and a level 1.5 carrot if you 
water it twice a day. Benefit though is that the fertilizer will last just 
about a month long.

Example 2; Carrots, 21 furrow ditch. Costs 20,150G.
20 Fertilizer and 1 Carrot seed, equals 20 SP a day, ending with;
1AD 140 SP for level 3.
2AD 100 SP for level 2.5.
Fertilizer sticks should last up to 3 weeks, though.

Example 3; Carrots, 31 furrow ditch. Costs 30,150G.
30 Fertilizer and 1 Carrot Seed, equals 30 SP a day, ending with;
1AD 210 SP for level 4~4.5 (level 5 starts at 271 SP)
2AD 150 SP for level 3~3.5.

In example 1, you'll get a level 5 carrot by the end of the month, which you 
can turn into seeds and maybe mass produce a bit more seeds for the next Fall 
to turn around for 1060G per crop tile every 5-7 days.

In example 2, you can get a level 5 Carrot by the middle of the month and use 
the setup to power level Spinach as well for even more profit.

In example 3, you'll be able to do the above for both by the end of the month 
and be able to do a first harvest of level 5 for both.

In the case of MH crops, since the same crop is there at the start and at the 
end of the month at the final harvest, using less fertilizer isn't a bad idea. 
In the case of starting with a 31 furrow ditch and one MH plant, by the third 
harvest you should have a level 5 plant, but not enough time to plant any of 
those level 5 plants and profit from them in the same month, so it's best to 
destroy a year of profit for the sake of much higher profit in the next year.

The best way to earn profit is to power level a pineapple in Year 2 (see: fail 
every summer cooking festival in high hopes) and in the next year, use as many 
level 5 pineapple seeds as you can get paired up with Bounty Fertilizer (I'll 
get to it, keep quiet.) and then turning every loot into pineapple seeds and 
then shipping those. That provides something like 6 harvests of pineapples a 
year, 12 seeds per plant without any special fertilizer so about 120k per 
plant a year. Assume if in year 3 you didn't ship a single seed, that gives 
you 12 more seeds to plant, with each being worth another 120k a piece, etc. 

Long term plan, but whatever.

Special Fertilizers!@#
These are crafted from rare items and generally unworth it aside from Bounty 

- Water Fertilizer, counts towards the first watering of a day.
- Speed Fertilizer, counts towards the second watering of a day.
- Bounty Fertilizer, bonus harvest multiplier, meaning for every linked bounty 
fertilizer, you'll loot one more on any harvest. if three are in a furrow with 
a pineapple, that means you'll pluck 4 instead of 1.

I really, really hate Livestock. What's worse than watering a furrow twice a 
day is brushing, milking, shearing and touching animals once a day. It makes 
me think back to Rune Factory 3, where you'd recruit animals and make them do 
the harvest work for you while you slaughtered your way through dungeons 
riding on a minotaur. The best thing is that they did everything in that 
installment, sowing seeds, watering, clearing debris, culling and cycling 
through patches to make sure that you get your maximum harvest.

The best part is that if they were stressed, they'd take a day off. They 
wouldn't get sick and die. Thus you never have to brush them. You just go into 
their room, pick up their eggs, teeth, milk or wool and then give it to them 
until their hearts cap off (extremely fast) and never worry about them ever 

In this game, however, if you don't take care of them they die. After a couple 
years, they die on their own. Even if you touch, milk and brush them once a 
day, their heart meters grow extremely slowly (See: once every week and a 

Their heart meter affects the quality of item you get from them, and aside 
from requests, they aren't worth wasting your time on. Once you get 10 hearts 
between the mayors, you'll only need Milk and Eggs for filling out your recipe 
book. I've had times in this game (using two cows and two chickens) where I've 
had a stack of 50+ rotten milk or eggs just because I couldn't find a use for 

What this means is that you should always be a resident of Konohana and you 
shouldn't bother with Livestock until you get your freshness preserving Cart 
(Chicken or UFO in year 3.) Even then, through the typical lifespan of an 
Alpaca, Cow, Sheep and Chicken you'll only need one to stay capped off on the 
items for requests by the time they die (or you sell them because you're 
annoyed with them).

Aside from that, selling animals is a bust. You only earn about 20% more than 
it cost you for the baby form. They produce nothing for about three weeks 
until they reach adulthood, but overall it's better to start with a baby form 
animal since you'll have a much higher quality of produce from them by the 
time they can produce.

All in all? Buy your first Chick and Calf together, in the Fall of Year 2. 
That way you'll be able to cap their hearts by Summer of year 3 and be able to 
stack up to 99 of their products and sell them off.

Sheep and Alpaca on the other hand are required for wool and alpaca wool, 
which is used for outfits and can be as useful as you can buy your first. To 
have them both auto-herded, your small dog will only have to be about level 4~
5. This means, if you're a dick, you only have to brush them once every 3 days 
when they're ready to be sheared again. You'll also never have to worry about 
fodder since the dog will make sure they get outside to eat. Might as well 
starve them on rainy days to teach them a lesson for not getting you your Wild 
Outfit sooner.

!#!#!#Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Q: How should I play this game?
A: Very, very carefully. In all honesty, about one game day an hour, every 
other hour. It'll get extremely repetetive otherwise, and often leaves you 
with sitting idle for 5 minutes waiting for an event to happen.

Q: Is it really that tedious?
A: Yeah, it is. I can bear games like Animal Crossing where it forces me to 
play it lightly, but you've got one game minute every 2 irl seconds, so it's a 
bit rushed yet there are enforced time constraints.

Q: Is it fun?
A: It can be, yes. It's a very light game that has no game overs, no combat 
system and an expansive farm simulation.

Q: Should I get this for my child?
A: No. You should not. This isn't a game for children. I remember that people 
I knew in middle school loved Harvest Moon games, but in all honesty they were 
losers that probably enjoyed their first girlfriend (even though it was 
digital). All in all, this is a game to play a little bit every few days. 
There's no get rich quick scheme in this game that doesn't require five 
straight hours of doing the same repetetive actions. If you want to introduce 
somebody to Sims Amish, I'd suggest Rune Factory 3 because it's Harvest Moon 
with action.

Q: I don't have any patience, will this game help with that?
A: No, going in your back yard or your terrace to raise a garden will. This 
game will probably enrage you and force you to stand in shame at the nearest 
Wally World or Gamestop to pick up a new DS.

!@# Credits. [Credits]
Credits due to http://fogu.com/hm10/index.php, if it weren't for this Website 
I would have hung myself in Fall. It filled in missing information for 
Bluebell related specifics that I'll never participate in.

If you want a section added in a later version, you can make requests by e-
mailing me at ForkNToaster@gmail.com. Deliberately left out Bachelor and 
Bachelorette information because it's all on that website and I've only put in 
enough effort for Reina.

Later versions will be updated slowly, I'm currently working on two more FAQs 
as well as updates for the ones already posted.

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