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How's This party? Build 1 2 days ago
Can the Fallen One's arms be binded? Enemy/Boss 1 2 weeks ago
Is it true that you can insta kill all bosses? Enemy/Boss 1 2 weeks ago
How to make a good link Party setup? Build 1 2 months ago
Can pookas spawn in the windy plains? Enemy/Boss 1 3 months ago
How do I take down the Pumpkin trio of the hall of Darkness? Enemy/Boss 1 3 months ago
what do I put in my team? Build 2 5 months ago
Does luck affect other things apart from crits? Build 1 6 months ago
Out of all the Ertrian odyssey games is there any romance? General 4 6 months ago
How do you unlock cargo wharf to unlock spotpass? General 2 10 months ago

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