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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Muku6

    Version: 1.07 | Updated: 05/07/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    / Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever           /
    /               & New Friends for the 3DS	/
    / 					        /
    / 						/
    / LAST UPDATE:	December 11, 2012	        /
    / VERSION:	1.07				/
    / AUTHOR NAME:	Heather Cattles (Muku6)		/
    / EMAIL:	irisdrakon (at) yahoo (dot) com /
    Table of Contents
    	I.     Updates                  [UPDATE]
    	II.    About This Guide         [AGUIDE]
    	III.   Becoming an Owner        [NWOWNR]
            IV.    Places of Interest       [POFINT]
            V.     Unlocking Things         [ULODOG]
            VI.    Journal / AR Cards       [JANARS]
            VII.   Spot Pass / Street Pass  [STRPSS]
            VIII.  Items                    [NCITMS]
            IX.    Tricks                   [TRICKS]
            X.     Owner Points             [OPOINT]
            XI.    FAQ                      [NDCFAQ]
    	XII.   Credits                  [CRDITS]
    	XIII.  Author Notes             [ANOTES]
    I.  Updates                                                           [UPDATE]
    December 11, 2012
       - Thank you to Meow Mix for giving me a bit of information.  Price tag
         has been added to High Heel.
    May 08, 2012
       - Added a President.  Thank you to Kirby-4-ever!  You don't have to have
         a GameFAQ name to be thanked.  Any nickname works!
       - Small blurb added in Credits section.  Any nickname works, so I can give
         credit to folks.
    January 28, 2012
       - I've added three new questions to the FAQ section.  Things I'm seeing
         come up and/or questions that have been directed to me.
            - "How do I restart this game completely?"
            - "Can my dog have puppies?" / "Can my cat have kittens?"
            - "Where can I get AR codes for this game?"
    January 17, 2012
       - Special Guest addition of Bill Clinton.
       - Small adjustments here and there.
       - Included in Becoming an Owner where I discuss my own dog eating trash
         and not seeing any negatives, a side note that links to another portion
         of the FAQ that links to a site that states letting your dog eat trash
         can result in the loss of Owner Points.
       - An additional note has been made to Stardust in the unlocking section.
    November 22, 2011
       - Special Guests:  Added Woodrow Wilson.  Forgot I never got a notification
         for Calvin Coolidge, so have added him to the list as well.
       - Also, slightly rearranged the way the Special Guests information is
       - Accessory Shop:  several items have been added to item list here.
       - Modo Homes:  several items have been added to the Furniture list.
       - Recyclable Materials:  Added full description of Plastic.
    October 08, 2011
       - Note has been made to Stardust in the Unlocking Things [ULODOG] section.
       - Note has been added right before I delve into information about the
         competitions regarding ties.
       - Victory Crown added to Items list.  More specifically other items area
         which can be found at [NC-OTRITM].
       - Added Tricks needed in order to participate in Nintendogs Cup of the
         Obedience Competition.
       - Added another way to obtain presents, that I've neglected to add until
         now, about how to obtain them in this manner.  Found at [NW-LT-PRSNTS]
       - Added a section in Spot Pass / Street Pass area that lists the guests
         I've had come to my town.
    September 21, 2011
       - Finished up the dog breed section.  [NW-LADOPT]
       - Added items to pet supply store [NC-PETSPS], secondhand shop [NC-SCDHSP],
         and Accessories [NC-ACCESS].  Many thanks goes out to BlastBurnBoy for
         providing me the information in this update.  Much appreciated!
       - Corrected a couple of typos in the items list as well, including Faux-
         Python and Metal-Link Necklace.
    September 17, 2011
       - Updating the Contest section, more specifically the Obedience Competition
       - Items added to Secondhand shop list.
       - Apparently my FAQ section shared the same search code as the Tricks
         section as an oversight.  This has now been corrected to correctly
         match that of the one you see in the Table of Contents.
       - Have corrected some typos and such I've found while reading through again.
    September 11, 2011
       - Spent the past several days working on the layout and setting up this
         whole FAQ.  Most information should be here.  Couple of sections I will
         be working on as time goes on is the Items and subsection of Becoming
         an Owner.  Specifically the contest section.  I'll be updating it
         with additional information regarding Obedience Trials as time goes on.
         Other sections may get more information added, just keep an eye on
         updates here to see all the changes made.
    II.  About This Guide                                                 [AGUIDE]
    This guide is meant as a guide to assist someone new to the Nintendogs
    franchise, but also to assist those coming from Nintendogs on the DS to
    Nintendogs + Cats.  While the version of this game I own is Golden
    Retriever & New Friends, this guide can help for all versions.  Ultimately,
    all dogs become available even if you play by yourself.  It's just when
    you start out, you're limited to the dogs your version starts you off with.
    III.  Becoming an Owner                                               [NWOWNR]
    So you've purchased (or received) a copy of Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS
    and are now ready to become an owner!  There is a lot to know before
    buying your first pet.  Here, I'll cover the basics of what you should
    know about the dogs and cats you will meet among many other important
    details to owning a new pet.
    Before we get started, a random thing you might like to know that I found
    out on accident one day.  While on the 3DS main menu, if you have the
    Nintendogs + Cats game as the selected option and blow into the microphone,
    you'll make the dog spin around faster.  Found this out while trying to blow
    something off my screen one day.
                Which Version?                          [NW-VRSION]
                Dogs & Cats, Living Together!           [NW-DOGCAT]
                Let's Adopt!                            [NW-LADOPT]
                Strange Faces, Unfamiliar Places        [NW-SFUNPL]
                Time To Learn                           [NW-TM2LRN]
                Happy, Healthy Pet                      [NW-HAHPET]
                To Town We Go!                          [NW-LTSWLK]
                Time To Make Money. . .                 [NW-CONTST]
    >>   Which Version?                                   [NW-VRSION]
    So now comes the question, which version has what dogs?  Well, the
    version doesn't so much matter, as ultimately you'll be able to unlock
    the dogs from the other versions as well through playing the game.
    What may matter for you is what dogs you start off with.  This is the
    main reason you'll want a specific version to start off with.  Let's
    take a look at what version each has to offer in the beginning:
       -French Bulldog
       -Shetland Sheepdog
       -English Cocker Spaniel
       -Yorkshire Terrier
       -German Shepherd
       -Siberian Husky
       -Basset Hound
       -Golden Retriever
       -Shiba Inu
       -Miniature Pinscher
       -Miniature Dachshund
       -Great Dane
       -Cocker Spaniel
       -Toy Poodle
       -Pembroke Welsh Corgi
       -Miniature Schnauzer
       -Labrador Retriever
       -Shih Tzu
       -Jack Russel Terrier
       -Bull Terrier
    That is the list of the dog breeds available.  This is still mainly a
    game about owning a dog.  However, the addition of cats has been made.
    Each game comes with three cat breeds, all of them are the same.
    These cat breeds are:  Standard, Oriental, and Longhair.  We will cover
    more about these particular breeds of dogs and cats further in.
    There are some items that are exclusive to each version.  Generally,
    it's a color swap, but I'd recommend checking out Version Exclusive
    Items section [NC-VEREXC] to see this list.
    >>   Dogs & Cats, Living Together!                    [NW-DOGCAT]
    Now you can have dogs and cats living together under the same
    roof if you so choose!  So, what are the major differences?  It's
    pretty much the same as it is in life.  Each animal has it's own
    nature.  But the one thing that still stands true for this game
    is the difference between dogs and cats.
    Dogs will be like you know them.  Happy-go-lucky, excited to see
    his/her master, and do what he/she can to please their master.
    You'll be able to teach them tricks, take them on walks, play
    with them, pet them, brush them, feed them, run through contests,
    and all sorts of things.  The game is built around you owning at
    least one dog.  So if you were hoping for a game that focuses just
    as heavily on cats than it does dogs, then I'm afraid you have
    the wrong game.
    Cats, on the other hand, are very much on their own.  They don't
    really come over to you as much, sometimes it can take several
    calls over before your cat will heed your call, you cannot teach
    them tricks or take them out on walks, but I will admit that
    administering bath time to my two kittens in game is a lot easier
    than it is to give baths to cats in real life.  Cats like high
    places, so if you can purchase tall furniture for them to climb
    on, they will be happy campers.  Kittens will sometimes find
    presents, even though you can't take them on walks.  When you
    come back to the game from whatever it was you were doing, it
    will say something along the lines of your kitten finding some-
    thing!  Your kitten will come running from just outside the door
    of your place with wrapped box in mouth.
    Your cats and dogs will get along together, but I imagine some of
    their personalities may helps with that.  I have a Shiba Inu who
    loves to play with toys.  The first cat I got, I can't recall his
    nature, but he doesn't play with my dog that much.  I recently
    picked up a second cat who likes to play with others.  She and my
    dog get along well, and now my dog can keep busy for a much longer
    time by taunting my newer cat with a toy she won't give up easily.
    Just keep in mind, that both kittens and puppies love their
    owners.  Especially if you treat them well and tend to them
    often.  When you come in game, they'll be all over themselves to
    get to you and jump on you and maybe even lick you!  If you aren't
    as attentive, they will be a little more distant, I've noticed
    while experimenting with this game.  Also, note that puppies and
    kittens will have different color sparkles over their heads,
    depending on what is going on (brushing, petting, playing with
    toys, etc.).  This is just showing some level of happiness they
    are feeling with being fed, playing with their favorite toy or
    what not.  It's good!  So find those little places on your cute,
    little cuddly creature and give him a good scratching.
    >>   Let's Adopt!                                     [NW-LADOPT]
    Now you have a little background information on the differences
    and such, let's go take a trip to the kennel!  If you're starting
    up a new game, tapping Start within the game software will take
    you to the kennel to find your new friend!
    You'll be given your choices of dogs from the start.  Choose the
    one you're interested in.  You'll come to another screen which
    allows you to choose the fur your new friend may come in.  They
    even have an option of "Surprise me!" if you are feeling freaky.
    Once you've chosen, you'll be thrown into a pen with three dogs
    who are outrageously happy to see you.  Choose one and start
    After the initial meet and greet with the little one, you can
    tap the "Choose this dog" option to learn more about him or her.
    It will tell you the sex of your dog, the breed, and the nature
    of him or her.  The cost will also be listed along with the
    buttons "Cancel" and "Buy".  From here you can choose to go back
    and maybe find a critter with a different nature, sex, or maybe
    you want to look at different breeds altogether.  Make sure to
    choose your new friend wisely!
    Names are in brackets for easy searching!
    Here's an overview of the DOGS available:
    [BASSET HOUND]                                   ($1,280)
    Originally from France, this breed is known for its
    long ears and adorable short legs.
           (Tricolor, Lemon & White, Surprise me!)
    [BEAGLE]                                         ($1,280)
    Although small in stature, this sporting English breed
    boasts a densely muscled frame.
           (Tricolor, Lemon & White, Surprise me!)
    [BOXER]                                          ($1,280)
    A German breed, the Boxer's muscular frame was used to
    its advantage as a fighting dog.
               (Fawn, Brindle, Surprise me!)
    [BULL TERRIER]                                   ($1,280)
    This English breed is known for its charming egg-shaped
    head, strong guild, and jaunty gait.
      (White, Brindle & White, Red & White, Surprise me!)
    [CHIHUAHUA]                                      ($1,580)
    The world's smallest dog originated in Mexico.  Its
    large eyes and ears give it its charm.
         (Cream, Red & White, Tricolor, Surprise me!)
    [CAVALIER KING CHALRES SPANIEL]                  ($1,380)
    This British dog is distinguished by its noble bearing
    and elegant, silky ears.
          (Blenheim, Tricolor, Ruby, Surprise me!)
    [DALMATIAN]                                      ($1,380)
    This Croatian breed has been used for security, hunting,
    and firefighting purposes.
                 (With Spots, Surprise me!)
    [ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL]                         ($1,380)
    This friendly English breed has a luxurious, wavy coat
    and long, pendulous ears.
             (Parti-Colored, Red, Surprise me!)
    [FRENCH BULLDOG]                                 ($1,580)
    This French breed is known for its big, round eyes
    and rabbit-like ears that stick straight up.
         (Black & White, Brindle, Fawn, Surprise me!)
    [GERMAN SHEPHERD]                                ($1,280)
    This herder hails from Germany.  Its high intelligence
    makes it a good rescue dog.
             (Black & Tan, Sable, Surprise me!)
    [GOLDEN RETRIEVER]                               ($1,580)
    This large breed originated in Scotland and boasts a wavy
    coat and fine temperament.
                   (Golden, Surprise me!)
    [GREAT DANE]                                     ($1,480)
    This proud German breed is known for its massive size
    and powerful, muscular frame.
           (Mantle, Harlequin, Fawn, Surprise me!)
    [JACK RUSSELL TERRIER]                           ($1,480)
    This English dog hides in its diminutive frame the speed
    and energy of a horse.
         (Lemon & White, Black & White, Surprise me!)
    [LABRADOR RETRIEVER]                             ($1,380)
    Prized for its intelligence and gentle disposition, this
    English breed is a great guide dog.
           (Yellow, Black, Chocolate, Surprise me!)
    [MALTESE]                                        ($1,380)
    Receiving its name from the island of Malta, this breed
    boasts a silky, pure-white coat.
    [MINIATURE DACHSHUND]                            ($1,380)
    This breed from Germany is unmistakable, with its very
    long torso and short legs.
               (Red, Black & Tan, Surprise me!)
    [MINIATURE PINSCHER]                             ($1,280)
    This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.
               (Black & Tan, Red, Surprise me!)
    [MINIATURE SCHNAUZER]                            ($1,480)
    This German breed carries itself with dignity.  Its
    beard and eyebrows define the breed.
                (Pepper & Salt, Surprise me!)
    [PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI]                           ($1,380)
    This short-legged herder from Wales is light on its
    feet and has the stamina of larger dogs.
           (Sable & White, Tricolor, Surprise me!)
    [POMERANIAN]                                     ($1,580)
    Originally from Germany, this breed is known for its
    luxurious coat and bright, shiny eyes.
       (Orange, Black & Tan, Parti-Colored, Surprise me!)
    [PUG]                                            ($1,480)
    This breed originated in ancient China.  Its wrinkly face
    and curly tail are its famed features.
        (Silver Fawn, Black, Apricot Fawn, Surprise me!)
    [SHETLAND SHEEPDOG]                              ($1,480)
    Bred in Scotland as a herding dog, its elegant coat and
    kind face make it a popular breed.
        (Sable & White, Bicolor, Tricolor, Surprise me!)
    [SHIBA INU]                                      ($1,580)
    A breed originating in Japan, its small, muscular body
    and curly tail are its best features.
               (Red, Black & Tan, Surprise me!)
    [SHIH TZU]                                       ($1,380)
    This breed from Tibet is known for its beautiful coat,
    lovable, round face, and curled tail.
         (Parti-Colored, Brindle & White, Surprise me!)
    [SIBERIAN HUSKY]                                 ($1,380)
    Popularized in America as a sled dog, the Siberian
    husky recalls its ancestor, the wolf.
    (Black & White, Brown & White, Agouti & White, Surprise me!)
    [TOY POODLE]                                     ($1,580)
    This breed originated in France and is known for
    its cuddly, plush coat.
          (Fluffy Muzzle, Clipped Muzzle, Surprise me!)
    [YORKSHIRE TERRIER]                              ($1,480)
    Bred in England, the Yorkie is small but strong. It's
    known for its silky coat.
                  (Black & Tan, Surprise me!)
    Here's an overview of the CATS available:
    [STANDARD]                                         ($880)
    This well-proportioned kitten is healthy and playful--and
    not fussy about its owner.
             (Solid, Tabby, Spotted Tabby, Calico)
    [ORIENTAL]                                       ($1,080)
    Its sleek body and well-defined face give this cat an air
    of wisdom and maturity.
                (Pointed, Smoke, Surprise me!)
    [LONGHAIR]                                       ($1,280)
    This cat's luxuriously soft fur, short nose, and big,
    round eyes give it extra charm.
                (Pointed, Smoke, Surprise me!)
    Prices in parenthesis on the right are what I'm currently
    seeing in my game.  I'm not sure if these ever go down or
    anything, but I'm including them to help give you an idea
    of cost.  The parenthesis under the dogs and cats are the
    fur coat types they come in.
    >>   Strange Faces, Unfamiliar Places                 [NW-SFUNPL]
    Once you've chosen your new friend, you and your new friend will
    appear back at your place.  The game gives a nice walkthrough
    here, so follow the instructions given.  Your dog will be in
    unfamiliar surroundings, so it will take a little bit for him or
    her to get accustomed to their new place.  Spend this time making
    sure they are comfortably settling in.  They will be wary, but
    take the time to pet and comfort your friend.  You may even wish,
    if you picked up (or decide to now), a toy at the store, to try
    short play time with them.  Anything to help them get settled in.
    Once your new pet has become settled, it will be time to give him
    or her a new name!  (This process applies to cats as well.  It
    took my first cat a long time to settle in, so was unaware until
    the next real day when I went into game they'd let me name him.
    So, if you can, stay with your pet, dog or cat, until they settle
    in so you can name them!)  The game will walk you through the
    steps to name your pet.  Make sure to speak clearly as the
    instructions say.  Make sure you choose a name that is easy to say
    and recognizable by the game.  Choosing something wild and crazy
    may lead to your pet not recognizing his or her name a lot of the
    Do note that while you are naming your pet, you do have a timer
    on the audio.  If it times out, you may try again.  If your pet
    doesn't recognize one time you say it, you will not have to repeat
    it all over again, just that particular try.  You'll need to say
    the name three times for your pet to learn it.  If your dog has
    sparkles around its head when you speak into the microphone, it
    means it is learning.  So, until it has learned it's name, keep
    at it!  Make sure once you have taught it its name to type it in!
    This will be how the game refers to your pet on menus and such.
    It is more for remembering the name of your pet for you, so make
    sure you pet the actual pet name there!
    >>   Time To Learn                                    [NW-TM2LRN]
    Your pet now has a name, but the game won't let you or your pet
    rest just yet.  It will push for you to teach your pet a trick.
    The game will walk you through how to teach your pet a trick.
    Just follow them, and it should lead you to an easy time of
    teaching him or her to "sit".  Follow the instructions on how
    to get your dog to perform the action then follow it with a
    voice command.  Remember to keep them simple.  Things that are
    similar will end up confusing your canine friend and he may end
    up performing a trick other than the one intended!
    (I should note I had this issue myself.  There is a "right paw"
    and a "left paw" trick they tell you to teach your pet.
    Unfortunately, the names of the tricks aren't exactly always the
    best ways to communicate with your dog.  I gave the voice
    commands as the game named them, but my dog would always confuse
    which paw it was and end up doing the wrong one.  I ended up
    having the dog forget both and taught her "right" and "left"
    instead.  It meant the paws, but it was easier for her to tell
    which paw I was referring to rather than being confused or
    Keep in mind that your dog can ONLY learn THREE tricks a day!
    So you may wish to pick and choose which ones they learn first.
    But how do you know what tricks are available in game to teach
    your friend?  Well, on the menu on the bottom screen, highlight
    your dogs button.  It will turn yellow.  There will be a brown
    page looking thing at the opposite corner from where your pets
    name appears.  Tap this brown button.
    Here you will get information on your pet.  You will get
    his/her physique, hunger, thirst, and information on the type of
    coat they have.  (Whether it be long hair or short hair.  Keep
    in mind this makes a difference!  Make sure to buy an appropriate
    brush for your pet!  Buying a short hair brush for a long hair
    pet will not work so well!)
    From this menu you also have a button that says Tricks and
    Results.  Results are where your dog is rated amongst the
    contests.  For this purpose though we need to tap the Tricks
    button.  This will list all of the tricks you can teach your pet.
    It also, if you click on one you've not learned, will teach you
    how to teach your pet this trick.  Some are easier than others.
    You can choose which to teach your pet.  Just remember though,
    they can only learn three a day!  Even if you delete one they
    just learned, it counts for the day.
    The tricks you've learned will appear in white boxes and show
    the action the dog takes along with the name you gave the trick.
    The tricks not yet learned appear on darker brown boards and
    allow for you to click on the Tutorial button for a walkthrough
    on how to teach your pet the trick.  Make sure to name the
    trick, when prompted to type it in, exactly as you say it. It
    is easy to confuse or mix up what you want them to do versus
    the voice command you originally gave your puppy.  I know I've
    confused it and had to have gone back to view how I typed it
    to confirm whether what I was saying was right or not.  (And
    99% of the time it wasn't, which is why my dog wasn't even
    registering it in her little puppy mind.)
    For more information regarding tricks, please refer to the
    Tricks section found at [TRICKS].
    >>   Happy, Healthy Pet                               [NW-HAHPET]
    So now that you have a pet, what all can you do with it?  Well,
    a lot of things that you can do if the dog were sitting in front
    of you.  Except the tongue that is licking you won't be really
    wetting your face.  Let's cover the basics.
          Food / Water                         [NW-HA-FDWATR]
          Grooming / Bathing                   [NW-HA-GRMBTH]
          Toys / Music                         [NW-HA-TOYMUS]
       >> Food / Water                         [NW-HA-FDWATR]
    Before we dive into feeding and giving water to our pet, there
    are some things you'll need to know.  You can over or underfeed
    your pet.  Though this isn't much of a problem, depending on
    how active your pet is.  Let's look at the different stages of
    hunger, thirst, and weight.
                  (Least)                           (Most)
    Hunger:         Full   -> Normal -> Hungry  -> Famished
    Thirst:       Quenched -> Normal -> Thirsty -> Parched
    Weight:        Plump   -> Ideal  -> Skinny
    If you balance your pets food around some good exercise, you
    can maintain a happy and healthy pet.  However, overfeeding
    with little to no exercise can lead your pet to being over
    weight.  While I've not seen any negatives either way, I think
    the idea is to treat it as a real pet and treat it well.
    The Least above means it is the least hungry/thirsty option
    available.  Your pet is fine and does not need attention in
    that particular area.  However, under most means it is the
    most hungry and thirsty possible.  You should feed or give
    your pet water if you see these!
    With weight, if your pet is plump, you can feed it diet food
    and try to keep it in busy with activities to help it lose
    weight.  For the opposite end of the spectrum though, if
    your pet is Skinny, you may wish to feed it some food that
    will allow it to pack on some weight (the wet food in the
    game does this), but try to keep your pet active still.  You
    may wish to cut down on the activity, but it is up to you.
    And obviously ideal is right in the middle, where you
    probably should prefer your pets to be.  Though some are
    harder to keep ideal than others!
    After checking to see if your pet needs food or water, and
    you have determined they do, tap the Supplies button at the
    bottom of the bottom screen.  This will take you to a list of
    items you own.  Choose either the water or food and press
    the icon.  It should then put it down and your pet will begin
    to partake in the item you offer.  Sparkles will go around
    his or head to indicate they are happy.  Once done, if you
    find your pet is desiring the other, feel free to give it
    to him or her.  I should note here that you should ONLY
    place one down at a time.  Since you can only have one toy/
    food item out at a time, putting something else will result
    in loss of food or water.
    You can also buy treats to give to your pet.  It's especially
    helpful for puppies to teach them tricks, but both puppies
    and kittens have treats available in game for them.  To give
    them one, you can go to supplies and pick the treat.  It will
    tell you to call the pet you want over to enjoy the tasty
    treat.  Do as it asks and you will then be able to give your
    pet the treat, if they aren't tackling you, happy to see you!
    I should also note that your pet food scales, in sorts.  If
    you own one cat and bought a bunch of food, then decided along
    the way to get a second cat, don't fear!  You won't go through
    your food twice as fast.  In actuality, the bowl will be big
    enough and hold enough food for both cats to end up satisfied
    with their meal.  This also applies to dog food as well as the
    water bowl.  With the water bowl, all of the pets you own that
    are there will drink out of it together.  If you only own one
    pet, it will be a single serving bowl.  If you own two, it will
    be slightly bigger and enough for both.  If you have three
    animals in your house, the bowl will be really big, and be
    able to accommodate all three animals drinking from it at once.
    And satisfy their thirst to boot!
       >> Grooming / Bathing                   [NW-HA-GRMBTH]
    There are a couple of ways you can keep your pets looking great!
    The first method is through brushing your animal.  You'll need
    to make sure you've brought home an appropriate brush for your
    animal.  Is it a long hair?  Or a short hair?  There are both
    short and long hair brushes for both kittens and puppies, so
    you'll need to check your pets stats to see which it is if you
    are unsure.
    Once you are in possession of the appropriate brush, you'll
    want to tap the Supplies button and then tap the brush.
    Initially, it will call your pet over for you to use the brush
    on.  From here on in, it will have a red check mark.  So when
    you call your pet over, it will be an option to use on your
    pet on the side of the screen.
    You'll notice that once you start brushing, no matter what
    color your pets fur is, white stuff will begin to build up on
    the brush.  If you stop brushing your pet, the brush itself will
    flip out towards you.  Just tap the brush and it will clear it
    for you.
    As for bathing, it's a heck of a lot easier in game than in
    real life.  For obvious reasons.  No hassle of carrying kitty-
    chan to the tub.  The end result usually has you with battle
    wounds.  Tap the Supply button and go through your inventory.
    If you've not purchased any shampoo yet, you'll need to go
    and buy some!  Tap the shampoo bottle of your choice (there is
    the stuff you can buy and some premium shampoo you can find
    in present boxes along your walks as well), and it will then
    ask you to choose the pet you wish to scrub clean.  If you
    only have one, then it is an obvious choice.
    Once you have your pet in the shower room, you will be given
    a sponge to begin the dirty work!  Take said sponge and begin
    giving your pet a gentle scrub down.  If they're really dirty,
    then the suds that first appear will be darker in color than
    normal. They will become lighter over time as you clean your
    furry friend.  Make sure to get both sides!  Scrub that tail!
    Wash that neck!
    You'll notice that even if you rub down your pets face and tail
    that suds won't show.  Don't worry about it, get them as best as
    you can for ultimate cleanliness.  At some point, after so
    much scrubbing, the shower head icon will make a noise and flash
    in sorts to get your attention.  It's just trying to get you to
    wash down your little runt.
    I usually use it when it does this and then continue to scrub.
    I don't stop scrubbing and washing until it absolutely forces
    me to.  I want my little one to be spic and span clean.  So,
    even if you just washed your pet and it doesn't force you out,
    you can continue to clean your pet.  Sometimes though, the
    shower head icon will flash and make noises right off the bat.
    Ignore it and give your pet another good round before you wash
    off.  At some point it will force you out and your pet will
    sparkle!  It should then state your pet is beautiful.
    Once you've washed one pet, if you own any others, it will
    give you the option to call the next pet in for his or her
    doom.  You don't have to, but I usually give mine a bath all
    at once, especially if one is filthy.  I like my pets to shine
    like a freshly minted nickel.  Gotta put the sunshades on kind
    of shine.  They don't last this way for long, but it's worth it
    for me.
    If your pet is still pretty clean, it's possible to brush them
    back to beautiful.  If you just gave your pet a bath, but he's
    been on a walk or something, try giving him a brush down.  It'll
    sometimes be able to bring that shine back.
       >> Toys / Music                         [NW-HA-TOYMUS]
    This isn't a list of items or toys or music available in game.
    For that I'd recommend going to the Items [PTITMS] section.
    So, you've been able to teach your dog his/her name, teach them
    some tricks, give them food and water, groomed and/or bathed
    them.  What is left here?  Well, the most obvious!  Now that you
    have a pet, you can play with them.
    The one thing that should be said here, is that some toys are
    considered cat toys (bell ball), some are considered doggie toys
    (frisbee), and some are shared toys (tennis ball).  A lot of this
    is common sense, but some of it is about testing what your pets
    like to play with.  So try testing out different things you find
    along in walks and at stores and see which pets react to what.
    (I was kind of shocked to see my puppy equally excited about a
    wind up mouse as my kittens were!)
    If you have both a cat and dog, but only throw out a toy that is
    meant for one of them (in other words a toy specifically for only
    a dog or cat), the animal it is for will play with it while the
    other one stays off to the side doing his or her own thing.  If
    you throw out something that both like, say a stuffed dog toy,
    then they will both play with it.  If one animal gets it, the
    other, as long as they are still interested, will play with the
    other animal and try to get it from them.
    There are plenty of toys out there, but for more information on
    specific toys, I'd highly recommend going to the Items [PTITMS]
    section.  Just keep in mind that a lot of the toys are something
    you will need to experiment with.  It's possible some pets like
    one thing over another.  And a lot of that might even depend on
    their nature.
    An example I can come up with is my puppy (Alice) found a stuffed
    dog toy along a walk one day.  It's been one of her favorite
    things since we found it.  Her nature though was she naturally
    likes to play with her toys.  So she loves it.  I ended up
    getting a kitten (Luther).  I can't remember exactly his nature,
    but he's more into something else apparently.  Alice wasn't able
    to play with Luther long before he found something else more
    interesting to do.
    I ended up getting a third animal, a kitten (Sky), who's nature
    it was to play.  She loves playing with anyone.  She plays with
    Luther and Alice.  It's easy for Alice to play longer now,
    because when Luther loses interest, more than likely Sky is
    still crazy about the toy Alice is dragging around the room and
    will pounce on her.  So sometimes, you may want to get animals
    with some compatibility if you like them to keep each other busy.
    And just because an item says it's for cats doesn't mean your
    dog won't love it just as much if not more.  Sir Nibbles is a
    toy that comes to mind with my own pets.  In the description it
    says it's "magical for cats" or something along those lines.
    Funny enough though, my dog loves it more than my cats.
    Something to note here, is that with each new toy you bring out,
    if your pets play with it long enough, they'll have sparkles
    over their head.  This means they are having a good time.
    You'll also be able to introduce your little ones to music.  And
    before you buy a record then ask "What is this???". yes, Nintendo
    stuck with the old school record player.  I would imagine it's
    the only way some people will ever come into contact with said
    device.  (Despite some of us growing up listening to them.  Man
    does that make me feel old!)  Just pick up the needle and place
    where ever on the record you'd like to start.  If you want to
    start at the beginning, you'll want to place it on the outer most
    part of the record.  You can also press the back button and it
    will allow the music to play in the background while you do
    whatever it is with your pets you want.
    A bit into the game, you will be able to musically interact with
    your pets beyond playing a record for them.  You'll be able to
    purchase from the Secondhand Shop a keyboard, in which you will
    be able to play music for your pets.  There are some presets that
    can teach you a few things.  If you correctly get them right, your
    pets will let out a howl or meow.  Try playing something of your
    >>   To Town We Go!                                   [NW-LTSWLK]
    So, you've done all of the above, what left is there?  Walking!
    It's time to hit the town! At the bottom of the screen, tap the
    button "Go Out" and then tap "Walk".  This will allow you to
    take your fuzzy friend out for a trip through town.
    Do note that if you've not fed your pet (if they are at the
    Famished level), before you take them on a walk, the game will
    gently force you to feed your puppy before it will let you take
    it on a walk.  This is something I just found out as I write
    this.  I've had my 3DS on most of the day and forgot when I fed
    her it was much earlier in day.  This also works for them being
    thirsty.  So make sure your pet is fed and quenched before
    heading out.
    In the upper right corner of the bottom screen, you'll have an
    area to swap leashes, if you own more than one.  Default one
    the game gives you is yellow, but you can buy more in stores.
    So clicking through the arrow will allow you to swap your leash.
    Press the upside down triangle to start your walk!
    Now, walking is something you'll learn over time.  At first I
    just let my dog do whatever, as long as she was happy on them.
    She also extended some of the trips by a lot just stopping by
    fire hydrants and random spots.  The game will slowly put hints,
    at the start of your walks, to try to get your dog in some kind
    of form, so that they aren't so crazy while walking.
    This game, you just take your dog and choose your path as you go.
    Sometimes the game will start you in a specific part of town,
    but many times you will start in the same place, on a neighbor-
    hood street.  From here you can choose to go to Downtown.  (If
    you go downtown, you can even choose to break off once again
    when the exit to the Seaside comes up.)  Or if you walk further
    ahead here in the neighborhood, you will also get a chance to
    break off to the Mountains.
          Where the leash is. . .              [NW-LT-WLEASH]
          Distractions                         [NW-LT-DSTRCT]
          Presents                             [NW-LT-PRSNTS]
          The Neighborhood                     [NW-LT-NGHBHD]
          Hot Spots                            [NW-LT-HTSPTS]
          Meeting Other Dogs                   [NW-LT-MOTDOG]
          Cleaning Up                          [NW-LT-CLEANG]
    [NW-LT-WLEASH]   Where the leash is. . .
    Something I'd wish I'd known, or realized at the start, was
    where you hold the leash depends on what you allow your pet to
    do.  If you hold it closer to the bottom of the screen, your
    pet will stop.  In the middle of the screen is the normal
    pacing.  If you hold it up to the top of the bottom screen, your
    pet will run.  However, after some testing it appears your
    pup will only be able to keep up the run for a short bit.  And
    not that I promote this, even to a fictional dog, if you pull
    too hard, too quickly on the leash, it will cause your pet
    to jump.  Also remember, that when you pull the leash to
    keep your puppy out of trouble, do so in the opposite direction
    the puppy is going to get its attention.  Do it while it is
    standing still and it should increase your chance of getting
    its attention without hurting the puppies happiness.
    [NW-LT-DSTRCT]   Distractions
    There are things along the way in your walk that can disrupt it.
    First are fire hydrants.  Dogs love them and are attracted to
    them like a bug to a bug zapper.  I try to keep my pup away from it
    when I see one coming ahead.  If she realizes this and still
    bolts for it, then I try to tug on her leash just enough to get
    her attention.  Make sure to give your little one a treat to
    reward them for not continuing the action.  (Always make sure
    you keep treats around, because it will definitely help out
    with the next distraction!)
    Another distraction is garbage.  For god knows what reason, one
    (or more) of your neighbors leaves trash out in the middle of
    the road at times.  Why??  This isn't your personal dumping
    ground guys!  So, you'll need to avoid it.  I try to steer way
    clear of it, but early on she would get a nibble in before I
    could yank her away from it.  As I write this, I'm letting her
    dig through some garbage to see if there are any negative
    effects, but I'm not seeing any.  She did sit there by the
    trash for a while, hating to leave it.  But I imagine it doesn't
    bode well for your pets diet to munch on whatever it is in that
    pile of trash.
    (*Do note, later in this FAQ I link to a place in [OPOINT] that
    states letting your pet eat trash will cause you to lose Owner
    Mud puddles are another frustrating distraction that your puppy
    may get fixated on.  There are times when you set out on a walk
    and will notice it has rained.  This of course leaves wonderful,
    little puppy sized puddles for your little puppy to roll
    around in.  If you let your dog get close to it, they will run
    full speed ahead to jump into the puddle.  If you can prevent
    it from rolling around in the puddle, you'll save yourself some
    trouble.  They will get dirty so, it will mean bath time by
    time you get back home should they decide to visit one.
    There are some other minor distractions.  These include, but are
    not limited to grass patches (which isn't so bad, until my dog
    looks at me, barks, then waits a bit before deciding to roll
    around in the grass), pigeons, trash cans, and sometimes random
    spots on the ground where it apparently smells really awesome.
    I'm not sure I recall my dog chasing the dragonflies that appear
    during the day over grass patches, or the fireflies at night,
    but I suppose it's possible those become a bit of a distraction.
    [NW-LT-PRSNTS]   Presents
    Along your walk, you may come across a wrapped gift on the road.
    Try steering your dog toward it.  If you can get them to notice
    it, they will happily nab the present and bring it to you.  It
    can contain something that is a recyclable item, or perhaps
    something you can use.  A new toy, some food, a treat, shampoo.
    There are a lot of things that can be in them.  So each box is
    a surprise.  However, I should note that many times it will
    end up being a recyclable item.  Which is fine, because you
    will end up saving these items for later to buy new things
    with.  Again, for more information on that, please refer to
    the Point of Interest section at [POFINT].
    Presents can sometimes be found in grass patches as well.  You
    won't be able to see it but your dog will.  They nab it from
    the patch and bring it back to you. So, it's definitely worth
    strolling by grass patches in hopes of something new.  Sometimes
    you may also be given gifts by meeting owners of other dogs
    walking them through the area.  Though, so far the only ones
    that have given me presents are ones from Spot Pass.  For more
    information go to the Street Pass / Spot Pass section at
    You can also obtain presents by completing an obstacle course
    of sorts that you find while out and about walking.  See those
    cones from time to time while out and about?  Try walking your
    dog, around them, as if doing a slalom, and if you do it
    perfectly at the end, you'll received a present!
    [NW-LT-NGHBHD]   The Neighborhood
    The area in which you live is a nice mixture of Neighborhood,
    Downtown, Seaside, and Mountains.  The Neighborhood is generally
    the place you start, but not always.  You can branch off to
    Downtown on the right, or if you go further up the road, can
    branch off to the Mountains on the left.  If you continue down
    the Neighborhood street without branching off anywhere, you 
    will end up back home.  If you head Downtown, at some point on
    the left you will be able to branch off and hit the Seaside
    Each of these places have one or more multiple points of
    interest.  Let's start with the Neighborhood.
    NEIGHBORHOOD - This is usually where you start off.  You can
    branch off to Downtown or theMountains from here.  There is
    also a BARC store along this route.  This is only available
    to walk down though should you start here.  You cannot
    find your way back to this path once you've deviated.
    DOWNTOWN - A cafe is along this route as well as a Gym.  The
    branch off to Seaside is here as well.  There is also a BARC
    store along this route.
    SEASIDE - The point of interest here is a park that is available
    to take your dog to.  This park is good to practice Disc throwing
    in, so your puppy can practice catching.  The ground here is sand
    so it will prepare your puppy perhaps better than a park with
    grass.  You'll find another BARC store location on this route.
    MOUNTAINS - Like the seaside, this place has a park.  However,
    this parks ground is grass, so it will give a different feeling
    to your pup while running around in it.  It's also a good place
    to practice for Disc competitions.  Should also find the last
    BARC location on this route.
    Sometimes while you are walking you will see a sign that looks
    similar to say a sign that is pointing you to the Mountains or
    Downtown, but will have a silhouette of a person walking a dog.
    This is called a Secret Path.  There are more gifts available here
    than on the regular route.  Here not all gifts may be visible.
    Try checking the grass patches too!
    [NW-LT-HTSPTS]   Hot Spots
    Hot sports are some places I mentioned above.  The gym, parks,
    BARC stores and the Cafe.  I'll break these down and give a little
    more information here.
    GYM - The Gym is located in Downtown and will allow you to train
    your dog to participate in the Lure Competition.  I HIGHLY
    recommend practicing for each rank that you go up in.  They add
    complexity to each round in Lure Competition and it's really
    important that your dog have already practiced some of them to
    have the chance of winning.  You can buy a Lure at the store to
    begin practicing here.
    PARK - There is a park in both the Mountains and Seaside.  Each
    have different ground types.  Mountains has grass and Seaside
    has sand.  I think it is important to train in both, but it is
    up to you.  Here you can sometimes meet other dogs that are
    currently playing there.  This will allow you to pet and play
    with them.  The Park is important for Disc Competition training.
    I highly recommend you train as often as you need to perfect
    both your throw, and your dogs skill at catching the Disc.  Not
    only catching, but getting your dog in the habit of bringing
    back the disc to you so that you can do the next throw.  If you
    do not condition them to do so, this will cost precious time
    in the competition.
    It took a while for my puppy to learn it. I had to be on top
    of it and tap her on the bottom screen just after she caught
    it so she wouldn't waste time.  She now brings it back no
    problem.  Just keep at it, your dog will learn to bring it back.
    Sometimes, after meeting another dog, if they really want to
    get to know each other more, one of the Parks will become
    available to go to visit with them.  Though sometimes the Cafe
    is offered as a meeting place.  The problem with the Cafe is
    you must spend money to get inside.
    BARC STORES - The BARC stores carry items the regular stores
    do not carry.  They'll start off with a few items, and as you
    go through the game and unlock things, you will see more items
    appear in them.  Each location offers different items, so visit
    them all!
    CAFE - The Cafe is located in Downtown.  Here you can buy a
    treat for yourself and one for your puppy.  This is another
    place that you can potentially go to after meeting a neighbors
    dog.  If they like each other enough, if the Park isn't an option
    then the Cafe will be.  You are required to purchase something to
    be here, so if you decline, you won't visit your neighbors dog
    here or take your dog here for a treat if on your own.  If you
    are here on your own, you will get to meet the Cafe owners cat.
    Here your dog and the cat can play together.
    [NW-LT-MOTDOG]   Meeting Other Dogs
    So, while you are walking through town, you are bound to come
    across another neighbor out walking his or her dog.  This is
    your dogs chance to socialize!  Gently guide your dog to start
    the meeting.  Your neighbor might provide you some friendly advice
    or some random tidbit before your dogs mingle for a moment.  At
    the end of the meeting you will know whether your dogs get along
    or not.
    Don't worry if your dog doesn't get along with that particular
    dog.  There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood!  There's
    bound to be one or two he/she doesn't get along with.  I've also
    noticed that my dog didn't like one puppy.  Then somewhere along
    the way they became comfortable with each other.  There is always
    the possibility they'll become friends later.
    If the two meet and really like each other, you are given a
    chance to meet your neighbor and his dog elsewhere.  The game
    chooses which place, but it will be either one of the two parks
    or the Cafe.  (Your neighbors dog and your own dog will share the
    treat you are forced to buy.  Funny how your neighbor doesn't have
    to buy a thing for his/her dog to get in!)  You can choose to go
    or decline their offer.  It is up to you.
    If you have Spot Pass on, you'll sometimes find yourself meeting
    Mii's from there!  From what I've seen so far, it's been a very
    Presidential meeting with Mii's from Spot Pass.  I've come across
    several past Presidents.  Two of them owned dogs, and one of them
    owned cats.  For the cat one, I had to draw a line from whichever
    of my pets I wanted to meet one of his cats.  Sometimes these
    Spot Pass Mii's will also hand out gifts when you come across them
    in town.  Also, don't forget to check your journal!  When a new
    one comes in, they'll sometimes drop you a present to pick up.  Or
    in the case with the President with the cat, secure a meeting to
    meet up with him and his kitten.
    [NW-LT-CLEANG]   Cleaning Up
    So, when you take your dog out for a walk, you'll find they'll
    make several stops through out.  Most times it is to take a
    tinkle.  Once in a while though, you will find your dog leaving
    a solid mess.  When this poo is shown on the ground, it will
    have some blue tic marks above to get your attention.  A bag
    will show up on screen.  Now is the dirty work of being a dog
    owner.  Tap the poo and it will go into the bag automatically.
    Clean up after your little pooch.  You don't want the
    neighborhood to think you are some kind of lazy bum, do you?
    >>   Time To Make Money. . .                          [NW-CONTST]
    So now you've paid for your dog, which alone cost a lot of money.
    Then you've paid for food, water, toys, and other supplies.  How
    does one go about making money in this game?  Well, you could go
    walks and sell any items you find in presents along the way.  You
    could also trade in some of those recyclables you find, trade
    them in for something you don't want, then sell it right back to
    him, but seems like a lot of work probably for something not
    worth a lot.  Then, you have competitions.  These will be the
    main source of your income.
    Since this will become your source of income, it's good to get to
    know it now:  you can do up to TWO sessions of each contest a day.
    That means in a day you can complete two Lure competitions, two
    Obedience competitions, and two Disc competitions.  Depending on
    where you place in them depends on how much happiness your pet
    gets as well as the monetary reward for finishing.  Let's go into
    a little more detail about the competitions. . .
    *** A Quick Note About A Tie in Competitions
        So, apparently this game does not bust your rear.  I know
        ties in many games lead to YOU being the second person of the
        tie and therefore "losing".  Fortunately, as I just found out
        while going through the Nintendogs cup of Disc Competition,
        you can tie and still end up on top.  Competitor and I tied
        at 50 points each.  However, it tied us at first and I was
        still given the win and won the Victory Crown.
                         ~ Disc Competition ~
    Here you'll be throwing your puppy a disc.  The further they go
    out to catch it, the more points you'll earn.  Try not to throw
    it out too far that it hits the side as you'll automatically
    fail that throw and lose all chance at earning points.  Each
    Cup provides different ways to earn points, outside of distance
    adding points.  Areas of white will show up in some later ones.
    If you can get your pooch to catch one in there you'll get
    additional bonus points.  You'll get bonus points for your dog
    jumping and jump/somersault type thing.  So you'll want to
    try to maximize what you can, because competition can get
    pretty stiff at the high end.
    Remember, you'll win if you have the highest amount of points
    by the time the clock runs out.  I usually go for each throw
    yielding most points as possible.  Throwing as far as I can
    without hitting the side and hoping my dog does something that
    earns it extra points.  Your pet bringing back the disc fast
    is important.  If you can sneak another throw before the timer
    runs out, any points your dog earns for it WILL be counted
    towards your final total!  Keep that in mind!  But also keep
    in mind that it's the same for your competition.  So if it's
    down to the wire, pray for the best.  Because if they got a
    throw off as well, they could make it a close competition.
    Before you tackle this even at the Junior Cup, I'd highly
    recommend taking many trips to the park.  Your dog will need
    to learn timing and how to catch it.  Start short distances
    first so that your dog can get accustomed to it.  Then start
    throwing further out.  At some point your dog will begin to
    jump for it and then even jumping and doing a somersault for
    You'll also need to heavily train your dog to bring back the
    disc.  I'm not sure if natures have anything to do with it,
    but I know my dog loves playing with toys.  So I'll be honest
    and say I am not sure if this is why it took forever for her
    to learn, but it is something to keep in mind.  You'll need
    to teach your dog to bring back the disc.  Do not let them sit
    there and keep chewing on it even in the beginning, because
    it reinforces the idea it is okay to chew on it.  We want them
    to bring it back to us as quickly as possible, since time is
    of the essence in disc competition.  When they catch it, tap
    them as soon as possible to keep them from wandering around
    with it and chewing on it.
    With my little girl, it took her so long to learn to bring it
    back on her own.  It was when I was in the middle of a disc
    competition did I realize she was bringing it back on her own.
    Before then, I had to be on my toes.  If not, she would sit
    down in the middle of the competition with it and begin chewing
    on the disc.  If your dog is a slow learner like mine was, you
    can take them to competitions you just have to be extra on top
    of it.  As soon as your dog catches it and lands, tap them.
    Tap them as many times as you need as quickly as you can to
    get their attention to bring it back.  It is a little time
    consuming versus if they bring it back on their own, but it is
    a learning process that they will eventually get.  Don't give
    Just remember, while you are practicing with your puppy in
    the park, don't just rip away the disc.  Give them a loving
    pat until you see sparkles.  It'll raise their happiness plus
    will reinforce good behavior of bringing it back.  You may not
    be able to afford to pat them during competition, but do so
    on your own time to reward them.
                        ~ Lure Competition ~
    Lure competitions are won by first person reaching the finish
    line.  It's a race but with a lure and some obstacles.  Things
    include poles to jump over (which in higher cups get taller),
    corners, as well as open areas that you have to hope your dog
    either goes through first as not to get distracted by other
    lures or is trained to be focused on yours.  First person to
    the end wins top prize.
    You'll need to hit up the gym often enough to practice this.
    Maybe you can win the first competition without doing so, but
    it will get harder when your dog is required to jump over poles
    to finish the race.  Practice a lot.  Get your dog focused.
    Make sure you don't go too fast, because if you go too far ahead
    of your dog, they'll lose interest.  The only way to get then
    to regain interest is to go back near them or honk the lure.
    Though if you are too far ahead, the honking won't do much.  I
    do find I honk my lure from time to time in the race just to make
    sure my dog keeps focus on it.  Learning to pace yourself on
    this is a big MUST.  You must learn how to pace your team to
    stay ahead of the competition but also you must learn how to
    pace with your dog.  Your little dogs legs can only carry them so
    far.  So learn the pace your dog is able to move the quickest at and
    keep at it.  Once you learn how far ahead of your dog you can
    stay and keep it interested, you'll be on the fast track to
    Another reason you'll want to practice a lot, is because of the
    poles you'll encounter as you go up through the cups.  I know
    the first time we practiced it took a while for my dog to even
    get the hang of it.  I'd have to have my lure just on the other
    side of the pole and honk repeatedly.  At some point your little
    one will get the hang of it.  Just keep at it.  Though as soon
    as you probably have the hang of it (and time is important here
    so you'll want them to be quick acting with it) you'll get
    thrown a curve ball.  In later cups you'll get thrown taller
    poles, so you'll need to work on your dogs confidence of being
    able to jump it.
                     ~ Obedience Competition ~
    The Obedience competition I've avoided.  I won't lie.  If it
    means I have to drag out my AR Cards, which I keep tidied up
    in the 3DS box still because if I don't, I'll lose them, it
    means I probably won't use that feature.  While it is an
    interesting and fun way to keep it interactive, it's also a
    big hassle.  But for the sake of writing this guide, I just
    did my first competition and won it.  Go figure.  Let me
    give a bit of a run down.
    So, for this you will need your AR Cards, obviously.  You'll
    have your pet sitting on your coffee table, bed, computer
    desk, or where ever it is you like to have your cards.  From
    here you will be performing tricks.  Give the command as you
    usually would and your pet should follow through if they
    recognize the command.
    I just tackled Junior Cup and won.  At start, you end up
    being the last person to go in these, so you'll know who is
    in first place and by how many points.  This will allow you
    to do some mental planning about how much you need to do to
    pull off the amount of points higher than your competition.
    It seems they break these down into rounds as well.  The
    tricks in parenthesis next to the cup name are the moves
    required to know for this cup.  Each round varies as to what
    is required to a certain extent.  I will give a description
    of each round, but know that the tricks can vary in each
    round every time you do this competition, to an extent.
    Junior Cup     -   Sit Down, Left Paw, Right Paw
    Amateur Cup    -   Lie Down, Spin
    Pro Cup        -   Roll Over, Sit Up, Jump
    Master Cup     -   Sneeze, Stand Up, Say Please, Cheer
    Nintendogs Cup -   Beg, Handstand, Breakdance
    Round 1 - Has you do a trick that should be learned for
              the particular cup you are in.
    Round 2 - Perform a trick that you know and hold it for
              some period of time.  (Practice makes perfect
              for this.)
    Round 3 - This round generally has you chain two tricks
              together.  Say one, wait for your dog to perform
              it then say the next.  Quicker you are more
              bonus points you'll get.
    Round 4 - This is an open performance round.  Try to chain
              together as many tricks as possible to score as
              much as you can within the allotted time.
    Remember here!  Practice, practice, practice!  The more you
    practice, the less mistakes your puppy will make and the
    faster it can recall what you are telling it to do.  Time is
    important here.  The more tricks you can pull in the last
    round the better.  And the quicker you can pull tricks off
    during each round means more bonus points for your time!
    I would also be lying if I didn't state my disdain for this
    Competition.  It's not the competition itself but rather the
    use of AR cards and the frustrating aspect of keeping the
    camera just at the correct distances while also trying to
    position myself just far enough away from the mic so that
    commands will register.  I think the idea they had was an
    interesting one that allows for something outside of the
    normal scope of gaming; however, I find this to be the
    least fun thing in this game.  Managing to try to keep
    everything just right is not fun for a game.  I do admit
    that once I've completed the whole kitten caboodle that
    I won't be touching this competition ever again.  The
    things we do for guides!
    It should be noted that each competition goes up in a pyramid
    format in terms of difficulty.  (Forgive my horrible ASCI
    rendition of a crown at the top of the pyramid.  Obviously
    it isn't my forte.)
    M  M            
    |  | -------------- Nintendogs Cup
     \    ------------- Master Cup
         \  ----------- Pro Cup 
             \ -------- Amateur Cup
                 \ ---- Junior Cup (Start Here)
    IV.  Places of Interest                                               [POFINT]
    There are some points of interests you should take note of while shopping.
    Each have their use and we'll go a bit into detail about them here.
                                  ~ Pet Supplies ~
    The Pet Supplies store is run by Diane and sells all the food and toys
    you'll need to get started with your puppies and kittens.  She will add more
    as time goes on.  Definitely your one stop shop for food and water for your
    pets, but as time goes on it won't be your only stop for pet toys.
    Check the Items section, specifically the Pet Supplies store section
    [NC-PETSPS], to see what is available here.  Note that not all things may
    be available from the start in this list.
                                   ~ Accessories ~
    The Accessories shop is called Coletta and is run by Celia.  Here you can
    buy all kinds of accessories for your little ones.  In the beginning it'll
    be your chance to accessorize your pets.  But other places will also offer
    some accessories as you begin to explore and unlock things.  She will also
    have things that unlock over time, so make sure to check back from time to
    time.  Don't forget they have a try before buy option!!  See if that
    cute accessory looks well on your pet before you buy.
    Check the Items section, specifically the Accessories section [NC-ACCESS],
    to see what is available here.  Note that not all things may be available
    from the start in this list.
                                   ~ Interiors ~
    The Interiors shop is called Modo Home and is run by Cody.  Here you can
    buy furniture and remodel your home.  Both sections will have things that
    unlock over time, so be sure to check back once in a while.  Just note that
    every time you wish to change to a new room layout, you will need to pay
    the cost associated with it.  Unfortunately, it's not a buy once get
    when ever kind of deal.
    Check the Items section, specifically the Interiors store section
    [NC-MODOHM], to see what is available here.  Note that not all things may
    be available from the start in this list.
                                  ~ Secondhand ~
    The Secondhand shop is called Mr. Recycle and is run by Roberto.  Here he
    will take the recyclable materials you've been collecting on your walks
    with your puppy and allow you to buy more interesting things!  To do so,
    you'll need to tap the Exchange Materials button.  The regular store in
    game here does not buy your items.  So you'll need to come to Mr. Recycle
    any time you have something you no longer want.  Tap the Sell Items button
    to get rid of any unwanted items in your inventory.
    Check the Items section, specifically the Secondhand Shop section
    [NC-SCDHSP], to see what is available here.  Note that not all things may
    be available from the start in this list.
                                    ~ Kennel ~
    The Kennel is obviously where you will buy your puppies and kittens at.
    You will start off with the dogs your version has.  You'll need to pick
    up a puppy before you can buy a kitten.  But after buying a dog, you
    probably won't have money for a kitten, so you'll need to do some saving.
    Over time, you'll be able to unlock more dog breeds.  Just note that the
    three kitten choices are all you have.  But there are plenty of options
    with the three!
    Check the Let's Adopt! section [NW-LADOPT], for information on the dog
    and cat breeds as well as cost.  To specifically see what you can unlock
    in your version check out the Unlocking Things section [ULODOG].  Note that
    not all things may be available from the start.
                                 ~ Pet Hotel ~
    The Pet Hotel is called Altese and is run by Drew.  THe Pet Hotel has
    several things you can do.  Since you can own up to 6 pets at a time, but
    only have 3 at home, you can drop off a pet to live here so that you can
    buy another dog or cat.  Tap the Drop Off button if you wish to do that.
    You can also swap pets by tapping the Swap button.  This is great if you're
    full at home with 3 and full at the pet hotel with 3 pets.  Allows you to
    easily swap.
    You may also Pick Up your pet by tapping the Pick Up button.
    Lastly, you may donate a pet.  By tapping the Donate button, you are giving
    up rights to your pet.  Once you donate them, you CANNOT get them back.  So
    only do so if you are ABSOLUTELY sure you do not wish to keep that pet.
    V.  Unlocking Things                                                  [ULODOG]
    Lists that contain the methods to unlock both dog breeds and items.  You can
    unlock them either through Owner Points or Days Played.
    Points   Days   Toy Poodle          French Bulldog      Golden Retirever
    450      4      Retro Fan           Retro Fan           Retro Fan
                    Display Shelves     Cupboard            Fancy Wardrobe
                    Miniature Bed       Plush Dog Bed       Wicker Dog Bed
    600      5      Yorkshire Terrier   Miniature Dachshund Shetland Sheepdog
                    Great Dane          Shih Tzu            Chihuahua
                    Pug                 Bull Terrier        Jack Russell T.
    850      6      Diet Food           Diet Food           Diet Food
                    Banana Lure         Banana Lure         Banana Lure
                    Wet Food            Wet Food            Wet Food
                    Lollipop            Lollipop            Lollipop
    1,100    7      Bell Collar         Bell Collar         Bell Collar
                    Metal-Link Neck.    Metal-Link Neck.    Metal-Link Neck.
                    Kid's Bandanna      Kid's Bandanna      Kid's Bandanna
                    Striped Bow         Striped Bow         Striped Bow
                    Men's Knit Hat      Men's Knit Hat      Men's Knit Hat
    1,350    8      Luxurious Interior  Luxurious Interior  Luxurious Interior
    1,600    9      Antique Sofa        Antique Sofa        Antique Sofa
                    Dining-Table Set    Dining-Table Set    Dining-Table Set
                    Leather Sofa        Armchair            Comfy Couch
    1,850    10     Rainbow Ring        Rainbow Ring        Rainbow Ring
                    Club Dog            Club Dog            Club Dog
                    Cat Tower           Cat Tower           Cat Tower
    1,900    --     Any dog walking a path can find STARDUST from here on in.
                    *Chels has alerted me that they've found it well before this
                     point, so there could be another factor involved.
                    *E$$RHunter has made it known to me they also found it well
                     before this.  I'm beginning to wonder if it may also depend
                     on which version you own if the numbers are different.
    2,100    11     E. Cocker Spaniel   Miniature Pinscher  German Shepherd
                    Siberian Husky      Cocker Spaniel      Miniature Schnauzer
                    Matlese             Pembroke Welsh C.   Pomeranian
    2,350    12     Pro Disc            Pro Disc            Pro Disc
                    Leash               Leash               Leash
                    Pro Lure            Pro Lure            Pro Lure
                                        Heart Cookies
    2,600    13     Retro Tube TV       Retro Tube TV       Retro Tube TV
                    Plush Dog Bed       Wicker Dog Bed      Miniature Bed
                    Chest of Drawers    Japanese Step-Chest Wooden Cabinet
    3,000    14     Lace Necklace       Lace Necklace       Lace Necklace
                    Newsboy Cap         Newsboy Cap         Newsboy Cap
                    Leather Cap         Leather Cap         Leather Cap
                    Headpiece           Headpiece           Headpiece
                    Fashion Specs       Fashion Specs       Fashion Specs
    3,400    15     Basset Hound        Beagle              Dalmatian
                    Beagle              Maltese             Labrador Retriever
                    Cocker Spaniel      Boxer               Bull Terrier
    3,800    16     Party Hat           Party Hat           Party Hat
                    Rainbow Wig         Rainbow Wig         Rainbow Wig
                    Chair (Koopa Chair) Chair (Koopa Chair) Chair (Koopa Chair)
    4,200    17     Mario Style Int.    Mario Style Int.    Mario Style Int.
    4,600    18     Mushroom-Table Set  Mushroom-Table Set  Mushroom-Table Set
                    Arowana Aquarium    Arowana Aquarium    Arowana Aquarium
                    Cupboard            Fancy Wardrobe      Display Shelves
    5,000    19     Meat Toy            Meat Toy            Meat Toy
                    Fine Food           Fine Food           Fine Food
                    Premium Shampoo     Premium Shampoo     Premium Shampoo
                    Butterfly Cat Wand  Butterfly Cat Wand  Butterfly Cat Wand
                    Swordplay           Swordplay           Swordplay
                    Fish Cat Wand                           Mouse Cat Wand
    5,400    20     Pearl Necklace      Pearl Necklace      Pearl Necklace
                    Viking Hat          Viking Hat          Viking Hat
                    Origami Hat         Origami Hat         Origami Hat
                    Fringed Leather     Fringed Leather     Fringed Leather
                    Collar              Collar              Collar
                    Safari Hat          Safari Hat          Safari Hat
                    RC Helicopter       RC Helicopter       RC Helicopter
                    Dot Collar          Dot Collar          Dot Collar
                    Movie-Star Shades   Movie-Star Shades   Movie-Star Shades
                    Mario Kart          Mario Kart          Mario Kart
                    Peach Kart          Peach Kart          Peach Kart
                    Yoshi Kart          Yoshi Kart          Yoshi Kart
    5,800    21     Shetland Sheepdog   Miniature Schnauzer E. Cocker Spaniel
                    Chihuahua           Labrador Retriever  Siberian Husky
                    Miniature Dachshund Pomeranian          Boxer
    6,200    22     Rainbow Lure        Rainbow Lure        Rainbow Lure
                    Rainbow Disc        Rainbow Disc        Rainbow Disc
                    Berry Hood          Berry Hood          Berry Hood
    6,600    23     Sunflower           Sunflower           Sunflower
                    Spiked Collar       Spiked Collar       Spiked Collar
                    Red Knit Scarf      Red Knit Scarf      Red Knit Scarf
                    Santa's Hat         Santa's Hat         Santa's Hat
                    Star Shades         Star Shades         Star Shades
    7,000    24     Piano               Piano               Piano
                    Slim Cat Tower      Slime Cat Tower     Slim Cat Tower
                    Japanese Step-Chest Wooden Cabinet      Chest of Drawers
    7,400    25     Dalmatian           Great Dane          Yorkshire Terrier
                    German Shepherd     Pug                 Pembroke Welsh C.
                    Miniature Pinscher  Jack Russell T.     Shih Tzu
    7,800    26     Rose                Rose                Rose
                    Beaded Collar       Beaded Collar       Beaded Collar
                    Hibiscus Flower     Hibiscus Flower     Hibiscus Flower
                    Leather Necklace    Leather Necklace    Leather Necklace
                    Southwest Collar    Southwest Collar    Southwest Collar
                    Cop Sunglasses      Cop Sunglasses      Cop Sunglasses
    8,200    27     Beach Ball          Beach Ball          Beach Ball
                    Burger Toy          Burger Toy          Burger Toy
                    Soccer Ball         Soccer Ball         Soccer Ball
                    Tippy Toy           Tippy Toy           Tippy Toy
                    Naptime             Naptime             Naptime
                    Classics 1          Classics 1          Classics 1
    8,600    28     Futuristic Int.     Futuristic Int.     Futuristic Int.
    9,000    29     Starship Cabinet    Starship Cabinet    Starship Cabinet
                    Electronic Fan      Electronic Fan      Electronic Fan
                    Armchair            Comfy Couch         Leather Sofa
    9,400    30     Silver Necklace     Silver Necklace     Silver Necklace
                    Heart Collar        Heart Collar        Heart Collar
                    Classy Collar       Classy Collar       Classy Collar
                    Fancy Bow           Fancy Bow           Fancy Bow
                    Stunt Helmet        Stunt Helmet        Stunt Helmet
                    Sporty Sunglasses   Sporty Sunglasses   Sporty Sunglasses
    9,800    31     French Bulldog      Toy Poodle          French Bulldog
                    Golden Retriever    Golden Retriever    Toy Poodle
                    Shiba Inu           Shiba Inu           Basset Hound
    10,200   32     Country Home Int.   Scandinavian Int.   Modern Interior
    10,600   33     Top Hat             Top Hat             Top Hat
                    Bow Tie             Bow Tie             Bow Tie
                    Masquerade Mask     Masquerade Mask     Masquerade Mask
                    Gold Bar            Gold Bar            Gold Bar
                    Chef's Scarf        Chef's Scarf        Chef's Scarf
                    Chef's Hat          Chef's Hat          Chef's Hat
                    Royal Heirloom N.   Royal Heirloom N.   Royal Heirloom N.
                    Tiara               Tiara               Tiara
                    Crown               Crown               Crown
                    Diamond Collar      Diamond Collar      Diamond Collar
                    Platinum Collar     Platinum Collar     Platinum Collar
                    Glitzy Collar       Glitzy Collar       Glitzy Collar
    11,000   34     RoboPup Voucher     RoboPup Voucher     RoboPup Voucher
                    Thank You           Thank You           Thank You
                    Flat-Screen TV      Flat-Screen TV      Flat-Screen TV
    11,400   35     Modern Interior     Country Home Int.   Scandinavian Int.
    Information retrieved from Thonky.com.  It may vary from the information
    found on GameFAQs.
    VI.   Journal / AR Cards                                              [JANARS]
    You may find that you interact with your Journal and AR Cards often.  Or, if
    you are like me, not so much.  We'll cover the basics though for both in case.
                                      ~ Journal ~
    When you first go to your Journal, you'll be prompted to set up a new Journal
    save file on your card.  You'll also be asked if you want to register
    Nintendogs + Cats for StreetPass on your 3DS.  If you don't agree, you will
    be unable to use StreetPass or the Journal.  I'd highly recommend the Journal
    at least, especially if you set up SpotPass.  Your Journal will allow you to
    get information from SpotPass, such as Presidents and their little friends
    coming to visit.  You'll also receive gifts from them when they initially
    come to your town in your Journal.
    When you open your Journal, you'll see several things on the bottom screen.
    In the top left hand corner will be the Back button you can tap to get out of
    your Journal.  Next to it is a Left arrow with the day and date in between it
    and the Right arrow.  These arrows allow you to shift between your Journal
    pages.  You'll see an eraser in the top right portion of the screen.  This
    will allow you to erase any notes or anything else you've written in your
    Journal.  Yep.  You can just write in your Journal right now on that lined
    paper space.  Try writing something.  Now if you want to erase it, you'll
    need to grab and keep your pointer on it and go over what you wrote that
    you would like to erase.  You can let go of the eraser and it will plop down
    where ever you leave it.  Or if you're anal like me, you'll put it back in
    its corner.
    I'll be honest and say I don't write in my Journal.  It's just not something
    I feel the need to do, but maybe you do.  That's great!  I like the option
    it gives for you to write in it or not.  (Or doodle!)  But don't feel like
    you have to write in it.  I've only messed with it minimally and have done
    fine.  But, maybe someone would like to make notes on when they taught
    their pet a trick, or their kitten did something amazingly cute.  The option
    is there for you.
    In the Journal, the big white area is where you can doodle, write, or
    whatever it is you feel like you want to do there.  In this space you'll also
    have presents from those on SpotPass and StreetPass appear.  Tap the present
    to receive your item and get a chance at meeting the puppy or kitten!  If
    you meet up at the park, you can go back to it later and meet up with them
    again.  And if you decline to you can also go back to it later to accept.
    Down in the bottom right hand portion of the bottom screen you'll see the
    Mii that you chose to connect with as well as an envelope.  This is where you
    can change your StreetPass information should you decide to change any of it.
    You can change your Mii, your Photo (of your pets that you take, just press
    a shoulder trigger for picture taking!), a message (be sure if you decide to
    leave a message it is a nice one, others are going to see it after all!), and
    what present you want to give out on StreetPass.  Just remember that you can
    only choose to give a gift from items you own and it does NOT remove it from
    your own personal inventory.  Not all things will be available to give out
    Also in this area, outside of changing your StreetPass information, you will
    see tidbits of other information.  In the top screen your Mii face along
    with your name will appear in the top left hand corner.  In the top right
    hand corner two pieces of information will swap places.  The first is Owner
    Points.  This is what you use to unlock new things in game, so try to make
    your pets happy and rake in the points!  The other piece of information
    that will replace it is StreetPass tags that you have.
    In the middle of the top screen is your photo that you chose of your pets,
    if you've chosen one.  If not it will say No Photo in gray space.  This is
    the picture the person you exchange StreetPass data with will see.  Your
    message will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, and the present
    you are giving out via StreetPass will show in the bottom right hand corner
    of the screen.
                                   ~ AR Cards ~
    If you have your AR Cards with you that you got from purchasing a 3DS, then
    you'll be able to utilize this function.  To use the AR Camera, simply go
    to Supplies then AR Camera.  It'll ask if you have your AR cards ready.  If
    you tap No it will back out.  If you tap Yes it will take you to the AR
    Camera.  Use one of your AR Cards and then point the outer camera at it.
    When it recognizes the card, a box will appear and then explode, exposing
    your pet.  You will then be able to move around the card to take a closer
    look at your canine or feline from all sides and move in closer.  Just make
    sure to keep the AR Card in the cameras sight so it can keep your pet in
    the real word.  If it loses track of it, it will tell you to refocus.  Just
    move it back so the camera sees it again and your little furry friend will
    appear again.  You can also swap to your other pets as well, but only the
    three your currently have at your house, that I can tell.  You can even
    give trick commands to your dog in this mode and he or she will perform
    It's a neat little thing, but not something I would use all the time.
    Unfortunately, within this game the Obedience Competition requires the use
    of AR Cards for it while giving your commands to your pet.  Don't get me
    wrong, AR is fun, but to have to drag out cards (which I keep in my 3DS
    box still just to make sure I don't lose them) to play a competition is
    kind of unnecessary.  It is one of the more frustrating points of this game.
    I will not lie when I say I preferred the DS version to this in the fact
    I could compete in all the competitions without dragging out extra stuff to
    compete in them.
    VII.   Spot Pass / Street Pass                                        [STRPSS]
    So, what's the different in Spot Pass and Street Pass?
                                   ~ Spot Pass ~
    Well, this allows your game to search for and connect to a wireless
    internet point and download things.  For example, since I've had my copy
    I've had three or four Presidents visit me in my town.  They own dogs (well
    in one case he owned cats) and I could meet them on my walks through town.
    When they first came in a note in my Journal was placed (a sticker will be
    placed in your Journal any time you've acquired Spot Pass data online) so I
    knew something was new.  Definitely check your journal, because they tend
    to leave you presents when they first come.  And sometimes you can set up
    meetings with their animals on the initial drop by.  By allowing Spot Pass,
    you can meet new people and pets through the data Nintendo puts through
    online.  It's definitely a nice experience to meet old Presidents and their
    pups (or kittens!).
    If you've allowed Nintendogs + Cats to use Spot Pass, you can see if you've
    received any new data while not in game.  For each new Presidential figure
    that has visited me, I've gotten a notification on the main screen of my 3DS.
    You have to allow notifications to receive it in your Notifications area.
    You'll know you have something new, for any game that is allowed Spot Pass
    privileges, by noting the icon up in top left has a small blue dot on it.
    Check it out to see what new information may be there!
    A blue dot may also appear on the bottom right corner of your games icon
    on the main screen.  If this is the case, it means you have a present
    waiting for you in your Journal.  Check your Journal to find your present!
    If you would like to turn on Spot Pass, you may do so through your Journal.
                                 ~ Street Pass ~
    Then you may ask, what does Street Pass do for you.  This if for more about
    meeting other players and interacting with their furry little friends.  It
    exchanges info about you to the other person and vice versa, but only your
    owner information, pets, a present (that you select; will cover this
    momentarily), and a preselected photo.  In the Journal, you'll see that
    persons information and receive a present that they selected to send to
    others they meet on the street.  You'll also be able to have a meeting in
    the park with the owner and pet.  The good thing about this, is if you meet
    a lot of folks via Street Pass, different kinds of puppies may become
    available in the kennel for you.
    Open up your Journal and register Nintendogs + Cats to use Street Pass.
    Next, you'll need to set up your owner information so that you'll have
    information to exchange.  Select your Mii character, photo (one you take
    of your rug rats, which you can per the R shoulder button to take pictures
    of your runts), message (optional; but be nice if you choose to put one!), 
    and choose a present to attach.  The present you select to give will not
    be removed from your own inventory.  But you will only be allowed to choose
    something from your inventory to give out, if that makes sense.  Meaning,
    you must own it in order to be able to provide it to others on Street Pass.
    Not everything is available to be given out in this manner, so don't be
    surprised to see a shortened list.  You can change this all later should
    decide to.
    Now that you're all set up, whenever you go out, you'll need to carry your
    3DS with you to see if you pass anyone to exchange information with.  Just
    make sure your system is on, but closed and that your wireless communications
    are enabled to ensure that if you come across any other owners, that you'll
    be able to exchange information.
    Should you decide you no longer want Street Pass on, you can stop using it
    by going to System Settings, selecting the Data button, tapping StreetPass
    Management, tapping the Nintendogs + Cats icon, and tapping Deactivate
    StreetPass.  You can enable it later via the Journal it you so choose.
    *If you close your system, it should enter Sleep Mode.  This will help save on
    battery power, but will allow Street Pass and Spot Pass to both remain
    active.  Just make sure wireless communications are ON if you wish to exchange
    owner data with Street Pass while out and about!
                                ~ Spot Pass Guests ~
    These are some guests I've had come to my own.  They are all Presidential so
    far, but interesting.  They bring with them their kittens and puppies for
    your own kittens and puppies to enjoy their company!  These are listed in
    alphabetical order.
    Abraham Lincoln**
       16th President of the United States of America
       Golden Retriever named Fido
    Bill Clinton
       42nd President of the United States of America
       Cat named Socks
    Calvin Coolidge (C Coolidge)*
       30th President of the United States of America
       Dog named Peter Pan
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
       32nd President of the United States of America
       German Shepherd named Major
    George W. Bush
       43rd President of the United States of America
       Cat named India
    Gerald Ford
       38th President of the United States of America
       Dog named Liberty
    Herbert Hoover
       31st President of the United States of America
       German Shepard named King Tut
    Jimmy Carter
       39th President of the United States of America
       Cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang
          (That really is the cats name. . .)
    Lyndon Johnson
       36th President of the United States of America
       Beagles named Him and Her
          (Also not making that up. . .)
    Ronald Reagan
       40th President of the United States of America
       King Charles Spaniel named Rex
    Woodrow Wilson
       28th President of the United States of America
       Bull Terrier named Bruce
    * For some reason I never received a notification on my 3DS for this
    ** Special thanks goes to Kirby-4-ever!
    VIII.  Items                                                          [NCITMS]
    For the items, I'm going to list them by store.  I think it'll be easier
    for those seeking something and saves me from having a bunch of sections if
    I were to chop the list up in say, categories such as "Dog Food", "Cat Food",
    etc.  Not all of these things may be available from start.  To find a list
    of items to unlock and how to unlock them, please visit the section
    "Unlocking Dogs / Items" at [ULODOG].
    * Please note this list may not be a full and complete list yet.  I'm sure
      I've not quite yet unlocked everything.
          Pet Supply Store                        [NC-PETSPS]
          Secondhand Shop                         [NC-SCDHSP]
          Accessories                             [NC-ACCESS]
          Neighborhood BARC Store                 [NC-NBARCS]
          Downtown BARC Store                     [NC-DBARCS]
          Seaside BARC Store                      [NC-SBARCS]
          Mountains BARC Store                    [NC-MBARCS]
          Modo Homes                              [NC-MODOHM]
          Recyclable Materials                    [NC-RECYCL]
          Other Items                             [NC-OTRITM]
          Not Yet Unlocked                        [NC-NTYTUL]
          Version Exclusive Items                 [NC-VEREXC]
    PET SUPPLY STORE___________________________________________[NC-PETSPS]
    Your normal pet store type things.  Prices are to the right of the
    item name.
    Bottle Water                                $1
    This natural springwater is soothing and refreshing!
    Formula                                     $3
    This formula is specially prepared for growing puppies and kittens.
    Dry Food [Dog]                              $3
    Basic, everyday food for active and healthy puppies.
    Wet Food [Dog]                              $5
    Puppies love itÉBut watch the high calorie content.
    Diet Food - Dog                             $5
    Low-calorie food ideal for getting overfed puppies back into
    Fine Food (Premium Canned Food) [Dog]       $7
    This high-quality food is delicious and nutritionally balanced.
    Dry Food [Cat]                              $3
    Basic, everyday food for active and healthy kittens.
    Wet Food [Cat]                              $5
    Kittens love itÉBut watch the high calorie content.
    Diet Food [Cat]                             $5
    Low-calorie food ideal for getting overfed kittens back into
    Fine Food (Premium Canned Food) [Cat]       $7
    This high-quality food is delicious and nutritionally balanced.
    Biscuits [Dog]                              $1
    These are ideal for teaching tricks or as a snack on walks.
    Puppy Biscuits                              $2
    These puppy-shaped biscuits have a satisfying crunch.
    Beef Jerky                                  $3
    An all-time puppy favorite, but a little goes a long way.
    Fish Cookies [Cat]                          $2
    These fish-shaped cookies for cats contains real fish.
    Natural-Bristle Brush [Dog]                 $20
    Ideal for short-haired dogs, this brush pretties up a dog's coat.
    Wire Brush [Dog]                            $25
    Ideal for long-haired dogs, this brush pretties up a dog's coat.
    Rubber Brush [Cat]                          $20
    Ideal for short-haired cats, this brush pretties up a cat's coat.
    Comb [Cat]                                  $25
    Ideal for long-haired cats, this brush pretties up a cat's coat.
    Shampoo                                     $3
    This basic shampoo removes dirt and leaves fur looking refreshed.
    Premium Shampoo                             $6
    This enriched shampoo leaves fur soft, shiny, and snuggle-clean.
    Green Leash                                 $16
    An essential item for active pets.  Where will you walk today?
    Pink Leash                                  $16
    An essential item for active pets.  Where will you walk today?
    Tennis Ball                                 $4
    This toy is great for games of long-distance fetch.
    Rubber Bone [White Rubber Bone]             $4
    This bone is good for stress relief and strengthening puppy jaws.
    Meat Toy                                    $8
    This toy looks mouthwatering and makes for a satisfying chew.
    Bell Ball [Cat]                             $80
    The bell inside this ball jingles as it rolls. Cats love it.
    Squeaky Ball                                $6
    This ball makes noise when it bounces.  Spunky pets love it!
    Mushroom Toy                                $8
    This toy makes a lot of noise when it's thrown or chewed on.
    Soft Cube                                   $6
    Made out of towel material, this soft toy feels good to bite.
    Burger Toy                                  $6
    Made out of durable rubber, this toy also smells like a
    Soccer Ball                                 $30
    This ball s too big to chomp on, but it's great for kicking
    Beach Ball                                  $12
    Take your seaside fun indoors with this bouncy beach ball!
    Red Flying Disc                             $16
    This basic disc is great for practicing straight throws.
    Blue Flying Disc                            $16
    This basic disc is great for practicing straight throws.
    White Pro Flying Disc                       $30
    Pull off advanced techniques with this pro-grade flying disc.
    Pink Pro Flying Disc                        $30
    Pull off advanced techniques with this pro-grade flying disc.
    Lollipop Disc                               $24
    This zero-calorie toy disc works like a regular flying disc.
    Boomerang                                   $10
    Throw this boomerang right and it'll come back.  Great for fetch!
    Red Lure                                    $16
    This lure is easy to control, making it great for beginners.
    Blue Lure                                   $16
    This lure is easy to control, making it great for beginners.
    White Pro Lure                              $30
    This pro-grade lure is for advanced trainers.
    Green Pro Lure                              $30
    This pro-grade lure is for advanced trainers.
    Banana Lure                                 $24
    This familiar yellow fruit can be used as a lure.
    Balloon                                     $2
    Blow into the microphone to blow the balloon up.
    Bubbles                                     $7
    Blow into the microphone to blow a stream of bubbles.
    Cat Wand [Green-Feathered Cat Wand]         $5
    Kittens never get bored with this entrancing little feather.
    Dancing-Feather Cat Wand                    $8
    Make this dance as if it were a feather caught by the wind.
    Hopping-Mouse Cat Wand                      $8
    The key is to move this toy as if it were a real, running mouse.
    Tippy Toy                                   $32
    Pounce on this toy and watch it pop right back up again.
    Swordplay                                   $30
    This record will get you up and running around!
    Naptime                                     $30
    Music to ease your furry pals into a nice nap.  So sleepy. . .
    zzz. . .
    Surprise [Surprise Beat]                    $30
    Get your pets marching to a different beat!
    Classics 1 [Stepped on a Cat]               $35
    It's a kitty and puppy jam! -Compuser Unknown
    Classics 5 [Skaters' Waltz]                 $30
    A light, easy melody. . . -Composed by E. Waldteufel
    SECONDHAND SHOP____________________________________________[NC-SCDHSP]
    Also known as the recyclable shop.  Bring your unwanted recycle stuff
    here to trade in for great items you can't find elsewhere!  Below
    each item and its description is list of items you will need to turn
    in to acquire said item.
    White Leash
    An essential item for active pets.  Where will you walk today?
       x01 Rubber
       x01 Plastic
    Rubber Dumbbell
    This toy isn't for working out, but it's great for chewing!
       x02 Rubber
    Flying Disc [Rainbow Flying Disc]
    This colorful disc stands out against the bright, blye sky.
       x02 Wood
       x03 Leather
       x02 Plastic
       x01 Stardust
    Rainbow Lure
    This flower-shaped lure features every color of the rainbow.
       x02 Wood
       x03 Leather
       x02 Plastic
       x01 Stardust
    Combat Copter
    Lift off with the A button in this limited-edition combat helicopter.
       x02 Metal
       x02 Rubber
       x02 Plastic
    This impressive electric piano makes playing music fun.
       x01 Metal
       x01 Rubber
       x01 Leather
       x01 Plastic
    If a puppy left you a message, it would leave a bark at the tone!
       x01 Leather
       x01 Plastic
    Club Dog
    Dance party at our place tonight!
       x01 Leather
       x01 Plastic
    Thank You
    This song celebrates friendship between pets and their owners.
       x01 Leather
       x01 Plastic
    Rainbow Ring
    This saucy collar is perfect for pets with colorful personalities.
       x03 Leather
       x01 Stardust
    Party Hat
    This fun hat will make you the life of the part!
       x02 Wood
       x03 Rubber
       x01 Stardust
    Rainbow Wig
    The headgear of choice when you really want to stand out!
       x03 Wood
       x02 Rubber
       x01 Stardust
    Berry Hood
    Fruit-themed headwear is all the rage this season!
       x01 Wood
       x03 Rubber
       x04 Leather
    Chair [Koopa Shell Chair]
    Koopa shells are softer than you think but still make a hard seat.
       x03 Wood
       x02 Metal
       x03 Plastic
    Dogs and cats are entranced by these cute little fish.
       x02 Wood
       x02 Leather
       x02 Plastic
    TV [Flat-Screen TV]
    A giant flat-screen LCD TV that everyone can watch together.
       x02 Metal
       x03 Rubber
       x03 Leather
       x02 Stardust
    Cat Tower [Kitty Treehouse]
    Adventurous kittens will love to climb this towering treehouse.
       x03 Wood
       x02 Metal
       x01 Rubber
    Voucher [RoboPup Voucher]
    You've unlocked RoboPup!  Go to the kennel to redeem this ticket!
       x07 Wood
       x05 Metal
       x07 Rubber
       x07 Leather
       x07 Plastic
       x03 Stardust
    Your one stop accessory shop to accessorize your pet.  Do note that
    there is a try before buy option!
    Yellow Leather Collar                       $12
    This classic design of rich leather is great for everyday wear.
    Brown Leather Collar                        $12
    This classic design of rich leather is great for everyday wear.
    Striped Collar                              $10
    The diagonal stripes on this collar are 'in' this season.
    Woven Collar                                $18
    This unique collar is made of woven strands of supple leather.
    Flower Collar                               $15
    This pink-and=white design is very popular with female pets.
    Beaded Collar                               $26
    This collar is made entirely of beads--even the strawberries.
    Star Collar                                 $28
    It doesn't get more sparkly than this glittering, starry collar.
    Heart Collar                                $28
    This lovely collar is sure to capture everyone's heart.
    Lace Necklace                               $34
    With its lovely pink lace, this collar is simply adorable.
    Leather Necklace                            $18
    This thin leather necklace looks dainty around any pet's neck.
    Red Bell Collar                             $12
    This slim collar, with its little bell, is perfect for kittens.
    Blue Bell Collar                            $12
    This slim collar, with its little bell, is perfect for kittens.
    Red Spiked Collar                           $32
    This metal-spiked collar is just right for pets with a wild side.
    Black Spiked Collar                         $32
    Even the sweetest little furball will look tough with this collar.
    Faux-Python Collar                          $53
    The collar for hard-rockin' pets who want to be center stage.
    Faux-Crocodile Collar                       $53
    Go for the dangerous-reptile look with this faux-crocodile collar.
    Southwest Collar                            $60
    This leather collar is studded with pieces of real turquoise.
    Metal-Link Necklace                         $20
    This metal collar has a sharp and snappy look for urban pets.
    Silver Necklace                             $70
    A sweet accessory for a pretty little pet.
    Classy Collar                               $150
    This cashmere collar is not only absurdly soft but also chic.
    Kid's Bandanna                              $10
    This little bandanna is decorated with a big, bright star.
    Red Knit Scarf                              $16
    This vivid red scar will spice up any outfit.
    Red Bow                                     $3
    This classic little bow looks great and is always in style.
    Blue-Checkered Bow                          $8
    This blue gingham check-pattern bow is discreet and neat.
    Black-Striped Bow                           $14
    This striped bow is a good pick for a night on the town.
    Red-Striped Bow                             $14
    Pets look especially dapper in this classy striped bow.
    Tricolor Bow                                $10
    Looking for a distinctly French flavor?  Try this colorful ribbon.
    Fancy Bow                                   $100
    This extravagant bow is adorned with a sparkling ruby.
    Red Rose                                    $12
    Go for the floral look with this gorgeous, fresh-cut rose.
    White Hibiscus Flower                       $10
    With this flower on, it's always a day at the beach.
    Sunflower                                   $8
    Set a cheery mood with this big, vibrant sunflower.
    Newsboy Cap                                 $22
    This checkered cap is a timeless piece of historical headgear.
    Leather Cap                                 $33
    This well-worn leather cap is soft and weathered.
    Red Knit Hat                                $14
    This warm little hat is proof that hard-knitted hats are the best.
    Black Knit Hat                              $14
    This black knit hat can make even the cutest pet look tough.
    Men's Knit Hat                              $18
    This classic item of street fashion is for pets with a tough side.
    Beret                                       $17
    Give your pet a sassy, Parisian style with this European hat.
    Sun Visor                                   $24
    Sunny day?  Go with this classic piece of outdoor leisure wear.
    Santa's Hat                                 $18
    Wear this hat when you stay up waiting for you-know-who!
    Headpiece                                   $42
    All pink and frilly, this headpiece is extravagantly girly.
    Scholar Glasses                             $10
    Just wearing these glasses will make your pet look smarter.
    Red Fashion Specs                           $13
    These simple but stylish red specs always look swanky.
    Black Fashion Specs                         $13
    These solid-black frames are the height of fashion.
    White Sunglasses                            $20
    These ultracool sunglasses have a certain tough-guy image.
    Star Shades                                 $14
    It takes a superstar to pull off these over-the-top shades.
    NEIGHBORHOOD BARC STORE____________________________________[NC-NBARCS]
    Miss Chickie                                $8
    Miss Chickie has a cute little waddle.  Wind her up and play!
    Mr. Froggins                                $8
    Just look at Mr. Froggin's sly smirk.  Wind him up and play!
    Sir Nibbles                                 $8
    Sir Nibbles has a magical effect on cats.  Wind him up and play!
    Mario Kart                                  $30
    Race around with Mario using the A button and the D control pad.
    Peach Kart                                  $30
    Race around with Peach using the A button and the D control pad.
    Yoshi Kart                                  $30
    Race around with Yoshi using the A button and the D control pad.
    Classics 4 [Csikos Post]                    $35
    This'll make them run.  And run! -Composed by H. Necke
    White Bucket Hat                            $16
    Comfy and versatile, this hat is a great choice for little ladies.
    Business Glasses                            $20
    With these glasses, people will know your pet means business.
    DOWNTOWN BARC STORE________________________________________[NC-DBARCS]
    RC Helicopter                               $80
    Take to the skies with the A button in this radio-controlled
    Dog & Cat                                   $30
    A jazzy arrangement of the Nintendogs theme music.
    Dot Collar [Black Polka-Dot Collar]         $13
    Feminine but not too sweet, this collar always looks chic.
    Ladies' Scarf                               $24
    This warm, fluffy scarf is for elegant pups and kittens.
    Men's Scarf                                 $24
    This handsome scarf makes your pets look cultured and refined.
    Fedora                                      $47
    Going for a fashion-forward look?  Reach for this fedora.
    Bonnet                                      $65
    Ladies will love this elegant bonnet for picnics in the park.
    Pompadour Wig                               $33
    Turn up the stereo and go for the heavy-pomade look with this wig.
    Black Movie-Star Shades                     $100
    Celebs and their pets pose for the paparazzi in these shades.
    SEASIDE BARC STORE_________________________________________[NC-SBARCS]
    Classics 2 [Dance of the Reed Pipes]        $35
    An elegant song for dancing. . . -Composed by P.I. Tchaikovsky
    Hibiscus Flower Lei                         $14
    This Hawaiian-themed collar has a relaxed, tropical vibe.
    Pearl Necklace [Black Pearl Necklace]       $200
    Beautiful black pearls line this striking and refined necklace.
    Purple Pearl Bow                            $60
    This refined satin bow has a large pearl set in the center.
    Green Pearl Bow                             $60
    Dressing to impress?  Try this bow adorned with a huge pearl.
    Yellow Cap                                  $15
    This yellow cap will add a splash of color to any look.
    Straw Hat                                   $12
    Wear this straw hat on your summer holiday at the sea.
    Viking Hat                                  $70
    This hat is for those who pillage and riot all over town!
    Origami Hat                                 $24
    This handsome samurai helmet is expertly folded out of paper.
    MOUNTAINS BARC STORE_______________________________________[NC-MBARCS]
    Classics 3 [Maple Leaf Rag]                 $35
    This tune will get you on your feet. . . -Composed by S. Joplin
    Camo Collar                                 $13
    This covert collar shows off any pet's rough-and-tough side.
    Green Japanese-Print Collar                 $18
    This collar's exotic design will always stand out on a sidewalk.
    Fringed Leather Collar                      $45
    Leather fringe cascades down this handcrafted leather collar.
    Brown Safari Hat                            $50
    Embark on a wile safari with this practical-yet suave hat.
    White Safari Hat                            $50
    Prowl the untamed savanna in style with this rugged-chic hat.
    Feathered Green Hat                         $32
    This feathered hat is perfect for pets with a funky sense of style.
    Feathered Purple Hat                        $32
    This purple feathered hat is an audacious fashion statement.
    Pointy Hat                                  $32
    This pointy hat is a must for pets skilled in the art of magic.
    MODO HOMES_________________________________________________[NC-MODOHM]
    For all your interior redecorating and furniture needs!  Keep in mind
    that if you buy an interior, then change to something else, then go
    back with what you originally had, you'll have to pay for it full
    price again!
    I should also note, in my researching, it appears each version might
    get two rooms for free, but they are different rooms than the other
    two versions.  For Golden Retriever & New Friends, Country Home and
    Japanese Style are free.  I'm unaware which are free in the other
    versions, but if I find out I will include that information here.
    In mean time, I will included prices for the interiors for the
    versions I know.  If anyone could include further information to
    help me fill this in, I'd be most appreciative.
    If you buy any tall furniture, bring it home, and set it up, be
    prepared for a kitten invasion if you own any.  I bought some tall
    display shelves and not five seconds after I placed it into the
    room, one of my kittens did an Olympic leap up to the very top.
    Screw going up little by little.  She perched up top and made it
    her own.  So, your kittens will climb up on your tall furniture,
    even if you have a kitten pole type thing they can climb and
    scratch on.
    TP = Toy Poodle Version
    FB = French Bulldog Version
    GR = Golden Retriever Version
                               ~ INTERIORS ~
    Country Home               $0 GR   /   $1,000 FB   /   ??? TP
    With its rustic fireplace, this room offers a taste of a leisurely
    country lifestyle.
    Japanese Style             $0 GR   /   $1,000 FB   /   ??? TP
    This traditional Japanese room has tatami floors.  Don't forget to
    take off your shoes!
    Asian Style                $1,000 GR   /   $0 FB   /   ??? TP   
    This elegant Asian-style room creates an exotic atmosphere.
    Fairy Tale                 $1,000 GR   /   $1,000 FB   /   ??? TP
    Decorate with plenty of pink, this is the perfect room for a fairy-
    tale princess.
    Modern                     ??? GR   /   $0 FB   /   ??? TP
    Scandinavian Interior      ??? GR   /   $1,500 FB   /   ??? TP
    Luxurious                  $3,000 GR   /   $3,000 FB   /   ??? TP
    This elegant, old-fashioned room is perfect for those who enjoy
    comfort and luxury.
    Mario Style                $4,000 GR   /   $4,000 FB   /   ??? TP
    Warp to the Mushroom Kingdom in this fun and quirky room.
    Futuristic                 ??? GR   /   $5,000 FB   /   ??? TP
                                 ~ FURNITURE ~
    Wicker Dog Bed                              $30
    This wicker dog bed is nice and airy for those hot days.
    Plush Dog Bed                               $50
    Pets fall into a deep sleep on this extra-cushy dog bed.
    Miniature Bed                               $129
    This comfy dog bed looks just like a human bed, but smaller!
    Comfy Couch                                 $200
    This big, cozy, L-shaped couch is perfect for relaxing.
    Antique Sofa                                $3,500
    Comfortable and timeworn, this sofa comes with a huge ottoman.
    Fancy Love Seat                             $1,500
    This opulent love seat was designed for romantics at heart.
    Armchair                                    $500
    This leather armchair lends a touch of luxury to any room.
    Designer Chair                              $400
    Beautiful form meets function in this chic modern chair.
    Dresser                                     $160
    This natural, unassuming dresser will match any room decor.
    Antique Chest                               $1,200
    This classic chest of drawers is a striking period piece.
    Wooden Cabinet                              $500
    This refined cabinet is a shining example of Scandinavian design.
    Bookcase                                    $400
    Old books line the shelves of this bookcase for an intellectual vibe.
    Cupboard                                    $800
    This wooden cupboard gives your room a cozy, relaxed look.
    Display Shelves                             $400
    Art connoisseurs are sure to love this set of display shelves.
    Japanese Step-Chest                         $800
    This traditional Japanese chest once doubled as a staircase.
    Fancy Wardrobe                              $600
    This dainty wardrobe adds a lovely look to any interior.
    Display Case                                $2,500
    This elegant display case is filled with delicate-looking heirlooms.
    Dining-Table Set                            $300
    This simple and sturdy dining table is right for everyday life.
    Mushroom-Table Set                          $70
    This mushroom-table set brings whimsy to any room.
    Refrigerator                                $800
    Tasty things come from this box, but it just. . .won't. . .open!
    Retro Fan                                   $70
    This retro fan is far more stylish than it is functional.
    Oil Heater                                  $130
    Huddle around this old-fashioned heater for warmth.
    Arowana Aquarium                            $700
    Watching this majestic fish is relaxing and almost. . .hypnotic.
    Piano                                       $4,000
    Kittens enjoy pouncing around on the keys of this piano.
    Retro Tube TV                               $300
    An old tube TV.  Smacking it on the side won't improve reception.
    Simple Cat Tower                            $90
    This simple cat tower fits in well with any room.
    Slim Cat Tower                              $150
    This minimalist cat tower almost looks like a work of art.
    RECYCLABLE MATERIALS_______________________________________[NC-RECYCL]
    Leather (Leather Key Ring)
    The leather is in great shape.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Leather can be found in wrapped presents along the
         Neighborhood route.
    Plastic (Plastic Bottle)
    Just an empty plastic bottle.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Plastic can be found in wrapped presents along the
         Seaside route.
    Rubber (Rubber Tire Chunk)
    It's a chunk of rubber tire.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Rubber can be found in wrapped presents along the
         Downtown route.
    Wood (Wooden Stick)
    This stick has a nice grain to it.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Wood can be found in wrapped presents along the
         Mountains route.
    Metal (Metal Bolt)
    It's a piece of scrap metal.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Metal can be found in wrapped presents along any of
         the routes.  It is rare.
    A mysterious, shimmery gem.  Might come in handy sometime.
       - Stardust can be found in wrapped presents along any of
         the routes.  It is rare.
    OTHER ITEMS________________________________________________[NC-OTRITM]
    Items that I'm not sure exactly have a category.  These are things
    I've found on my walks, but I suppose it is possible that they may
    show up in game other ways.
    Black Collar
    This classic design of rich leather is great for everyday wear.
    Piggy Bank
       *I should note you can sell this to the store for like five
        dollars, but don't!!  Take it home, crack it open by throwing
        it on the floor and reap the benefits!  I found a $100 in
        my first one.
    Pizza Disc
    The fake pepperoni on this toy disc looks good enough to eat.
    Stuffed Dog
    This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for puppies or kittens.
    Surprise Cookies
    These special cookies have an unusual smell. . .
    And while this isn't something you find, but rather start off with,
    it's good to note the AR Camera in your inventory.
    AR Camera
    This curious camera lets your pets jump into the real world!
    For winning each competition at the Nintendogs level, you'll gain
    an item.
    Victory Collar
    This prestigious collar is only awarded to competition champs.
    (Obtained through winning Lure Competition at the Nintendogs Cup
    Victory Crown
    This glorious crown is awarded only to competition champions.
    (Obtained through winning Disc Competition at the Nintendogs Cup
    NOT YET UNLOCKED___________________________________________[NC-NTYTUL]
    List is in alphabetical order to more easily find things in it.  I
    may not have unlocked them yet or have had the chance to come across
    these items yet.
    Blue Bow                                    $3
    Bow Tie                                     $26
    Chef's Hat                                  $28
    Chef's Scarf                                $27
    Chest of Drawers                            $160
    Chicken Jerky                               $2
    Cop Sunglasses                              $34
    Crown                                       $1,000
    Diamond Collar                              $1,500
    Fish Jerky                                  $2
    Flying-Butterfly Cat Wand                   $8
    Glitzy Collar                               $56
    Gold Bar                                    $9,999
    Heart Cookies                               $3
    High Heel                                   $8
    Jumping-Fish Cat Wand                       $8
    Leather Sofa                                $600
    Masquerade Mask                             $300
    Pearl Necklace (White Pearl Necklace)       $200
     (Sounds like either one per game, Black or White)
    Piano                                       $4,000
    Platinum Collar                             $100
    Polka-Dot Bow (Pink and Blue)               $8
    Pot Lid                                     ---
    Promise Ring                                ---
    Rose (Pink)                                 $12
    Royal Heirloom Necklace                     $1,000
    Santa's Hat                                 $18
    Scarf (Pink and Gray)                       $24
    Slim Cat Tower                              $150
    Sporty Sunglasses                           $42
    Star Shades                                 $14
    Starship Cabinet                            $1,300
    Stunt Helmet                                $150
    Tiara                                       $1,000
    Top Hat (Black or White)                    $80
    VERSION EXCLUSIVE ITEMS____________________________________[NC-VEREXC]
    There are some items that have color exclusives to each version.  It's
    nothing major, but should be noted that if you don't see them above,
    written from my perspective playing Golden Retriever & New Friends,
    it's probably because it is on this list.
                                 ~ Toy Poodle ~
    Leash          -- Red Leash, Black Leash
    Tennis Ball    -- Pink Tennis Ball
    Rubber Bone    -- Pink Rubber Bone
    Cat Wand       -- Pink Cat Wand
    Flying Disc    -- Green Flying Disc
    Pro Disc       -- Blue Pro Disc
    Boomerang      -- Yellow Boomerang
    Lure           -- Pink Lure
    Pro Lure       -- Blue Pro Lure
    Leather Collar -- Red Leather Collar, White Leather Collar
    Dot Collar     -- White Dot Collar
    Japanese-Print -- Red Japanese-Print Collar
    Faux Collar    -- Faux-Zebra Collar
    Bell Collar    -- Brown Bell Collar
    Bow            -- Blue Bow, Red Bow, Checkered Bow
    Cap            -- Red Cap
    Knit Cap       -- White Knit Cap
    Sunglasses     -- Red Sunglasses
    Movie-Star     -- Pink Movie-Star Shades
                               ~ French Bulldog ~
    Leash          -- Green Leash, Brown Leash
    Tennis Ball    -- Light Blue Tennis Ball
    Rubber Bone    -- Light Blue Rubber Bone
    Cat Wand       -- Blue Cat Wand
    Flying Disc    -- Orange Flying Disc
    Pro Disc       -- Yellow Pro Disc
    Boomerang      -- Blue Boomerang
    Lure           -- Yellow Lure
    Pro Lure       -- Orange Pro Lure
    Leather Collar -- Blue Leather Collar, Green Leather Collar
    Dot Collar     -- Red Dot Collar
    Japanese-Print -- Blue Japanese-Print Collar
    Faux Collar    -- Faux-Leopard Colar
    Bell Collar    -- Green Bell Collar
    Bow            -- Pink Polka=Dot Bow, Yellow Bow
    Cap            -- Black Cap
    Knit Cap       -- Yellow Knit Cap
    Sunglasses     -- Yellow Sunglasses
    Movie-Star     -- Brown Movie-Star Shades
                              ~ Golden Retriever ~
    Leash          -- Yellow Leash, Pink Leash
    Tennis Ball    -- Yellow Tennis Ball
    Rubber Bone    -- White Rubber Bone
    Cat Wand       -- Green Cat Wand
    Flying Disc    -- Blue Flying Disc
    Pro Disc       -- Pink Pro Disc
    Boomerang      -- Red Boomerang
    Lure           -- Blue Lure
    Pro Lure       -- Green Pro Lure
    Leather Collar -- Yellow Leather Collar, Brown Leather Collar
    Dot Collar     -- Black Dot Collar
    Japanese-Print -- Green Japanese-Print Collar
    Faux Collar    -- Faux-Python Collar
    Bell Collar    -- Blue Bell Collar
    Bow            -- Blue Bow, Red Bow, Checkered Bow
    Cap            -- Yellow Cap
    Knit Cap       -- Black Knit Cap
    Sunglasses     -- White Sunglasses
    Movie-Star     -- Black Movie-Star Shades
    IX.  Tricks                                                           [TRICKS]
    Here is a list of tricks.  Some of these I've found difficult to teach my
    dog so I haven't yet.  View the tutorials for an idea on how to do it.  But
    be forewarned that some of the difficult ones aren't as easy to understand as
    it seems like it should be.
    - Sit Down
    - Left Paw
    - Right Paw
    - Lie Down
    - Play Dead
    - Spin
    - Roll Over
    - Sit Up
    - Jump
    - Say Please
    - Stand Up
    - Cheer
    - Sneeze
    - Beg
    - Handstand
    - Breakdance
    - Howl
    You don't have to use the exact name they give you, and I'd recommend on
    some of them you shorten them or change it a bit.  Such as Right Paw and
    Left Paw my dog had a hard time distinguishing between them, so I taught
    her "Right" and "Left" instead.  Instead of Sit Down you can just say
    "Sit" which might make it easier for your pet to recognize.
    X.  Owner Points                                                      [OPOINT]
    Owner Points are something you earn while doing things doing things with your
    pets.  Brushing, walking, playing, bathing it, win competitions, and other
    activities which makes your pets happy can earn you Owner Points.  The
    sparkles you see over your pets head for whatever reason they occurred means
    some points have been earned for making your pet happy.  Don't forget things
    that brushing, just participating in competitions, petting your fuzzy friend,
    walk your dog, feed and water your pet, having your dog learn and practice
    tricks, as well as befriending and playing with a neighbor's dog can make it
    happy.  This might not be a complete list, so try things out.
    Your pet may also lose points, from what Thonky.com says.  Here is what it
    lists as some of the following things that might make your animals lose
    points.  I will directly quote what is said.  Please note this list is not
    mine and not in my own words.  Credit is given below to the source of this
       - Not being fed when famished or watered when parched
       - Getting into trouble on walks (peeing on the sidewalk instead of in
         grass, eating garbage, getting in puddles) (dogs only)
       - Being dirty/filthy
       - Being left alone all day
       - Being teased (tugging ears/tail, making it sneeze, etc)
       - Having its leash tugged on walks (dogs only)
       - Being hit with a toy
       - Playing with a toy that scares it
       - Listening to a record that scares it
    Thank you to Thonky.com for noting that your pet can lose points, as I wasn't
    aware of this, but it does make sense.  For a link to their guide for a closer
    look:   http://www.thonky.com/nintendogs-+-cats/
    * To find out how many Owner Points you have, you'll need to go to your
      Journal to find out.  Once you are in your Journal on a page, tap the
      icon in the bottom right hand of the bottom screen.  It should have your
      Mii image along with an envelope.  Here, on the top screen, look in the
      top right corner.  It will alternate between StreetPass tags number and
      your Owner Points!
    XI.  FAQ                                                              [NDCFAQ]
    Here I will take questions being asked on the Answers section of Nintendogs
    + Cats area of GameFAQs and try to provide a bit more in depth answer than
    they may have gotten.  A lot of these are questions I had too, until I found
    out on my own.  If you have any you'd like to ask, feel free to contact me.
    Keep in mind this will be added to, so some of these will be from interaction
    from folks via email about their questions, or ones I see popping up on the
    "How can I get my kitten to bring me presents?"
          Leave your 3DS open and unattended for some time.  I've read anywhere
       between 30 to 45 minutes.  The day I left mine open I did so for
       hours so, I can't say exactly.  Don't get in view of the 3DS camera,
       since this game uses it.  Your pets will know you are there then and
       your kitten won't go out and do whatever naughty things it wants to do.
          You might take notice that your kitten is gone if the game doesn't
       do any focus on it in some period of time.  Or you may never know that
       it was gone until you go to click it's button or tap the Go Out and
       try to go somewhere.  I tried to Go Out when I came back to my 3DS,
       when it told me my kitten was outside.  It then brought me a present
       before I left the house.
    "How does furniture work?"
          The furniture isn't as open as I'd like it to be.  You have four
       corners of the room to place any kind of furniture.  That's it.
       Once those corners are taken up, you'll need to replace something if
       you wish to put something new down.  I can understand why it was
       done this way, but it leaves a lot to be desired.
    "Do I have to purchase again homes I've already paid for?"
          Short answer, yes.
          If you've already purchased, say, the Fairy Tale room for $1,000
       and then decide to switch back to the Country home, you will pay
       nothing since that is one of the starter houses (for my version).
       If you decide to go back to the Fairy Tale room, you will indeed
       have to pay an additional $1,000 to get it back.
    "What is Stardust for?" 
          It is a recyclable item.  You'll use it to purchase things at
       the second hand store.  I know I found one early on, so I was not
       sure what it was used for for a while.  At some point, through
       playing, you'll find items that will need Stardust to purchase the
    "Why doesn't my puppy bring the Disc back?"
          This takes a lot of practice, but don't give up.  Any time you
       use the Disc, do not let your dog sit and chew on it.  As soon as
       they catch it, or thereabouts, tap them on the bottom screen.  This
       will get their attention and bring it back to you.  Make sure to
       give them a quick pat to reward them for a good job.
          I ended up "teaching" my dog this still while doing Disc
       competitions.  I couldn't wait and practice forever while she
       learned to do this.  I just got good at timing it when she caught
       it and landed to double tap her.  It's still not as quick as if
       she did it on her own, but I did save myself some time doing it
       that method.  Then one day we were doing a competition and I
       realized she brought it to me on her own.  Just have lots of
       patiences and one day your dog will surprise you as well.
    "How do I get my dog to stop being Plump?"
          Sounds like you need to get your dog moving.  First, you'll
       want to only feed your dog when he or she is famished.  This will
       help keep your dog slim.  Second, while they are plump, try feeding
       it diet food.  This will help, but not be the ultimate thing that
       helps lose them weight.  You'll want to take your dog on a lot of
       walks and keep him or her moving.  You can also play games with it
       to keep it active.  Competitions are also good ways to keep your
       dog active and to lose weight.  Just accept whatever fate has dealt
       you at the competitions.  The whole point is to get your dog active.
    "How many pets can I own?"
          Up to 6 total, but here's how it breaks down.  You can only have
       up to three animals at your house.  But, with the Pet Hotel, you can
       put three pets in there and have a total of 6 animals.  3 at the
       Pet Hotel and 3 at your house.
    "Surprise Cookies?  What do those do?"
          Nothing other than give your dog a high pitched voice from what
       I've seen.  I think honestly it is more annoying than anything and
       I plan on selling any future ones I find.  But, if you like to get
       a laugh at your dog, this might be a way to do so.
    "How do I restart this game completely?"
          If you want to start a new game, or perhaps have purchased a
       used copy and want to have your own save file, it's pretty easy to
       do.  It should state in the manual, but for those lacking the manual,
       I'll provide it here.
          To completely restart your game you'll want to press and hold the
       A, B, X, and Y buttons all at the same time when the Nintendogs logo
       is shown after starting up the game.  Believe it should provide a
       confirmation that you want to delete the current file.  Remember,
       DELETING this file is permanent!!  You only have one save file on a
       card at a time, so if you do this, you will be UNABLE to reverse the
       process and get your old save file back.  Be ABSOLUTELY sure you wish
       to proceed.
    "Can my dog have puppies?" / "Can my cat have kittens?"
          The answer is no and no.  Keep in mind that the title of this game
       is Nintendogs, but really, the dogs and cats you have are puppies and
       kittens respectively.  They will not breed.  If you want another cat
       or dog, you will need to purchase one from the pet store.
    "Where can I get AR codes for this game?"
          First let me start off by saying I don't necessarily approve of
       these cheat devices, but I know some folks enjoy them.  To each his
       own and I respect that.  I won't make this a place about AR codes
       or any other cheat device, but I will try to push you in the correct
          Unfortunately, for the 3DS, the Action Replay just came out
       recently, at the time of this writing.  It appears January 20th?  I
       could be wrong, but that was date I thought I saw while doing some
       research.  It appears to use the DSi Action Replay, and since it is so
       newly launched for the 3DS, there aren't any codes that I can come up
       with for any 3DS game.  It will take some time for the community to get
       into it and share their findings with the gaming world.
          In the mean time, the best advice I can offer is to keep your eyes
       on the web.  Do searches once in a while.  If I find that I'm seeing
       codes appearing on websites, I'll state so here and probably suggest
       Google or something.  We'll see when that time comes I suppose.
    XII.  Disclaimer                                                      [DSCLAM]
    This guide should not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  No alterations may be made to this guide.
    This guide is free and under no circumstances should anyone be required
    to pay for this information.  If you've come across this guide after
    having paid for some kind of service or to view this guide specifically,
    please contact me.
    **This guide is exclusive to GameFAQs.**
    If you find any errors in this guide, feel free to contact me regarding
    the issue and I'll try to correct it as soon as possible.  If you have any
    comments, concerns, or you feel I've left something out of this guide please
    feel free to contact me.
    Please, if contacting me in regards to this guide put something about
    "Nintendogs + Cats" in the title so that I may know it is not spam mail
    and that it is for this particular guide.  I currently have several other
    guides out there and need to be able to quickly figure out which email is
    for what game.  Thank you.
    XIII.  Credits                                                        [CRDITS]
    Just remember you don't need a GameFAQ account or anything to be thanked!  As
    long as you provide me with a nickname you go by, whatever it may be, it's all
            Many,  many thanks goes to BlastBurnBoy to helping me fill in breed
            information, as well as many items from the secondhand shop to
            accessories, to pet supply store items.  The information provided
            was much appreciated!
            Thank you to Thonky for a List of Items for Nintendogs + Cats.  They
            helped with the Owner Points section in which I wasn't sure exactly
            how that all played out.  Also helped me fill in gaps in my item
            list that I've not completed myself.  A great help in the Item Unlock
            section as well.  Some information they had up really helped pull this
            guide together in some sections.
    	Thank you for using this guide.  I put a lot of time and effort into
    	it to make it the best possible guide for those seeking this
    	information.   I've put everything I can think into it, but I know
            I'm not perfect and am sure I've left something out.  If so, feel
            free to drop me a line.

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