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Guide and Walkthrough by zylorfn

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 06/15/2011

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (3DS) FAQ/Walkthrough
by Dennis Comella

Version 1.00 (6/15/11)

Table of Contents:
-Version info

  > Chapter 1: Kestrel Down
   - "Separated"
   - "Kestrel Destroyed"
   - "Pinned Down"
   - "A New Ally"
   - "Striking Back"
  > Chapter 2: Dead Hand Play
   - "The New Crew"
   - "Mountain Ambush"
   - "Pipeline Defense"
   - "The Hatch"
   - "Perimeter Sweep"
   - "Dead Hand Base"
  > Chapter 3: A New Threat
   - "Gas Station"
   - "Rooting Out"
   - "Hijack"
   - "Black Sea Approach"
   - "Sevastopol Breached"
  > Chapter 4: Invasion
   - "Russia Attacks"
   - "Holding the Desna Crossing"
   - "Behind the Lines"
   - "Knockout Blow"
   - "The Tide Turns"
  > Chapter 5: Back on the Trail
   - "The Rail Depot"
   - "Mopping Up"
   - "Drone Attack"
   - "Search And Destroy"
   - "Friend or Foe"
  > Chapter 6: The Coup
   - "Raid On the River"
   - "Hell's Road"
   - "Incoming"
   - "Precision Strike"
   - "Deep Freeze"
  > Chapter 7: The Last Stand
   - "Outside Looking In"
   - "The Passage"
   - "Production Line"
   - "Megadrone"
   - "Dream's End"
   - "Meltdown"
  >Training Mission
   -"Sniper Defense"
   -"Medical Emergency"
   -"Go Gunners"
   -"Fire in the Hole"
   -"Hidden and Dangerous"
   -"Tool Time"
   -"Rocket Men"
  >Battle Mission
   -"Lightning Fast"
   -"Cave Escape"
   -"Tank Trouble"
   -"Zombie Survival"
   -"Convoy Ambush"
   -"Zombie Apocalypse"
   -"Mega Munch"
   -"Deadly Game"
   -"Reactor Race"
  >Challenge Mission
   -"Lighthouse Defense"
   -"The Great Drone Robbery"
   -"Turret Defense"



=================================Version Info=================================


Version 1.00 (6/15/11): Completed walkthrough! Every mission has been added 
with a detailed walkthrough/strategy. There's still a little bit more to be 
done, but for most purposes it's complete.

Version 0.78 (6/9/11): More missions and minor changes.

Version 0.61 (6/5/11): Some cosmetic changes and more missions. Still plenty 
of work to be done before it's finished.

Version 0.46 (5/31/11): More missions, more character info, minor corrections.

Version 0.28 (5/27/11): More missions added. Some character info added.

Version 0.16 (5/22/11): This is the first version. Consider it a rough draft. 
The game has 16% completion. It needs better organization, but the information 
is there. There are lots of gaps, but more will be added soon!




This guide is for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, for the Nintendo 3DS. 
It is a turn-based strategy game where the goal is to fulfill mission 
objectives while defeating enemy militants. You take control of an elite squad 
of soldiers called "Ghosts," each of which must use their unique skills and 
abilities in order to complete the missions. 

In-game Controls:
Control + pad = Move cursor, select between options
A button = Select current character/option, access menu
B button = Cancel selection, back
Y button = View line of fire from highlighted tile
X button = Toggle character/map screen on touchscreen
R trigger = Switch current weapon 
L trigger = Select next available character
Circle pad = Rotate/tilt camera
START/SELECT = pause the game (menu)
|^| HOME = Return to N3DS menu screen

Additional Controls:
Y button = view equipment on squad select screen (before mission)
R/L trigger = switch between chapters on mission select screen

PEC score = Persistent Elite Creation

PEC score is simply a way to monitor your progress in the game. Each mission 
has a PEC rating system where you gain more "eagles" depending on your 
difficulty setting. Each difficulty will award you between one and three 

For example, in the first mission you will get one eagle for Beginner 
difficulty, two for Intermediate, and three for Elite. However, if you had 
already beaten the mission on Intermediate, then beat it again on Elite, you 
would only gain an additional one eagle, since you already earned the other 
two. In the later missions, you can gain up to 9 eagles per mission, for a sum 
total of 338.

Here is a list of the ranks you gain by completing missions.

0 - Private
5 - Corporal
10 - Sergeant
20 - Sergeant First Class
30 - Master Sergeant
40 - Sergeant Major
55 - 2nd Lieutenant
70 - 1st Lieutenant
90 - Captain
110 - Major
130 - Colonel
150 - 1 Star General
190 - 2 Star General
230 - 3 Star General
280 - 4 Star General
338 - 5 Star General


[more info coming soon]

|                              Level-Up Guide
|       Duke       |
| Class: Commando
| Starting equipment: ACR weapon, MPA1 armor
| Specialty: blast against infantry and vehicles
| Lv2: Health 3
| Lv3: Health 3
| Lv4: SCAR-H weapon
| Lv5: SMLAV1 launcher
| Lv6: Health 3
| Lv7: HPA1 armor
| Lv8: Health 4
| Lv9: Urban Warrior
| Lv10: G36 weapon
| Lv11: AR-L2 weapon
| Lv12: Health 3
| Lv13: MPA2 armor
| Lv14: HPA2 armor
| Lv15: Determination
| Lv16: Health 4
| Lv17: SMLAP1 launcher
| Lv18: SMLAV2 launcher
| Lv19: Health 3
| Lv20: Increase speed 1
| Lv21: LRR-Mk2 weapon
| Lv22: AR-H2 weapon
| Lv23: Recover
| Lv24: Health 3
| Lv25: MPA3 armor
| Lv26: HPA3 armor
| Lv27: Health 4
| Lv28: SMLAP2 launcher
| Lv29: SMLAV3 launcher
| Lv30: Surgical Strike
|       Haze       |
| Class: Sniper
| Starting equipment: M24 weapon, LPA1Sn armor
| Specialty: long range damage
| Lv2: Health 2
| Lv3: Health 2
| Lv4: M14ER weapon
| Lv5: CG1 grenades
| Lv6: Health 3
| Lv7: MPA1Sn armor
| Lv8: Health 3
| Lv9: Long Shot
| Lv10: HSR weapon
| Lv11: M14 AER weapon
| Lv12: Increase speed 1
| Lv13: LPA2Sn armor
| Lv14: MPA2Sn armor
| Lv15: Jungle Warrior
| Lv16: Health 2
| Lv17: EMPG1 grenade
| Lv18: Health 3
| Lv19: CG2 grenade
| Lv20: Health 3
| Lv21: HSR-X weapon
| Lv22: XM2010 weapon
| Lv23: Health 3
| Lv24: Marksman
| Lv25: LPA3Sn armor
| Lv26: MPA3Sn armor
| Lv27: Health 3
| Lv28: EMPG2 grenade
| Lv29: FG1 grenade
| Lv30: Eagle Eye
|     Saffron      |
| Class: Medic
| Starting equipment: P30 weapon, MPGE1 medikit, LPA1 armor
| Starting abilities: 1 Power Point for each [2] HP healed
| Specialty: healing and support
| Lv2: Health 3
| Lv3: Health 3
| Lv4: UTSP weapon
| Lv5: MPGE2 medikit
| Lv6: Health 3
| Lv7: MPA1 armor
| Lv8: Determination
| Lv9: Health 3
| Lv10: SG1 weapon/shield
| Lv11: MiniPDW weapon
| Lv12: Increase speed 1
| Lv13: Health 3
| Lv14: LPA2 armor
| Lv15: MPA2 armor
| Lv16: Quick Reactions
| Lv17: MPBE1 medikit
| Lv18: MPSE1 medikit
| Lv19: Health 3
| Lv20: Increase speed 2
| Lv21: Health 3
| Lv22: SG2 weapon/shield
| Lv23: MPDWAdv weapon
| Lv24: Health 3
| Lv25: LPA3 armor
| Lv26: MPA3 armor
| Lv27: Health 3
| Lv28: MPBE2 medikit
| Lv29: MPSE2 medikit
| Lv30: Miracle Worker
|     Richter      |
| Class: Gunner
| Starting equipment: G100 weapon, MPA1 armor
| Specialty: defense and support fire
| Lv2: Health 4
| Lv3: Health 4
| Lv4: G101 weapon
| Lv5: CG1 grenades
| Lv6: Rage
| Lv7: Health 4
| Lv8: HPA 1 armor
| Lv9: Strong Arm
| Lv10: M249 weapon
| Lv11: G200 weapon
| Lv12: Health 4
| Lv13: MPA2 armor
| Lv14: HPA2 armor
| Lv15: Jungle Warrior
| Lv16: Health 4
| Lv17: SCAVG1 grenade
| Lv18: CG2 grenade
| Lv19: Health 4
| Lv20: M249PARA weapon
| Lv21: G201 weapon
| Lv22: Increase speed 1
| Lv23: Health 4
| Lv24: MPA3 armor
| Lv25: HPA3 armor
| Lv26: Health 4
| Lv27: SCAVG2 grenade
| Lv28: FG1 grenade
| Lv29: Health 4
| Lv30: Rain of Fire
|       Mint       |
| Class: Engineer
| Starting equipment: ACR weapon, MGT1 turret, MPA1 armor
| Starting abilities: 1 Power Point for each HP repaired
| Specialty: turrets, drones and repair
| Lv2: Health 3
| Lv3: Health 4
| Lv4: SCAR-H weapon
| Lv5: Health 3
| Lv6: Steadfast
| Lv7: HPA1 armor
| Lv8: Health 3
| Lv9: Health 3
| Lv10: EMAW1 weapon
| Lv11: AR-L2 weapon
| Lv12: Increase speed 1
| Lv13: MPA2 armor
| Lv14: HPA2 armor
| Lv15: GGDT turret
| Lv16: Health 3
| Lv17: DAR1 drone
| Lv18: Health 3
| Lv19: Recover
| Lv20: Health 4
| Lv21: EMAW2 weapon
| Lv22: AR-H2 weapon
| Lv23: Increase speed 2
| Lv24: Health 3
| Lv25: MPA3 armor
| Lv26: HPA3 armor
| Lv27: Health 4
| Lv28: DAR2 drone
| Lv29: GGTT turret
| Lv30: Second Sight
|     Banshee      |
| Class: Recon
| Starting equipment: 552SD weapon, LPA1St armor
| Starting abilities: Cannot be attacked unless revealed
| Specialty: close combat and stealth
| Lv2: Health 2
| Lv3: Health 2
| Lv4: SCARCQ weapon
| Lv5: MKIII knife
| Lv6: MPA1St armor
| Lv7: Cold Blooded Killer
| Lv8: Health 3
| Lv9: Jungle Warrior
| Lv10: P90 weapon
| Lv11: 552SDM2 weapon
| Lv12: Health 2
| Lv13: LPA2St armor
| Lv14: MPA2St armor
| Lv15: EMPG1 grenade
| Lv16: Health 3
| Lv17: Urban Warrior
| Lv18: Health 3
| Lv19: Increase speed 1
| Lv20: P90TR weapon
| Lv21: SCARCQM weapon
| Lv22: Health 3
| Lv23: Recover
| Lv24: MKVII knife
| Lv25: Health 3
| Lv26: LPA3St armor
| Lv27: MPA3St armor
| Lv28: Health 3
| Lv29: EMPG2 grenade
| Lv30: Assassin


This is the main section of the guide. This will give a basic walkthrough of 
missions and other important info. This will be given from the elite 
difficulty setting unless otherwise noted. There may be slight variations 
between difficulties.

To begin, open your game package! Remove the game from the box and put it into 
your 3DS system, and open it up on the HOME menu of the 3DS. Select the Gost 
Recon icon to begin playing!

On the title screen, press the A button to continue!

Select a new file to begin. (Don't worry, it gets harder from here on out!)

                          | How to use this guide |
Each mission will give a detailed walkthrough on how to complete the mission, 
complete with objectives and other info. At the beginning of each mission 
there is a mission description with the relevant info for that mission 
including the mission name, description, number of objectives, PEC score for 
each difficulty, and overall difficulty of the mission.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Campaign   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

| Prologue: Intro mission       |
| Characters: Banshee and Duke  |
| Enemy: Zemya army             |

This mission is basically a tutorial mission, so it's pretty easy. Follow the 
instructions in the game and you'll win in no time. I'll also give a few 
tutorial tips that the game won't tell you until later.

Watch the cutscene, read some dialogue. Banshee and Duke enter from the right, 
trying to infiltrate the base. But it seems that the entrance is guarded by a 
bunch of soldiers and drones! Oh my! Luckily for you, you've got what it takes 
to make it through their defenses.

New Primary Objective: Open the security door.
This is your only objective for this mission. To complete it, you have to move 
one of your characters onto one of the two "key" icons to the left. Simple.

Read the tutorial dialogue and then hit the A button on the current square. 
Note that on the bottom screen you have all the info for the selected 
character, which also shares the location with the map for the area (when a 
unit is not selected).

The green squares that appear are the tiles that you can attack an enemy from. 
The blue-ish squares are the ones you can only move to. Just move to the 
square they tell you to using the + pad. Then select "ATTACK" since you want 
to shoot some bad guys. It doesn't matter which one you choose, so take your 

Once you've attacked, follow the tutorial and move Duke to the green tile. Go 
and shoot at the same enemy you just attacked to kill him. But wait, the enemy 
attacks you with return fire. Don't worry since you have plenty of health! Hit 
A and select End Turn. Now it's the enemy's turn to move, and they don't seem 
too happy about your being there.

Let all the soldiers move, and one of them should attack. Notice that you 
return fire on him with both of your characters.

Your turn again, and the game gives you some more tutorial information. Go 
ahead and select Duke, then select the Missile Launcher as the game suggests. 
Select one of the far enemies, and watch as they die under the splash damage! 
The launcher doesn't let you move very far, but the attack range is great. 
Move Banshee and take out the closest enemy with your regular weapon.

You've probably noticed enemy health bars with different colors when you go to 
attack them. RED means that is the minimum amount of damage that will be dealt 
to them. YELLOW shows additional damage that may be done, and GREEN is what 
will be remaining, meaning the enemy will not die on this attack. More on that 
will be explained in the next missions of the game.

If you're ever low on health, you can pick up one of the health packs around 
the map. Those are the boxes with the red crosses on them that look like first 
aid kits. If you need one on this level, you are a bad player. There are also 
green ammo packs that will restore ammo to your secondary weapon, but you 
shouldn't need to here.

Keep proceeding leftward, taking out enemies as you progress. You can try out 
Banshee's grenades too. If you've been doing as I suggested, when you move 
Duke you may notice you have another option when you select ATTACK. You may 
now perform either a basic attack or a RAPID STRIKE with your basic weapon or 
a WIDE IMPACT with your missile launcher. Rapid Strike basically gives you two 
moves, the first of which has double your normal power, and Wide Impact 
increases the damage radius of your grenades. I suggest a Rapid Strike on one 
of the enemies, then move him again! Now we're talking!

On Turn 4, you should be able to finish this mission off. If you really want 
you can try out Banshee's Rapid Strike or grenades, but you might as well end 
this by simply moving to the left onto one of the key icons to open the door. 
Congratulations on completing your first mission! (Looks like there's more 
trouble ahead of that door though!) Now the real missions begin.

-------------------------Chapter 1 - Kestrel Down-----------------------------

Sent to investigate bandit activity in Kazakhstan, the Ghosts' transport has 
been shot down and the squad separated.

This is the first chapter, and it should be pretty easy. Your plane, the 
Kestrel, has been shot down. You get to meet some of the characters and get 
the hang of the basics of the game.

| Mission 1: "Separated"                                 |
| Ghost Sniper Haze is alone and surrounded by hostiles. |
| OBJECTIVES: **                                         |
| PEC SCORE: .-^                                         |
| Characters: Haze, Duke                                 |
| Enemy: Kazakh Bandits                                  |
| Difficulty: 1/5                                        |

Your first real mission! It starts with a dialogue between Yuri Treskayev and 
General Strashin somewhere in Moscow. Apparently there's some kind of scheme 
to elect Treskayev as the Russian President. Sounds fishy... You learn about 
some bandit activity in Kazakhstan, which is where you'll be headed first. 
Watch the 3-D cutscene and some instructions. Go ahead and choose the Elite 
difficulty!! This mission will be a cakewalk.

It seems Haze is alone in the middle of nowhere, and the enemy is on their way. 
Duke is half a klick northeast-he'll be arriving in a bit. 

Did you know? A klick is equal to 1 kilometer.

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the hostiles (*)
Kill all Kazakh bandit forces in the area.

You get a bit more tutorial in this stage, so learn from it and follow the 
instructions. End your turn. (Notice on the bottom right the END TURN (A) is 
flashing, meaning all units have moved for this turn.)

Turn 2: You thought you were just dealing with 3 guys? Wrong. There's plenty 
more on their way from the bottom. On this turn, attack the same guy you shot 
at last turn to hopefully get rid of him, or else you will next turn. You can 
also explore the bottom screen by tapping the various icons.

When you get your first kill, it tells you that you earn 20 Power Points. 
FALSE. You get 25 Power Points. Looks like the programmers forgot about that, 
along with a few other minor things that I'll point out later.

Turn 3, you'll learn about weapons and Range. Close Range = 1-2 tiles away, 
Medium = 3-5, and long range is anything >5. Just attack the closest enemy and 
end turn.

Turn 4, attack the closest enemy, but make sure you're out of range of his 
next move. The ravine will protect you from him moving too close, so just 
attack from a good distance to be safe.

Keep attacking, and you should hopefully fill up your Power Points gauge by 
this turn. Avoid enemy attacks by keeping a safe distance.

Finally, on Turn 6, Duke will arrive. He's has a rifle, so his attacks are 
closer range than Haze. Use him to shoot enemies.

Don't forget to use your Super Shot you should have achieved on Haze. Use it 
on a full-health enemy for best results.

From here on out, use Duke for close-range attacks, and Haze for long-distance 
ones. Duke has return fire, while Haze does not. Keep that in mind.

New Primary Objective: Neutralize the officer (*)
Eliminate the Kazakh squad leader

You have another objective, to kill the leader. He's a bit more powerful than 
the rest of the army, but nothing you can't handle. It is only the first level 
after all.

Also use Duke's Rapid Strike, which allows a double-power attack, followed by 
another turn with a regular attack. I suggest moving him 5 tiles away from the 
target so you get a few extra points damage. For other attacks, try staying 6 
squares away so they can't return fire.

If you let the officer reach the bottom of the map, he will recruit two new 
soldiers. Try to take him out before that can happen. If not, just keep at it 
until they are defeated, and don't let either of your characters die. You 
won't fail if he calls more soldiers, but it's a slight inconvenience. Once 
all the enemies are gone, you've won!

You've earned your first eagles, as well as two nice shiny stars to "level up" 
your characters. You can place the stars anywhere you'd like, but at this 
point it's only a health bonus. You can put one on each, or two on one, it's 
completely up to your play style. Everyone will get leveled up eventually, so 
don't worry about it too much. On to the next mission!

| Mission 2: "Kestrel Destroyed"          |
| Duke and Haze mount a mission to save   |
|  medic Saffron and destroy the Kestrel. |
| OBJECTIVES: **                          |
| PEC SCORE: .-^                          |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                       |

In this mission you meet Saffron, a medic who can both attack enemies and heal 
allies. She's surrounded by guards, so keep her safe until Duke and Haze 

New Primary Objective: Get to the house
Move Saffron into cover at the house.

You start to the right of the map. You have to get Saffron to the house on the 
left side, as the primary objective suggests. Move straight through the ruins 
to the left. You will be unavoidably attacked once on this route. If you 
choose the lower path, you will also be attacked once before reaching the 
house, but it will take you an extra turn to reach the house, so just take the 
closest route.

On turn 3, Duke and Haze arrive, ready to pump some lead into some Kazakhs! It 
tells you to move Duke first, but don't. Make Haze attack the closest soldier 
from where he's standing, then move Duke into Medium range for a shot at 
killing the guy and not getting any return fire.

Get Saffron to the house, then move Duke and Haze down there as well.

New Primary Objective: Hold the position
Defeat the bandit attack.

Just get to the house and stay there to get some nice protection (50% damage 
reduction). You can use Saffron's Medikit to heal herself or the other Ghosts. 
Keep everyone at adequate health and kill all the enemies. Once you do, you 
get a new objective.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the Kestrel (*)
Send Duke to initiate the Kestrel's self-destruct sequence.

You can't let the enemy get a hold of your secrets, so you've got to destroy 
your plane. A few more enemies appear, so send Duke out.

I chose to move Haze out of the house to support Duke, and left Saffron safe 
and kept healing. Haze can shoot across the canyon as well. You'll encounter a 
mortar soldier attacking the house, but Saffron will gain protection and you 
won't have a problem surviving. He's only got 4 shots at you anyway, and you 
can't kill him due to his position on the cliff. Heal Saffron while Duke gets 
to the Kestrel. You might get a Rapid Strike as well, so use it if you want.

New Primary Objective: Escape to the south (*)
All Ghosts must exit the sector to the south.

After you set the self-destruct sequence, move your squad to the south where 
indicated. This should be easy, since you don't have to attack anyone, 
although there might be a rogue bandit roaming around. Just get to the exit 
and you've won this round.

| Mission 3: "Pinned Down"                 |
| Gunner Richter is wounded and surrounded |
|  as the Ghosts move in to rescue him.    |
| OBJECTIVES: **                           |  
| PEC SCORE: .-^                           |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                        |

There's another meeting between Treskayev and Strashin, and they've been 
behind the Kazakh Bandit attacks! They're trying to elect Treskayev president 
by doing some shady stuff, and Yaroslav Demidov is there to help him with some 
military stuff. The plot thickens.

In this mission you're introduced to Richter and the Gunner class, who have a 
powerful weapon with a long range. Richter is alone, so you'll have to hold 
out until Duke and the other Ghosts arrive.

New Primary Objective: Survive the onslaught
Hold off the hostile attack until the other Ghosts arrive.

Move the lone Richter to the house to hold off the attack. Richter has a nice 
100% return fire, which is like getting an extra attack when he's shot at. 
It's a nice skill to have. He also has the option to Suppress an enemy, which 
does half the damage, but won't let them act next turn, which can be a big 

Stay in the house for cover, and once you eliminate the advancing enemies, 
you'll complete the first mission. Then your team will arrive.

New Primary Objective: Neutralize the hostile leader (*)
Eliminate the hostile officer in the communications center.

New Secondary Objective: Heal Richter (*)
Have Saffron bring Richter back to full health.

As you can see, there's a bunch of enemies up in a house to the north. You'll 
have to take out the leader to win the mission. You also have a secondary 
objective that should not be ignored (although it is optional) so you get the 
star to level up after the round.

Heal Richter, then head towards the enemy officer. You can either go right or 
left to get there, but there are fewer enemies to the right. There's a bunch 
more enemies around, but taking them out with your 4 members should be easy, 
even if they're in houses. Go there and kill as much as you can on your way 
while staying healed with Saffron. 

Keep in mind the advantage of height as you progress, making a difference of 
10-20% damage.

Take out the enemies, and make your way to the communications center. The 
officer will stay in the center of the building, which means you'll have to go 
inside if you want to attack him. Move in and he'll be gone in no time. 

Apply your stars and move ahead.

| Mission 4: "A New Ally"                   |
| Advancing towards the bandit SAMs,        |
|  the Ghosts receive some unexpected help. |
| OBJECTIVES: **                            | 
| PEC SCORE: .-^                            |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                         |

You enter the village and have lots of hostile forces. They're looking for 
something, but it's your job to take them out.

New rimary Objective: Defeat the ambush (*)
Defeat the hostiles in the ravine.

You're stuck in the middle of the ravine, and you have to watch out for the 
guys on higher ground who get a damage bonus and can see over obstacles. You 
can get additional return fire from them if you attack from the wrong position. 
I suggest attacking the guy on the left first with Saffron and Duke, then the 
guy on the ground on the right with Haze and Richter. Try to minimize return 
fire. Remember that if you kill a unit, they can't return fire, so make your 
shots count.

You have a lot of obstacles in your way, so you'll have to check line of fire 
and work around them. It's smart to use suppress on some of the enemies, and 
make sure to keep yourself fairly healed.

At the end of turn 2, after the enemy attacks, there's a mystery player that 

New Primary Objective: Help the unknown ally
Eliminate the hostiles before your new ally is overpowered.

Aydana Kozlova of the Arystan unit of the Kazakh Army is your new ally, so 
head north to help her. Defeating the enemies should be easy. Once you do, 
Aydana joins your team.

New Primary Objective: Free the prisoners (*)
Clear the prison camp of hostiles and rescue the prisoners

You agree to help Aydana rescue some villagers, and in return she will help 
you on your mission. As you proceed, make sure not to let Aydana (or a Ghost) 
die or the mission will be over. Aydana has a great move range and a powerful 
weapon, as well as grenades, so she will be an invaluable teammate.

Learn how to use grenades and watch those monkeys die! Well, you might not 
kill them in one shot, but they'll run away crying. A bunch more enemies come, 
but just take them out like usual. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just more 
firepower with your new ally. Either pick up extra ammo for Aydana, or instead 
of wasting a turn just use here awesome gun. The enemies should be gone in 
seconds flat. Once they're toast, the prisoners are set free and you win.

| Mission 5: "Striking Back" (Chapter Mission) |
| The Ghosts attack the bandit controlled      |
|  village to destroy the mobile SAMs.         |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                             |
| PEC SCORE: ..-^                              |
| Difficulty: 3/5                              |

You'll read another dialogue where Treskayev plans to use Demidov for his own 
selfish purposes. Looks like bad news for Demidov.

In this mission you have to destroy the mobile SAMs for a nice 3 stars!

New Primary Objective: Destroy the SAM vehicles (***)
Destroy the two mobile SAM vehicles around the village perimeter.

You have some Antitank soldiers from the Kazakh Army, so use them to attack 
the SAM vehicles for nice damage.

For your first turn, attack the SAM directly with one of the Antitank soldiers. 
The splash damage only does around 25% damage, so you'll need a direct hit to 
make your shot effective. Note that only the front of the vehicle can be 
damaged, and the rear takes no damage. Also, you'll want to use weapons with a 
high percentage against vehicles, or your damage will be greatly reduced.

Another new feature in the level is fences. You can hop over fences, which 
will cost you an extra movement space. However, if you're next to a fence and 
attacked from the other side, your damage will be reduced by 25%. You know if 
it's a fence if it shows a little shieldy symbol near your cursor.

Try to take out the guy in the first building, and the guy near the vehicle. 
Use Richter, then Saffron, to attack the building guy, and Duke and Haze to 
attack the other one.

After your first turn, the vehicle moves super far away, out of range for a 
while. Then there's a little skirmish between some policemen and the enemy 
army over at the town hall. Head over there to save them!

New Secondary Objective: Rescue the policemen (*)
Eliminate the hostile forces around the town hall before all the policemen are 

Even though it's a secondary objective, do your best to save them. Run fast 
and with some luck you should make it there in time.

Keep taking down the soldiers in town, and when the first wave is done, some 
more spawn to the east over the bridge. Kill them and you complete your 
secondary mission and gain control of the remaining policeman. Finish off the 
truck that's been running away, then move north and east to take out the other 

There are two paths to the northern part of town; you can cross the bridge, or 
cross the river. The river is a dangerous bet, since it's guarded by embanked 
snipers, plus it's slow going. What you might want to do is use Haze to snipe 
the gunner on the other side, but do so carefully or you'll be attacked by a 
barrage of sniper rounds yourself.

Before you continue, it's not a bad idea to heal over the course of a few 
turns. There's no rush, and the rest of the enemies won't move forward to 
attack until you approach them. The only one you have to worry about is the 
gunner across the bridge, but I took him out with a Richter Super Shot and 
followed up with Duke as needed.

The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward, just like previous ones. 
Use houses to gain cover, snipe from afar, assault from close range, use 
grenades and missiles... you get the picture. Don't forget about the valuable 
Rapid Strikes or Super Shots! Take out the army as you progress, then take out 
the SAM. Chapter complete.

-------------------------Chapter 2: Dead Hand Play----------------------------

After the first chapter is completed, you continue fighting in Kazakhstan, and 
reinforcements are on the way.

| Mission 6: "The New Crew"                 |
| In an adjacent sector, Recon Banshee      |
|  and Engineer Mint engage a hostile camp. | 
| OBJECTIVES: ****                          |
| PEC SCORE: .-^                            |
| Difficulty: 1/5                           |

Here you've got some vehicles to worry about as well as a sniper in the middle 
of the map. This time you've got Mint and Banshee on your side, entering from 
opposite ends of the map.

New Primary Objective: Disable the vehicles (*)
Plant explosives on the three hostile vehicles.

Easy enough. Move Banshee to the blue zones around the vehicles and plant 
explosives. Work your way around counter-clockwise. Take a pot-shot at the 
sniper since they can't shoot at you, which is described in the tutorial 
screen. You only have control of Banshee for now, so just plant the explosives 
while the enemy unsuccessfully tries to follow you. Your movement range is 
superior to the enemy's.

New Primary Objective: Regroup
Rendezvous with Mint at the north position.

Do as Mint suggests and continue moving counter-clockwise around the map. If 
you exit through one of the gates, it will be harder for them to chase you. 
They will come around the opposite way if you get more than halfway around the 
tower, but try to stay camouflaged as much as possible (don't let them step 
next to you when you can). If you want, take out all the guards as well as the 
sniper and fill your PP gauge! Then rendezvous with Mint to continue your 

New Primary Objective: Deploy turret (*)
Have Mint deploy a turret to trap the hostiles.

Do as it tells you and place the turret. Next please!

New Primary Objective: Hold the position (**)
Hold the northern position against hostile forces.

This could not be easier. Stay near the turret for a few turns to wait while 
the enemies approach, then shoot them out from across the bridge. They have no 
range on you, so you can kill them before they even get a shot in. Finish this 
off, it's child's play.

Apply your four stars to Banshee and Mint for a few extra HP. :)

| Mission 7: "Mountain Ambush"            |
| The Ghosts ambush a bandit convoy en    |
|  route to attack Russian gas pipelines. |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                      |
| PEC SCORE: ..-^                         |
| Difficulty: 3.5/5                       |

Vehicles are on their way. You have to kill the local hostile forces and earn 
Command Points.

New Primary Objective: Get 12 Command Points
Capture the Command Flags to gain 12 CPs for an airstrike.

This gives you a brief tutorial about Command Points. Interesting... "special 
abilities"... "Command Powers"... we'll find out what this means shortly. 

Before you start, check out the map to see what you're up against. Three 
Command Flags, two of which are controlled by Team 2, are around the map. 
You'll want to simultaneously capture the center, uncontrolled one, and the 
lower, lightly guarded one. 

You've got your entire squad with you but for some reason Aydana moves slower 
now. Start by moving west and taking out the Assault guy. He has higher health 
than previous enemies, not to mention he's on higher ground, but you can kill 
him in the first turn. Use Haze and Banshee first to minimize return fire 

The enemies will start rushing toward you, so take them one by one as they 
approach, perhaps deploying a turret, minimizing damage, etc. I suggest 
sending Banshee south to attack the Gunner and capture the Flag. Keep at least 
4 tiles away from the Gunner and he can't attack you. He'll probably run away 
if you grouped your people close, but keep sniping him and he'll go down in a 
few turns.

In the center of the map, you've also got a sniper, so suppress him and/or 
take him out. Capture the base and heal someone if needed. I suggest saving 
the game here.

Keep fighting your way north, but be careful not to let anyone get too close 
until you have support, since they can kill one of the Ghosts in one turn. 
What I did was place a turret in the top-left square of the tree as a good 
defensive position.

Capture the top flag if you can, then wait for the convoy to arrive. More 
Assault enemies will be headed your way already, so smite them while building 
up your PP. Once you reach 12 CP, you get a new objective.

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy (***)
Destroy the bandit forces and the convoy.

Move into a defensive position at the top of the map while waiting for the 
convoy. Get rid of any Assaults that might be hanging around, and try an Air 
Strike if you so desire, or save it for the trucks. Then just wait a couple 
more turns for the convoy. They will arrive from the top left of the map by 
Turn 15, so move close to there so you can kill the Assaults that accompany 
the convoy.

Once they arrive, you'll have to kill all the trucks before they leave the 
screen. They arrive one per turn, along with some soldiers on foot. The trucks 
will move south, then east, but with a couple of well-timed air strikes you 
can take two out at a time, and maybe some infantry as well. If it doesn't 
kill them, follow up with Richter (or Mint's turret), or just pelt away with 
the rest of the crew until the trucks explode. Take out the rest of the troops 
as you've been doing, from afar. If you set up a line where you can give a lot 
of return fire, they probably won't attack you, leaving them easy pickings. 
You won't be able to Air Strike every truck, but bomb what you can, shoot 
everything else. It's not too difficult at this point, so just keep firing 

Finally, you'll get two waves of 3 soldiers with the trucks, and that's the 
last of them. Use a well-placed grenade on the soldiers from Aydana to damage 
three at a time, then pick them off with whoever. Use another Air Strike on 
the trucks (by this time you should have another), and say "sayonara" to that 

Plot exposition: you find maps to a so-called "Dead Hand Base," which is where 
you'll be heading soon. There's a bunch of stuff about the Kremlin setting up 
the base in case of a nuclear attack

On the level up screen, I suggest giving one star each to Duke, Saffron, 
Richter, and Mint, and give two to Banshee. That gives you a launcher attack, 
an upgraded heal, grenades, upgraded weapons, and Banshee's hard-hitting 
close-range ability.

| Mission 8: "Pipeline Defense"             |
| Taking position around a gas pipeline,    |
|  the Ghosts prepare to repel the bandits. |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                          |
| PEC SCORE: .-^                            |
| Difficulty: 2.5/5                         |

This round you get to choose your own squad. I chose Haze, Saffron, Richter, 
and Mint. You'll definitely need Saffron to heal, and Mint's turret gives you 
some extra firepower, which is helpful.

New Primary Objective: Protect the gas compressor (****)
Defend the gas compressor from hostile forces.

There's no one way to beat this mission, but here's what I suggest. First take 
out the soldier to the south (his HP is overflowing!), then move everyone into 
the building in the center. Most of the troops will appear from the right, so 
I suggest placing Mint's turret at the top right corner. Don't be too afraid 
to take damage, since you should be able to heal with Saffron's upgraded 
Medikit. Use Haze to attack from afar, and Richter to either suppress or deal 
massive damage (along with the turret). Richter has a range of 7, which means 
he can avoid return fire in most cases, which is enough to suppress the enemy 
for a turn.

Just keep the enemies away from the building. Damaging them with 
return/support fire can also be very useful, so arrange your group accordingly. 
Keep your health up with Saffron.

The last wave of enemies features a Gunner and Sniper. Just keep your cover in 
the building and take them down, then you'll win.

You'll only be able to level-up the characters that participated in the battle, 
so upgrade them as you like.

| Mission 9: "The Hatch"             |
| The Ghosts discover the enemy base |
|  inside a cave system.             |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                 |
| PEC SCORE: ..-^                    |
| Difficulty: 2.5/5                  |

Here, your objective is to enter the Dead Hand base. You get your whole team 
this time.

New Primary Objective: Infiltrate the cave (*)
Infiltrate the mercenary cave complex.

There's only one way into this base, and it's guarded by two menacing guards! 
Kill them (use a Banshee knife-stab), then enter the base. Just move onto one 
of the "key" icons like you did in the prologue. Then you see what lies ahead 
in the base: some guards, some drones... no big deal.

There's a curious switch in the base, which will disable the connected turret 
if you move there. Why they built something like that into their base, who 
knows. There's also some Command Flags you can take advantage of.

When you open the door, the soldiers don't seem to know you're there. I guess 
the guys out front didn't have radios to communicate with the base. Anyway, 
once you enter, you get an objective to deal with the turrets.

New Secondary Objective: Neutralize the turrets (*)
Destroy or disable the turrets.

Sounds easy enough. If you want to destroy them, Duke's Launcher is a great 
way to do it. Otherwise you can sneak by and switch it off. I destroyed the 
first, disabled the second. There's 4 total. Anyway, once you get far enough 
into the base, you get a new objective.

New Primary Objective: Locate the control room (**)
Find the control area at the back of the caves.

A switch appears, and Oh lookie! It's right next to the Command Flag. Snag the 
flag and open the door and continue onward. When you open the door, you also 
release two more Assaults. After gaining your first Command Point, you learn 
that you now have two Command Powers that you can use, ~~~~~~~

Once you progress farther, another door unlocks and reveals a ferocious drone. 
Kill it and take the Command Flag it's guarding, then move into the "cave" 
area of the base.

As you will notice, there are two paths that lead ahead, one at the very top 
of the map, and the locked gate. At the top lies a switch for a turret and (if 
you want to be cheap) a sniping spot for the folks on the other side of the 
waterfall (they will show up once you get over there).

New Primary Objective: Capture the control room (**)
Elimitate all hostiles in the control room.

Before you open the gate, I suggest taking the top route with either Banshee 
(quick) or Haze and Saffron (for sniping/healing). Flip the switch and kill if 
you'd like. Since no one's rushing you, take the time to heal everyone and 
clump them together by the door before opening it. Also collect the Command 
Points as the turns tick by.

Open the door, then kill or disable the turret. When you move ahead, two 
people will notice you, aptly named ???? and ????. They are Vladimir Morozov 
and Yaroslav Demidov. They run away, then the rest of the people will start 
attacking you. Make your stand in the narrow area leading to the control room. 
This is the only tricky part of the mission, so just watch out for the mortars.

By this time, you should have a few PP gauges full, so use that to finish them 
off. Once they're gone, you win, but you find out the door is locked and this 
whole mission was a waste of time! Anyway, you won.

| Mission 10: "Perimeter Sweep"            |
| Searching for another way into the base, |
|  the Ghosts encounter bandit positions.  |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                         |
| PEC SCORE: .-^                           |
| Difficulty: 3.5/5                        |

Here's another squad mission. Choose the characters you want, equipment (if 
applicable), and begin the mission.

By the way, the order you choose your team members decides what positions they 
are placed in. I liked to have Banshee closest to the flag, so I selected her 
last. The order is like this:
I chose Duke, Saffron, Haze, and Banshee, in that order, but whatever you do 
is up to you.

Primary Objective: Eliminate all hostiles (****)
Eliminate all enemies.

You start at the bottom right, and there's two Command Flags you'll want to 
take. Head toward the top one first, then left to the second. I got Banshee to 
take the top one while the others supported her, then move everyone left.

Careful of the gunners, who can kill an undefended Ghost easily. Stay behind 
walls when possible to reduce damage by 50%. I found Saffron's medikit 
invaluable during this mission, as was Banshee's knife. If you upgraded 
Banshee with the Cold Blooded Killer skill, you can get a full PP gauge in 
just 2 turns!

The bandits will call in reinforcements when they reach 6 CP, but you should 
be able to keep them from getting more. It's the same old story for killing 
them, and don't forget about grenades/launchers. Use your CP too (I 
reactivated Banshee for a Rapid Strike).

Once they're all taken out, Ghost Lead tells you to keep reconnoitering, 
whatever that means. Then you've won.

| Mission 11: "Dead Hand Base" (Chapter Mission) |
| The Ghosts locate the main entrance to         |
|  the base and move in to destroy it            |
| OBJECTIVES: ********                           |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^                               |
| Difficulty: 3/5                                |

This is a big mission! You have your whole team, split up into two groups. 
Your four original guys on the left, and Mint, Banshee, and Aydana to the 

New Primary Objective: Infiltrate the Dead Hand Base (*)
Occupy the western and eastern entrance sectors of the Dead Hand Base.

Just enter and shoot things. Keep progressing. Nothing too extreme here. Try 
to move quickly, seeing as how there's Command Flags controlled by Zemya, 
slowly losing their stored CPs.

New Primary Objective: Unlock the doors (*)
Release the security doors for the base.

New Secondary Objective: Free the prisoners (*)
Eliminate the hostiles guarding the prison cell and release the Kazakh 

On the right, kill the few soldiers and the officer there. When the officer 
goes down, he drops a password for the console for the left team. The password 
is "Pobeda," which apparently means victory. You have to kill the officer in 
order to operate the console, although you don't necessarily have to free the 

Keep moving forward and unlock the door. If the right side needs something to 
do in the mean time, grab a health pack or two. Once you open the door, you 
meet the fastest man alive, Demidov, who runs away. But he drops something in 
his haste, so go get it!

New Primary Objective: Seize Demidov's PDA (*)
Capture Demidov's PDA from the missile bay.

Honestly the writers for this mission got lazy. Ignore the poor writing and 
keep going. There's lots of ways to move forward, making it confusing which 
route to take. The gunners here are fierce, and you'll definitely need to play 
it safe and find some more health when you need it. There's really no way to 
tell you how to play this mission, but try to avoid the turrets and take as 
little damage as possible. 

If you freed the prisoners, you'll probably be feeling pretty good about them 
exiting to freedom by now. But what's this? Once they all exit, they reappear 
as enemy Militia? Oops, I guess that wasn't a prison, it was a bathroom... and 
those other guys were just waiting in line?? Don't worry about them too much 
because they take a long time to reach you.

Finally, work your way to the PDA.

New Primary Objetive: Destroy the base (**)
Use Mint to sabotage the base reactor and destroy the base. 

You have to get Mint to the lower right of the map (it's the console a few 
squares left of the health pack). This should be super easy since by this 
point most of the enemies should be gone. Don't worry, there's plenty more on 
the way! It takes 5 turns for Mint to finish his work, so obviously he must 
stay alive. Probably not a bad idea to place his turret nearby. Survive for 
those 5 turns then...

New Primary Objective: Pursue Demidov and Morozov (**)
Chase Demidov and Morozov down the tunnel.

...move to the bottom right of the screen where the Russians exited, and 
you're done. You destroy the base and, sadly, Aydana leaves your group. But I 
have a feeling this won't be the last time we see her.

----------------------------Chapter 3: A New Threat---------------------------

Now you leave Kazakhstan and head to the Ukraine for a series of new missions.

| Mission 12: "Gas Station"                |
| Landing in Kiev, the Ghosts plunge into  |
|  a battle to defend a key gas station.   | 
| OBJECTIVES: ******                       |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^                         |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                        |

At the start of this mission you get to see the scary/happy versions of the 
Ghosts as they prepare for R&R. Unfortunately this mission does not take place 
at a club or on a beach, much to your team's dismay.

New Primary Objective: Defuse the explosives (*)
Defuse the explosives on the cooling towers before their timers run out.

You have 6 turns to diffuse both explosives. If Duke has the Urban Warrior 
ability, send him straight to the bottom left Command Flag. Get the rest of 
the crew to kill Zemya troops and diffuse the bombs.

New Primary Objective: Close the valve (**)
Close the valve to stop the gas leaks.

Head north with Banshee to avoid the snipers and step on the switch.

New Primary Objective: Defend the station (***)
Defend the station from incoming reinforcement hostiles.

Troops appear by truck on the left side (south of the explosives) and on the 
right (to the east of the explosives), so you can plan to intercept them there 
if you choose. There will be some assaults and an engineer on each side, and 
the engineer will head straight for the explosives to rearm them, so either 
kill them or/and diffuse the bomb again (5 turns once it's rearmed). If you 
plant a turret on the explosives it will make it much harder for them to rearm 
them, which is one less thing you have to worry about. Also note that they 
will try to take the Command Flags back if you have activated them. Although 
Morozov shows up with the reinforcements, he runs away like a sissy, as usual. 

Kill everyone there (no need to worry about snipers though), and it's another 
successful mission!

| Mission 13: "Rooting Out"               |
| The Ghosts move into a town to find and |
|  neutralize pockets of Zemya troops     |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                        |
| PEC SCORE: ..-^                         |
| Difficulty: 2.2/5                       |

Squad mission: You can use who you like here. I didn't need Saffron since 
there are a couple health packs around, and it's not too long of a mission. 
Duke has the Urban Warrior ability, which will come in some handy to move 
through the buildings on this map. I chose Duke, Haze, Richter, and Banshee 
for optimal damage-dealing. Also realize you'll only be able to level-up the 
characters that take part in the battle.  

Primary Objective: Neutralize the enemy cells (****)
Locate the enemy cells and eliminate the hostiles.

Your first priority is securing the Command Flags to prevent Zemya from 
calling in reinforcements with 7 CP. You do not want to deal with that. The 
army is spread out in houses throughout the map, who will become revealed as 
the turns pass.

The fences here are a pain. It takes 3 movement points to cross them, so try 
to avoid it as much as possible. However, they do offer 25%-50% damage 
reduction, so they can also be used to your advantage. Also, a few of the 
buildings don't have any speed reduction, so you can pass through them freely 
to find an advantageous spot.

If you have trouble reaching the Command Flags in time, try building up 
Banshee's rapid strike by stabbing a few enemies, then attack another enemy to 
propel yourself forward. The reinforcements are tough, especially since so 
many come at once, and from every direction.

There is one new enemy here, the Zemya Commando. He has a rocket launcher with 
a wide blast radius, which can do some damage. Try to take him out in one turn. 
He comes in with the last wave of enemies, so finish them off. 

| Mission 14: "Hijack"                    |
| The Ghosts pursue Morozov to an airport |
|  as he makes an attempt to escape.      |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                      |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^                        |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                       |

Haven't you always wanted to have a gun battle in an airport terminal? No? 
Well that's what you have here.

New Primary Objective: Save the guard (*)
Protect the security guard from the Zemya soldiers.

New defeat condition: The Guard dies
You must save the security guard!

Simply kill the two enemies and the guard will be safe. The upper level has a 
barrier they use to defend themselves, but it should take no more than 2 turns.

New Secondary Objective: Release the hostages (**)
Locate and release the captured security personnel.

New Primary Objective: Infiltrate the gates (*)
Infiltrate the back areas of the terminal building.

Uh oh, remember what happened last time you saved any prisoners? Well, you'll 
have to shut the alarm off anyway, so head left, while sending Banshee to the 
right, and maybe Haze up the stairs.

Before you open the prisoners' door, take the Command Flag and get within 
range of the lower control room on the left side. You have to step on the 
switch within 3 turns of opening the door. Take your time progressing, since 
you can only build up CP. 

Once you open the prisoner's door, there will be a bunch of enemies in there, 
but they won't attack you unless you move in. In fact, you can take nearly the 
whole room in just one turn with Banshee (Rapid Strike plus a Reactivate). 
However, they won't attack Banshee and just sit there for you to attack :)

Once you open a security door, a bunch of Zemya troops pop up. There's an 
officer, plus Morozov. Morozov runs away when you show your face, because he 
knows you'd kick his assault rifle.

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the Zemya officer (**)
Kill the Zemya officer and his squad. 

These guys are easy pickings. Now that the door is open, don't forget about 
the other Command Flag if you want to get it. You've got a few Commandos 
equipped with launchers ahead, plus an enemy medic, so it wouldn't hurt to get 
the extra CP. The commandos are the only ones you really need to worry about.

The nearest group will attack you, and the rear group will retreat to the 
adjacent area. Take all the time you need getting there, since they'll sit 
tight until you peek around the corner. Pick them off, and let's head to our 
next location, Sevastopol.

| Mission 15: "Black Sea Approach"        |
| Acting on Intel, the Ghosts intercept a |
|  Zemya convoy heading for Sevastopol.   |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                        |
| PEC SCORE: ..-^                         |
| Difficulty: 3/5                         |

Squad mission again. I chose Banshee, Richter, Mint, and Saffron.

Primary Objective: Prevent the Zemya advance (****)
Stop the Zemya forces before they advance past your position.

Defeat Condition: Zemya forces breakthrough
Don't allow any Zemya units to reach the northern edge of the sector!

That pretty much says it all. The best way to beat this is to set up shop in 
the house next to the Command Flag. I kept Mint in the corner and placed his 
turret to the right, Banshee out in the field to get massive kill combos, and 
the other two mainly in the house (except to grab the other CF). CPs aren't 
that important in this mission, since you'll be doing most of your killing 
with Banshee and Rapid Strike.

The enemies keep appearing at the side and bottom, but you don't have to kill 
them all. The game will tell you how many you've killed so far, and I think 
you need to kill 15. 

As usual, suppress anything you can't kill (if it's out of return fire range, 
even better). Do your best to build up Banshee's Rapid Strike in two kills. 
Attack the ones with highest health that you can possibly kill to make sure 
you get the most out of the kills.

Taking safety in the house, you shouldn't have to worry about being killed. 
You can certainly use grenades if that suits you too. Keep stabbing them and 
they will fall in no time.

| Mission 16: "Sevastapol Breached" (Chapter Mission) |
| As Zemya forces attack Sevastopol, the              |
|  Ghosts move in to assist the defenders.            |
| OBJECTIVES: ********                                |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^^                                   |
| Difficulty: 3/5                                     |

You're battling in a shipyard against Zemya. There are some Russians trying to 
defend the place, but they're clearly outnumbered.

New Primary Objective: Defeat the Zemya assault (***)
Help the Russian soldiers fight off the initial Zemya attack.

New Defeat Condition: All Russians are dead
At least one Russian soldier must survive.

There are two nearby Command Flags, one to the left, and one north. North is 
more dangerous, so send most of your people there. I sent Banshee and Mint to 
get the flag on the left. You'll have to hurry toward the Russians though, 
because they are pretty helpless.

When you move north, more enemies appear in the warehouses. Fire your weapons 
till they die, but keep moving north to defend the remaining guards. Once you 
kill everyone, you get another objective.

New Primary Objective: Defuse the bomb (***)
Defuse the bomb onboard the Poltava.

New Defeat Condition: The bomb explodes
You must defuse the explosives on the Poltava!

You gain control of the remaining Russians, and you have to defuse the bomb. 
It seems you can't get to it yet, but next turn some Zemya troops will appear 
at the North and in the warehouse across the bridge. Fight them, then head 
across the bridge to prepare for what to do next.

New Primary Objective: Open the boarding gate (**)
Capture the control tower to open the gangway onto the Poltava.

You get word from Ghost Lead that General Strashin is reducing Russian troops 
for some strange reason. Anyway, you have to make your way to the western 
control tower, then across the gangway to the ship, all within 6 turns. Some 
more enemy forces spawn to the north of the ship and near the tower. Take out 
the tower people, step anywhere in the tower, then go to defuse the bomb. If 
you have any trouble making it there in time, you should have a nice amount of 
CP by now, so reactivate someone to get them to the tower. Don't worry about 
killing all the enemies, because once you defuse the bomb you're done.

By the way, I ended this chapter with everyone at level 13.

----------------------------Chapter 4: Invasion-------------------------------

Treskayev is leading in the election polls. You'll have to reverse that trend 
soon or else! Now Russia is attacking Ukraine and it's your job to stop them.

| Mission 17: "Russia Attacks"               |
| Russian troops sure into Ukraine, and      |
|  the Ghosts attempt to stop their advance. |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                         |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^^                          |
| Difficulty: 4.5/5                          |

Russia is moving into Ukraine, so you have to stop them before they reach Kiev.

Primary Objective: Secure the town (**)
Eliminate all hostile forces in the town on the west bank of the river.

Move north and wipe out the troops on that side. I suggest sending Mint and 
Banshee to the right across the isthmus. Once the local area is clear, you'll 
see why.

New Secondary Objective: Block the road (**)
Use Mint to bring down the rock face and block the approaching armored column.

You have to get Mint across the river to the rocks. Send Banshee along for 
support, and capture the CF. Meanwhile, keep moving north with the rest of 
your squad and kill the guys in the house. This might be a little tricky since 
they're not within range of the cliff, so you'll have to take a little damage 
before they go down.

After you kill them, a whole new crop of enemies pops up, and it won't be easy 
to take them all. This might take a lot of trial and error, so save often. One 
big issue is that they all have more than 20 HP (on Elite difficulty), so 
getting combos with Banshee is more difficult unless they have low health. 
Enemy Medics don't help you with that.

If you're having trouble staying alive, retreat until you can get a clear shot 
in, and use Reactivate if you need to get away faster, or get an extra attack. 
Try your best for a full PP gauge, because effectively tripling your damage is 
always a good thing.

If you can save up for an Air Strike, that will take care of a lot of your 
problems. It's only worth getting two out of three CFs, since the third one is 
far out of the way. Still, Command Powers should be used whenever needed to 

Finally, after killing the horde of enemies, you have to move Mint to the top 
bridge to plant explosives.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the Bridge (**)
Use Mint to blow up the bridge across the river.

This shouldn't be too much trouble here. Most of the enemies are already gone 
(there might be a few on the east bank) so just work your way to the bridge. 

| Mission 18: "Holding the Desna Crossing" |
| Moving to new positions, the Ghosts      |
|  intercept further Russian attacks.      |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                         |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^                         |
| Difficulty: 2/5                          |

Well, your last mission didn't stop the Russians from crossing the Desna River, 
so you'll have to take them on again.

Primary Objective: Hold the position (****)
Eliminate all hostiles in the sector.

You begin at the north, troops are all over the south side. The order you 
choose your four squad members lays them out like this:
2 3
Move one character (Banshee) to the left to get the CF, and Duke and Saffron 
to the right to the other. Set Richter up behind the fence and wait for the 
enemies to come to you. Move Banshee across the bridge and toward the house, 
and Duke and Saffron hiding in the trees by the CF, then across the river.

With a little teamwork, you can defeat the advancing troops as well as the 
ones holed up in the house to the south. If you play it relatively safe, you 
shouldn't have any problems staying alive. This should be a short mission, so 
enjoy your success.

| Mission 19: "Behind the Lines"               |
| The Ghosts attempt to break through          |
|  Russian siege lines at the city of Priluki. |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                           |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^^                            |
| Difficulty: 3/5                              |

Time to sabotage some Russians. You have four missile stations and a bunker. 
Move out to destroy them. You're fighting against the Russian Army, and you 
have some helpless allies to the north, the Ukranian Partisans.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the missiles (**)
Use Mint to destroy the Russian missiles.

Step on the first glowing square with Mint, and move north with the rest of 
the crew. You have to make your way around the walkway and get to all the 
missiles. After a few turns, looks like there's more trouble.

New defeat condition: Missiles launched!
You must prevent the missiles being launched!

Some engineers show up from the right side and they plan to launch the 
missiles. Fortunately they're not much of a nuisance. Head to the nearest 
missiles with Mint (slightly north), then straight away to the next one on the 
left. Keep moving on around to the fourth and final one to the north. All the 
while you should be taking out as many enemies as you come across.

At one point, Morozov will appear with a few beastly gunners, but don't worry 
when they slay some Partisans. They'll run away once they've filled their 
thirst for blood (of course long before you get there). 

Obviously there's one Command Flag along the route, and another one out of the 
way to the north of where you started. I sent Duke to that one, although it's 
completely optional since it's out of the way and poses a minor threat. The 
third one can be taken after Mint blows up the final missile.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the forward bunker (**)
Use Mint to set explosives on the forward bunker and destroy it.

New defeat condition: All Ukrainians are killed
At least one Ukrainian must survive!

After the last missile blows, you have to head to the eastern bunker to the 
north. Some more troops will spawn at the top left of the walkway and the 
bottom right. It's an equal distance if you choose to send Mint up or to the 
right of the last missile, but send him up, then plant the turret at the 
crossroads, blocking any enemies that spawn (you can keep them suppressed and 
never have to worry about them). As for the other side, the troops can be 
distracted if you sent anyone to the second CF, or else they'll head straight 
toward the bunker. Anyway, getting Mint there should be easy.

New Primary Objective: Reach friendly lines (**)
Break through the enemy trenches into the city.

After reaching the bunker, simply move north through the building and to the 
town area. I managed to not allow any enemies to get even close to it, so you 
should have no problems. Just one character there is enough to win it.

| Mission 20: "Knockout Blow"             |
| More Russian nuclear missiles fore the  |
|  Ghosts to operate behind enemy lines.  |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                        |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^                        |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                       |

You'll have to take out a missile launcher on a truck parked in the opposite 
corner of the map. Choose your crew based on that. You can only choose three 
squad members this time, which is fine. Richter, Banshee, and Saffron aren't a 
bad choice. Richter is great for anti-armor, especially with grenades.

Primary Objective: Destroy the missiles (****)
Destroy the enemy missiles.

Defeat condition: Missile Launch
The missiles must be destroyed before they launch.

You have 30 turns to reach and destroy the truck. Make your way south and 
start picking off the troops. They won't pose too severe of a threat, 
especially with Banshee and ample health refills, so just move through them, 
grab the CF, then move left to reach the armored vehicle. Use grenades or 
sheer firepower to destroy it. This should not be difficult to do in the 30 
turns you're given.

There's a northern path as well, but it's just as easy to go the other way, 
since you don't have trees to deal with and they're defended about the same.

| Mission 21: "The Tide Turns" (Chapter Mission) |
| The Ghosts battle to save the people of        |
|  Chernigov and end the Russian offensive.      |
| OBJECTIVES: ********                           |
| PEC SCORE: ...--^^                             |
| Difficulty: 2/5                                |

Here, there's lots of Russians all around you, 3 command flags, and Partisans 
trying to defend the town.

New Primary Objective: Defeat the Russian assault (**)
Help the Partisans hold of the initial Russian attacks.

New Secondary Objective: Protect the Partisans (**)
At least one Partisan must survive the Russian assault.

This isn't that hard or dangerous. I liked using Saffron's new medikits here, 
either the boost or the stim. It definitely comes in handy when she has 
nothing else to do. I hope you upgraded by now!

Sometimes you'll face a minor setback to the secondary objective: the 
Partisans are DUMB! They will either run out to their deaths, or maybe run 
away to a random spot. Anyway, if they die, you'd best restart the mission.

I sent Banshee south to the CF with Haze for support, and sent Mint north. 
Banshee takes care of the guys down there, while Mint protects the Partisan 
and grabs the flag. An assault will spawn by Mint's flag before he gets there, 
but it's of little resistance.

Send everyone else to the right across the bridge and protect the Partisans. A 
gunner, mortar, and assault will spawn to the east. Once all the enemies are 
gone, move on.

New Primary Objective: Evacuate the civilians (**)
Evacuate all the civilians safely to the South of Chernigov.

New defeat condition: Civilian killed
All the civilians must survive.

Look at that sad civilian in the picture... you don't want his friends to die, 
do you? Anyway, you gain control of the Partisans, and a surprise visitor 
shows up: Aydana!

New defeat condition: Aydana Kozlova is killed!
Aydana Kozlova must survive!

Oh look, yet another surprise visitor! Morozov! Think he'll run away again?

Anyway, you have to move your Ghosts next to the civilians in order to take 
control of them. They're spread out all over, including one to the north next 
to the CF. Morozov calls in a drone, so get the top civilian rescued first and 
the others should be no problem. There's also an APC (Armored Personnel 
Carrier) that comes in from the west that unloads a pack of drones, so watch 
out for those too.

If you try to attack Morozov, guess what? He runs away! Too bad an Air Strike 
isn't enough to kill him.

Just move the civilians to the south and get them to escape. Kill the drones, 
you'll need to later anyway, and they're dangerous! After all the civilians 
are free, the mission's not over yet. 

New Primary Objective: Clear the Russian positions (**)
Force the Russians out of Chernigov.

You just have to kill all the remaining drones. I only had one by this point 
(it had just spawned the turn before). Use an air strike and do whatever you 
need to clear the screen of Russians. Then, it's off to pursue Morozov, and 
Aydana will help!

------------------------Chapter 5: Back on the Trail--------------------------

| Mission 22: "The Rail Depot"              |
| The Ghosts attack a rail yard where Zemya |
|  are unloading drone reinforcements.      |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                        |
| PEC SCORE: ...--^^                        |
| Difficulty: 2/5                           |

New Primary Objective: Destroy the train (**)
Use Mint to plant explosives on the train and detonate them.

There's three areas where you have to plant explosives (one of them on the 
north side of the train), and drones will pop out of the train every few turns. 
Make your way around the train, and take the command flags. I sent Mint and 
Saffron to the south side of the train, and the rest north. After a few turns, 
Morozov shows up with his crew, and so does Aydana. 

New Secondary Objective: Protect the Partisans (***)
At least 3 Partisans must survive the mission.

Move your new troops out and start killing Morozov's troops. Morozov, however, 
will remain safe in his little hideaway. Kill the drones as they pop out. Once 
you plant the third explosive, you have to move everyone away from the train. 

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the Zemya presence (*)
Eliminate all Zemya soldiers and drones in the rail yard.

After the train is gone, you have to kill the rest of the Zemya troops. And 
Morozov runs away, pshh! Some more troops appear from the west and south. 
Fight them as they approach, and you shouldn't have much trouble. You have 
more than enough forces to take them on.

| Mission 23: "Mopping Up"               |
| As defeat looms for Zemya, the Ghosts  |
|  begin to hunt down rogue Zemya groups |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                       |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^^                      |
| Difficulty: 3/5                        |

Choose your squad in this order: Duke, Mint (w/ drone), Haze, Banshee. They 
will form a pattern like this:
1 3
...which is exactly what you need! They should all have light armor to 
maximize movement.

Primary Objective: Eliminate all hostiles (****)
Locate all hostiles in the area and eliminate them.

You'll have to capture Command Flags in order to prevent the enemy from 
calling in support troops. It costs them 6 CP to call them in, so they will 
most likely call in at least one wave unless you're very quick. Fortunately, 
you can be very quick.

If you chose your team as above, you can prevent the enemy from calling in a 
wave of reinforcements. I won't walk you through every step, but here's a 
rough game plan.

Move Haze toward the right to get the top CF. (You actually won't need it, but 
it will put him in a good spot anyway.) Leave him in the bushes the first turn. 
The second turn, move him as far (yet within range) as possible (8 tiles away) 
from the flag and attack the closest enemy without getting return fire. Then 
move him to the flag, and deal with the guys on the right side of the map.

Move Duke down and to the right. Move Mint straight down and deploy his drone 
(not turret). Move the drone to attack the enemy in the bush with 25 HP and do 
5-10 damage with only 1-2 HP return fire. Notice that Banshee is within range 
of killing that enemy with her knife. Do precisely that.

Next turn, move the drone to attack the guy near Haze, and move Duke and Mint 
to shoot the next nearest enemy in order to lower its health below 20. Then 
stab him with Banshee. She should now almost have a Rapid Strike. If she 
returns fire on something, she'll be at 100%. The gunner should have moved up 
from the house, so Rapid Strike him next turn, then send Banshee to the middle 

Once you've done that, the game is in the bag. Launch a rocket, shoot some 
guys, stab a few more people... If the scenario didn't play out exactly like 
that, don't worry. If they call in reinforcements, continue playing and take 
the next flag, then do what it takes to remove them from the field. It takes a 
little luck to kill them all in time before the reinforcements come, but you 
just need to get everyone off the screen. You won't be able to reach both red 
flags in time, so speed is key. With the right team and strategy, it won't be 
too hard to win.

| Mission 24: "Drone Attack"                  |
| The Ghosts race to evacuate a town as       |
|  Zemya sends drones against the population. |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                          |
| PEC SCORE: ...--^^                          |
| Difficulty: 3/5                             |

Drones are attacking the village! You have to help the villagers defeat them!

New Primary Objective: Protect the civilians (****)
Make sure that at least 4 civilians survive.

New defeat condition: The civilians are eliminated
You must save at least four people from the village!

There's a bunch of drones here, so make sure you're equipped to take them. For 
once, it might be a good idea to take EMP grenades for Banshee.

Fight your way left, and take out the few people to the north of you. Not so 
hard. A few villagers will unavoidably be killed, but some more will pop up in 
houses. As more leave the screen or die, they will be replaced. They stand no 
chance against the drones, so make sure they're not hit. You have to clear a 
path to the exit on the bottom right or else they won't move. I'm not sure how 
many you can let die and still win, just try to minimize casualties.

Demidov keeps complaining about using the drones on civilians. Apparently 
civilians are too tough for the drones, which is why they keep getting 
destroyed or something. And I guess the Ghosts aren't considered "real" 

Capture the CFs and kill the drones. They're tough, but you should be able to 
take them out easily. After a few turns, more drones appear, but Aydana 
appears with her friend the Gunner. Then Morozov and Demidov get away again, 
but leave a truck.

New Primary Objective: Capture the command truck (**)
Capture the command truck intact to examine it for intel.

New defeat condition: Command truck is destroyed
The command truck must be captured intact!

Apparently one of them doesn't know how to drive, so they had to leave the 
second truck behind. And they're not very good at keeping secrets either. 
Fight your way through some more drones and get to the truck.

You'll probably want to use an Air Strike on a group of drones near the truck. 
If you can get Duke's Wide Impact missile launch to hit them as well, that can 
wipe out a few of them. If you're lucky, you can even refill his power gauge, 
then reactivate him or use Saffron's Stim to give him another one right 
away. :)

Once you reach the truck, I don't think you have to kill all the drones, but 
you might as well. All the civilians still need to get out of the town, which 
will probably take a few more turns. You just have to survive! Make sure none 
of your Ghosts or Aydana die, and be especially careful of the melee drones, 
since they do hefty damage at a great movement speed. If you must, hide in the 
center of a building where it can't attack you, since drones can't move inside 

Once the last civilian is free, (I'm not sure if you have to kill the rest of 
the drones or not, if you haven't already), then you've won.

| Mission 25: "Search And Destroy"            |
| Taking the offensive, the Ghosts infiltrate |
|  a town to eliminate a Zemya officer.       |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                            |
| PEC SCORE: ..--^^                           |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                             |

Here's a 3-member squad mission. I chose Duke, Banshee, and Haze, but all you 
really need is Banshee.

Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy officer (****)
Eliminate the commander of the Zemya forces.

You have to kill the officer in the center of the map, but he's guarded by 
turrets. Not very powerful turrets, but turrets nonetheless.

Start by moving north and fight your way through some resistance. There's a 
lot of guys to attack you, but if you hide in buildings and strategically take 
them out, you'll breeze through them.

Capture the CFs when you get to them, and grab some HP or ammo if you need it. 
Put Haze on the hill with the CF to give him a great sniping point, and let 
Duke hang around there too. A couple guys will spawn while you're up there, so 
be prepared to take them out. You should have no problem killing them if 
Banshee is around.

Once the locals are taken care of, move Banshee alone to the left to the power 
station. End your turn and the turrets will be shut down. Two more enemies 
will appear in the power station now, but hopefully you saved a Rapid Strike 
to kill them in one or two turns (either snipe the assault or just shoot him 
with Banshee then stab him next turn).

Make sure Banshee is at full charge, then walk over to the officer and Rapid 
Strike him and he's gone in one turn. It seems a little too easy, doesn't it?

As a matter of fact, you didn't even need to shut down the turrets. You could 
have just walked in and assassinated him. You didn't need to take the Command 
Flags, or even move your other two characters. It seems like something is 
wrong with this level, since it's too easy. Oh well!

If you wanted to go to the radio station instead, just go to the bottom left 
and step in the building. Troops will then swarm the area, leaving the officer 
undefended. It seems a bit out of the way when you can just Rapid Strike him 
without anyone noticing, but do whatever you want. Super easy mission! :)

| Mission 26: "Friend or Foe" (Chapter Mission) |
| Identifying the location of the Dead Hand     |
|  Base, the Ghosts go on the offensive.        |
| OBJECTIVES: ********                          |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^                           |
| Difficulty: 1.5/5                             |

It's time to strike the Dead Hand Base in Ukraine. Unfortunately, you won't 
get to use Banshee in this mission. Apparently she's having girl-time with 
Aydana, who you discover may not be so trustworthy after all, since she's 
working with the Kazakh army.

New Primary Objective: Access the base (*)
Eliminate the guards and enter the Dead Hand Base.

Move ahead and kill the group. If you have Duke's light launcher you can hurt 
a lot of them in one shot! Kill the rest of them and then open the door, where 
you will reconvene with Aydana.

New Primary Objective: Access the databank (*)
Use Mint to access the databank in the first control room.

Beat a bunch of enemies in the next room. They should all be pretty easy, even 
though they hide behind tables. Wipe them out and open the door.

New Primary Objective: Kill Morozov (**)
Neutralize Vladimir Morozov.

Finally, that sissy is going down! Or will he escape again? No, there's no 
escape this time! Kill a few soldiers, then remove Morozov's ugly face from 
the world. You win the game!!!

Just kidding.

Now you have a few turns all to yourself. Gather some CP, heal, reload ammo, 
do whatever you want before moving Mint to the databank. You find that Morozov 
wiped the info clean, so you don't find what you're looking for. Mint proceeds 
to use his leet hax to check the security cameras and open some doors in the 

New Primary Objective: Destroy the western sector (*)
Disable the west side of the base and move into the eastern zone.

New Primary Objective: Capture Demidov (*)
Infiltrate the second control room and capture Yaroslav Demidov.

You have six turns to get into the central corridor. You'll have to fight some 
enemies, and more will appear after three turns. Kill them and chill as the 
timer counts down. Make sure you're within the corridor, and you'll be heading 
to the right next.

You reconvene with Banshee (yay!), but there's trouble ahead. Gunners and 
drones pose a threat to you, so you'll have to get rid of all of them before 
proceeding. There's plenty of cover around, so shoot from behind the walls or 
in the bushes. Put Haze on the ramp you took to get in to give him a height 
advantage. Once the drones are gone, move south to the door where Demidov is. 
You can heal before entering if you'd like.

There's a few more enemies, but I took them out in one turn with Duke's Wide 
Impact plus a few standard attacks. If you want to get rid of them fast, just 
Reactivate some of your people and get an extra shot in. Once they're gone, 
you surround Demidov and find out what to do next.

New Primary Objective: Access the backup facility (**)
Use Mint to access the backup databank.

Now you have to get all the way back to the corridor and go north this time. 
There's loads of resistance, so save your game before proceeding.

You lose Richter and Aydana, who stay with Demidov, but you'll do fine without 
them. Move forward and blast away the four gunners waiting for you. Once 
they're all dead Mint will access the backup. However, Aydana escaped with 
Demidov!!! She punched the beefiest member of your team and knocked him out 
cold. Strange. I wonder what she's up to... Friend or Foe indeed!

----------------------------Chapter 6: The Coup-------------------------------

After the revelation that he is behind Zemya's activities, General Strashin 
tries to seize control of Russia.

It seems Zemya is manufacturing something... drones! And there's a lot of them. 
You're sent to Siberia to investigate and destroy the drones.

| Mission 27: "Raid On the River"           |
| Deployed in Siberia, the Ghosts enter the |
|  battle for control of a frozen town.     |
| OBJECTIVES: ******                        |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^                       |
| Difficulty: 3/5                           |

You land in Siberia, and it sure is cold! Wasn't there something about a gift 
waiting for you? Anyway, you should equip your units to prepare for lots of 
drones, so that means EMP grenades, heavy weapons, etc. Banshee can stick with 
the knife in order to kill the officer.

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy officers (***)
Eliminate the Zemya commanders directing the assault of the town.

You get two drones at your service, one equipped with a sniper rifle, and the 
other with a machine gun. You can cross right over the river, but at a slow 
pace. Hey, it's ice after all. 

You should head north (MORE north?!?) to help the Russians defend their 
territory. Watch out for the saw bots by the way!

New Secondary Objective: Help the defenders (***)
At least one of the Russian soldiers must survive.

Mint's EMP weapon is great here. It not only does 100% damage to drones, it 
also disables them for the next round, and it doesn't have limited ammo like 
EMP grenades. I suggest using Saffron's Stim packs to reactivate him to get 
some extra shots in. It should be ok if he takes a little return fire, since 
he should have the Recover ability.

One great out-of-the-box way to use the drones you've been given is to use 
them to block the paths of the other chopper drones. This can protect both 
your own squad as well as the Russians, especially in the first few turns as 
you move north.

After you kill most of the drones (there are two that don't count), you'll 
save the Russians and they'll join you "for fun." Ok, if you say so. They 
don't do anything for the rest of the mission.

More drones appear, and more soldiers appear too. The soldiers will try to 
cross the northern part of the river, while the drones try to cross everywhere, 
while some stay behind to be annoying.

What worked for me is this: from the start of the match, send Banshee across 
the southern part of the river straight to the CF. She will continue across 
(ignoring incoming drones) until she reaches the other side, then attacking 
the (preferably) drone until her PP gauge is full. Then take a stab at the 
officer. With 63 HP, you should be able to kill him in one turn using Rapid 

For the rest of the crew, send them across the bridge (I sent Duke and Haze 
across the river to the north however) and kill anything that gets in your way. 
The officer should not be difficult to kill with your whole team, including 
your 2-3 drones, even against the enemy swarm.

After a lot of turns, a tank will appear with more reinforcements. I highly 
suggest EMPing the tank and finish killing the officers as soon as possible. 
It shouldn't last much longer.

One last thing. Once you get 12 CP, you should use an Air Strike. I was able 
to hit a wave of troops along with a drone and an officer, which helps you out 
majorly. Use the air strike to hasten your killing, and your other Command 
Powers can help too. Even with lots of enemy drones, it won't be too hard, as 
long as you save often. 

| Mission 28: "Hell's Road"             |
| As the attack intensifies, the Ghosts |
|  move to sever Zemya's supply lines.  |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                      |
| PEC SCORE: ...--^^                    |
| Difficulty: 3.5/5                     |

Here you'll have to choose a squad of three in order to stop a convoy of 
vehicles. I chose Saffron, Haze, and Duke. Haze should use the heavy sniper 
rifle with EMP grenades, and Saffron should focus on using Stim.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the Zemya vehicles (****)
Eliminate all Zemya vehicles before they can escape the mountain pass.

New defeat condition: Truck escapes
Don't allow any of the trucks to reach the end of the road.

The beginning of this mission is tricky, but after a few turns you should be 
on a roll.

Start by moving everyone west, sending Duke to grab the northern CF, and Haze 
and Saffron to the western one. After that, send Duke to retreat from the 
commando and to the southern ridge with the other two. Beware of the blade 
drone. As the first truck comes along, let it pass you and focus on the drones 
and other troops first. You'll have plenty of time to kill it when it comes 
around again. 

Haze's sniper attack is excellent, so you'll want to stim him in order to get 
the most damage possible on drones, troops, and vehicles alike.

After you capture the CFs and take out the commando and blade drone, it should 
be easy sailing. You'll encounter one tank, so you can use an EMP grenade on 
it so it won't attack you (I'm actually not sure if it will attack you if you 
don't disable it, but it'll help you anyway).

It goes without saying that once Haze gets his full PP gauge, use his Super 
Shot on a full-health enemy. Use Saffron's heal when necessary, but use stim 
most of the time. Don't worry about Duke as much, since he'll recover some HP 
each turn.

Stay on high ground on the south to do some extra damage. Haze can easily 
snipe the enemy while doing some extra damage while staying safe. You won't 
have to worry about them retaking the CFs, so you shouldn't have to deal with 
reinforcements. Use Command Powers as needed.

After you kill all of the convoy, you have succeeded once again! 

| Mission 29: "Incoming"           |
| The Ghosts attempt to protect an |
|  important factory from Zemya.   |
| OBJECTIVES: ******               |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^              |
| Difficulty: 3/5                  |

Be prepared for both infantry and drones in this mission. Load up on your 
machine-killing weapons, but keep Banshee's knife.

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the Zemya squad (**)
Neutralize the Zemya force east of the factory.

This should not be difficult. There's a few drones here, so you can use your 
launcher to hit the group to the north, then take them out as they come. You 
shouldn't have any trouble clearing the area.

New Primary Objective: Open the wall
Destroy the wall to access the factory.

Now you have plenty of time to refuel if you so desire. Heal everyone to your 
liking and move left. No stars for this objective. Just blow up the wall with 
Mint. I suggest crowding the area so you can move ahead more quickly. Make 
Mint the first move of the turn so you can Stim him forward so you don't waste 
his turn.

New Primary Objective: Survive the Zemya assault (***)
Eliminate all the Zemya attacking forces.

No sooner than you blow up the wall, four drones appear on the top right 
corner. There's some troops within the factory area as well. Move into the 
factory for now. You'll be going up the ramp to the south.

New Secondary Objective: Activate the defenses (*)
Have Mint activate the defensive turrets.

There's those turrets lying around, so you'd best activate them for some 
additional firepower. Actually, only the first one will come in any handy, 
since you'll kill everything else before they're needed.

The enemies will take one of the CFs, but not to worry, it will be yours soon. 
Go activate the first turret, then move to the north one. Use Saffron's Stim 
packs to hurry him along.

Hopefully you have a few full PP gauges saved up from earlier, so you can use 
that to aid your destruction of the enemy. Use a Wide Impact on the drones, a 
few Super Shots (Haze can kill the gunner or commando in one hit if he's on 
the first tier of the factory), and whatever else you need, but save some 
power for when they're done too. Send Banshee to the south of the factory to 
kill any roaming enemies and over to the CF. The only enemies you have to 
worry about remotely are the gunner and commando, but they should be dead 
before they can do anything.

Finish killing the enemies and kill the drones from your perch. They might 
take a few turns to go down, but with Haze's HSN and Duke's launcher, you 
shouldn't have any problems. Grab the last turret and prepare for more.

Troops arrive from the perimeter of the sector. Use Banshee to kill a few with 
the knife, snipe with Haze, and use the turrets to their fullest. After a few 
more turns, the enemy should be almost wiped out and Ghost Lead will alert you 
of some more drones approaching from the east. Move to the right side of the 
factory and prepare for the last few enemies. There's 10 more drones, so get 
ready for a fight.

Now's where those Command Flags come in very handy. Use an airstrike on some 
of the drones. I was able to hit SEVEN at once when they were lined up along 
the wall before they enter the factory area. Feel free to use a second air 
strike afterward (if you have the CP) or wait till next turn. If not, just 
pelt at them with your guns and stuff. It should not be difficult after Air 
Striking them.

| Mission 30: "Precision Strike"            |
| With Zemya faltering, the Ghosts mount    |
|  a mission to neutralize a Zemya officer. |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                          |
| PEC SCORE: ...--^^                        |
| Difficulty: 1/5                           |

This is perhaps the easiest mission since "Search And Destroy," or perhaps 
even "Separated." That is, if you know how to do it. Choose Haze, Saffron, and 
Banshee, and you can win in four turns!

Primary Objective: Eliminate the Zemya officer (****)
Pursue and kill the hostile Zemya officer.

Get ready for a laughingly easy mission. Move Haze as far as he can go toward 
the CF, then Stim him with Saffron so he can grab the CF on the first turn. 
Then, move Banshee straight down to attack the guy in the building with your 
knife. It won't kill him [on elite], but it's close enough! The enemy will 
attack you and you'll kill him, giving you some PP too.

Next turn, go ahead and shoot the officer with Haze. Then Stim him and do it 
again. An easy 30 damage. Then stab him with Banshee. Your PP gauge should be 

Next turn, run over to the officer and Rapid Strike him, then stab him again. 
You win. Was that easy or what?!

Actually, you only need Banshee to win this, as long as you choose her third 
when you pick your squad, but it will take you an extra turn, since you'll be 
about 15 HP shy of victory in three turns. In that case, you can simply choose 
any characters you want to level up, then chase the officer down with Banshee. 
No matter what the enemy does, you won't die, and you can catch up to the 
officer easy.

If you want a little more of a challenge, either don't choose Banshee, or go 
around the building with the others instead. In that case you'll have to worry 
minorly about taking damage, then eventually chase down the officer. I felt 
bad how easily I beat this.

| Mission 31: "Deep Freeze" (Chapter Mission) |
| An unregistered ship is entering the Ob     |
|  river, and the ghosts must investigate.    |
| OBJECTIVES: ********                        |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                        |
| Difficulty: 3/5                             |

The ship has arrived in port, and you'll have to investigate and look for 
Strashin. There's some turrets around, but you shouldn't need EMPs.

New Primary Objective: Board the ship (*)
Access the deck of the vessel.

Take out the nearby enemies and capture the Command Flag (I suggest Haze 
supported by Mint's drone for optimal speed, then a nice sniping perch). 
Nothing difficult just yet. But wait, the gangplank onto the ship gets raised, 
making your progress impossible! Oh, but Aydana Kozlova shows up again... 
she's here to help you. Or is she?

New Primary Objective: Drop the gangplank (*)
Use Aydana to operate the crane so the Ghosts can board the vessel.

This is mildly tricky. Your best bet is to move Aydana behind the trucks out 
of sight of the enemy. She can't take the heat from two assaults, let alone 
the gunner. Don't attack unless absolutely necessary. The commando near the CF 
might decide to attack you, but you should send some of your friends to kill 
him and take the CF. I chose to send Mint and the two drones to kill the 
gunner and to the CF. When the assaults near Aydana start moving, you can 
easily snipe/gun them with the drones, leaving Aydana to go straight to the 

As for the rest of the crew, they should go north by the gangplank, killing 
the turret and soldier from a distance, then moving on to suppress the gunner 
to the right (on Aydana's side) so Aydana has a clear passage.

Once the gangplank is lowered, move onto the ship, and Strashin escapes via 
helecoptor! Darn! You'll have to get to the ship's bridge (control room) to 

New Primary Objective: Retrieve the Intel (*)
Search the ship's bridge to locate the Intel.

New Secondary Objective: Lower the second gangplank (**)
Lower the second gangplank so Aydana can board the vessel.

Lots of enemies appear in the building on Aydana's side. Hurry up and lower 
the bridge for her! You should only take about a turn to do this or else she 
risks major damage!

Get everyone else onboard and kill the turrets and medic and whatever else is 
around. They're all out to get you, so make sure to defend yourself while 
killing them as quickly as possible. Also take the CF to the left. Once 
everything is dead, mosey on over to the bridge. Use Banshee if you want to 
avoid destroying the turrets.

New Primary Objective: Plant explosives on the ship (*)
Use Mint to plant explosives at key positions on the vessel.

A bunch of drones pop out of the open crates that are around the ship and 
shipyard, so you'll have something do to while Mint is busy with his 
explosives. Plant two on the center walk area, then abandon ship!

New Primary Objective: Destroy the ship (**)
Evacuate the vessel and detonate the explosives.

Some more drones pop up from the same places, so just get off the ship before 
it's too late! You'll be faced with waves of drones, so just get all of your 
Ghosts and Aydana off the ship and you'll win.

-------------------------Chapter 7: The Last Stand----------------------------

This is it. You've tracked down the Zemya's base and your mission is to kill 
General Strashin.

| Mission 32: "Outside Looking In"           |
| With the final Dead Hand Base before       |
|  them, the Ghosts must fight their way in. |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                           |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                       |
| Difficulty: 2/5                            |

You reach the heavily-defended Dead Hand Base, and you'll have to find some 
way to get inside. 

New Primary Objective: Penetrate the outer perimeter (*)
Access the walled compound surrounding the Dead Hand Base.

Kill the local guards, then head left to the main entrance. Some of the guards 
have 44 HP, which makes them ideal for doing a Haze-Banshee combo to kill them, 
if you use the HSN, dealing a guaranteed 15 damage plus 30! :)

When you get inside the base, you can use Banshee to attack the gunner on the 
tower doing at least 3 damage, allowing you to Rapid Strike him next turn. 
It's like the game wants you to win!

New Primary Objective: Penetrate the inner compound
Eliminate all hostiles and access the fenced compound.

New Secondary Objective: Eliminate the tank crews (*)
Kill the tank crews before they get to their vehicles.

Get the CFs that are near you. Don't put Banshee around the tanks, because she 
gets revealed by them! Kill all the units around you (don't worry about the 
patrolling tanks) and move in front of the gate. Then continue on inside.

New Primary Objective: Locate the entry point (*)
Capture the administration building and identify another way into the base.

There's a bunch of enemies inside, plenty to go around. If Duke has his Wide 
Impact up, it will be a meaty/metallic bloodbath. Once they're taken care of, 
all you have to do is step inside the other building (may I suggest Banshee).

New Primary Objective: Infiltrate the base (*)
Send Banshee into the base through the secondary entrance.

If you used Banshee's Rapid Strike to enter the building, you can get to the 
entrance in the same turn. Even if you didn't it shouldn't be hard to reach it.

If you grabbed two of the CFs (don't bother with the third), you should have 
enough CP for an air strike. Use it if you desire for some nice carnage.

Enter the base and head underground for the final pursuit of Strashin!

| Mission 33: "The Passage"               |
| Having infiltrated the base, Duke and   |
|  Banshee move towards the central area. |
| OBJECTIVES: **                          |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                    |
| Difficulty: 3/5                         |

Say, this looks mighty familiar... haven't we done this mission before? Oh 
yeah, this was the prologue! If you recall, you were equipped with grenades on 
Banshee, which will be a wise decision.

New Primary Objective: Open the security door
Open the main security door in the passage.

This is but mildly harder than the first time around. You'll probably have to 
worry about the drones and commandos, especially the blade drones. The good 
news is that there's plenty of ammo and health lying around, so don't be 
afraid to use your launcher. Kill everything and reload your health and ammo 
before moving on. If you want to save the health packs for later, just end 
your turn multiple times to refill your HP slowly. 

When you're ready to proceed, move Duke close to the door, end your turn, then 
move Banshee to open the door, leaving Duke ready to attack this turn. Try to 
have a Wide Impact before you enter. Do you recall what lies behind the door?

New Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy forces (**)
Eliminate the Zemya drones and soldiers.

Drones! If you have a Wide Impact ready and full ammo, this will be easy as 
pie. Launch your rockets in order to hit five(!) drones and hopefully get a 
few kills, immediately reloading your PP gauge.

Move Banshee ahead to clean up any drones left behind, then Wide Impact as 
many drones as you can again. If you're lucky, you'll refill your gauge again, 
meaning it shouldn't take more than one more turn to win. I did this mission 
without EMP grenades, but they would come in handy since the knife is of 
limited use against drones, and there's only a few soldiers.

| Mission 34: "Production Line"              |
| Seeking a way to open the base doors, Duke |
|  and Banshee find the production zone      |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                           |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                       |
| Difficulty: 3/5                            |

Duke and Banshee have infiltrated the base, but you'll have to let the rest of 
your team in through the main door. I'm not sure why they couldn't follow you, 
but you'll have to open the gate for them.

New Primary Objective: Open the main doors (*)
Use the first console to open the main doors for the Ghosts.

Move Banshee up toward the console. The only thing you have to worry about now 
is the sniper who can hit Duke, so try to move in spots where he can't hit. 
Since you have a few extra turns for the rest of the Ghosts, you should use it 
to your advantage. Either Power Up the character of your choice, or stim Mint 
and make him Stay to boost his PP a little. You should also move everyone as 
close to the door as you can. Keep Duke safe for now, and step into the 

New Primary Objective: Open the side doors (*)
Use the second console to let Duke and Banshee into the storage area.

Now progress with the rest of your team, sniping who you can. Again, this 
should not be too difficult, just watch out for the sniper, who can hit you 
from far away. A few waves of troops head towards Duke and Banshee, so you can 
help them out by shooting across the gap. Once you reach the other console 
(don't forget about the two CFs in reach), you'll have to continue onward with 
Duke and Banshee.

New Primary Objective: Open the storage area doors (*)
Use the third console to open the storage area doors for the Ghosts.

Now move Duke and Banshee forward toward the third console. Once it's 
activated, the drones will come to life, but you can kill the before that if 
you desire. Simply use a Wide Impact to wipe most of them out in no time! They 
will come alive when you attack them, but they should be too dead to do it.

More drones will arrive soon, however, so don't stick around. Killing them is 
totally optional, it just might make it slightly easier. Even if you shut down 
the production line immediately, there will be at least one more wave of four 
drones for some reason, but you should plan to outrun them. I suggest killing 
everything in sight before moving on, healing, and collecting all the CP.

New Primary Objective: Access the next level of the base
Move the Ghosts to the Research and Development Level.

New Secondary Objective: Sabotage the Production Line (*)
Use the control panel in the storage area to halt the production line.

The final control panel is at the upper left of the map, so either put 
Duke/Banshee near there before you open the door, or grab it with the same one 
who opened the door on the way to the exit.

Some baddies will show up, blocking your path, but they're not too dangerous 
as long as you take them out quickly. Once they're gone, you'll want to move 
everyone to the top to exit to the next level!

| Mission 35: "Megadrone"                |
| Pushing further, the Ghosts enter the  |
|  research level of the Dead Hand Base. |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                       |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                   |
| Difficulty: 4/5                        |

Holy drones, Batman! Look at the size of that thing!

New Primary Objective: Access the testing area (**)
Simultaneously operate the control panels and enter the testing area.

You have to go to both sides of the screen, so decide how you want to break up 
the team. In the first room on your left is an officer with three assaults, 
and on the right you've got two assaults and a gunner drone.

I suggest breaking it up so on the left you have people with Recover, and on 
the right you have the rest. So Banshee, Duke, Mint, and Mint's drone on the 
left, since they don't need help recovering, and the rest grouped on the right.

Through the second door on the left, you have a little more resistance. 
There's two snipers, two gunners, a commando, and an assault. Banshee can take 
care of most of them in one shot with her knife (I hope you upgraded to level 
30!). On the right side you can simply use stims on Haze for decent damage. 
It's not until the third door (the one with the CF) that it gets any harder.

Once you open the door with the console in it (most likely on the left side 
first), some drones will appear from the bottom. They will come to get you on 
both sides, but you have a few turns to be prepared.

After you grab the second CF, there's no reason to rush. You can take out the 
first wave of drones to make it easier to clear the rooms. When you kill them, 
they will reappear, however, so you'll have to keep your guard up. Take your 
time, heal you characters, and then progress when you're ready. The right side 
is easier to progress through, but you don't want to have drones on one side 
and a room full of baddies on the other.

Finally, reach the consoles and open the doors. There's no point in opening 
the last door on the right side, so skip it unless you really want some ammo. 
Enter the central area, then you're noticed by Demidov.

New Primary Objective: Destroy the Megadrone (**)
Destroy the prototype drone in the testing area.

This is gonna be tough. 250 HP, massive weapon damage... this isn't something 
that wants to die. You'll have to hit it with everything you've got! EMPs, 
grenades, rockets, bullets, and whatever else there is. You'd best stun it, 
but only hit it with one EMP per round to maximize your ammo and thus your 
chances of survival.

When you get the drone down to 100 HP, Demidov decides to run away, and the 
drone moves to the top of the map where he is. Quite an annoying shift, since 
you probably just pinned down the Megadrone. Of course, more drones appear as 
well, adding to the annoyance. However, Megadrone won't move from it's spot, 
leaving it open to sniper shots. Keep pelting it with Haze and Duke's rockets, 
and grenades if you can get close enough, then finally knock it down. It's 
about time! But you're not done yet!

New Primary Objective: Access the next level of the base
Move the Ghosts out of the Research and Development Level to the Command Level.

More drones, and a few soldiers. You'll have to head to the top of the screen 
and exit as you did in the last stage. Fight your way through and get out of 
that place!

Note: at the end of this stage, make sure all of your characters are at least 
level 28 so you can get them fully leveled-up by the next mission!

| Mission 36: "Dream's End"             |
| The Ghosts pursue Demidov down to the |
|  command level of the base.           |
| OBJECTIVES: ****                      |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                  |
| Difficulty: 3/5                       |

Here's the second-to-last mission! You find Demidov, but he runs away, so 
you'll have to mow down a few gentlemen before you can catch him.

New Primary Objective: Find the key card (*)
Find the key card carried by a Zemya Officer.

Move and kill the two closest guards. Continue upward and open the first door 
to get the CF. Choose a couple guys to go snag the CF and fight the soldiers, 
then take out the snipers. Exit the side room through the north door. Grab the 
other CF in the northern room, guarded by two commandos. Heal when you need to, 
and head right around the corner.

It seems like all the enemies do is attack Aydana, making her pretty worthless. 
She's baggage for the Ghosts, since you lose if she dies. Keep her out of the 
way, or keep her healed. She honestly doesn't bring much to the team, and 
never has since you got your own grenades. Not to mention, it seems like she 
has different stats every mission. Make up your mind lady!

After you turn the corner, the enemies down the hallway will notice you. Make 
them go away and move down the hall. But where is that officer? Let's check 
the first door.

Oh noes! A blade drone! You can skip that door if you want, unless you want 
the energy pack. The officer is in the other door, but you have some time to 
heal and stuff, so take your time and collect a few extra CP in the process.

Open the door, dispose of the gunner drone, stab the officer, and acquire the 
key card. Once you do, more drones are on the way. Bad news for you, so get 
out as soon as possible!

New Primary Objective: Access the Command Room (*)
Infiltrate the main Command Room of the Dead Hand Base.

Quickly open the far door and exit the hallway to the south. Grab the CF. 
Ignore the drones, and enter the room. Once everyone is inside the room, the 
doors will seal behind you, locking out the drones. That's a better bet than 
wasting health and ammo fighting them. (Make sure Mint's drone is with you too, 
because it might get locked out.)

As you continue, beware the blade drones. I don't think they will attempt to 
attack you unless you are within range, so you won't have to worry about too 
many of them if you tread carefully. Watch the scene between Demidov and 
Strashin, then move into the Command Room.

New Primary Objective: talk to Demidov (*) 
Eliminate the hostiles and talk to Demidov.

The guards will try to kill you while Strashin runs away to attempt a nuclear 
launch! You might have to end up killing the blade drones. They go down with 
two grenades, so use what you need to progress. However, once the guards in 
the room are down, everyone will automatically enter to talk to Demidov.

Watch the speech to hear his last words as he tells you to destroy the reactor, 
since stopping the nuclear launch is impossible. But Strashin is wily and he 
stops the elevators from working, so Mint has to fix it.

New Primary Objective: Restore the power (*)
Clear the Command Room and reactivate the elevator to access the Reactor Core.

Great. All the doors open, and the drones from before are back to kill you! 
You've got some other resistance too, including a team of engineers and some 
assaults. You'll have to last six turns before Mint gets the elevator working, 
and there's a lot of enemies coming.

I suggest guarding the top door with Duke, Richter, and Mint's drone, using 
Duke's launcher on the engineers as they arrive. On the bottom hallway, use 
Haze and Banshee, with Saffron to keep them in shape. Keep Aydana the hell 
away from everything, since she's about as tough as a pillow, and the enemies 
want her dead so they can take a nap... or something.

After a few waves of drones on the bottom, Mint should be done with the 
elevator. Watch and laugh as three snipers try to capture an empty Command 
Flag. After Mint's done, you'll automatically move into the elevator, leaving 
Demidov's corpse behind. You contact Ghost Lead, and prepare for the final 
mission! Finish leveling up your characters and get ready to corner Strashin 
for the final showdown.

| Mission 38: "Meltdown" (Chapter Mission) |
| The last stand of General Strashin.      |
| OBJECTIVES:                              |
| PEC SCORE: ...---^^^                     |
| Difficulty: 3/5                          |

The last mission. There will be lots of drones here, so gear up for the final 

First thing that happens here is Aydana runs foolishly ahead and gets trapped. 
Serves her right. At least she's not a casualty risk anymore, but you've got 
to free her anyway.

New Primary Objective: Seal off the drones
Close the doors to seal the drones in the entrance area.

Split up your team as you did a few missions ago, the ones with recover to one 
side, and Saffron and the rest to the other. Get rid of the first two drones 
and head to the switches.

Oh look, Aydana is surrounded by turrets now. There's no safe spot, so just 
move her 6 tiles away from one of the turrets, so she'll only be hit by one 
per turn. Later, you can kill or stun them so she has a save place to be.

Before you go running into the area and stepping on switches, make sure 
everyone is behind the door, or else they'll have to go around or be trapped 
outside for a turn until you can reopen the door. If you accidentally step on 
a switch, a switch will appear one move (not turn) later so you can open the 
door. Also make sure you're not over the gate, or else the door won't be able 
to close (although if they end up moving before the person steps off the 
switch, the door will close once they're off it). Get everyone behind the 
doors to be free from the evil drones! (Note: Mint's drone cannot operate any 

New Primary Objective: Extend the walkways
Operate the consoles so Aydana can escape from the central platform.

You should position Aydana near a turret within range of Mint's EMP gun so she 
won't get attacked. Kill the turret, then move on to open the ramp for Aydana. 
Leave Aydana in a safe place far away from anything with a gun, not worrying 
about attacking with her. Strashin will make it to the control room and launch 
the missile. Too bad for the world... but there's still a chance to stop him! 
Just step on the two switches to open a ramp.

New Primary Objective: Kill Strashin
Eliminate General Strashin before the missiles are launched.

New defeat condition: Enemy missiles are launched
You must kill Strashin before the countdown expires!

You'll have 10 turns to kill Strashin. I suggest NOT killing him with Aydana, 
that useless excuse for a soldier. Just keep her in a safe place to survive. 
Bring The rest of your people closer and shoot from across the gap, using the 
launcher and sniper rifle if possible, until he dies. Then everyone will move 
to the northernmost room.

You have a conversation, then the mission is over. I'm not going to spoil the 
ending, so you'll have to beat it yourself! You get to watch an awesome 
cutscene for winning, but that's it. Congratulations on beating the game! 
Don't forget about Skirmish missions, and get a complete 338 PEC Score.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Skirmish   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Skirmish missions are unlocked by beating missions in Campaign mode or gaining 
PEC. Most of them should be available after defeating the mission that the map 
is based off of, but I haven't double-checked all of them, so hopefully the 
info is correct. You will unlock them through beating missions anyway.


"Sniper Defense"
A sniper squad takes on a horde of enemy attackers.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 1/5
How to unlock: Complete mission "Separated"

This mission is not difficult, but you have a lot of enemies to take care of, 

The basic goal of this mission is to kill all the enemies, and they will sweep 
in constantly. You start with a few Militia Assault soldiers, but Gunners 
start to appear.

To win, simply shoot from as far away as possible, making sure you stay out of 
movement and firing range of the enemy. Every enemy can attack from a maximum 
of 9 spaces away from where they stand (notice gunners can only move 2 spaces 
if they want to attack with a max range of 7). You have 3 soldiers, and at 
least one must survive.

For the first turn, move your middle soldier to the only spot he can attack 
from, and fire at the enemy. Move the next soldier to the spot in front of him, 
and hopefully take out the middle enemy. Then move the last sniper to the 
right of the first one you moved, to make an "r" formation.

After this turn, keep moving away from the enemy, move across the first bridge, 
then the second bridge. You should win by then. Make sure to count how far 
away from the enemy you can be without getting shot at, especially once you 
turn the corner. You have an attack range of 10, but they have a combined 
move/attack range of 9.

Make sure to concentrate on one enemy at a time. You should be able to take 
out an enemy in a maximum of 3 hits on any difficulty. You might be attacked a 
few times, but you shouldn't have to lose a soldier. 

Make smart moves to fill your Power Points gauge. Kills give you 25 PP. I was 
able to get 2 Super Shots by the end of the match, but it might be possible 
for 3. Only attack full-health enemies with the Super Shot. You should plan 
ahead to know where you can attack from and which enemies will be dead by the 
end of your turn. Keep that in mind, and the game is in the bag.


"Medical Emergency"
Use your medic to get your team back into fighting shape.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 1.5/5
How to unlock: Complete mission "Kestrel Down"

In this mission, you start with two wounded commandos on the left of the map, 
and a medic on the right side. All you have to do is to defeat all enemies, so 
that medic will come in handy.

First things first, get your Commandos to cover in the house at the lower left 
of the map. Get your medic there as well so you can heal them.

You may get some damage before you medic gets to the house, but no matter. 
Play it safe and take the enemies out so you receive minimum return fire, 
while maximizing the damage you put out with your own. Keep healing your men 
and use the protection of the house to your advantage. Get rid of the guys 
from the top first, then focus your attacks on the right.

Of note in this map is the mortar enemy. He can attack from a great range and 
hit you inside the house. However, he only has 4 shots, so if you can survive 
that, you're good to go. He won't do a whole lot of damage from his range, so 
don't worry too much, but keep splash damage in mind when positioning your 
troops. Also, the most damage he can do to you in the house is 4, so keep 
healed enough to survive.

The mortar should be the last guy you take out, so once everyone else is gone, 
leave the safety of your house to take him out in one turn. There's no return 
fire, so not much to worry about. Once he's gone, you win!


"Go Gunners"
Lead a squad of Gunners to victory against snipers
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Diffuculty: 2/5
How to unlock: Complete mission "Pinned Down"

This is your third skirmish mission, and you start with 4 gunners against a 
team of snipers. Did you notice the typo in the intro dialogue? :)

In this mission, the snipers are taking cover while attacking you, and there's 
a lot of them! You'll have to plan carefully and consider line-of-fire, while 
also using suppression attacks to slowly but surely wane the enemy's defenses.

Start with the ones nearest to you, and try to take cover from others while 
you take them out. Remember this: use close-range attacks when you can. They 
are your most powerful, and the enemy snipers' weakest.

For your first turn, suppress the two nearest enemies in the houses, so you 
won't have to worry about them next turn. Only two of the gunners will be able 
to attack this turn, so use them to suppress (check everyone's moves before 
you decide), then move your other gunners into strategic positions. You'll be 
attacked from every angle, including by a mortar, so be careful of your moves.

You'll have to decide whether you want to suppress an enemy, or take the 
chance of attacking and not killing him, which means damage next turn. If you 
can use two gunners to take out one enemy in a turn, go for it, but if you 
don't have enough firepower to take them out, your best bet is to suppress 
them. Keep in mind that the enemies don't have ANY return fire capabilities, 
but you do, so if you're willing to risk a few points of damage, you can take 
the enemy out quicker (if you're in range, of course).

This mission is really a balancing act of deciding which moves you will use. 
It takes a bunch of strategic thinking, but even if you lose a gunner or two, 
you should be able to finish it off. Take it slow and you'll have victory in 
no time. Use your Super Shots wisely, and when you're down to just a few 
enemies, suppress them until they're defeated.


"Fire in the Hole"
Use Grenades to wipe out an enemy force with superior numbers.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3/5
How to unlock: complete "A New Ally"

Here, you're severely outnumbered, but luckily you have grenades. You'll have 
to play your cards right and take advantage of the Indirect Fire ability of 
grenades, so you don't need line-of-sight to use them on the enemy. You'll 
have to fall back and get to high ground for some grenade ammo to take out the 
entirety of the forces.

Note here that your rifles suck. Don't even bother attacking with them unless 
the enemy has 1-2 HP. Also make sure not to attack an enemy right next to your 
own troops, or else, you'll be down a man, haha.

You have two strategies here. You can hold your ground at that big tree/wall 
area where you begin, or you can move to higher ground and attack from there.

I managed to do this without picking up any ammo (just one health pack though), 
with only one soldier left at the end. I finished things off with a Rapid 
Strike, and using your Power Points wisely is key.

You'll want to try to group enemies together when you use your grenades, 
especially if you managed to get a full PP gauge. Your grenades will do double 
damage, which means you'll probably kill whatever you throw your grenade at. 
This will also do a nice refill on your PP gauge if you kill some enemies (25 
pts each).

If you're good at hiding in the trees or behind walls (it blocks line of fire, 
but you can still toss grenades), you can take out the first wave of enemies, 
then maybe have a few turns to spare before the next ones catch up to you. Try 
not to let too many of your men die, but if there's a chance to hit 3 enemies 
at once, you can definitely spare one of your units to take them out on a 
suicide run. In most cases, if you don't take out an enemy on the first shot 
(or out of range), return fire will not make you happy.

When I first did this, I realized I had to restart after a couple turns 
because I made some bad moves, but once you get the hang of the terrain, it'll 
be no problem to kill some chumps. Remember, high ground gives you an 
advantage, but not if you get return fire from five guys at once. 

If one of your guys has just one grenade left, sending him on a suicide run is 
a minor loss. Grenades are your friend in this map, but keep track of which 
soldiers have how many grenades, and try to hit as many enemies as possible 
with the splash damage. Count the enemy's movement range, check line of fire, 
and this mission will be complete in no time.


"Hidden and Dangerous"
Three Recons evade, regroup and wipe out their pursuers.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 2.5/5
How to unlock: beat "The New Crew"

Fun with Recons. Well, it might be fun, depending on how you play it. This is 
a tricky match, seeing as you only have 2 HP for each unit! You have Command 
Flags in this map, so you'll need to use them well. You won't need your gun at 
all in this match (there's only 2 opportunities anyway), so just run as fast 
as you can.

First turn, move your three Recons to their nearest Command Flags in the 
fenced-in area, just within your movement range. The ones in the corners of 
the map are already activated, so you get a helpful 6 points per turn. However, 
you don't have the Air Strike ability in this round, but you do have one that 
will help you survive just as much: Reactivate. It will help you escape and 
kill enemies faster. Without it, you'll be pretty much shot to pieces by turn 

Second turn, move north. The top Recon can get a shot in (just for fun), 
thanks to a bush that will slow a soldier, and the left one will need to be 
reactivated to survive this turn, or else he'll be revealed, then shot at by 
the next guy.

Third turn, you have to reactivate the Recon from the right to escape the 
range of the enemies. Cross the bridge to the north and head toward the 
"advanced combat knife" squares. For the cost of just 1 HP, you will gain the 
ability to take out the enemy in one shot, plus a full PP gauge.

Next turn, you should be able to get two combat knives (I chose the left and 
center ones) and pick up the last next turn. You can shoot across the gap... 
but why? It won't make any difference since you'll be knifing them for the 
remainder of the match.

Once you get the knives, you also have a full PP gauge, allowing for a rapid 
strike. Right now, the narrow bridge is the only thing that's saving you, so 
you'd better make good use of every turn you've got.

Once you've got your knives, you can now do 30 damage at close range! You'll 
still have to plan your moves to stay out of the enemy's sights, but you 
should have some Reactivations in case you need to escape. 

After a few turns of knifing, I had 10 enemies left, and enough CP for three 
reactivations. With a few Rapid [knife] Strikes, I took them all out in one 
turn. I suggest you do the same. Even if you lose a Recon or two, you can most 
likely follow up on the next turn to win. A puzzling match, but it wasn't too 
hard now was it?!


"Tool Time"
A squad of engineers takes control of Command Flags to defeat an enemy attack.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 4/5
How to unlock: complete "Mountain Ambush"

This one's tough. It relies on using turrets and placing them in the right 
spot. I placed them in trees and behind a fence, but those aren't necessarily 
the most advantageous spots on the map. 

Take the Command Flags as soon as possible, then place a turret as soon as 
possible. If you place them on the flag, the flags can't be taken easily, but 
the enemy will take them if they're not defended. You definitely don't want to 
waste another turn recapturing a flag.

The enemies keep coming at you; first assaults, then gunners, and finally an 
officer. Use turrets to attack first when you can, since they are pretty 
resilient to return fire. Use the suppression ability when you can't take an 
enemy out in one turn. The turret's return fire is also great for dealing 

You have 4 health packs on the hill, and don't be afraid to use them. While 
losing a turret is worse than losing an engineer, at least one of them must 

Toward the end of the match when the enemies get tougher, you can use your Air 
Strike. Try to hit at least 3 enemies with high health to maximize the damage. 
If you retreat to where the health packs are, you can lure them closer 
together while staying safe from fire. 

Taking out Gunners is the first priority since they pack a punch against 
turrets, while everyone else does only 25% damage. You should be able to win 
without too much trouble, but if you end up taking too much damage, save the 
game often so you can load it up to get a second chance.


"Rocket Men"
Unleash your Commandos on enemy troops and drones.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 2/5
How to unlock: complete "Gas Station"

You have two types of rockets here, the SMLAP2 (Shoulder-Mounted Launcher 
Anti-Personnel Mk2) and the SMLAV3 (Shoulder-Mounted Launcher Anti-Vehicle 
Mk3). The former has a large blast radius and has 1 tile extra range, while 
the latter penetrates the armor of drones and deals slightly more damage.

Start by attacking the drones to the north. You should hit all three plus the 
assault with one of your men, and two drones with the other. The drones have 
movement and firing range bordering on insanity, so expect to get shot at. 
They all attack the SMLAV3s first, so you may lose them on the first turn, but 
you can still win. 

Next, you can fire your SMLAP2s at one of the groups of infantry. Two volleys 
and one group should probably be gone, and another half dead. 

When your turn is done, watch as your men get torn apart. Next turn, use your 
remaining men to blast away most of the infantry, and maybe hit a couple 
drones as well. Use ATK POS well, since every HP of damage counts. 

There are two health packs, and grabbing one of those is better than losing a 
man, since the enemy can easily kill one in one turn. You can also use the 
cars in the area to your advantage as shields, and even the light pole in the 
middle can block line-of-fire. Do your best with Power Points, since a Wide 
Impact blast or a Rapid Strike can come in handy, especially if you've lost a 
few soldiers. This shouldn't be too hard, but it should be fun to make the 
enemies explode! 



"Lightning Fast"
Reactivate your troops to defeat the enemy in 3 turns.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 2.5/5
How to unlock: reach 30 PEC or defeat "Pipeline Defense"

In this mission you have two teams of one sniper and one commando at opposite 
ends of the map, and you have to take out 13 enemies in just 3 turns 
(including some gunners on steroids). Impossible? No! Thankfully, you start 
with 72 CP, enough to reactivate your units 12 times.

A tricky match for sure, you'll have to choose who to reactivate and how many 
times. You'll need rockets and a few Wide Impacts. I found that the best 
strategy is to make as many kills with the Commandos as possible, and then hit 
as many enemies at once as you can.

There are actually a few reasons you might want to end a turn. 1) let enemies 
move around for better positioning, 2) so they attack you and you can thus 
kill them with return fire (rather than wasting a turn, and further filling 
your PP gauge), and 3) to get a few more turns out of everybody.

For the most part you'll want to reactivate the commandos, since they do more 
damage. Try to attack Assaults at close range, then let them attack you on 
their turn to kill them. You have the Determination ability coupled with high 
health, so being attacked a few times should only help you. You don't want to 
be attacked more than once by a Gunner, though.

First turn, you can rocket the guys closest to you on both sides, or shoot 
each of them once and wait for them to shoot you on their turn. On the right, 
there's a gunner and assault that you can blast, so do that. End your turn and 
see where they move, then use more rockets/wide impacts to hit more of them. 
If you kill 3 enemies with a wide impact, you can possibly reach a full PP 
gauge again in one shot (especially if you get return fire).

Make sure you use your rockets on worthy enemies. You have 4 shots each, and 
you should use them all. Keep in mind the distance you fire at as well. If 
it's 3-5 spaces away, you do a little extra damage. It's ok to rocket guys in 
buildings if you're hitting more than one, since they have to die somehow. 

It's easy to forget about the two guys in the bottom right corner, although 
they can easily be taken out on the third turn if you have a few extra CP left.

You can always save the game if you're not sure if you're about to make a bad 
move, then you can just load it up again to retry. Even if you have to replay 
the mission a few times, don't worry. The most important strategy is to allow 
the assault enemies to be killed with return fire, rather than wasting a turn 
to finish them off. With that in mind, this won't be too hard, as long as you 
use your rockets wisely and gain PP.


"Cave Escape"
Your whole squad must escape from an enemy infested cave system.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 5/5
How to unlock: complete "Dead Hand Base"

Quite an annoying mission. Not gonna lie, this is hard. You have to get 
everyone out of the base without dying. You have one of each unit, and you'll 
have to decide the best way to escape the base. Unfortunately, the person who 
created the mission decided to give your Recon grenades instead of a knife... 
but everyone else is well-equipped.

I think I figured the strategy out for this one. First turn, take the CFs with 
the commando and gunner. You want to send your Engineer directly to the 
Command Flag to the north, through that gate. You also want to get your Recon 
out ASAP because it's completely useless.

What I did with the recon was this: send it to the gate below (where the 
sniper starts), keeping out of range of the others. This will draw the sniper 
toward the recon instead of your commando. If not, you'll have a sniper 
shooting at your commando's back until he can escape. Anyway, I then continued 
navigating away from getting hit as much as possible, but you'll likely take 
some damage. Don't even bother attacking, since that means you're within range 
of being revealed and, well, dying. Once I gained my first 6 CP, I had to 
reactivate it in order to prevent the gunner from blocking the exit. Believe 
me, those 6 CP can't come soon enough. Anyway, just get Mr. Recon to escape, 
since it's useless here, especially in that maze of a cave.

For the commando and sniper team, I put them behind the wall to save them from 
damage and get rid of the four guys in the tents. First turn with the sniper, 
shoot one of the assaults, then second turn get rid of the mortar with a 
sniper round and a rocket. After that, kill the rest of them, and head north 
and west to reconvene with the other group. By the time you get to the door, 
the engineer should have hopefully been able to grab the CF and unlock the 

(I actually ended up opening the northern door thinking I'd help the recon and 
join up, but that didn't work out so well. Though after the recon left, I had 
another group of enemies to outrun. If you do open the door, hide in or behind 
one of the tents while outrunning the bunch of enemies. You an also reactivate 
if you need it.)

Another note on the engineer: I placed the turret just past the door to the 
north. You'll need it to protect the medic. Relative to the small three-sided 
barricade, I put it two squares right and two squares down.

As for the medic, first turn I moved him up behind the "7"-shaped barricade, 
and afterward down to meet up with the engineer. You can use the medic to heal 
the engineer and gunner after they come through the door, just make sure you 
can survive that long. Don't confront the enemies alone.

Once the gunner and engineer meet up with the medic, deploy the turret as 
described above and use the gunner to kill the officer, while suppressing the 
mortar with the turret. Advance the engineer as quickly as possible so he can 
accomplish his duty and let your commando and sniper through. Once you're all 
together, get out as quickly as possible, but don't leave anyone alone either.

More enemies will spawn above where the medic started and in the southeastern 
corner. They will probably recapture the CFs, but by that time you shouldn't 
need to worry about that. Your escape will be made to the north of where the 
medic started. 

If you're having trouble with this mission, you can probably kill some of the 
enemies faster, if only you could do more damage. It's a cheap strategy, but 
you can save right before you attack something. I always hate when you're 
attacking an enemy, and your attack will do something like 10-24 damage, and 
they have 11 HP, and the attack goes ahead and does 10 damage, leaving the 
enemy to live another turn. If you're faced in a situation like this, you can 
save and load until you do the appropriate amount of damage, so you can worry 
about other enemies. 

Good job on completing this mission. 

(If anyone has any other strategies for this, do let me know) 


Urban warfare against Zemya forces.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 5/5
How to unlock: complete "Rooting Out"

This should be fun. You've got nothing going for you in this match. The enemy 
is more powerful, and they have one more unit than you that you need to take 
care of. There's no CP, no rockets, nothing. The only way you can win is by 
using the only thing they DON'T have: your brain!

You'll have to catch them in the open, while you receive less damage while 
hiding in buildings and/or behind fences. When being attacked is unavoidable, 
try to allow for as much support fire as possible, so you get those extra few 
points of damage in.

You're most valuable unit is the gunner, followed by the sniper. Likewise, 
you'll want to take out the enemy's beastly gunner as your first priority. 
Range is an advantage when you're going against assaults, so use that to 
destroy them quickly. You'll want to keep them from attacking as much as 
possible, namely by putting them in the grave.

While your first instinct may be to head diagonally and face the enemy head-on, 
this will do nothing but get you killed. Instead, there's a nice locale to the 
north in the two-story building, allowing for easy movement (there's no speed 
reduction in there), easy cover (use the other house to block the angle of 
fire), and shooting down the alley (hopefully the gunner will park himself out 
in the open).

So, once you get to the northern edge of the building (you should move the 
gunner first, so he gets the prime (and more dangerous) corner position), 
shoot those guys down while taking cover in the building.  

Obviously, you want to focus on one enemy at a time, and get as little 
return/support fire as possible. That should be ok around the houses.

If you have a unit with super-low HP, follow this procedure: put him in the 
middle of the house so he won't get shot, then use him to land a finishing 
blow on an enemy, then, when all hope is lost for him, use him to either draw 
enemy fire or go on a suicide shooting-spree for some extra damage.

Do your best not to let your gunner die. You can use him to suppress the 
sniper (the only one worth doing it to, and only if you're in the clear of 
support fire) toward the end of the match once the enemy gunner is down and a 
few assaults are dead.

It's ok to have your sniper out in the open. In fact, he should be down the 
alley, staying as far away from things as possible while firing from afar.

You should also leave one, maybe two assaults out of harm's way in the center 
or far side of the building where the enemy can't attack you. When the others 
are low on HP, and a few enemies dead, you can swap places to reduce the 
number of casualties.

Don't worry about gaining PP in this match. If you can manage to get a full 
gauge, all the better for you, but it might be more trouble than it's worth, 
and you can do without it.

You'll have to be clever and cautious to win this. Use the enemy's movements 
to your advantage, and don't let them get too close. After a few tries, you 
should be able to win this battle, though it sure will be tough.


"Tank Trouble"
Take control of Command Flags to stop the enemy bringin in tanks.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3/5
How to unlock: gain 70 PEC or beat "Russia Attacks"

You've got a pretty cool team here, including two commandos and two engineers. 
Perhaps the most useful unit is the recon, since it's stealth keeps it from 
getting owned.

You'll want to take control of the command flags ASAP so the enemy won't be 
bringin in tanks. This will not only prevent them from gaining CP (They need 8 
CP to call in reinforcements), but it will also give you Command Powers, of 
which Air Strike will be invaluable. They will probably call in one tank, 
which should be fine. Along with the tank on the south (left), they will also 
get a gunner on the right. If they manage to call in more than one, it will be 
more difficult with a stronger tank and an assault as well.

Start by sending your engineer to the right to capture the flag. Then place a 
turret on the flag to protect it. (When the first gunner came, it was exactly 
8 squares away, just enough to suppress him to death.)

Move left with the rest of the people, since there should be no need to defend 
the right. Fan out with your men, being extremely careful of the enemy 
commandos, who can blast you away. Kill them fast, and take the other CFs. 
Even if lots of your troops die in a few turns, don't give up. One of your 
most valuable players here is the recon, who (although he doesn't have a 
knife) can evade detection and wipe out much of the enemy force single-
handedly as long as you keep him alive.

This won't be too hard, just make sure you keep hold of the CFs, since you 
don't want any more tanks than you can handle. Use rockets unprejudicedly, 
since there is ammo to refill, and you want to do as much damage as you can 
before the commandos die.

You can snipe or keep some of your guys in that little fenced-in area to pick 
them off from the cliff. Just watch out for rocket attacks.

When the tank appears, it will do some hefty damage, so you want to get rid of 
it fast. Use Air Strike to take about 20 or so HP from it. My strategy was to 
use the recon (my only remaining unit by the end, haha) to slowly but surely 
kill it, always keeping two squares away, making it impossible for it to hit 
you! I also used the recon to kill the enemy officer and the turret. So, as 
long as the bulk of the enemy infantry are dead, and as long as you have your 
recon, you can win this. Of course, that will take forever and there's 
definitely much easier ways to win, you can do it.

Keep as many units as you can alive, and use air strikes where you need them, 
and you will win eventually. 


"Zombie Survival"
Four Commandos against a Zombie army. Upgrade your troops to win the fight.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3/5
How to unlock: gain 90 PEC or beat "Holding the Desna Crossing"
This is a unique mission unlike one you've faced before. Instead of battling 
soldiers, you're fighting Zombies! They have a melee attack that does 20 
damage and penetrates one level of cover. You have four commandos that can 
survive being hit once, and a few health packs.

The zombies will spawn on the bottom areas of the map and work their way 
toward the top. Some will take the bridge while others will cross the river.

Begin by moving your commandos across the bridge as far as possible. By the 
third turn when they're within range, move them back as far as you can attack 
from (6 tiles away) to stay safe. You'll only be able to attack with two at a 
time while on the bridge, and keep the others safe but don't attack with them.

Once you're off the bridge, you can use all four to attack, since you can 
curve around the edge of the bridge. I sent three to the left and one right. 
High ground on the left gives you a minor advantage, and the fence blocks 
their movement (they must have a full 3 moves remaining in order to cross it). 
The fence won't protect you from their attacks though.

Once you kill four zombies, you get the ability to upgrade one of your 
commandos with a Command Point (you gain CP by killing zombies). You can 
upgrade to any class except medic. Upgrades are as follows:

Commando: Health +, Damage +, + Launcher
Gunner: Health ++, Damage +, Weapon abilities +, Movement -
Sniper: Damage +, Attack range +, Movement +/-
Recon: Stealth (duh), Damage -, Movement +, + Knife!
Engineer: Health +, Damage =, + Turret

I don't think it matters what you upgrade to as long as you use it well. You 
will have to fight off about 20 more zombies, so choose something that will 
suit your needs. It might be fun to replay this with different choices and see 
how it plays out, but honestly any one will do just fine. 

The downside to the commando is that he has limited rocket ammo, yet a better 
weapon, and the downside to the gunner is that his movement is bad, but he has 
suppress and a powerful attack to make up for it. The sniper is pretty good 
all around as long as he keeps his distance (and armor penetration is good), 
and the recon will want to stab to kill. Engineer is another good choice since 
you'll place the turret to absorb damage and dish it out as well. 

After a bunch of zombies die, the Zombie Boss will appear. He has a better 
movement range and attack, so I suggest killing (or suppressing) him as soon 
as possible, then take on the rest of them.

Overall it's not such a hard match. Just stay 6 tiles away at all times to 
make it impossible for the zombies to attack you, and you'll survive no 
problem. They barely laid a scratch on me in this match.

A few more quick tips: 
-Put the sniper on the hill to the left of the bridge for an extra few damage.
-Attacking from the side of the bridge is less effective since the bridge 
offers damage reduction (except for the sniper). 
-Place the turret near the bridge to draw damage (it can take lots of hits), 
and you can use return/support fire to kill zombies easily.
-Suppression is sometimes useful, but doing damage is important too.
-Rockets are only good when you can hit lots of zombies at one time.
-When you upgrade your character, you can attack on the same turn.
-When you upgrade your character, PP are lost. Conserve them if possible.


"Convoy Ambush"
Secure the village and destroy the convoy with a Partisan squad.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3/5
How to unlock: gain 110 PEC or beat "Mopping Up"

The beginning of this mission can be tricky, but if you play it right, the end 
will be a piece of cake.

You start with two teams of soldiers, two assaults for each, and a sniper on 
one side and a gunner on the other. You'll have to move them north through 
considerable resistance before a convoy of tanks arrives in 11 turns.

Fight your way through them like any normal mission. You'll take some hard 
hits, so make sure to keep to buildings when attacking, and pick up health 
when you're low on HP. That's about the only strategy you need for getting to 
the second half of the mission.

After about 6 turns, anti-armor reinforcements for you will arrive from the 
south. You will get at least four, I think more if some of your troops have 
died, so if you lose a man or two during the mission, not to worry, though 
you'll want to keep them as alive as possible.

Move the anti-tanks north as fast as you can, and on turn 12 the convoy will 
arrive. There are a total of four tanks that arrive from the west, each 
accompanied by a few soldiers on both the west and east sides of the screen, 
so split your troops to take them all out.

Since you have four anti-tanks, you should mainly use them on the tanks. 
Conserve ammo where you can, since you don't want any tanks to escape if you 
run out. You only have two shots each, but there's lots of ammo packs lying 
around so you can grab those when you run out.

Luckily, the tanks won't attack you, so you just have to kill them while 
worrying about attacks from the soldiers. After you've taken out all the tanks, 
you'll win.


"Zombie Apocalypse"
Protect civilians, arm them, and wipe out the zombie horde.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3.5/5
How to unlock: gain 130 PEC or beat "Drone Attack"

This mission is very methodical. You have a group of two commandos and a medic, 
as well as some civilians at the bottom of the map. You have to kill a horde 
of zombies and arm the civilians in order to defeat them.

Start by moving your civilians. The one on the right is easy to get to freedom, 
just move it to the nearest bridge and send him to become a gunner. As for the 
other two, you'll have to send one to the east bridge (first head north 
through one of the buildings), and keep the other one hidden for a few turns 
in the nearest building. There is only about one spot you can move him to in 
the first three turns, so make sure you count spaces to make sure you're out 
of range of the zombies.

As for the commandos and medic, send one commando to the left and the other 
two units to the right and move across the bridges. Once you're within range 
of the zombies, start attacking with the commandos, and only use the medic for 
finishing blows (or if you know you can kill the zombie) or else you'll be 
within range of an attack.

If a zombie is within range, it will attack the closest unit, so make sure you 
stay out of range whenever possible. That means you must be 6 squares away on 
regular ground. Keep in mind that it takes a full two steps to enter any 
building space, and three steps to cross a fence. Also, you can attack from 
the side of the bridges at close-medium range while still being safe. Any 
damage you take should be calculated, and you should only be attacked a bare 
minimum amount of times.

Anyway, for the second civilian you sent to the east bridge, he will be within 
range of a zombie once he steps foot on the bridge for one turn. To prevent 
losing him, move the commando two squares ahead of him to block the zombie. 
Move the medic behind him and get a shot in as well! After that, send the 
civilian straight up to become a mortar.

For the third civilian, after you survive the first three turns by counting 
steps (the zombies have four movement spaces, and make sure to count from all 
the zombies), send him across the west bridge, but make sure to stay 6 tiles 
away from the closest zombie. They won't attack you unless you are in range, 
so move upward to eventually become a sniper.

For the commando on the left, he will be able to get several closer shots in 
if he stays in the fenced-in area. He'll be a little overwhelmed, so send the 
gunner there as soon as you get him. There's a spot for the gunner on the top 
of the central hill (northwest corner), so you get a nice little 20% damage 
boost. Don't bother suppressing, since it may delay the civilian from moving 
ahead, and you want all the damage you can dish out.

After the first wave, keep the commando and medic near the east bridge, and 
put the rest to the other bridge. Don't waste you're mortars when you get them. 
The mortar's secondary weapon, a PDW, is just as useful as the mortars 
themselves. Use it at close range for some nice damage. Also, try to save one 
mortar for a Wide Impact strike by filling his PP gauge. Also, when you use it, 
make sure it's 3-5 squares away to maximize damage (it's a bonus if you launch 
from high ground). Try to hit a minimum of 3 with the Wide Impact, and 2 with 
a regular shot.

After slaying lots of the undead army, the Zombie Boss will appear. He has a 
lot of health and a hard attack, so get rid of him fast. Once he was in range, 
I suppressed him with the gunner for one turn while shooting him with a couple 
other guys, then I let loose the gunner's Super Shot and finished him off with 
a few more bullets to the face.

When you suppress a zombie, you can then attack from closer range, since he 
won't be able to move and attack you. This is especially useful for the 
medic's and mortar's PDW that pack a greater punch at close range.

If you can't avoid being attacked, try to let the commandos get hit. They have 
the recover ability, which means they regain 6 HP per turn. Also, if they can 
be at a height advantage, all the better, since it reduces damage by 2 HP, so 
check the terrain when possible. The same goes for when you're attacking, 
which will make the mission slightly easier. The last thing you can do to 
reduce damage is to hide in a heavy cover area, preferably behind the wall in 
the center of the map, since the zombies' attacks only pierce light cover.

The rest is up to you. You should barely be hit throughout the round, and you 
should be able to recover it or heal with the medic. Keep out of range of 
their attacks and do the most damage you can. If you end up getting hit, 
support fire from the rest of the team is awesome to help take out the zombie. 
You get the picture.


"Mega Munch"
Take control of the Mega Drone and turn it against its masters.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 4/5
How to unlock: gain 150 PEC ("Rooting Out")

You only have one unit in this mission: the Mega Drone! You have to take out 
10 Zemya drones to win, but you don't have to kill the tanks. You will be 
attacked a lot, but luckily much of your damage will be coming from return 

You "only" have 10 rockets to fire, but you shouldn't need them all, and you 
should be able to hit a lot of enemies at once!

Your range is amazing by the way, but there's too many drones to really take 
advantage of it. By the way, the sniper drones won't attack you much, so worry 
about them last.

When the tanks arrive to your position, you'll want to do two things: 1) avoid 
their shots if possible, and 2) move next to enemy drones! This is perhaps the 
best damage you can possibly do! Let me explain:

If you're positioned right next to an enemy drone, when you receive fire from 
tanks or launcher drones, the drone next to you will be attacked too! That 
will deal massive damage to them without wasting a turn. The enemy can be up 
to two tiles away, so rather than attacking, you can move and use your 
position to your advantage. This is key to winning the match.

The first few turns, just hang around where you start and shoot at a drone or 
two until the rest move within range. Then let loose with rockets, hitting up 
to five drones at a time! You will most likely kill a few of them with return 
fire, but it gets harder after the first five are killed.

There's no exact strategy here, but I moved up and to the left to wrap around 
the building there, which will let you avoid a couple tank shots and get you 
closer to that pesky sniper drone that just sits down there (possibly the most 
annoying drone of them all, since it doesn't want to die), but will eventually 
follow you. When the launcher drones run out of ammo, I think they will just 
move as close to you as possible, leaving them an easy target for the tanks! 
Their attack range beats your movement range, so you can't outrun them, but 
you can use your position to help finish off the enemy.

At the end, your health will probably be pretty low, so surviving will be a 
little tricky. Make sure to save your game frequently so you can start midway. 
There's a little luck and some trial-and-error involved, so don't be 
discouraged if you can't win right away. 

One thing to remember is that tanks have line-of-sight attacks, which means 
they can't shoot from behind buildings. You can use that to your advantage to 
avoid being shot at, especially if no enemy drones are next to you. Just use 
splash damage to your advantage and let the enemy kill themselves. It's 
possible to kill the tanks, but probably not worth your venture, since the 
game will be over in a few more rounds.


"Deadly Game"
Combat in the Arena for control and dominance.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 1.5/5
How to unlock: gain 190 PEC or beat "Megadrone"

This is a fairly simple mission. Although you're outnumbered, you have a 
superior arsenal, namely a rocket launcher.

Move everyone ahead to the left. Use your medic to Stim the Recon, then the 
gunner the following turn. Move the sniper slightly ahead and up to get him a 
better shot while keeping him safe.

Here's the fun part. The enemy units should line up perfectly, allowing you to 
slam them with a rocket from the commando. Then, guess what? Stim him and do 
it again! Use your recon to stab one of the units close to 30 HP (I hit the 
sniper), then you won't need him anymore so let him die or whatever... the 
enemy commando should rocket him, hitting surrounding units as well (hah!).

Meanwhile, use your gunner to suppress the closest enemy (the officer) to keep 
him out of the picture for a turn. Next turn, send another couple rockets his 
way (Wide Impact, anyone?) and more or less win the match. Clean up any 
remaining enemies and that's game.


"Reactor Race"
Can your scientist stop Zemya from launching their nukes?
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 2.5/5
How to unlock: gain 230 PEC or beat "Meltdown"

This is another unique mission. You'll have to prevent enemy units from 
reaching a control panel while clearing a path for your own units in order to 
prevent a destructive nuclear launch.

After observing the layout of the map, it will be clear that you'll have to 
move north to clear a path for the allied scientists, then create a roadblock 
for the enemy scientists.

Fight your way up, taking out any units you come across. You can begin by 
shooting people across the gap before moving forward. You have a few turns 
before the civilian scientists catch up, but make your handiwork quick so you 
can move on to the rest of the enemies.

There's two sets of turrets that you'll have to kill, since your civilians 
aren't smart enough to go around the split path. Your engineer has an EMP gun, 
so you can use that to help speed your killing along.

After the turrets are clear, there's nothing stopping your scientists, so move 
up near the control room and kill the incoming enemy scientists so they can't 
get to their goal. You can place your turret as an additional sentry if you 

After a few of your scientists make it, the enemy units that were on their 
lunch break decide to take action, so you'll have to hold back a few other 
units as well. If all goes well, your four scientists will make it without 
much difficulty.

The medic is best used for his medipack. If healing is not needed, make sure 
you use the boost ability to build your super shots faster, making it easy to 
take out any enemy quickly. Prevent the nuclear launch and feel good about 



"Lighthouse Defense"
An Engineering crew is making its stand against an enemy offensive.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 6/5
How to unlock: gain ?? PEC or beat "Black Sea Approach"

This is probably the hardest mission in the game. The only way I've figured 
out how to win is to glitch the game's pathfinding AI.

I highly suggest playing this mission a few times before following the 
walkthrough to see how ridiculous this is. If you happen to find a different 
strategy that works, let me know at dec168@gmail.com and I'll include it in 
this walkthrough.

Note: If you want to simply read the winning strategy, go to the *** below.

There's a few theories you'll want to use while playing this one. First, is 
the placement of the turrets. Ideally, you want the maximum range for them. If 
you place them in the middle of the hill, they will be able to attack any 
enemies that shoot at them, due to the cutoff at the edge of the hill. If you 
move them up too far, or keep them too far back, there will be places where 
snipers can attack you from a distance, not to mention attacking one turret 
without being in range of return fire.

Which brings me to the next point: return fire. For most of the match, you'll 
want to do damage with return/support fire, or else the damage payoff won't be 
worth it, especially when attacking gunners (or if they're in the area). 
Unless you're attacking an engineer, or you know you can kill the enemy with 
your attack, it's not worth getting shot at by one, let alone two gunners.

Next thing you have to worry about is healing. While the enemies will mainly 
attack your engineers, the turrets will most likely incur some damage as well, 
either from support fire or from occasional attacks. In that case, you'll want 
to repair them, which means you'd best put them within repair range of the 
lighthouse, where you'll want to keep your engineers hidden. The lighthouse 
spaces have regular movement speed, so take that into account as well.

Don't attack with your engineers unless you won't get any return fire or be 
attacked next turn. They take much more damage than turrets, and their HP is 
valuable. Keep them in the lighthouse so they are protected, especially in the 
far corner where they can't be shot at from outside. The engineers will draw 
most of the damage, allowing you to support fire with the turrets. Besides, 
when they're dead, the lighthouse is open to be occupied by the enemies, and 
they act erratic, and they won't attack you much unless they're inside the 
lighthouse. If you get to that point, you've probably lost.

There's a couple spots right outside the lighthouse gate that are both within 
range of all enemies that can attack you and within range of being repaired.

You'll get a few waves of enemies, allowing minimal healing in-between waves, 
letting the engineers leave the lighthouse safely.

It's pretty much guaranteed that at least two of your engineers will die. If 
you're lucky, you can build up your PP gauge for a Rapid Strike before they 
die, and you may choose to use them in one of several ways before they die:

1) They can be used as target practice for the enemy. Put them purposely 
within attack range to allow you to support fire on the enemies, dealing 
decent damage. You can put them within the lighthouse to possibly draw several 
shots in one turn before they die.

2) Attack the enemy. Attacking without worrying about return fire can be 
advantageous at certain times to avoid damage in other places.

3) Repair a turret. Healing the turrets can help you survive in the long run, 
allowing to survive for more hits, even if it means losing an engineer.

That's it. What you want to avoid is a pointless loss of life when he could 
have been a martyr!

Some other stuff to know when playing: enemy engineers can freeze your turrets 
from attacking, not to mention dealing 100% attack damage. You'll want to kill 
them fast or risk dying before you know it. Also, medics will move around 
randomly rather than attacking you, but they can heal for a lot of HP, so kill 
them quickly too. They also do more damage with return fire.

Only suppress if it's worth it, meaning you'll take less damage in the long 
run. You should most likely suppress only when there's a few enemies around, 
an no gunners. Shoot the engineer to prevent it from attacking, or the medics 
from healing.

Attack with turrets that are out of range of return fire first, and hope that 
you kill them with a second shot if possible. If you get return fire from two 
assaults, it's like them attacking you for one turn since they do 50% return 
fire. If you kill them with a second attack, it's worth it, since they'll be 
out of the picture next turn, and they won't attack your engineers.

Last thing. You don't want to lose any turrets, at least until the very end. 
You should also keep at least one engineer till the end to draw the enemy's 
fire, or else they'll run around like madmen and not attack you.

*** Winning strategy on Elite! Adapted from Eiksirf's and ScienceOfMyth's 
comments on the GameFAQs.com forums. ***

You'll start with two engineers, and get a third available on turn 8. The 
placement of the turrets is key to winning this match, obviously. The only way 
I've been able to beat it is by placing them across the front of the 
lighthouse, blocking the enemy's entrance into the building. This will protect 
the engineer in the corner of the lighthouse, letting him survive until the 
end. This placement will also allow you to heal safely without taking 
additional damage. The one that lies out of range of safety can be repaired if 
needed when the enemies won't attack you, but they'll be focusing most of 
their attacks on the available engineer.

Use the strategies mentioned above to make it through most of the game. Repair 
your turrets when needed, and if it doesn't go well the first time around, you 
can save often enough and reload if your attacks don't fell the enemies as 
fast as you want. You should hope to kill all of them with two turret shots, 
but it won't always be possible, so don't worry.

When you're not doing anything with the engineers, make them Stay and gain 15 
PP, which they can possibly use for a rapid strike. They won't gain it unless 
you specifically select Stay each turn.

When you get your third engineer, place the turret in the third spot in front 
of the lighthouse, blocking entrance for the enemy altogether. They will form 
a straight line in front of the lighthouse. The enemies will start acting 
weird, not really attacking, except for the snipers. Some of them will not 
move when they spawn, letting you take a break and heal.

The reason they do that is because they want to attack your engineer, which is 
totally blocked off from attack, so they don't know what to do. It's basically 
a glitch in the game, but I haven't been able to beat the level without it.

Some of the enemies won't move once they spawn, so you'll have to move your 
last engineer outside the turret perimeter to get them started. I suggest the 
space above the rightmost turret, which will only draw a few enemies at a time. 
If you move farther out, the whole wave will attack at once, so use the cheap 

At this point, the only enemies you have to worry about are the snipers, who 
can find a nice spot outside of return fire range. The only way to get them 
close enough is to move your engineer outside the lighthouse, drawing the 
sniper closer to attack him instead of the turrets. Then you can 
suppress/attack the sniper(s) until they die.

That's it. You shouldn't have problems if you use this "strategy." 
Congratulations on completing this mission. You're welcome.


"The Great Drone Robbery"
Sneak into a rail yard and take control of Zemya drones.
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 3/5
How to unlock: gain ?? PEC or beat "The Rail Depot"

This mission is espionage followed by a battle. You'll have to make it to the 
train car undetected (preferably), then defeat all of the enemies.

New Primary Objective: Steal all 4 Zemya drones
Get the Partisan to the Drone Car and hack the 4 drones.

The strategy here is to go undetected for as long as possible. Basically, if 
you're out of range of being attacked, the enemies will ignore you, but as 
soon as a weapon is used, everyone will start to attack you. The soldiers make 
a counter-clockwise circle around the train, and the officer patrols an area 
in a clockwise direction before turning around midway. 

Anyway, head down and left toward the energy pack, hiding by the rail gate. 
Then head down and take the pack, then move to the right and grab the second 
pack in two turns, filling your gauge. Next, instead of moving a full six 
spaces, move 5, hugging the south of the map, staying out of range of the 
officer. Then head right, then hide in the bottom right side of the tree, 
still avoiding the officer's line of fire. Finally, move behind the train as 
far as you can, then toward the drone car while staying out of range, then 
finally snagging the drones (you can use a grenade on the two solders there if 
you want).

New Primary Objective: Defeat the enemy
Kill all the hostile units.

Now you have the drones and the enemy knows you're there. The rest is simple 
killing like you usually do. Use the gunner drones for up-close combat, while 
keeping the sniper and launcher drones farther away. Of course, keep the 
Partisan safe, or else you'll fail the mission.

(Note: when I released the drones, there was a soldier in the way of the 
gunner drone to the right, making the drone get "stuck" inside the train, 
allowing it to move to or attack either side of the train, meaning I could hit 
the officer on the other side with direct fire, moving the mission along. Once 
you move outside the train, however, you lose these magical abilities.)

With a couple well-placed missiles, you can win in just a few turns. I was 
able to hit three soldiers two turns in a row by using Attack Position. I'll 
let you figure out how to handle the enemies, since it's not hard with four 
drones on your team.


"Turret Defense"
An engineer and his turret have to slow down hostiles until reinforcements 
PEC SCORE: ..--^^
Difficulty: 4.5/5
How to unlock: gain ?? PEC or beat "Hell's Road"

This mission is challenging and fun. You begin with an engineer, and you will 
get reinforcements later. You have to stop a convoy of trucks along with lots 
of enemies.

Start by moving your unit left and place the turret wherever you choose. I put 
it on the corner of the ledge so it could attack the trucks as well. You only 
have to fight three assaults to start, which should be easy. You have an EMP 
so you can stun the trucks. For some reason, if you block the road with a 
stunned truck, the trucks behind it will skip the road and go over the hill, 
but kill the truck and they will go back on the road.

It shows that they move 10 units, but they rarely do, at least until later in 
the mission.

After that wave is taken care of, you get to choose another unit, either a 
Gunner or Sniper. You can also use this time to recover health, and perhaps 
re-deploy the turret in a better spot. The Sniper can indeed move more than 
one tile per turn, but the rest is the same. The advantage of the sniper is 
long range and full damage to vehicles. The advantage to the gunner is return 
fire and more health and damage, plus suppress. It's up to you who to choose. 
I suggest saving before choosing.

For this wave of vehicles, there are more enemies to fight, and they will all 
try to attack your new unit, so do what you can to prevent them from taking 
too much damage. A health pack appears this round, and after the next waves as 

Toward the end of the wave, a sniper appears. If you chose the gunner, he can 
be a pain to take down, since he moves to the left edge of the map where he 
has a shot at you but is far out of your range. You'll either have to lure him 
in closer so he has to come to your hill, or go out and attack him, but you 
still have to worry about destroying trucks, so he's a minor annoyance.

After that wave, you get the choice of a "mortar"/commando or a recon. The 
commando has more health, but the recon has a nice knife (It's actually the 
MK-VII, that does 30 damage, not the curvy one it shows.

From here on out, there's two strategies. There's the "I Can Survive Through 
All of This and Kill Everything Eventually" strategy, or there's the "I'm 
Going to Clear the Screen of Enemies so the Game Will Move On For Me" strategy. 
In the latter, speed is key, essentially tricking the game into thinking you 
cleared the wave (I'm not sure if that was on purpose, but it seems like a 
cheap way to win).

Anyway, I suggest using the recon to stab some guys, use a power grenade from 
the gunner to kill three enemies at once, and Rapid Strike the trucks to death. 
If you manage to clear the screen, rather than having to fight more waves, 
you'll get to move on to the next wave!!

For the fourth and final wave, you get the choice between a "mortar"/commando 
and a medic. Choose the commando. The medic, while being able to heal is nice, 
is not that powerful. In this last wave, do what you can to clear the screen 
as quick as possible, shooting everything in sight. If there's just a truck or 
a few units left, don't be afraid to use the rockets or grenades to finish 
them off. Once the screen is cleared, you win. Or if you're slower, you'll 
have to push through a long line of trucks and enemies!


====Multiplayer Missions====

These missions can be played by two players on a single 3DS system. They are 
unlocked either by achieving PEC or by defeating missions. While I believe it 
is possible to unlock all of them by either method, I have not tested it out, 
so I'm sorry if it's misguided. Let me know if there are any changes that need 
to be made.

Farm Feud - always available (Perimeter Sweep)
Double Defender - reach 10 PEC (Knockout Blow)
Point Commander - reach 30 PEC (Rooting Out)
Troubled Waters - reach 55 PEC (Drone Attack)
Town Tussle - Reach 90 PEC (Precision Strike)
Zombie Town - defeat "Russia Attacks"
In the Trenches - defeat "Behind the Lines"
Railroad Rumble - defeat "The Rail Depot"
Frozen Fracas - defeat "Raid on the River"
All Aboard - defeat "Deep Freeze"

None yet. Email me at dec168@gmail.com if you have a question, and I will post 
it to the guide.

Everything was written by me. This guide is currently for GameFAQs.com, 
SuperCheats.com, neoseeker.com, and CheatCC.com (Cheat Code Central) only. You 
may not use this guide for your own site without my permission. If you want to 
use any of this guide for your own purposes, please contact me first.

If you take any information excerpts from this guide, please give me credit, 
and let me know where you are using it.

Walkthrough (c) Copyright 2011 by Dennis Comella. All rights reserved.
Ghost Recon (c) Copyright 2011 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved.

You can email me at dec168@gmail.com with questions, comments, suggestions, 

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