Review by GamerGuider98

Reviewed: 04/04/11

Based on the best Splinter Cell game right? What have we got to lose?

When I heard that Splinter Cell was coming to the 3DS, I was instantly excited. When I then heard it'd be Chaos Theory, I was very excited! So, what have we got here?

Well we have the original storyline we all know and love. Sam Fisher is sent by the Third Echelon as usual, investigating terrorist's. And so, the original versions of the game were very successful, and Chaos Theory is still regarded as the best Splinter Cell game in the years.

And, well, that's pretty much it. No new features what so ever. Apart from the wall objective thing (which, as we know folks, was clearly taken from Splinter Cell Conviction). Just really 3D.

But that's not even the worst feature about this game. There's no online or local multi-player, which made the original game's so great. Funny how Ubisoft could fit local co-op into the DS version (which remember, has a less storage space in that small cartridge) yet, in the 2GB card, they couldn't fit it in the 3DS version? Very weird, and disappointing. I would have redeemed this game by the truck load. And I really mean that.

But the flaw's don't stop there, oh no. A dodgy camera makes the game even harder. Also, very bad controls don't help either. You amazingly have to use the face/arrow button's to aim. Why they didn't they just use the circle pad? Indeed people, I was shocked too.

The touch screen is a sardine can full of options, making it quite easy for you to pick the wrong item. Approaching a door also gives you loads of options, making it yet again to choose the wrong option. More space is definitely needed.

So, this is really a rip off job from the orignal game. No new weapons, missions, co-op missions, well why would they have new co-op missions, eh? EPIC FAIL.

Splinter Cell 3D is such a disappointing game. Online multi-player, hell, even local multi-player would've saved this damned game. This is the worst version of the game, and by far the worst way to experience this actually very good game. This and Ray man (both funnily enough remakes!) have badly failed. But, out of the two, this version of Chaos Theory is the worst out of the two. We expected a lot better, Ubisoft. Splinter Cell 3D is by far the worst 3DS game yet.

Graphics- 79%
Game-play- 40%
Lifespan- 60%
Innovation- 10%
Overall- 20%

In a nutshell: This is just plain lame. I definitely don't reccomend a buy for this game. If your looking for a hand held version of this, get the DS version. At least that has multi-player.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D (EU, 03/25/11)

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