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Reviewed: 03/29/11

The Nintendo 3DS: The latest hand held console from Nintendo and a very nice one at that

Since this is my first review of a console (and first review of a hand held console), I won't get too into the technical features and instead talk about the pre-installed software, how I find the 3D on the pre-installed software and I'll also quickly speak about how I find the device itself.

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest hand held console from Nintendo, of course with all the other DSes from Nintendo such as the DS lite and DSi, you might be thinking "Oh, it's just a DS/i with 3D, no big deal" and well, I certainly don't blame you but this is certainly not just a DS/i with 3D capabilities.

The machine itself is quite powerful as will be shown with future 3DS titles which have already been announced but not released as of this writing (Metal Gear Sold, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, etc) and it is also backwards compatible with DS games for those who missed out during the original DS era.

The device now has an analogue nub rather than just a Dpad and it works very well so far. It feels smooth and natural while using the analogue nub and it is also backwards compatible with DS titles so if you like using the nub, you can use it with original DS games. The device also features a home button now but I'll get to that while talking about the pre-installed software.

There is a whole host of applications already installed on the device which I'll go through right now. First off there is Mii Maker which allows you to make a Mii. You can either start from scratch or you can use your face as a starting point for the Mii and edit anything you don't like. You can also make a special scan picture which if the picture is uploaded and then shared to people will allow them to get your Mii onto their 3DS.

The Mii itself is used for street pass which basically allows you to get Miis from people you pass on the street and from people online. In the street pass plaza there is also a RPG style game called StreetPass quest which you can play with Miis you have in the street pass plaza.

The 3DS comes with AR (Augmented Reality) cards as well which you can use with the AR application. You start off with looking at the ? block and can then access games through it such as a shooting game or you can select an option to allow you to view 3D representations of several Nintendo characters using their respective AR cards.

The 3DS also comes with a camera which allows you to take pictures in 3D and once taken, you can do several things with them. You can change the depth at which you will see them using a slider (not the 3D slider) and you can draw on the pictures you take using an option called graffiti.

The 3DS not only comes with a camera but it comes with a sound editor which allows you to both record and edit sounds on it.

Face Raiders is another game which you'll find pre-installed on the 3DS. You can take pictures of people or yourself and shoot them while they are flying about the screen making faces at you.

The 3DS will also feature the ability to receive system updates and will even feature a system update in May which will feature the E-shop and the Internet Browser

I had 3D up to max the whole time and while I had to take some time to adjust to the 3D, I didn't have any trouble with it, no headaches or anything like that although it will vary from person to person. The 3D works great though.

Even if you don't care for the 3D and would prefer to play games without it, you would still be wise to buy one for other games which will come out later such as for Nintendo fans, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake which is due out by summer. Even in 2D, the games will still look gorgeous and really, the 3D is just a very nice extra for those that care about 3D or have never experienced 3D gaming before.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Nintendo 3DS (EU, 03/25/11)

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