Where can I get screen replacements for the Nintendo 2DS that's not over 70 USD?

  1. I busted (not cracked) my screen on my 2DS and now I'm trying to find replacements, but the two screens I found were way too expensive. Where can I get them that's not overly expensive? Also the reason why I say busted, is because it still works, it's just the display is damaged, like huge parts of the screen is completely dead. If it was cracked, it wouldn't work at all. (or at least it wouldn't be usable visually) PlushUmaru-chan - 1 month ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Try AliExpress or eBay for screen replacement parts BanjoDude98 (Expert) - 1 month ago - report 1   0
  2. Yeah eBay is where I found those two. I'll probably find some that's a little bit more affordable. PlushUmaru-chan - 1 month ago - report
  3. Is it a 2DS or a New 2DS XL? BanjoDude98 - 1 month ago - report
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