Is it normal for my 2DS buttons to behave this way when I hold them down?

  1. Hello! I hope you all are doing great. I have a question for fellow Nintendo 2DS owners. Are your ABXY face buttons a bit picky for you when you are holding them down? What I mean is that they require full pressure to register as being held down. If I'm holding my buttons at less than full pressure, such as 90% pressure, they have a tendency to go "I'm held down. I'm not held down. I'm held down. I'm not held down." However, the button is still in the pressed down position the whole time.

    I don't need to hold the button with Hulk hands for it to count as being held down, but it is nice to sometimes play casually and not think about how much pressure I'm putting on the button. E.g. if I need to hold it down for a while to run in Animal Crossing.

    I've never had problems with tapping the buttons, but if I intentionally tap the buttons lightly, it is still difficult to make them miss presses. It may happen 10% of the time and that is with unrealistically light taps.

    I feel like it would be better if the face buttons are sensitive enough that as long as they are in the pressed down position, they're activated. I wonder if there is something wrong with my console or if it needs a cleaning.
    HeckaFUN - 1 month ago - report
  2. I have the same problem and I've been trying to fix it for a while. It's slowed me down in Mario Kart 7 way too many times. I'll let you know if anything I try works. maestrogeicho - 1 month ago - report
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your similar experience maestrogeicho HeckaFUN - 1 month ago - report
  4. I will try cleaning my buttons by following the "Buttons or Switches Are Not Responding or Respond Incorrectly" article by Nintendo HeckaFUN - 1 month ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Try seeing if you can clean the 2DS. Have you spilled something sticky on it? Maybe that's the case. If you've cleaned your 2DS and the buttons still act like that, you might need to contact Nintendo customer support. I really hope this helped! tomodachi_fan (Expert) - 1 month ago - report 4   0
  2. Thanks buddy! I think your insight helps me. When I bought this 2DS secondhand, it seemed in great shape but did have some weird dirtiness on it, like lint around the screen edges.

    I would like to try cleaning the 2DS. Are you talking about cleaning the exterior of the 2DS, or actually disassembling the 2DS to clean underneath the buttons?

    HeckaFUN - 1 month ago - report
  3. I'll try this maybe "Buttons or Switches Are Not Responding or Respond Incorrectly" on Nintendo HeckaFUN - 1 month ago - report
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