Can I just move micro SD Card?

  1. The battery on my New 3DSXL started to swell so i ordered a new one. Can I just put the microSD from my old one into my new one and be done or will I have to use the old one to do a transfer in the settings?

    User Info: Link_of_Outset

    Link_of_Outset - 8 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You have to transfer using system transfer

    User Info: DiduXD

    DiduXD (Expert) - 8 months ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. No, each 3DS encrypts its data with a key on the motherboard, and stores tickets (license files) to unlock that data on the motherboard as well. That data is unusable with any other 3DS without doing a system transfer to move the encryption key and tickets to the new system.

    User Info: bungiefan

    bungiefan - 8 months ago 0   1

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