How do I reset ALL game data on a DS game?

  1. Hi I bought bejewed3 for my mom. We can't figure out how to reset the scores in this game, it is a DS game. Can anyone tell me how to reset everything on this game?

    I tried deleting the other users file. But his high scores still show up. I have looked on the internet for help and can't find the answer. So can someone please help? My thanks in advance :)

    User Info: funguy10

    funguy10 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Most games let you delete everything by holding down A+B+X+Y when the game is starting up. If that doesn't work, try looking through the game's settings for an option to delete all save data. I don't have Bejeweled 3, but I hope I helped you out just a little bit. :)

    User Info: powerclaw1

    powerclaw1 - 6 years ago 4   19

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