Does 3DS game data save onto the game cartridge or the 3DS itself?

  1. Example: Let's say I was playing paper mario 3DS. If I were to save the game, would the data go into the paper mario cartridge, or the 3DS system? farmco - 10 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Save data can go on an SD card or the 3DS cartridge itself. It gives you an option when you go to save. MonoBlade (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 1   3
  2. This is wrong. 3ds games always save game progress on the cartridge. twztid13 - 2 years ago - report
  3. Well, most of them. Smash always saves on the SD card, hence the fact that it won't work without one. Richmountain112 - 1 year ago - report
  4. You don't get a choice. ExtData always goes on the SD card, while save data goes on the media storing the game (cartridge, or SD for eShop installs). Many games use both types. Some, like Fantasy Life, only use ExtData, so your save doesn't follow the cartridge. bungiefan - 1 year ago - report

Other Answers

  1. Games on game cartridges save data on the cartridge. This is proved when I switched systems 3 years after I broke my old one.. My pokemon game cartridges still have their save data after about 3 years of inactivity.

    The exceptions I know are Smash Bros for 3DS, which always save on the SD card, and the Mario Kart Channel of Mario Kart 7.
    Richmountain112 - 1 year ago - report 1   0
  2. Smash Bros saves to both, some data to the cartridge and some to the SD card. Mii classes save to the SD card. The actual game save for unlocks and play records saves to the game cartridge. bungiefan - 1 year ago - report
  3. That depends on the game. Some games exclusively save to the cartridge, while some exclusively save to the SD card (Fantasy Life). Many do both. You tell if a game saves to the SD card by checking Data Management in Settings. If the game has ExtData, at least part of the save is on the SD card. bungiefan - 1 year ago - report 2   1
  4. for 3ds it saves to the cartridge nintendo switch is the account Hjiuoklgk - 1 year ago - report 1   0
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