Crafting - Multi, Auto, Auto+?

  1. What does auto do in crafting? At first I thought it allows me to make my things without doing the mini-game, but I can't find the option for it - any ideas?

    User Info: icedragonr

    icedragonr - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Unlike multi, auto doesn't show up in the item selection menu. You'll have to commence the crafting process first, then press Y and confirm you want to enable auto mode. (If auto is available for the respective item, the Y button option shows up at the bottom of the screen.) I'm not sure, but I think that auto+ means that the items you craft with the auto option have a chance to be of higher quality; in contrast, using auto mode without having yet unlocked auto+ will just get you mediocre quality as you'll never get a "great", only "nice".

    User Info: disjunkt

    disjunkt - 6 years ago 3   0

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