What is the best strategy for leveling?

  1. I am at end game and am at level 45 just wondering the est way to gain exp.

    User Info: Mystreon

    Mystreon - 6 years ago

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  1. Once you can, if you have dlc, go to the ancient tower, get to floor seven, save there, beat the boss, then once your down with that, get beat up by another enemy, and hit "respawn at last save point" then repeat.

    User Info: nknendo64

    nknendo64 - 6 years ago 7   1


  1. What I did: Kill Napdragon (or something comparable and easy to reach) 'till lv50. If you have the DLC: Use miner to collect all deposits and boss ores on the island, sleep, rinse & repeat. Helps if you have the x2 XP slippers bought with 7 Lunares coins.

    User Info: Rideword

    Rideword - 6 years ago 4   0
  2. Best way with DLC:
    The trials in the dungeon tower (tons of XP) as well as the gold coin dailys (mobs there give tons of XP as well).

    Best way without DLC:
    grab a crafting life -> look for a receipe where you can buy all ingredients from vendor (Legend class receipe. I recommend the biggest bombs in alchemist life as all ingredients are sold in Al Magic) -> level to Auto mode and get rich and highlevel in an effortless (though boring) way

    User Info: Aerouge

    Aerouge - 6 years ago 5   2
  3. Do what I do and go somewhere with enemies that are powerful, but pose little if any threat to your characters, kill all the enemies you can find, go the nearest town/city, heal if need by and keep doing this until you get to the level you want to be.

    I know that this is very slow and can easily take days, but if you are careful, save often and run when really low on health, it can and often is the best, easiest and safest way to level up, I have used similar tactics on Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Awakening, The N64, Gamecube and Wii Paper Mario Games, on Final Fantasy Tactics and Sentinels Of The Starry Sky and this game. So provided you are patient and have enough time, you can get, in only 6 weeks to a month, a team that can defeat, with great ease, even the most powerful bosses in this game and the others I have mentioned earlier.

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 5 years ago 1   0
  4. Ooops. Meant to say 6 weeks to 2 months, not 6 weeks to a month. A honest mistake due to a mixture of tiredness, not paying attention and planning the final part of my fathers 59th birthday meal. Sorry

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 5 years ago 1   0
  5. My character is lvl 101 and is Creator rank in 7 Life classes and master in all the rest. My best advice for leveling is:

    If you have Origin Island, run the tower on Origin Island a bunch of times.

    And if you don't have Origin Island, just kill everything. If you have a pickaxe and axe, cut down all the ore and wood you can. And then Smelt that Ore/ Cut thos logs into beams and then make stuff out of them and the materials you got from killing everything. There isn't really a perfect strategy for leveling since people play in different ways. I prefer combat classes and gathering classes, so it's easier for me to go the Paladin/Mercenary/Miner/Woodcutter/Blacksmith routes because I invest all my points into STR, VIT, and some LCK. (I also have a bunch of points in INT but that's only because I started the game as a Wizard). And once you beat the non-DLC story, you can re-spec your character any time you want for only 30,000 Dosh a night in the Portal on the Al-Maajik library. This helps with adjusting for different lifes.

    User Info: MudkipKatana

    MudkipKatana - 5 years ago 1   0
  6. Im also around your level and what I am doing is just getting tons exp by trying to level up all lifes I have

    User Info: Ansem_the_evil

    Ansem_the_evil - 6 years ago 1   1
  7. *requires DLC*
    Requires Cooking Rank Creator
    Theres some prep work but the #1 fastest method for gaining XP is to equip the following:
    -Princely Crown (gained from Post Office password)
    -Yuelia's Talisman (gained from Origin Island Goddess Statue)
    -Fanciful Feet (gained from Exchange Clerk in Pam's house)
    -Hot Frying Pan w/ Crafting XP ++ (gained from blacksmith recipe using orb)

    The following are optional and will expedite the process:
    -Surfs Up Shirt (gained from Port Puerto Goddess Statue)
    -Demonic Void (gained from blacksmithing recipe)

    The last steps are to buy in bulk:
    -Giga Water (sold in Furlin's Grotto on Origin Island)
    -Rainbow Apple (sold in Elderwood Village)
    -Extra Creamy Milk (sold by butcher in Castele Shopping District)
    *you will need about 45-50 stacks of 99 each to go from lvl. 100-200

    You can also buy or craft the following to again expedite the process:
    -Charge Up Aid (sold in Forest Shrine on Origin Island)
    -Superior Charge Up Aid (gained from alchemist recipe)
    *you will need one for each time you approach the bench, as long as you don't leave and you continue making the item it will still be in effect

    Finally begin crafting Rainbow Gelato (cooking recipe). Once you can craft them in bulk begin making them by 10. This should give you close to 17k XP per craft and will take roughly 4-6 hours to go from lvl 100-200. Im not positive on the time because I nodded off in the middle of some of the crafts. Do not use auto mode as you will only get 60% of the XP and the creator mode ability is faster anyways.

    User Info: vroomer89

    vroomer89 - 6 years ago 1   1
  8. This can take a variety of ways to do so.

    Honestly I was on the floating island killing EVERYTHING, but go out MT Snowpeak and kill the T-Rex thing over and over.

    Or be a Miner/Woodcutter/Angler and bring in all the resources you can because from that 5 exp - 100 exp everything counts.

    User Info: Jadekit7

    Jadekit7 - 5 years ago 0   0
  9. THIS METHOD REQUIRES DLC! I am level 82 and Creator (God in UK version) in 4/12 lives.I think the best way to level up fast is to get Creator rank in most lives possible (Crafting lives are most efficient). Once you've done that, use your battle life skills to complete the Ancient Tower trials. If you are still unhappy with your level, do what vroomer89 posted and make as many Rainbow Gelatos as you can. I LIKE CATS :3

    User Info: Cats4Life-MEOW

    Cats4Life-MEOW - 5 years ago 0   0
  10. if you have Miner of Woodcutter you can get loads of exp hoarding veins/trees.

    if you have a combat class go into the ancient ruins and slay those mummies and spiders.

    if you have a crafting life... I suggest to try and look up a recipe that gives decent exp and is easy / profitable to make. then just auto+ it and money + exp should be flowing.

    User Info: rocktribune

    rocktribune - 6 years ago 1   2
  11. Nap dragon can be killed way before lvl 50.
    Just level up all your skills make one of each item in the crafting skills and go mine, chop, fish etc everything on your quests list. you'll get at least 15+ levels getting hero rank on all these.

    User Info: bladexdsl

    bladexdsl - 6 years ago 2   3
  12. The bosses are the way to go so find the ones with the gold crowns to get loaded with exp

    User Info: Shadowninja5121

    Shadowninja5121 - 6 years ago 0   1

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