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by ZeoKnight

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/05/18

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Gameplay Info
  2. The Beginning
  3. In Depth - Base Classes
    1. Fencer
    2. Dragoon
    3. Pugilist
    4. Harbinger
    5. Warlock
    6. Necromancer
    7. Rover
    8. Masurao
    9. Shaman
    10. Botanist
    11. Racial Skills and Extra Notes
    12. Equipment Skills
    13. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills
  4. 1st Stratum
    1. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend
    2. 2F - Around the Campfire
    3. 3F - What Lurks behind the Trees
    4. 4F - A Dance with Stone Statues
    5. 5F - The Guardian of the Woods
    6. 1st Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  5. 2nd Stratum
    1. 6F - Rising to New Heights
    2. 7F - Beware of Stampede
    3. 8F - A Beast Born to Fight
    4. 9F - Across the Mountain Pass
    5. 10F - The Master of the Skies
    6. 2nd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  6. In Depth - Master Titles
    1. F - Phantom Duelist
    2. F - Chain Duelist
    3. D - Shield Bearer
    4. D - Cannon Bearer
    5. P - Barrage Brawler
    6. P - Impact Brawler
    7. H - Deathbringer
    8. H - Deathguard
    9. W - Omnimancer
    10. W - Elemancer
    11. N - Spirit Evoker
    12. N - Spirit Broker
    13. R - Flying Falcon
    14. R - Hunting Hound
    15. M - Blade Dancer
    16. M - Blade Master
    17. S - Divine Punisher
    18. S - Divine Herald
    19. B - Merciful Healer
    20. B - Graced Poisoner
    21. Equipment Skills II
    22. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills II
  7. 3rd Stratum
    1. 11F - Chasing the Dying Light
    2. 12F - Over a Toxic Graveyard
    3. 13F - Where Wraiths Wander
    4. 14F - An Executioner's Axe
    5. 15F - The Lord of the Undying
    6. 3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  8. 4th Stratum
    1. 16F - Discovering the Next Level
    2. 17F - Pillars on the Pathway
    3. 16F - Discovering the Next Level (hidden area)
    4. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend (hidden area)
    5. 3F & 4F Tutelary Forest (hidden area)
    6. 7F - 9F Jagged Reach (hidden area)
    7. 15F - The Lord of the Undying (hidden area)
    8. 18F - Lost in the Crystal Caves
    9. 19F - A Mysterious Stranger
    10. 20F - The Creature in the Cavern
    11. 4th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  9. 5th Stratum
    1. 21F - Back to the Beginning
    2. 22F - Echoes of Calamity
    3. 23F - Hindered by Gravity
    4. 21F & 22F Untamed Garden (hidden area)
    5. 24F - Through a Needle's Eye
    6. 25F - The Genesis of Darkness
    7. 5th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  10. 6th Stratum
    1. 26F - Taking a Step Beyond
    2. 2nd Stratum Superboss
    3. 27F - Paths Lit by Heaven
    4. 1st Stratum Superboss
    5. 28F - Propechies in the Void
    6. 3rd Stratum Superboss
    7. 29F - Past the Edge of Despair
    8. 4th Stratum Superboss
    9. 30F - The Dawn of a New Myth
    10. 6th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
    11. Special Strategy: 99999 damage
  11. Full Maps
    1. 1st Stratum - Tutelary Forest
    2. 2nd Stratum - Jagged Reach
    3. 3rd Stratum - Fetid Necropolis
    4. 4th Stratum - Lucent Hollows
    5. 5th Stratum - Untamed Garden
    6. 6th Stratum - Empyreal Bridge
  12. Iorys Marketplace
    1. SHOP - 1st Stratum
    2. SHOP - 2nd Stratum
    3. SHOP - 3rd Stratum
    4. SHOP - 4th Stratum
    5. SHOP - 5th Stratum
    6. SHOP - 6th Stratum
  13. Book
    1. Quests
    2. Missions
    3. Monstrous Codex
    4. Item Compendium
  14. Unlockables
  15. Downloadable Content
  16. Closing

Iorys Marketplace

SHOP - 4th Stratum


Sword NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Kampilan7670VIT Up 2Chipped Blade x112400
Shamshir8477LUC Up 2Thorny Scapula x117600
Kutune Shirka8693INT Up 2Camouflage Fang x220000
Poignard9166Sting BarrageTremor Needles x124800
Sting Barrage deals stab damage to random enemies from 4 up to 6 times,
and the damage output isn't mitigated only at maximum level


Katana NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Kishindaio8957HP Up 2Imperial Talon x117850
Karakashiwa9449Claw ChipCut-off Blade x125000
Claw Chip deals cut damage to one enemy and decreases ATK by 20% for 4 turns
Inabakyo10667LUC Up 2Dull Metal x1,
Chipped Blade x1


Scythe NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Nagigama7373VIT Up 2Sharp Batfang x2,
Shining Bark x2
Savitt8181TP Up 2Thorny Scapula x1,
Redglass Shell x1
Double Scythe90104NeurotoxinZapped Dewclaw x121100
Neurotoxin has 30% chance to inflict Full Bind


Cestus NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Quartz Knuckles8660LUC Up 2Quartz Shoot x110000
Rage Fist9465TP Up 2Crimson Coxcomb x1,
Imperial Talon x1
Tenouchi10380Shell Guard EXRigid Shell x1,
Bismuth x1
Shell Guard EX increases all party members' DEF by 34% for 4 turns


Coffin NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Beast Coffin6384HP Up 2Primate Patagium x113600
Karnice6988INT Up 2Azure Core x119100
Le Cercuei76103Split SpiritsOrthrus Fur x1,
Warped Voltstone x1
Split Spirits restores any party members' HP by 25% of damage dealt, but only for allies with buff


Bow NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Compound Bow6965TP Up 2Bismuth x1,
Elastic Wormskin x2
Long Bow8071HP Up 2Red Forewings x117000


Cannon NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Wu Lei Shen Ji7074INT Up 2Warped Voltstone x117700
Slayer Cannon8050TP Up 2Stickbug Shield x125600
Dargrete8468AGI Up 2Dull Metal x1,
Red Forewings x2
Paralysis Mortar1010Paralysis EffectChest at F1 ~ a4 in 9F-
Has 20% chance to inflict Paralysis for each normal attack


Staff NameATKMATBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
King's Rod4098Cavalry ArrivalRoyal Deathmask x120000
Cavalry Arrival has 60% chance to revive all party members with 50 HP. Can only be used in battle.
Available after defeating 3rd Stratum boss
Ratatoskr Staff9393TP Up 2Fiery Horn x123500
Reptile Rod67101LUC Up 2Lizard Tail x127000
Vigil Baculus55108New ChallengerSilenced Siren x131500
New Challenger triggers consecutive battles from 3 up to 10 times
and increases the chance of encountering Rare Breeds by 10%.
Will fail to activate when used on the area without encounter
Crownlock Staff1010Head Bind EffectReward of In a Dark, Dark Hole-
Has 20% chance to inflict Head Bind for each normal attack

Heavy Armors

Heavy Armor NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Composite4730NoneChipped Blade x2,
Warped Voltstone x1
Plackart5436NoneDull Metal x117900
Krug4938Cut Stab Bash Resist Up 1Cloudy Crystal x121000
Increases physical DEF by 5%

Light Armors

Light Armor NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Quartz Armor4040NoneQuartz Shoot x1,
Elastic Wormskin x2
Carbinier4444NoneThorny Scapula x2,
Primate Patagium x1
Flare Leather3951Fire Resist Up 2Fiery Horn x318900


Cloth NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Leech Armor3146NoneElastic Wormskin x47700
Rubashka3350NoneCrimson Coxcomb x110100
Polka4041AGI +7Orthrus Fur x114000


Shield NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Kulbit2914NoneShining Bark x15400
Round Shield3415NoneAzure Core x28800
Pavise379Stab Resist Up 1Agate x110000


Helmet NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Caput2420NoneRedglass Shell x15400
Fang Helm1515STR +10Camouflage Fang x16600
Crimson Crown2622NoneRed Forewings x27900


Gloves NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Chain Gloves1923NoneBismuth x14000
Scale Mittens2125NoneLizard Tail x26100
Bracers1827STR +5Tremor Needles x1,
Chipped Blade x1


Boots NameDEFMDFBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Brogan1429NonePrimate Patagium x1,
Selenite x1
Crystal Boots1533NoneAzure Core x1,
Crimson Coxcomb x1
Trample Boots256AGI +16Stickbug Shield x26600
Turtle Guards2020HP +25Rigid Shell x17500


Accessories NameBonus Stat / SkillHow to UnlockPrice
Stun SealStun Resist Up 4Thorny Scapula x520000
Gives immunity to Stun ailment
Bat NecklaceSleep Resist Up 4Sharp Batfang x5800
Gives immunity to Sleep ailment
Brio WristVIT +30, HP +30Chipped Blade x313000
Soul BeadWIS +30, HP +30Bismuth x213000
Haste PinAGI +20, HP +30Frozen Wing x113000
Also obtained as reward of Grocery Shopping III and from chest at F7 ~ b1 in 16F
Fortune NecklaceLUC +30, TP +50Crystal Tree x18500
Also obtained from chest at D7 ~ d2 in 13F
Training OrbFieldworkChest at B4 ~ c5 in 4F-
Gains EXP based on the user's current level for every step taken in the labyrinth.
However, the level up process must still be done manually


Items NameEffectHow to UnlockPrice
SomaRestores 80 HP to all alliesIgneous Herb x1800
AmritaRestores 50 TP to an allyInert Sugarcore x11000
UnihornDispels all party members' buffs and debuffsOoze Mushroom x12500
Cut JarDeals cut damage to all enemiesCrystal Flower x1700
Stab JarDeals stab damage to all enemiesCrystal Flower x1700
Bash JarDeals bash damage to all enemiesCrystal Flower x1700
Sleep GasHas 70% chance to inflict Sleep to all enemiesSharp Batfang x1250