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by ZeoKnight

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/05/18

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Gameplay Info
  2. The Beginning
  3. In Depth - Base Classes
    1. Fencer
    2. Dragoon
    3. Pugilist
    4. Harbinger
    5. Warlock
    6. Necromancer
    7. Rover
    8. Masurao
    9. Shaman
    10. Botanist
    11. Racial Skills and Extra Notes
    12. Equipment Skills
    13. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills
  4. 1st Stratum
    1. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend
    2. 2F - Around the Campfire
    3. 3F - What Lurks behind the Trees
    4. 4F - A Dance with Stone Statues
    5. 5F - The Guardian of the Woods
    6. 1st Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  5. 2nd Stratum
    1. 6F - Rising to New Heights
    2. 7F - Beware of Stampede
    3. 8F - A Beast Born to Fight
    4. 9F - Across the Mountain Pass
    5. 10F - The Master of the Skies
    6. 2nd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  6. In Depth - Master Titles
    1. F - Phantom Duelist
    2. F - Chain Duelist
    3. D - Shield Bearer
    4. D - Cannon Bearer
    5. P - Barrage Brawler
    6. P - Impact Brawler
    7. H - Deathbringer
    8. H - Deathguard
    9. W - Omnimancer
    10. W - Elemancer
    11. N - Spirit Evoker
    12. N - Spirit Broker
    13. R - Flying Falcon
    14. R - Hunting Hound
    15. M - Blade Dancer
    16. M - Blade Master
    17. S - Divine Punisher
    18. S - Divine Herald
    19. B - Merciful Healer
    20. B - Graced Poisoner
    21. Equipment Skills II
    22. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills II
  7. 3rd Stratum
    1. 11F - Chasing the Dying Light
    2. 12F - Over a Toxic Graveyard
    3. 13F - Where Wraiths Wander
    4. 14F - An Executioner's Axe
    5. 15F - The Lord of the Undying
    6. 3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  8. 4th Stratum
    1. 16F - Discovering the Next Level
    2. 17F - Pillars on the Pathway
    3. 16F - Discovering the Next Level (hidden area)
    4. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend (hidden area)
    5. 3F & 4F Tutelary Forest (hidden area)
    6. 7F - 9F Jagged Reach (hidden area)
    7. 15F - The Lord of the Undying (hidden area)
    8. 18F - Lost in the Crystal Caves
    9. 19F - A Mysterious Stranger
    10. 20F - The Creature in the Cavern
    11. 4th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  9. 5th Stratum
    1. 21F - Back to the Beginning
    2. 22F - Echoes of Calamity
    3. 23F - Hindered by Gravity
    4. 21F & 22F Untamed Garden (hidden area)
    5. 24F - Through a Needle's Eye
    6. 25F - The Genesis of Darkness
    7. 5th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  10. 6th Stratum
    1. 26F - Taking a Step Beyond
    2. 2nd Stratum Superboss
    3. 27F - Paths Lit by Heaven
    4. 1st Stratum Superboss
    5. 28F - Propechies in the Void
    6. 3rd Stratum Superboss
    7. 29F - Past the Edge of Despair
    8. 4th Stratum Superboss
    9. 30F - The Dawn of a New Myth
    10. 6th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
    11. Special Strategy: 99999 damage
  11. Full Maps
    1. 1st Stratum - Tutelary Forest
    2. 2nd Stratum - Jagged Reach
    3. 3rd Stratum - Fetid Necropolis
    4. 4th Stratum - Lucent Hollows
    5. 5th Stratum - Untamed Garden
    6. 6th Stratum - Empyreal Bridge
  12. Iorys Marketplace
    1. SHOP - 1st Stratum
    2. SHOP - 2nd Stratum
    3. SHOP - 3rd Stratum
    4. SHOP - 4th Stratum
    5. SHOP - 5th Stratum
    6. SHOP - 6th Stratum
  13. Book
    1. Quests
    2. Missions
    3. Monstrous Codex
    4. Item Compendium
  14. Unlockables
  15. Downloadable Content
  16. Closing

In Depth - Base Classes


Skill NameTypeBody PartPrerequisite SkillsTargetTPMastered Effects and Extra Notes
Lv 1
Brawl MasteryPassive--Self-Increases cestus' damage output by 15%
Phys ATK UpPassive--Self-Increases ATK by 15%
ConcussionAttackArms-One enemy38Deals bash damage and has 50% chance to inflict Head Bind
Arm CrusherAttackArms-One enemy38Deals bash damage and has 50% chance to inflict Arm Bind
Low BlowAttackArms-One enemy38Deals bash damage and has 50% chance to inflict Leg Bind
One-Two PunchAttackArmsConcussion (3),
Arm Crusher (3),
Low Blow (3)
One enemy513Deals bash damage and has 66% chance to perform each of Concussion, Arm Crusher, and Low Blow, with 70% of normal damage output
Blood WrathPassive--Self-Has 50% chance to counterattack when the user takes any damage, including HP consumption effect of Overexertion and Devil Fist
OverexertionBuffHeadBlood Wrath (1)One ally35Consumes 50% of the user's current HP to increase physical ATK by 100% for 4 turns
Thunder FistAttackArms-One enemy410Deals bash and volt damage, but the user suffers 50% of their current HP as recoil damage when the target isn't killed
Devil FistAttackArmsThunder Fist (2)One enemy716Consumes 5% of the user's current HP to deal splashed bash damage

Recommended Race(s): Earthlain (Highest Luck for Binds), Therian(Highest STR)

In contrast to Dragoon, Pugilist is pure brute strength. This class' skills revolves around dealing high damage output by increasing its power. Overexertion gives self-attack buff, and Thunder Fist wrecks down the enemy. Pugilist also excels in locking down the enemy, having access to all type of binds at the start of the game. Binding the right body parts of enemies reduces your team's received damage and disables certain enemies’ skills which allows your team to launch a full assault on the enemies while they are helpless. Concussion, Arm Crusher, and Low Blow each attempt to bind a single enemy body part. One-Two Punch deals an extra damage punch with a % chance to activate 1, 2, or 3 of the regular binding punches on the unbound body parts of a single enemy, with a maximum possibility of four punches in a single turn - The punches that are activated by One-Two Punch will attempt to bind the enemy as they usually would. Pugilist also has one counterattack move, Blood Wrath, which may be activated when the user takes any damage.

Pugilist can also fit into any team, and it's best combined with Harbinger since Wilting Miasma lowers enemies' resistance toward binds, enabling full assault on the enemies earlier. Any class who can give extra attack buff or lower enemies' defense are also recommended. Masurao may fit the job as this class has both High Ground (attack buff) and Armor Pierce (defense debuff), but other classes such as Rover, Necromancer, and Shaman may be picked. Rover has Target Arrow (defense debuff), Necromancer has Wraith Cry (defense debuff), and Shaman has Ruinous Prayer (attack buff).

Pugilist has multiple builds, but whatever built it has, Concussion, Arm Crusher, and Low Blow should be learned as early as possible. Binding enemies are quite vital for your party's survival in the labyrinth. If the enemies can be prevented from attacking, your party members will always have full health after every battle. Afterward, you can spread the point to Overexertion, Thunder Fist, or One-Two Punch, depending on what kind of built you want to have. Overexertion + Thunder Fist for pure brute strength; Overexertion + One-Two Punch for lockdown.

Contributed by Hemless:

Binding Pug (Earthlain race highly recommended)
Start Concussion(1) >Arm Crusher(1) > Low Blow(1)
If you have other hard hitting physical classes in the party, consider investing up to 4 points in Overexertion.
Then Arm Crusher(3) > Low Blow(3) > Concussion(3)
Then One-Two Punch to 4,5 or 9.

The rest of the points can be spread elsewhere; more points in Overexertion, continue leveling the Binds (to further enhance One-Two Punch), or leveling Union/Racial/Gathering skills.

Be mindful of leveling skills too high and increasing the burden on your TP pool because Binding Pugilist tends to spam skills in order to be truly effective.

Thunder Fist Pug (Earthlain and Therian friendly)
Start Thunder Fist(1) > Blood Wrath(1) > Overexertion(1)
Then focus on maxing Thunder Fist, only leveling Overexertion up to 4 if the HP drain is too risky.
If Thunder Fist is maxed then start maxing Overexertion.

Thunder Fist can optionally start with a point in each binding punch, but their damage output is so high that binds are mostly unnecessary and the diverted SP to binds will simply hinder their progression. Non-Earthlain Pugilists should more strongly consider skipping the binding punches.