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by ZeoKnight

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/05/18

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Gameplay Info
  2. The Beginning
  3. In Depth - Base Classes
    1. Fencer
    2. Dragoon
    3. Pugilist
    4. Harbinger
    5. Warlock
    6. Necromancer
    7. Rover
    8. Masurao
    9. Shaman
    10. Botanist
    11. Racial Skills and Extra Notes
    12. Equipment Skills
    13. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills
  4. 1st Stratum
    1. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend
    2. 2F - Around the Campfire
    3. 3F - What Lurks behind the Trees
    4. 4F - A Dance with Stone Statues
    5. 5F - The Guardian of the Woods
    6. 1st Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  5. 2nd Stratum
    1. 6F - Rising to New Heights
    2. 7F - Beware of Stampede
    3. 8F - A Beast Born to Fight
    4. 9F - Across the Mountain Pass
    5. 10F - The Master of the Skies
    6. 2nd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  6. In Depth - Master Titles
    1. F - Phantom Duelist
    2. F - Chain Duelist
    3. D - Shield Bearer
    4. D - Cannon Bearer
    5. P - Barrage Brawler
    6. P - Impact Brawler
    7. H - Deathbringer
    8. H - Deathguard
    9. W - Omnimancer
    10. W - Elemancer
    11. N - Spirit Evoker
    12. N - Spirit Broker
    13. R - Flying Falcon
    14. R - Hunting Hound
    15. M - Blade Dancer
    16. M - Blade Master
    17. S - Divine Punisher
    18. S - Divine Herald
    19. B - Merciful Healer
    20. B - Graced Poisoner
    21. Equipment Skills II
    22. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills II
  7. 3rd Stratum
    1. 11F - Chasing the Dying Light
    2. 12F - Over a Toxic Graveyard
    3. 13F - Where Wraiths Wander
    4. 14F - An Executioner's Axe
    5. 15F - The Lord of the Undying
    6. 3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  8. 4th Stratum
    1. 16F - Discovering the Next Level
    2. 17F - Pillars on the Pathway
    3. 16F - Discovering the Next Level (hidden area)
    4. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend (hidden area)
    5. 3F & 4F Tutelary Forest (hidden area)
    6. 7F - 9F Jagged Reach (hidden area)
    7. 15F - The Lord of the Undying (hidden area)
    8. 18F - Lost in the Crystal Caves
    9. 19F - A Mysterious Stranger
    10. 20F - The Creature in the Cavern
    11. 4th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  9. 5th Stratum
    1. 21F - Back to the Beginning
    2. 22F - Echoes of Calamity
    3. 23F - Hindered by Gravity
    4. 21F & 22F Untamed Garden (hidden area)
    5. 24F - Through a Needle's Eye
    6. 25F - The Genesis of Darkness
    7. 5th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  10. 6th Stratum
    1. 26F - Taking a Step Beyond
    2. 2nd Stratum Superboss
    3. 27F - Paths Lit by Heaven
    4. 1st Stratum Superboss
    5. 28F - Propechies in the Void
    6. 3rd Stratum Superboss
    7. 29F - Past the Edge of Despair
    8. 4th Stratum Superboss
    9. 30F - The Dawn of a New Myth
    10. 6th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
    11. Special Strategy: 99999 damage
  11. Full Maps
    1. 1st Stratum - Tutelary Forest
    2. 2nd Stratum - Jagged Reach
    3. 3rd Stratum - Fetid Necropolis
    4. 4th Stratum - Lucent Hollows
    5. 5th Stratum - Untamed Garden
    6. 6th Stratum - Empyreal Bridge
  12. Iorys Marketplace
    1. SHOP - 1st Stratum
    2. SHOP - 2nd Stratum
    3. SHOP - 3rd Stratum
    4. SHOP - 4th Stratum
    5. SHOP - 5th Stratum
    6. SHOP - 6th Stratum
  13. Book
    1. Quests
    2. Missions
    3. Monstrous Codex
    4. Item Compendium
  14. Unlockables
  15. Downloadable Content
  16. Closing

3rd Stratum

3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue

Head toward the door, let Lili join your party, and then fight the boss.

Undead King

If this is your first time dealing with the boss, you have the option to bring Lili as the sixth party member. She is a Necromancer - Spirit Evoker with some great skills, and also a Celestrian so you can activate Chain Blast to bind the boss when needed.

Undead King (Winged Form)
6000072000Royal Deathmask,
Cursed Loincloth
(defeat with curse damage,
not by your hands after cursing him)
Purge (innate),
Undead Shield (legs),
Wraith Dance (head),
Grave (head),
Wraith Explosion (head)
Undead King (Ground Form)
WeaknessAll physicals, All elements, Blind, Arm BindDock (innate),
Summon Wraith (head),
Life Compensation (head),
Poison Bomb (arms),
Black Ice Bomb (arms)
ResistStun, Petrification, Cursed, Sleep, Poison, Head Bind
ImmuneInstant Death
Undead Archer
Arm Snipe (arms)

WeaknessFire, Paralysis
ResistInstant Death, Curse, Arm Bind
Undead Fencer
00-Power Break (arms),
Falcon Rush (legs),
Shield Formation (head)
WeaknessFire, Paralysis
ResistInstant Death, Curse, Panic, Arm Bind, Leg Bind

Undead King has two forms: its normal (ground) form, and winged form in which he attaches the wings and hovers in the air. He'll change form after certain period or condition, and each form has its own movesets.

Undead King shows up in winged form, starts the battle in the back row, and is accompanied by 2 Undead Fencers in the front row. While in this form, his movesets are about commanding the Undead Fencers to deal damage (Wraith Dance), counter attacks (Grave), become a shield to take the damage (Undead Shield), or kill them to perform deadly move to all party members (Wraith Explosion). After both Undead Fencers are gone, he detaches the wings and lands on the ground in the front row. His next move is Summon Wraith, which summons 2 Undead Archers in the back row. His movesets are about killing the archers to restore his HP (Life Compensation), land status ailments (Poison Bomb), or perform deadly move (Black Ice Bomb). After certain period, he calls out the wings again, steps back to the back row, and summons 2 Undead Fencers again, which repeats the cycle.

Now for the strategies. You need to defeat those Undead Fencers fast before Undead King starts to give trouble to your party members. Double Attack Union Skill and some other high damaging moves can defeat the first Undead Fencer in one turn. Lili should perform Flame Bomb when possible, as all enemies here are somewhat weak to Fire. Repeat this method to defeat the second Undead Fencer on your second turn, then use buffs and launch your best moves to the boss. Once the boss detaches the wings, activate Chain Blast Union Skill to prevent him from summoning Undead Archers, then continue your assault. However, if you want to register Undead Archer, you may want to let him perform Summon Wraith before activating Chain Blast. Repeat this pattern until you defeat him.

If you manage to defeat it with curse damage, you'll obtain Cursed Loincloth as additional loot. There are several moves that can land the curse: Harbinger has Cursed Reap (and of course activates Wilting Miasma beforehand), Necromancer - Spirit Evoker has Curse Bomb, and Dragoon - Cannon Bearer has Curse Cannon. As alternate, if you bring a Warlock/Shaman/Botanist, you can equip Cursed Scepter and activate Cursed Flame. That weapon can be bought at the shop after selling Bound Manastone, obtained by defeating Flame Temptress while her arms are bound. However, landing the curse itself is quite hard, and you need to tank for a few turns until the boss performs his deadly moves in order to deal huge damage. It's very possible to get the loot now, but you can try it later after unlocking some better options on the higher floors.

  • As a note, I managed to obtain it on my fourth attempt. I failed the previous 3 attempts because the boss died before I could inflict curse. However, on my fourth attempt, his Wraith Explosion killed off 4 of my party members, including Lili. The Wraith Explosion is used on his fifth turn after attaching the wings and both Undead Fencers must be still alive. I completely forgot to count how many turns have passed since the wings has been attached. Had I remembered to count properly and performed DEFEND, my party members would have survived the damage.

The big room is actually empty, and you can't progress any further without reporting the mission, so return to the town and visit Council Hall. Ramus then gives 20000 en as reward for saving Solor and Lili.

Mission Completed!

Adventure Result (EXP)AdvancedBasic


Ramus is surprised when you tell that you found no upstairs to 4th Stratum, so he orders you to make another investigation. Once you've healed yourself, land back on 15F, then examine the impassable crevice at A5. It leads to a small room where the upstairs to 16F can be seen in the north.