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by ZeoKnight

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/05/18

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Gameplay Info
  2. The Beginning
  3. In Depth - Base Classes
    1. Fencer
    2. Dragoon
    3. Pugilist
    4. Harbinger
    5. Warlock
    6. Necromancer
    7. Rover
    8. Masurao
    9. Shaman
    10. Botanist
    11. Racial Skills and Extra Notes
    12. Equipment Skills
    13. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills
  4. 1st Stratum
    1. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend
    2. 2F - Around the Campfire
    3. 3F - What Lurks behind the Trees
    4. 4F - A Dance with Stone Statues
    5. 5F - The Guardian of the Woods
    6. 1st Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  5. 2nd Stratum
    1. 6F - Rising to New Heights
    2. 7F - Beware of Stampede
    3. 8F - A Beast Born to Fight
    4. 9F - Across the Mountain Pass
    5. 10F - The Master of the Skies
    6. 2nd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  6. In Depth - Master Titles
    1. F - Phantom Duelist
    2. F - Chain Duelist
    3. D - Shield Bearer
    4. D - Cannon Bearer
    5. P - Barrage Brawler
    6. P - Impact Brawler
    7. H - Deathbringer
    8. H - Deathguard
    9. W - Omnimancer
    10. W - Elemancer
    11. N - Spirit Evoker
    12. N - Spirit Broker
    13. R - Flying Falcon
    14. R - Hunting Hound
    15. M - Blade Dancer
    16. M - Blade Master
    17. S - Divine Punisher
    18. S - Divine Herald
    19. B - Merciful Healer
    20. B - Graced Poisoner
    21. Equipment Skills II
    22. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills II
  7. 3rd Stratum
    1. 11F - Chasing the Dying Light
    2. 12F - Over a Toxic Graveyard
    3. 13F - Where Wraiths Wander
    4. 14F - An Executioner's Axe
    5. 15F - The Lord of the Undying
    6. 3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  8. 4th Stratum
    1. 16F - Discovering the Next Level
    2. 17F - Pillars on the Pathway
    3. 16F - Discovering the Next Level (hidden area)
    4. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend (hidden area)
    5. 3F & 4F Tutelary Forest (hidden area)
    6. 7F - 9F Jagged Reach (hidden area)
    7. 15F - The Lord of the Undying (hidden area)
    8. 18F - Lost in the Crystal Caves
    9. 19F - A Mysterious Stranger
    10. 20F - The Creature in the Cavern
    11. 4th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  9. 5th Stratum
    1. 21F - Back to the Beginning
    2. 22F - Echoes of Calamity
    3. 23F - Hindered by Gravity
    4. 21F & 22F Untamed Garden (hidden area)
    5. 24F - Through a Needle's Eye
    6. 25F - The Genesis of Darkness
    7. 5th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  10. 6th Stratum
    1. 26F - Taking a Step Beyond
    2. 2nd Stratum Superboss
    3. 27F - Paths Lit by Heaven
    4. 1st Stratum Superboss
    5. 28F - Propechies in the Void
    6. 3rd Stratum Superboss
    7. 29F - Past the Edge of Despair
    8. 4th Stratum Superboss
    9. 30F - The Dawn of a New Myth
    10. 6th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
    11. Special Strategy: 99999 damage
  11. Full Maps
    1. 1st Stratum - Tutelary Forest
    2. 2nd Stratum - Jagged Reach
    3. 3rd Stratum - Fetid Necropolis
    4. 4th Stratum - Lucent Hollows
    5. 5th Stratum - Untamed Garden
    6. 6th Stratum - Empyreal Bridge
  12. Iorys Marketplace
    1. SHOP - 1st Stratum
    2. SHOP - 2nd Stratum
    3. SHOP - 3rd Stratum
    4. SHOP - 4th Stratum
    5. SHOP - 5th Stratum
    6. SHOP - 6th Stratum
  13. Book
    1. Quests
    2. Missions
    3. Monstrous Codex
    4. Item Compendium
  14. Unlockables
  15. Downloadable Content
  16. Closing

6th Stratum

30F - The Dawn of a New Myth

Bring a few Nectars to be used when Stardust self-destructs. Remember that normal (blue) warp points take you 5 squares ahead, orange warp points take you 10 squares ahead, green warp points take you 20 squares ahead, and purple warp points take you 30 squares ahead. Also bring a few Guard Sole items / Warlock's Levitation skill to prevent any damage from toxic areas.

Remember, the difficulty can be changed anytime when you're in town.

Alluring Imp
1430017160Impish Wing,
Stupefied Orb
(defeat while
it's inflicted with Panic)
Taunt (head),
Devilish Trick
WeaknessAll physicals, Instant Death
ResistAll elements, Stun, Petrification, Curse, Panic,
Leg Bind
ImmuneSleep, Head Bind
Asura Cicada
1870022440Hellish Hindwing,
Bound Needle
(defeat while
all body parts are bound)
Death Rampage
Grating Cry
WeaknessAll elements
ResistAll physicals, Stun,
Petrification, Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Blind
ImmuneInstant Death, Curse, Poison
2780033360Devildog FangArm Bite (head),
Poison Bite (head),
Soul Devour (head)
WeaknessIce, Head Bind
ResistFire, Volt, Instant Death, Panic, Poison, Blind

ImmunePetrification, Arm Bind
1800021600Space Cartilage
Glacial Tail (legs)

ResistIce, Instant Death, Sleep, Paralysis, Poison,
Arm Bind
ImmunePanic, Blind, Leg Bind
Emperor Falcon
1160013920Imperious TailPiercing Beak (head),
Dark Wingbeat (arms)
WeaknessStab, Ice, Arm Bind
ResistFire, Petrification, Curse, Blind,
Head Bind, Leg Bind
ImmuneStun, Instant Death, Paralysis
Mimic Aye-Aye
1900022800Pointed ClawCopycat (innate),
Lemur Leap (legs)
ResistInstant Death, Curse, Blind, Head Bind, Arm Bind

ImmuneStun, Panic
Mounting Horror
170000204000Freakish Finger,
Nightmare Hair
(defeat within 5 turns)
Inferno (head),
Icicle (head),
Lightning (head),
WeaknessAll physicals, Curse, Poison, Blind,
Arm Bind, Leg Bind
ResistStun, Petrification, Sleep, Paralysis, Head Bind

Night Witch
2590031080Dread Canesword,
Fullmana Gem
(defeat with
any element)

WeaknessAll physicals

ResistInstant Death, Curse,
Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, Arm Bind
ImmuneAll elements, Leg Bind
Prosperous Gel
230000276000Gelatinous Leg,
Distortion Core
(defeat with
physical damage)

Absorb (legs),
Foul Liquid (legs),
Heavy Drop (legs)

WeaknessAll elements
ResistAll physicals, all ailments
Slender Demon
3340040080Eyeball Pauldron,
Crushed Ribbon
(defeat with bash attack)
Crushing Limb
Enfeeble Mind
Demon's Glare
ResistBash, Volt, Petrification
ImmuneStun, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, Blind
1200014400Fallen Stardust,
Starstruck Sugar
(defeat with
Instant Death attacks)

Grim Invitation
Ghastly Breath

WeaknessFire, Volt, Petrification,
Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, Blind
ResistAll physicals, Stun
ImmuneAll binds
Taurus Demon
280000336000Flabby Arm,
Hardened Horn
(defeat while it's petrified)
Power Save
Nail Hammer
WeaknessCurse, Panic, Arm Bind

ResistInstant Death, Blind, Leg Bind
ImmunePoison, Head Bind
Willy Parrot
2550030600Hard Beak
Mimic (legs)

ResistStun, Petrification, Sleep, Poison,
Head Bind, Leg Bind
ImmuneParalysis, Blind
4980059760Warped EbonhornDoom Lightning
Demon Slap
ResistStab, Ice, Volt,
Instant Death, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, Leg Bind
ImmunePetrification, Head Bind
1260015120Alien TentacleRestraint Dance
WeaknessLeg Bind
ResistBash, Ice, Stun, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Head Bind
ImmunePoison, Arm Bind
Night Witch is immune to all elements and her additional loot can only be obtained if you defeat her with one of the elements. Fortunately if you perform element-imbued physical attacks, they still fulfill the requirement.

This floor has 2 big zones: the west area and east area. For now, face south and you'll see a blue warp point. Approach it from its east to be teleported to the west side of this floor.

West Side

Head 4 squares west and 3 squares north, then keep moving between 2 floors until Prosperous Gel can be seen moving to the west. Don't worry the Taurus Demon in front of you won't be able to approach thanks to the toxic floors. When Prosperous Gel moves north, move 2 squares north (now you are 2 squares away from Taurus Demon), then east-north-east-north. If done correctly, Taurus Demon will show up directly on your left, and Prosperous Gel will chase you from behind.

In the next segment head 2 squares north, 2 squares west, and 2 squares north. If you face west you'll see a blue warp point 2 squares away. Your objective is to let the Prosperous Gel warps to the left side. Head north until this FOE appears on the east of the warp point, then head 2 squares west to let it warps. Now head north until Taurus Demon approaches you from your left side. Move east to lure it again to move 1 square away from the narrow path, then head south and approach the aforementioned warp point to be teleported to the west. Now you can head north to the narrow path since Taurus Demon has moved away from it.

Keep heading north until you see a blue warp point on your right side. Another Taurus Demon will also approach you from east. Lure it to approach the warp point and let it warps west, and then make a clockwise trip to approach another blue warp point in the west. If done correctly, Taurus Demon will be teleported to the south. Now you need to approach the warp point in front of you but from its west, so you need to make a counterclockwise trip. As you are doing it, remember to avoid Prosperous Gel when you are trying to move west. Once you've arrived at the west of the warp point, teleport to the east, then teleport to the north thanks to another warp point.

Immediately head 1 square south. You won't be able to observe Prosperous Gel in the north, so moving away is the best action. There are 3 gathering spots nearby so collect all of them. Now head east and lure the other Taurus Demon to move at least 3 squares north, approach the orange warp point in the south to be teleported to D2, head 3 squares east and then approach the blue warp point in the north to C3, and then head east to trigger an event. Select the first option to release the first seal of Star Devourer. If you want to fight the boss, you need to unseal this one and also the other one later.

Now you need to come back to the place with 3 gathering spots before, but the direct path is guarded by Taurus Demon. Head west to approach a blue warp point to B1, move west-south-east to be teleported to C2, and then move north to A2. This time you need to grab the chest in the northwest. Head south and wait until Prosperous Gel can be seen in the northeast corner, then remember to keep track of its movement. Now move northwest until you approach the chest with Stun Knife (Prosperous Gel will be alerted and start to chase you), then keep hugging the right wall until you approach a purple warp point at A1.

East Side

Now you appear in the east side of this floor. This big area has one Mounting Horror in the center area, and it'll always summon a copy to chase you, so you'll be dealing with it for a while.

Head south and then west until you go through the narrow path at A6. At this position, if you face south, you'll find a green warp point, but if you head west and then keep going south, you'll find a chest. However, if you take this chest, you have to defeat a Mounting Horror clone when going back to the main path. Unless you want to defeat it, it's better to take the green warp point. The chest can be gotten later. You may also want to lure Mounting Horror clone as close as possible before warping in order to pull it far away from the center of the field.

After teleporting you'll show up at F6. Head 4 squares west, 2 squares north, and then head west until you open a chest with Amrita II. Backtrack and then exit east. A Taurus Demon waits for you in the north, so you need to make a counterclockwise trip in order to reach the narrow path. The next segment also has Taurus Demon guarding the west exit, so you need to make a counterclockwise trip to reach the narrow path. If you don't waste your move and quickly defeat all enemies, you'll arrive in the next segment before Mounting Horror clone blocks your path, otherwise, you have to move east and lure it toward the toxic areas before heading west.

The next segment has Taurus Demon, and the original Mounting Horror is located in the north side of this area. Your objective is to reach the blue warp point from its south. However, Taurus Demon blocks the direct path, so you need to hug the left wall to reach it. Don't warp yet, keep going back and forth between tiles in the south of this warp point until Mounting Horror clone gets warped to the west. When it happens, make a counterclockwise trip and then head north until you arrive at the dead end to trigger an event. Select the first option to release the second seal of Star Devourer, and start from now the boss is appeared in the north side of this room.

You'll see two toxic floors nearby. Before heading south, lure the Mounting Horror clone to one of the toxic floors, then quickly head south and make a clockwise trip to approach the blue warp point to be teleported to C5. Now you can open the previously-skipped chest with 100000 en. Now simply hug the right wall until you approach the green warp point again to F6, head west to be teleported to F4, head north to open a door, head north again to be teleported north, and head north again to find another door. Beyond this door lies the final boss of the game, Star Devourer, so it's better if you return to the town to prepare yourself against it.


If you still haven't registered all Maps, Monsters, and Items you've found during 6th Stratum, now is the best time. You'll obtain 3 Formaldehydes after submitting the entire 6th Stratum maps. Rest at Inn, make a preparation to fight the boss, save your progress, then return to 30F to fight it. The strategy will be discussed in the next section.