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by ZeoKnight

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeoKnight

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/05/18

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
    1. Gameplay Info
  2. The Beginning
  3. In Depth - Base Classes
    1. Fencer
    2. Dragoon
    3. Pugilist
    4. Harbinger
    5. Warlock
    6. Necromancer
    7. Rover
    8. Masurao
    9. Shaman
    10. Botanist
    11. Racial Skills and Extra Notes
    12. Equipment Skills
    13. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills
  4. 1st Stratum
    1. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend
    2. 2F - Around the Campfire
    3. 3F - What Lurks behind the Trees
    4. 4F - A Dance with Stone Statues
    5. 5F - The Guardian of the Woods
    6. 1st Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  5. 2nd Stratum
    1. 6F - Rising to New Heights
    2. 7F - Beware of Stampede
    3. 8F - A Beast Born to Fight
    4. 9F - Across the Mountain Pass
    5. 10F - The Master of the Skies
    6. 2nd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  6. In Depth - Master Titles
    1. F - Phantom Duelist
    2. F - Chain Duelist
    3. D - Shield Bearer
    4. D - Cannon Bearer
    5. P - Barrage Brawler
    6. P - Impact Brawler
    7. H - Deathbringer
    8. H - Deathguard
    9. W - Omnimancer
    10. W - Elemancer
    11. N - Spirit Evoker
    12. N - Spirit Broker
    13. R - Flying Falcon
    14. R - Hunting Hound
    15. M - Blade Dancer
    16. M - Blade Master
    17. S - Divine Punisher
    18. S - Divine Herald
    19. B - Merciful Healer
    20. B - Graced Poisoner
    21. Equipment Skills II
    22. Recap of Buffs, Debuffs, Ailments and Binds Skills II
  7. 3rd Stratum
    1. 11F - Chasing the Dying Light
    2. 12F - Over a Toxic Graveyard
    3. 13F - Where Wraiths Wander
    4. 14F - An Executioner's Axe
    5. 15F - The Lord of the Undying
    6. 3rd Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  8. 4th Stratum
    1. 16F - Discovering the Next Level
    2. 17F - Pillars on the Pathway
    3. 16F - Discovering the Next Level (hidden area)
    4. 1F - Pursuing an Old Legend (hidden area)
    5. 3F & 4F Tutelary Forest (hidden area)
    6. 7F - 9F Jagged Reach (hidden area)
    7. 15F - The Lord of the Undying (hidden area)
    8. 18F - Lost in the Crystal Caves
    9. 19F - A Mysterious Stranger
    10. 20F - The Creature in the Cavern
    11. 4th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  9. 5th Stratum
    1. 21F - Back to the Beginning
    2. 22F - Echoes of Calamity
    3. 23F - Hindered by Gravity
    4. 21F & 22F Untamed Garden (hidden area)
    5. 24F - Through a Needle's Eye
    6. 25F - The Genesis of Darkness
    7. 5th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
  10. 6th Stratum
    1. 26F - Taking a Step Beyond
    2. 2nd Stratum Superboss
    3. 27F - Paths Lit by Heaven
    4. 1st Stratum Superboss
    5. 28F - Propechies in the Void
    6. 3rd Stratum Superboss
    7. 29F - Past the Edge of Despair
    8. 4th Stratum Superboss
    9. 30F - The Dawn of a New Myth
    10. 6th Stratum Boss and Epilogue
    11. Special Strategy: 99999 damage
  11. Full Maps
    1. 1st Stratum - Tutelary Forest
    2. 2nd Stratum - Jagged Reach
    3. 3rd Stratum - Fetid Necropolis
    4. 4th Stratum - Lucent Hollows
    5. 5th Stratum - Untamed Garden
    6. 6th Stratum - Empyreal Bridge
  12. Iorys Marketplace
    1. SHOP - 1st Stratum
    2. SHOP - 2nd Stratum
    3. SHOP - 3rd Stratum
    4. SHOP - 4th Stratum
    5. SHOP - 5th Stratum
    6. SHOP - 6th Stratum
  13. Book
    1. Quests
    2. Missions
    3. Monstrous Codex
    4. Item Compendium
  14. Unlockables
  15. Downloadable Content
  16. Closing

4th Stratum

16F - Discovering the Next Level

Remember, the difficulty can be changed anytime when you're in town.

Cave Leech
30003600Elastic WormskinBlood Drain (head)
WeaknessFire, Petrification, Paralysis
ResistInstant Death, Curse, Panic, Poison, Blind,
Leg Bind
Hypno Bat
29503540Sharp BatfangHypnotic Wave (arms)
WeaknessStab, Volt, Leg Bind
ResistStun, Sleep, Blind, Head Bind

Raging Tortoise
4000048000Rigid ShellFurious Tailslam (legs),
Tail Whip (legs),
Shell Guard EX (legs)
WeaknessAll elements, Poison
ResistCut, Stab, Stun, Instant Death, Panic, Blind

Sword Saurian
36004320Chipped BladeAerial Slash (legs),
Spell Chaser (legs)

WeaknessBash, Petrification, Arm Bind
ResistCut, Instant Death,
Curse, Sleep, Paralysis, Poison, Head Bind
Volt Cryst
28003360Warped Voltstone,
Inert Sugarcore
(defeat while it's paralyzed)
Thunder Spit
WeaknessIce, Curse, Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, Blind
ResistFire, Volt
ImmunePetrification, All binds

Move 1 square forward to find an impassable crevice on your right side, then hug the right wall until you arrive at the dead end. Examine the object to obtain Draconic Shard, turn back and hug the right wall to find another impassable crevice on your right side, and keep hugging the right wall to find a giant crystal which blocks the path. You can't do anything at this point, so examine the Geomagnetic Pole and return to the town.

Upon entering the town, you'll meet Syrik outside of his shop. He informs that Draconic Shard can be sold for a high price. You also tell him that a giant crystal blocks the pathway. He leaves briefly and then gives you a Heavy Pickaxe, which can be used to break the giant crystal. Since you have landed your foot on 16F, you may want to accept all of the unlocked requests. However, I'll mention them in the bottom of this section for easier reading. Once you are ready, go back to 16F.

Follow the path to find a guard who tells that now some inexperienced people will try to obtain the crystals on their own, thanks to Syrik who spreads the word about Draconic Shard. Later you need to help some people in this stratum. Anyway, head toward the giant crystal and press the A button twice to break it, head 2 squares south, 1 square west, and follow the way south to find another Draconic Shard. Return to the intersection and head west, hug the right wall and break all giant crystals you've found until you arrive at D2, then head east to open the door. Head toward the center of the room to trigger the event, which requires someone who has learned Reflexes to get the best result. You also obtain 3 Draconic Shards as reward.

Adventurer's Log

Beautiful Stalactites
You discovered a room covered in shining crystals, and managed to obtain the largest one from the ceiling.

Adventure Result (EXP)AdvancedBasic

Return to previous area and then head north, hug the left wall until you arrive at C2, break the crystal, and follow the way to harvest a few Forest Wheats. Continue hugging the left wall again to find a chopping point with Quartz Shoot, Shining Bark, and Crystal Tree. Keep hugging the left wall again until you arrive at B3, hug the right wall until you open the shortcut to Geomagnetic Pole, come back until you reach the intersection, and then head east to B4. You'll start to see several Raging Tortoise FOEs on the field. This creature simply moves on its own moving pattern, but it may change its path after you break the giant crystals that block its travel path.

From the position at C4, head straight to break the crystal, then hug the right wall until you find a hole on the ground. This area will be required to clear a request later. Leave it for now and then head north to break the crystal, head northwest to open a chest with Frost Jar, and then hug the left wall until you meet Conrad again in the dead end, who gives 8 Forest Berries to you since his party won't need them anymore.

Head west, and then you'll see several giant crystals. Break the first one at D6, ignore the second one in the west of it, and then break the other one at C5. Don't continue forward, let the FOE goes through C5 and turns back, then enter the path and break another crystal at D5. Hug the left wall until you find a fishing point, turn back and head 4 squares south, break the first crystal at E5, and then break the second crystal at E5. Now watch the FOE. If it appears north of you and goes east, step back (head west-north) and hide there. It'll move toward D6 and then come back. Wait until it comes back to E5, then continue to break the third crystal at E6, and finally continue to break two crystals at D6.

Now hug the left wall until you find another chopping point with Quartz Shoot, Shining Bark, and Crystal Tree, then keep hugging the left wall until you trigger an event. Someone can be heard yelling after striking a crystal, and then he is attacked by monsters. You have a choice whether to fight the enemies or keep watching. Either option causes you to fight 2 Sword Saurians and 1 Hypno Bat, but the second option causes the enemies to ambush you in the battle. Choose the first option, defeat the enemies, then the guard will give you Raspberyl Gem as reward.

Adventurer's Log

Guard Off Duty
Upon hearing cries for help, you rushed to a guard's aid and saved him from monsters. He gave you ore in thanks.

Adventure Result (EXP)AdvancedBasic

Head south to open a shortcut to the entrance of this floor, then come back and hug the right wall to find the upstairs to 17F. However, you probably want to go back to the town in order to clear the requests.

Shining Residence

"I'm looking for the Shining Bark I read about in an old document. Maybe adventurers can find it?"

Reward: All Mist

Select PATRON and talk to Fashionable Architect who wants a few Shining Barks, which is a common material obtained at any chopping point in 16F. If you've already farmed this item during your previous adventure, this request can be cleared immediately. One material is enough to clear the request, but giving him 5 materials gives the biggest prize.

# Shining BarksRewardAdventure Result (EXP)
11 All Mist3000036000
21 All Mist3750045000
32 All Mists4500054000
42 All Mists5250063000
54 All Mists6000072000

Sparkle and Shine

"I have a request for adventurers. Please show me some materials that crystal monsters drop!"

Reward: 10000 en

Select PATRON and talk to Girl with a Big Book who wants to see some materials dropped by crystal-type enemies. There are 3 valid entries: Volt Cryst can be encountered at 16F, Fire Cryst can be encountered at 17F, and Ice Cryst can be encountered at 19F. Volt Cryst and Fire Cryst also have their additional loot, so you can collect a maximum of 5 loot. One loot is enough to clear the request, but showing her 5 loot gives the biggest prize.

# Types of LootRewardAdventure Result (EXP)
110000 en3500042000
210000 en4500054000
320000 en5500066000
420000 en6500078000
530000 en7500090000

No Guard Left Behind

"The Guard Corps still hasn't returned from its mission on 13F. This is a job for adventurers!"

Reward: Therica A x5, Therica B x5

Luring Phantom
3300039600-Dazzle Flare (head),
Slash Sweep (arms),
Flame Sign (head)
ResistFire, Stun, Instant Death, Sleep, Panic, Paralysis, Poison, All binds

After accepting the mission, a big red border has appeared on 13F, and you also receive Relief Supplies. Basically you need to enter the empty room at F5 to find the guard. However, after handing over the item, the guard explains that his teams are locked in this room due to a monster, and at the exact time, a Luring Phantom enters the room and blocks the door, so you have to defeat it. This enemy is pretty much similar to Roaming Wraith FOE; your priority is to bind its arms to prevent it from using Slash Sweep. Its Dazzle Flare can be avoided if you manage to deal damage during the turn it casts Flame Sign. Other than that, just spam your best moves to defeat it.

Adventure Result (EXP)AdvancedBasic

Actually there are 2 supplementary examinable spots, both at the dead end at E4, which causes you to fight several enemies. However, they are just normal enemies which should have been registered before. Defeating them doesn't increase the reward of the request, so both areas can be skipped.

Now select PATRON to see some new faces. However, the rest of the patrons just inform some tips which may be useful during your adventure. Now save your progress and climb the upstairs to 17F.