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Christmas would not be Christmas without this year's new Christmas Wonderland

It's Bill and Mary's best Christmas ever in Christmas Wonderland 4!

Be part of the famous town parade down Main Street, see the festive lights switched on, then go shopping for some presents for the family. Far away at the North Pole, Santa and Mrs Claus are helping the Elves get all the toys ready and packed on the sleigh, so Santa can start his journey on Christmas eve. This game is crammed full of gorgeous graphics, hidden surprises, fun puzzles and engrossing mini-games for ALL the family to enjoy. Whether you are a Kid or Adult, Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma Christmas Wonderland 4 is a great game to play, over and over again.

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#11 highest rated 3DS puzzle game (#136 on 3DS, #3149 overall)


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#8 easiest 3DS puzzle game (#145 on 3DS, #3180 overall)


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#27 shortest 3DS puzzle game (#261 on 3DS, #14507 overall)


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