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Run with Roy and his friends on the go!

I've Got to Run: Complete Edition! is a 2D autorunning platformer where you guide Roy the Marshmallow Boy and his friends through a series of levels that become more difficult the longer you last. The game features six distinct modes:

-Endless Classic: The standard level with no added features.
-Endless Double: In this level, you have a double jump, represented on screen by a yellow wing.
-Endless Special: This level, set in outer space, starts slower, but can become blindingly fast if you pick up enough of the speed-up items!
-Endless Expert: The hardest mode, only for true experts, goes very fast and only gets harder from there!
-Endless Flip: Roy and his friends are back to the kitchen from Endless Classic..but something's a bit off.
-Endless Flight: Roy and friends have way more jumps than usual, but the sky isn't without its fair share of traps and obstacles!

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