Review by ScytheXero

Reviewed: 09/16/16

Legend of Legacy short review

If you are a DS/3DS owner most likely you have tried your hand in RPG games. Most of those RPG's are more than likely turned based with a small percentage actually being action. In my time of time of gaming there hasn't been a turned based game that hasn't really sucked for me until now.

Legend of legacy plays like a half baked swan song from a company that just doesn't care any more. Published by the great Atlus, this bore-fest suffers from so many flaws, but that's not to say it isn't playable nor pretty to look at. The major fault lies with its pacing and texture pop in features.

Allow me to explain. When you are playing off a small screen you expect detail to be absolutely clear so you can tell where you are going. Not so much the case here. When you walk a certain amount expect trees and other things from the environment to block your path almost instantly causing major frustration when you try to turn around only to have an enemy encounter to occur. Without a level up system you will be struggling for random level ups with stats.. and with no insurance of that happening these random battles when you get stuck become cumbersome to say the least.

There isn't much story to sink your teeth into. Go out, explore, sell maps you get 100% on, rinse and repeat. With no reward to be had besides money from these it will make you wonder why am I doing this when the shop keep hasn't updated his store after three full maps. The enemies won't make it easier for you when you try to run past them because they will follow you, and when you hit another battle it will still be there waiting for you in cramped spots and trust me, they can stack having you fight four plus battles in a row when you are trying to fill in your map.

Legend of Legacy gives you no direction and no sense of accomplishment. While just as beautiful as bravely default, this game feels like it robs you of your soul and plays almost like a free game on IPHONE. There is a huge library out there for better RPG games. I expected much more from Atlus than to publish this mess. Don't be fooled like I was after I played the demo. This one should be stayed away from.

Rating: 4

Product Release: The Legend of Legacy (US, 10/13/15)

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