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by Informed_User

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Walkthrough by Informed_User

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/07/2018

Intro and Basic Tips

The Legend of Legacy, guide by Informed_User.

The Legend of legacy is a hard game. This guide aims to provide tips to make beating this game easier. This guide is based on a 1 character clear new game+ file. All boss hp stats in this guide are rough estimates based on my testing.

Version: 1.0, The main game walkthrough is mostly done but I am still missing lots of entries in the encyclopedia. I will try to get the encyclopedia section more filled in as I play more.

Quick-save often. This game has a lot of surprise boss battles that you can't run from. Make a quick-save when first entering a new area or after gaining some good stat boosts. You can quick-save on the menu screen or by pressing L+R+X all at the same time. Loading your quick-save does not delete it, so you can keep reloading the same save.

For reference I refer to sections of the game as early, mid, and late. Early-game is the time while your party is still getting the 3 singing shards. Mid-game is after getting the 3 shards. Late-game is once you have access to the Summit of the Gods.

Getting knocked out and hp loss. In this game like most RPG's a character is knocked out when their hp becomes 0. Unlike other RPG's you can revive characters in this game by using any health restoring move, healing spells or the medicine box. The down-side to getting KO is that a character's max hp is temporarily reduced. Also a lot of the dungeons in the game have traps that reduce your party's max hp if they get hit by it. Go rest at the inn in town to restore your hp to normal.

Mapping. As you walk around in dungeons they become more mapped out. You can sell your dungeon maps in the town shop. You can only sell each dungeon map once. Get each area of a dungeon 100% mapped to maximize the money you get from selling that map. After you have sold your map of a dungeon some townsfolk will start appearing in that dungeon. Most dungeons will have a person who will let you rest in the dungeon. Some dungeons will also have a person who will teach you a new stance.

Shadow areas. Sometimes you will enter an area that has poor visibility due to the presence of shadow giants. Early-game you should leave that area right away and go rest at the inn in town until the shadows clear up. Mid-game you can probably handle fighting a shadow giant. Defeat the shadow giant in the area to get rid of the darkness. You tend to get much better items in areas where a shadow giant is present, so you you may want to look for treasure before fighting the giant.

Charting ships. On the west side of Initium is a man standing on a pier. Talk to him and you can pay to send out ships to look for treasure. The ships often bring back weapons and armor for your use so it is a good idea to keep sending out ships as you play. Waiting longer does not change what items you get so you should pick up your loot as soon as you can.

The Cog costs 300 and comes back after 1 hour. It finds 2-3 items.

The Caravel costs 1000 and comes back after 3 hours. It finds 3-5 items.

The Galleon costs 5000 and comes back after 5 hours. It finds 4-6 items.

The little cat. Coco the cat acts as a save point at the inn. You can also find Coco in a set spot in most dungeons. Talk to her in a dungeon and she will give you an item. You can get more items from her by leaving the dungeon and then returning to the same spot later.

Magic. The game has 3 types of magic you can use, water, wind and fire. Magic skills are called charms in this game. There are 2 conditions to use any charm skill. 1 the character using the skill must have an item equipped that has the element of the charm. For example to use the water skill Healing Hands you need a water shard or water element weapon. Weapons with a + have an element that let the user use charms of that element. A blue + is water, green is wind and red is fire. 2 your party must control the pact of that element during battle. Have a character equipped with a singing shard to use the element contract skill. Using that skill will summon that element to your side of the battlefield and allow you to use charms of that element. Note that you can have control of more then one element at a time. Each element gives a benefit to the side that controls it, water gives hp regain, wind gives extra sp recovery and fire boosts attack. The more times the same element contract skill is used in the same battle the more powerful the benefit from that element becomes. Some enemies in the game can also use contract skills to gain control of elements. You have to use the contract skill again to regain control of an element.

Having a certain element highlighted on the element scale has effects in battle. Having water highlighted will boost the damage of your weapon attacks. Air increases hp recovered using spells. I am not sure what fire does, maybe just boosts damage? Shadow seems to boost attacks and spells. Press the button "Y" during battle to see the distribution of elements on the field.

You learn spells by finding the whispering shards you get from the singing statues in dungeons. Equip a character with the shard and they can use that spell during battle. There is a chance a character will awaken to the spells they use during battle. This enables that character to use the spell without needing the shard anymore. You will still need to equip an item with the spell's element and control of the element contract. Sometimes a character will awaken to a entirely different spell then the one they were trying to cast. Some spells can only be learned by using different ones, not from shards.

Formation and Stances. During battle you must pick a party formation during each round. A formation is just a pre-set stance for each party member. Attack stances boost attack power, guard boosts defense, support increases speed, accuracy and recovery skills. What stance a character uses will control what stat boosts they get both during battle and after. It is good to try leveling all of your characters stats at least some. For example you may want to create a support formation where all 3 characters use the support stance. By having characters use an attack skill in a support stance the speed and accuracy of that skill will increase, very useful for attacks that hit all enemies. Note that defensive moves like the shield skill 'Block" will protect the whole party if the character using it is in a guard stance.

Magic Shields. Early in the game you can get access to the Water Shield spell, your first magic shield. Water Shield reduces damage from physical attacks and fire. Later you get Air Shield, ranged attack defense, and Fire Shield, physical and water defense. There is a chance that using Fire Shield will cause a character to learn Sunlight Veil, the strongest magic shield. You can also get a shard that enables Sunlight Veil near the end of the game. Magic shields last longer if there is more of their element on the field. Magic shields are vital to survive in this game so make sure to use them.

Town Shop. The man standing in the center of Initium is the only item-seller in the game. His stock of items changes at certain points in the story. He sells better stuff after you reach the Valley Ruins and after you finish the Bottomless Pit.

Enemy drops. Something that can help make this game a lot easier is knowing which enemies drop good items. I am still in the process of learning which enemies drop what, but I can provide a few good examples based on my past 2 playthroughs of this game. The shadowcats in the Hidden Forest have a chance to drop a Silver Claw, an s-sword with 30 attack, a powerful early game weapon. The archwings in the Roaring Valley may drop Archwing Plumes, a good helmet. The rockskin brutes in the Seaside Ruins drop Beast Husk, a good shield. The brutes are more common in the north mesa so it is easier to farm shields there.

The Characters:

namenotesstarting weapon
Meursstill need to use himS-Sword
Biancagood at learning new skills, low hpS-Sword
Libergood attack and support growthBow
Garnethigh attack, guard and hp, low supportS-Sword
Eloisethe best at learning new magic, high support and sp, low hpStaff
Owenstill need to use himL-Sword
Filmiahigh attack, guard and hp.Spear