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Can you survive a 50 Pinch Barrage? Cinematic PINCH-delivering action!!

50 Pinch Barrage!! is a cinematic PINCH-delivering action title that will ignite your inner adventurer.

You will assume the role of a treasure hunter that makes an emergency landing on a mysterious island. With traps and obstacles, not to mention angry natives and wild beasts, thrown at you one after the other, do you have what it takes to get yourself out of the pinch and off the island in one piece?

The only controls used in the game are the +Control Pad, A Button, and B Button. It is up to you to figure out the means to overcome a variety of terrain, enemies, and obstacles. You might even discover hidden awesome abilities!

This game features a replay function that records gameplay data and allows you to watch it later.

With Internet access, gamers can compete for the best time in online rankings.

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