Review by Albinosquid

Reviewed: 09/09/16

A Simple and Fun Shop Sim

There are quite a few gems floating around the Nintendo eShop, and Kingdom's Item Shop shines brightly among them.

There is a nice balance between all three gameplay segments; gathering, synthesizing, and selling. You'll be hiring soldiers to protect your shopkeeper as they gather items that monsters drop as they're attacked/when they're defeated. Monsters will drop extra items if attacked with a certain soldier type (You have knight, witch, and archer to choose from) and if hit with any of their special attacks, they'll drop a hefty amount as well.

You as the shopkeeper must run around the battlefield collecting all the dropped items before they disappear. This sometimes means putting yourself in harm's way, monsters attacking you, which usually results in an one-hit KO and you having to start the area over again. However, you can upgrade your shopkeeper to be faster and have more HP as the game goes on so they can withstand a small beating. One thing I found fun to do late game was put my shopkeeper on the frontlines and have the monster aim for them. If timed wright you can swiftly dodge their attack and prevent any of your soldiers from taking damage (having their HP reach zero also results in having to start the area again - so be careful!).

After you collect all the items, you'll be taking them to five different shops that have thirty recipes each to synthesize items to sell in your shop. Each of these shopkeepers will give you hints as to what combinations will result in a new item. As you continue to utilize their shop services, you'll raise their friendship and they'll reward you with more hints. There is a lot of trial and error here, but only the late game recipes are slightly cryptic.

And now to the shop, where you actually won't be spending too much of your game time here. Here you set up your items, straight from monsters or synthesized goods, to be sold. Your shop space will start out very small and very bland looking, but once you start making bank you can customize your item capacity and shop looks. The main point of the shop besides the in game goal of reaching certain profit and reputation is to sell certain amounts of every in game item. Doing so will give you buffs to your shopkeeper and soldiers so they won't die as fast while questing.

The thing is, items sell very slowly. You can stand in your shop for long periods of time and not sell a thing. The best thing to do is close your 3DS and take a break. All your product will be bought within a few minutes off screen so it's quick cash. There's also requests to fulfil from townspeople that will increase your shop's reputation faster and earn you some extra cash.

All of this becomes a constant circle with trying to get more items and money to get the items you haven't sold enough yet for that new stat boost. While you're doing all this, and in game achievement system will keep track of all your work and filling up that achievement list is a pretty big challenge.

Kingdom's Item shop is a ton of fun and easy for pick up and play. There are some grammatical errors here and there, but it's easy enough to ignore and continue on your way to becoming the best item shop around!

Rating: 7

Product Release: Kingdom's Item Shop (US, 08/18/16)

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