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by knuckles_sonic8

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Walkthrough by knuckles_sonic8

Updated: 05/11/15


This walkthrough may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.


Code Name S.T.E.A.M. — or Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace — is a tactical, turn-based strategy game that pits characters of both historical and fictional origin against an army of invading aliens. The game stars Henry Fleming, a young man of great resilience with the makings of a leader. He serves as a soldier in the war, and this is how we see him at the start of the game, but he is soon drafted into an organization that uses the unique strengths of characters hailing from multiple universes. While exuding youthful confidence, he's also reserved when it comes to his true feelings, keeping them hidden from those under his command. Over time, Henry proves to be a capable leader and an anchor for fellow agents to lean on in turbulent situations.

To preface my guide, know that while it is as step-by-step as I could make it, the directions outlined in certain missions are not always foolproof and I therefore cannot guarantee that you will always have the same sets of circumstances that I did as I wrote this guide. This is due to the movements of certain enemies, which don't always follow predictable patterns. Effort has been made to lessen any potential discrepancies and to strive for proximity in results, which has meant me at times going through a level or a section more than once. Along with this, I've tried to be as specific as possible, because it does make a difference where and how you position yourself and your attacks (e.g., bombs).

In every mission, my goal is to get you, the reader, to the goal with a full squad so you can receive a coin bonus for doing so at the end of the whole mission. Same goes for the turn bonus, which is earned by reaching the goal by a number of turns that is not specified until you beat the mission. Along the way, I will also reveal the locations of all 96 collectible gears and help ingratiate new agents that join the roster by having them included on at least two missions. For the benefit of any who choose to use this guide in a progressive fashion, I have decided not to include a section that covers all the game's characters. The names of characters will be revealed as they are introduced in their given chapters, at which point I will share data on their abilities that you should arm yourself with as you head into battle.

You'll also note that throughout this guide, I only use standard-issue boilers even after new ones are unlocked. This is so you can become a master at the game's mechanics without the use of performance-enhancing boilers, and it was also done as a personal challenge I set for myself as I wrote this guide. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. is all about customization and experimentation, so you are by no means obligated to go through each level following these precise sequences. You're welcome to go your own way. The key is to extract the basic tasks that need to be accomplished turn (e.g., don't let this enemy survive another turn, get this item to heal yourself) and then work them into your own strategy, if you so choose. And just as one final note on that: I may not always instruct you to run ahead and grab coins (a.k.a. medals) in the area, but if you survey the area and it is safe and you have the Steam to reach them, then by all means go for them. Just remember to return your character to the space where you ended the last move so that the directions continue from there, rather than your new position.

Well, then. I believe those are all the logistics we had to cover. Shall we proceed? Oh, and don't worry — I promise to keep the steam puns to a minimum.


After an unanticipated attack from the threatening alien army, Henry is forcibly left to pick up the pieces of his blindsided team. It is here on London soil that you will begin your quest against the alien menace that looms over the nation. An early run-in with the creatures will introduce you to the Devastator, one of the larger alien species you'll come across in the game. With this ferocious beast towering nearby, a soldier (who will later serve as your first ally) calls out to Henry over the wireless with a request to meet up, thus initiating the first of three tutorial missions.

Prologue 1

Gameplay elements are introduced on a gradual basis, beginning with interface navigation. The Touch Screen houses a camera icon that can be controlled using the stylus, but you also have the option of using the face buttons (ABXY). Look to your left and you'll find two doors that will mark the beginning of the second Prologue mission. Your objective in this first area is to reach those doors (labelled as the goal) while keeping Henry intact. Use the Circle Pad to move Henry forward, taking note of the Steam Gauge along the bottom of the 3D Screen. For every unit you move forward, one cloud of Steam will be asked of you in exchange. Moves are not set in stone until you end your turn, so you are free to experiment with how you want to make use of your resources — unless you pick up an item, in which case the Steam you used to get to that space will instantly be lost (coins don't count).

The game follows an alternating turn system where players act first, with the aliens to follow. In this particular instance, you need to get behind the stack of crates along the right so that when the Devastator takes its turn, it is wasted on destroying your cover. End your turn prematurely with 3 Steam to spare, then let the enemy do its thing.

Turn 2: With the next turn underway, move towards the doors and you'll find a gold terminal blocking your path. These are known as Help Monitors. Whenever you see these hovering devices, be sure to consult them using the L Button, as they provide useful intel (e.g., new enemies, traps, terrain) as well as Steam regeneration. With the Help Monitor out of the way, make a mad dash for the exit to proceed to the next area.

Prologue 2

The second area of the Prologue is where you'll learn basic attacking. It's important to note that attacks are also governed by the same Steam Gauge that governs movement. In your possession is a Borrowed Rifle, which demands a minimum of 3 Steam for one attack. Move forward 2 spaces and look to your left to find a standard alien unit known as the Slasher. Slashers are low on HP and their attacks don't do a great deal of damage (20 on average), but they are able to move a lot of spaces, likely because attacking is low-cost for them. Don't be surprised to see a Slasher move six spaces and then still attack. Slashers strictly deal in close-range attacks, so they are no threat to you if you keep enough distance between you and them.

After having moved 2 spaces forward, you will have 6 Steam remaining for attacks. To attack, use the camera to aim the targeting reticule towards the enemy, which will cause it to turn yellow and have a crosshair-like formation. Once you have a lock on the enemy, press L to fire. The weapon you have on you might not land all three hits from this distance, so it may be that you need to use two attacks to get the job done. You can either do this, or use the Help Monitor 1 space to your right so that you can finish off whatever health the Slasher has left, and then move a few extra spaces before ending your turn. Once it switches to the enemy movement phase, another Slasher will move towards you and potentially land an attack depending on how close/far you were when you ended your turn.

Turn 2: Get as close as possible to the Slasher before firing to ensure that all shots land. With the spaces that you have left, try ending your turn as close to the Help Monitor as possible. If you examine your surroundings, you'll spot three immediate threats. When the aliens take their turn, one Slasher (i.e., the one hiding on the left) will likely approach and attack you. This will then bar another Slasher from doing the same thing, due to the narrow path in this area.

Turn 3: Take care of the two threats, then consult the Help Monitor to learn more about enemy sight lines: red arrows indicate that you have been spotted and that an enemy will likely come after you next turn. Move forward a few spaces to take care of the third Slasher in this area. Look to the right and you'll find a health pick-up known as a Medical Kit. It's doubtful that you'd need it at this point, so end your turn as close to the next Help Monitor as possible (which will mean having Henry positioned in front of more crates). Chances are, once the enemies are up next, the remaining three Slashers — all situated in close proximity to the goal — will stay in place rather than coming to meet you.

Turn 4: Head for and consult the last Help Monitor, which will introduce enemy weak points: each enemy has a different weak point (indicated by a glowing pink spot), and for Slashers, it's on their rear. Based on the positions of the remaining enemies, you won't have an immediate opportunity to exploit these weak points, so you may need to create one to put this into practice. If you so choose, though, you don't even need to take care of the remaining units. Just eliminate the one that blocks your path in between the field obstructions (i.e., wooden barrels on one side, metal barrels on the other) and then run to the goal. Eliminating that one Slasher will allow you to get behind the Slasher hiding behind the metal barrels on the left, if you want to get its weak spot. You'll know if a critical attack is successful when the damage numbers appear in red, and you may also see a burst of green ooze come forth.

Prologue 3

The purpose of this third and final area is to teach you the game's Overwatch system. By having enough Steam left over when you end your turn, your character will go into Overwatch Mode, which means that they will attack automatically if an enemy gets within range. What's considered "enough" Steam? Well, that depends on the character. For Henry, it's the same magic number that you need to attack, and that's 3. You'll know if you enough for a potential Overwatch attack by looking at the sniper icon on the left of the Steam Gauge. If it's lit up in green, that means you'll go into Overwatch if you end your turn with the current Steam reserves.

A key point to remember is that many enemies are also capable of Overwatch attacks. This rules out Slashers, which is why for this particular mission, you're introduced to Hounds. These enemies attack from a distance with ice projectiles, and if these can reach you without taking a step, count on them attacking twice in a row as a result of not using their movement allocation on movement.

On your first turn, you must be careful not to get too close to the gate that separates you from the four enemies on this field. Otherwise, the Hound in the center will launch an Overwatch attack. You'll know you're getting too close when the Hound's single eye turns from yellow to red. If you get even closer, you may see a thin red line emerge from its eye. If it catches you in its path, an Overwatch attack will be triggered. I use the word "if" because when you see this line appear, you may have a split-second to move backward or dash behind some cover to prevent it from going off.

For the purposes of this scenario, here's the ideal methodology: When you begin, don't move forward at all. Instead, aim the camera towards the two crate piles on your left. Use one attack aimed at the lower pile to destroy both piles, then use your remaining 5 Steam to grab the extra steam tank. Without moving any additional spaces, make sure to aim the targeting reticule into the gate opening, and then end your turn here. This way, when an enemy comes through the opening, you'll catch them before they can attack you, as opposed to trying to do an Overwatch through the gate (which can't be done) and then relying on the red sight line to turn in the direction of the enemy if it gets close enough. It's a very intuitive system and the more you get acquainted with it, the more you'll realize how important it is to plan ahead — including having a prepared stance when you end your turn.

If you pull off the above suggestion correctly, you'll be able to eliminate the first Hound and damage another.

Turn 2: Stay exactly where you are and adopt a similar strategy of using only Overwatch attacks as your offensive strategy.

Turn 3: Again, stay put.

Turn 4: By now, only one Hound should remain, located on higher ground off to the left. With the other threats eliminated, you can now move through the metal gate without fear of Overwatch attacks from the other side. Still, put some distance between you and the last Hound, ending Henry on the space diagonally adjacent to some broken green barrels. With the 3 Steam you have left, you can end the turn with the target pointed at the Hound and eliminate it using Overwatch after it jumps down.

Turn 5: Make your way to the goal to complete the Prologue portion of the campaign.

Chapter 1: Chasing Smoke

At the conclusion of the Prologue, you met up with John Henry, your first ally. As it turns out, he and Henry have a history together. Now with John on your team, you'll be exposed to new attack techniques and differences in Steam usage. John's main weapon is called the Bear Grenade, and it's great for destroying pockets of obstacles or damaging multiple foes at once. His 'Break' ability also allows him to destroy crates by getting up close and prying them open with a shoulder check. This chapter also gets Henry back to his actual weapon, the Eagle Rifle, which is effective at ranged attacks. Note that he also has a Push ability that allows him to shove enemies or even agents ahead in a straight line.


This map is divided into two main sections, with a set of stairs separating them. On the higher plane, you'll mostly deal with Slashers and one odd Hound, whereas the lower plane slightly favours Hounds. At this point, you only have two members on your team, but the wide area of effect afforded by John's Bear Grenade will help you plow through enemies regardless. Here is where you're also introduced to coins (a.k.a. medals) which are either situated on the field by default or are dropped by aliens. Collecting these will go towards your score at the end, so get into the habit of grabbing them. In addition, there are also gold-coloured metal boxes to be aware of, which contain a surplus of coins that can be yours once the box is opened by a high-power weapon (which rules out Henry's Eagle Rifle).

Turn 1: Without moving from your start space, aim John so that the blast radius highlights only the Slasher up ahead and the gold metal box. Try not to highlight the metal barrels, as you'll want to preserve these for cover. With a single blast using 4 Steam, you'll take away most of that Slasher's health and send it back a few spaces — this knockback is a common side-effect of the Bear Grenade, so use it to your advantage to put some distance between you and enemies with high mobility.

Collecting coins will not count against your Steam usage, so feel free to switch to Henry and grab the single coin (worth 10) as well as the coin pile (worth 100) from the metal box, then move back to your original position. If you look behind you, you'll notice there is a small ramp to lead you onto a higher platform where one Slasher (#3) is hiding. There's no need to chase after this unit with John on your side, but still bring Henry to the top-right stair.

With Henry taken care of, move John to the Help Monitor to refresh his Steam Gauge and be advised that his main weapon does not have Overwatch capabilities. Advance a few spaces until you're facing the metal fence with 4 Steam remaining (i.e., the space where the gold metal box was). From here, launch a blast from your Bear Grenade to eliminate the damaged Slasher, while having it on the high setting so as to preserve the brick pile on the path.

When you end your turn, the next Slasher closest to John (#2) will come to the space in front of him to attack, while the Slasher on the upper platform (#3) will move to the top-left stair next to Henry and attack him. Note also that another unit (#4) will start making its way up the main stairs.

Turn 2: Rather than having Henry attack Slasher #3, have him advance all the way forward to the extra steam tank. After doing so, move forward 2 more spaces so that you're in front of a set of barrels lying on the path. Destroy these with a single attack, then move 1 space forward and look to the left to see a digital board. These contain messages that don't have any bearing on gameplay but give insight into the lore of the world. Look to the right and you'll also see a collectible red gear, which can be retrieved on the next turn. On maps where gears are featured, you will always find three — one red, one yellow, one blue. Note that collecting gears is similar to coins in that it doesn't cost you Steam to pick one up. As for John, use two low-level blasts to defeat the Slasher in front of you, then end the turn. During the enemy movement phase, Slasher #3 won't make any movements, but the first Hound for this level will appear in the gated area on the right.

Turn 3: Move John forward 4 spaces, then position a blast that destroys the two metal barrels directly ahead. Make sure to not destroy the other sets, as these will provide cover for successive phases. Launch the grenade to clear a path that will later allow John to leap down to the lower area of the map without using the stairs. Next, move Henry forward to grab the red gear, then move forward to the final space along this stretch, which features an opening that will allow you to jump down. Don't do that just yet, though. End the turn here and don't have the target pointing below, as you don't want to waste Overwatch on this turn. On the enemy's turn, one of the Slashers on the stairs will meet John at the space in front of him and perform an attack. As well, the Hound that appeared on the previous turn will move forward and attack John.

Turn 4: Use John to fire a low-level blast at the Hound on his right, destroying some metal barrels while the Hound gets pushed back from the attack. Next, fire a low-level blast at the Slasher in front of you, which will send it 2 spaces behind your current position. With John's Steam all used up, make Henry jump down, then aim for the weak point of the Slasher on the stairs. Attack once to defeat it, then run to the save point on the right. Accessing a save point will not only act as a checkpoint in case your team falls, it also allows you to restore health and Steam — for a price. The 'Save & Restore' option will only apply to the agent triggering the device; hence, it will cost fewer coins. The 'Save & Restore All' option, on the other hand, is always significantly more costly since it will affect the entire team. If going for the latter, it's wise to have each character use up their Steam first, then activate the restoration for a fresh supply of Steam. With this in mind, use Henry to trade-in 100 coins to restore the Steam and HP of both characters.

Switch to John and move 4 spaces ahead. Ignore the Hound on your right and jump down from this space. You'll notice two wooden crates bearing the S.T.E.A.M. insignia, and between them is a blue gear. Grab the blue gear, then move in front of the wooden S.T.E.A.M. crate on the right. Push Up on the Circle Pad to use John's Break ability to reveal its contents: extra steam tanks. The other crate features Medical Kits, but you shouldn't need the pick-up since you used a full restore. But just so you know, picking up these types of items will use up all the Steam you used to get to that space, forcing you to resume play from here with whatever Steam remains. Have John move forward to retrieve the extra steam tanks, then aim the Bear Grenade over the large metal obstructions in front of you. Fire the grenade to attack the Hound lurking around the bend, then turn John back around to finish off the Hound you ignored earlier. (Note the digital boards on the right.) After moving John 1 space left and 1 space forward, bring Henry ahead and have him stop next to the undamaged wooden S.T.E.A.M. crate with 3 Steam left. Attack the Slasher on the left that has its weak point exposed, then end the turn. On the enemy's turn, one Slasher will jump down from the upper ledge on the left of Henry to do an attack, while John will get attacked once by the Slasher that was situated by the crates.

Turn 5: As John, keep the Bear Grenade slider on the Touch Screen to the high setting and aim to the right to finish off the Hound you attacked last turn. Switch to Henry and use 3 Steam to attack the Slasher in front of him, then turn around to eliminate the Slasher that attacked John and moved behind Henry. Have John move all the way forward, then bring Henry to the space behind him and end the turn.

Turn 6: Now you are approaching the final area, which is protected by two Slashers and a Hound on high alert. Make sure not to head down the middle (hug the walls) as you move John forward so that he's next to the right wall and in front of the large pipes on the right. Bring Henry to the space behind John, then move left. With the 3 Steam he has left, Henry can prepare to protect the duo from Slashers by pointing towards the gap between the two pipes. After doing so, end the turn. As predicted, the Slasher on the left will attempt to move forward but get caught by Henry's Overwatch attack.

Turn 7: Move John 1 space to the left and from where you are, move back a step or two — just enough that you don't leave the space you're on — and aim the grenade marker over the pipe barricade until it turns yellow. Try to position it as close to the center as possible, then fire to damage the Hound and the last Slasher on the other side. Move John back 1 space to where Henry is, then aim the grenade marker over the barricade once again to reach the Slasher at its new location. Fire to defeat it, thus ending John's supply. Since John's first attack pushed the Hound backward, this will give Henry enough of a buffer to move forward 2 spaces so that he's stopped before the gap between the large pipes. Attack the Hound from here with one attack, allowing you safe passage to move forward with all remaining Steam.

Turn 8: Rather than racing straight for the goal, use Henry to grab the yellow gear just after the left set of pipes. Move John to the Help Monitor, then use your regenerated Steam supply to destroy the metal box near the goal and collect its contents. Now enter the goal area and clear the map.


This map is set up in a long stretch, and while there are cover opportunities strung throughout, the openness can be to your downfall if you don't plan carefully. Hounds make up your main threat more so than Slashers, but be warned: some are in hiding, waiting for you to fall for their traps. This is not a place to rush headlong into, which in actuality is good training for the future.

Turn 1: Use Henry to grab the blue gear a few spaces away, then make your way up the ramp on the right to see two Hounds opposite to the frozen vehicular obstructions. Leave Henry a few steps up the ramp, then switch to John. Have him grab the single coin in the middle, and position yourself one space behind to prepare an attack. (Note that grabbing the coin will trigger the sight line of the nearest Hound, but it won't be able to land an Overwatch attack due to the cover.) You'll eventually (not this turn) want to make your way over to the left, so focus on attacking the Hound on the left, and do so without carelessly destroying cover you can later use. Use the extra Steam you have to move back one space, then end your turn here. On the enemy's turn, the left Hound will be drawn out of hiding, while the one on the right will remain in place.

Turn 2: As John, use a single blast to eliminate the Hound in front of you, then use your remaining Steam to head left. Switch to Henry and grab the coins. Without activating the Help Monitor, aim the camera to the left and... what's this? The enemy has left its weak point unprotected? Although you are attacking from higher up, move in as close as possible without leaving this space, then fire. After taking care of that Hound, turn the camera back towards the Help Monitor and press the L Button to read its message on terrain advantages. With the Monitor gone, you'll see an enemy hiding on the roof of a building to your right. It can't reach you from this angle, but you can reach it. Fire twice to eliminate the enemy before jumping down to the space near the save point. Move forward one space to grab the single coin, then aim the targeting reticule towards the weak point of another Hound. Aim it right and you can end your turn with another enemy out of the way. If you are unsuccessful, use the save device to restore just Henry's Steam for 20 coins, that way you can defeat the enemy before it has a chance to strike. If you choose to do this, use remaining Steam to grab coins in the areas where the Hounds were, then make your way back to the ramp, head upstairs, and grab the coins and the red gear in this area. Do not end with empty Steam in this area, as you will be unprepared for what could be an ambush on the next turn. Move back to the highest point of the stairs so that you can end your turn with 6 Steam and the target pointed ahead.

On the enemy's turn, the most important development is that a Hound will enter the interior area over by Henry. It won't move enough spaces for your Overwatch to trigger, but at least you'll start the next turn damage-free and with a good sight line of the enemy.

Turn 3: Move John forward in a straight line until you reach the metal barrels. You'll finish off with 2 Steam, but getting any closer will risk him being attacked during the enemy phase. That leaves Henry to manage offense this turn. Without moving from your spot, turn around and you'll see multiple Hounds closing in, one of which will come after you on the next turn. From where you are, you should be able to attack it from afar, but the one in front of you is a bigger priority. Concentrate all your fire power on this Hound — which should work out to be 6 Steam, in an ideal situation — then use whatever Steam you have left to move into the interior area and end your turn.

Turn 4: So it turns out that one of the Hounds was able to attack John after all, but now that it is within range, you can defeat it more swiftly and efficiently. Note that you need 5 Steam to reach the Help Monitor on your right, which should be given allowance for on this turn. Lower the grenade setting and attack the Hound without destroying the metal barrels. Now run to the Help Monitor to be reminded about weak points, and to have your Steam refilled. Use a single blast to eliminate the Hound you just attacked (don't worry about cover this time), then aim the camera towards the Hound by the telephone booth. Increase the grenade setting, then launch it in such a way that it will force it closer to Henry. With the remaining 2 Steam, grab the Medical Kit on your left to finish off your supply.

Now with Henry active, move one space closer to the Hound and eliminate it with a single attack. With your remaining Steam, move further into the interior area, but do so cautiously. As you move forward, point the camera to the right and you'll see, just past the other opening, is a Hound waiting in the wings. Don't be intimidated; end your turn on the space just before the staircase, with nothing left in the Steam Gauge. During the enemy's turn, it'll actually stay right where it is.

Turn 5: Knowing that the not-so-clever Hound is on Overwatch, you'll need to use Henry to aim through the arch and attack without getting any closer. You won't land all hits, nor will you defeat it. Use the remaining Steam (2) to move backward and finish off there. Switch to John and grab any nearby coins, then move up to the telephone booth. Attack the Hound a few spaces away from here, then end your turn with 2 Steam left over. On the enemy's turn, the Hound over by Henry will come out of hiding and attack you, which is just what you wanted to happen. The enemy that John attacked will do similarly, but the telephone booth should give enough cover that you won't be damaged in full by its attacks.

Turn 6: As John, lower your grenade setting and fire a blast that will eliminate the Hound and the telephone booth, without you being hurt in the process. Rather than moving ahead over by the save point, first point the camera to the left over by the gold metal box and fire a blast once you have it highlighted. Then use your remaining 2 Steam to move straight ahead. Back to Henry, you should only require a single attack to eliminate the Hound in front of you. Once that's taken care of, move all the way forward until you have no more Steam.

Turn 7: Little movement took place during the enemy's turn, but this is the time when reinforcements will enter from the very back (i.e., where you started). Begin your turn by using John to collect all nearby coins (there are no enemies to stop you), then move over by where Henry is until you have 4 Steam left in your tank. Use this to destroy the metal box along with any other cover in that vicinity, as you won't need it for the rest of this mission. As Henry, grab all nearby coins while avoiding the Medical Kit, then return to your original position. Skip the Health Monitors for now and the wooden crate (there's a Medical Kit instead), and end your turn beside the telephone booth with at least 3 Steam in the Gauge. On the enemy's turn, one of the Slashers guarding the goal will move forward, as will a Hound that was hiding to the left of John along the left side of the upper area.

Turn 8: Move Henry backward one space and you should be able to get a shot of the Slasher that came forward. Try to target its weak point if you can so you only need to use a single attack to defeat it. From there, switch to John and fire a blast that highlights both the Hound and the crates on the left so it will get sent to the right. Switch back to Henry and situate yourself on the space beside the telephone booth looking outward at the Hound. You should be able to damage its weak point from this distance, so fire once to defeat it. Use John's remaining steam to move forward up to the large tanks until you have none left. As for Henry, stay where you are with 3 Steam in your Gauge, and point the reticule towards the other Slasher near the goal. End your turn here. When the enemy goes, the Slasher should take the bait, leaving it with low HP for the next turn. And by now, the Slasher reinforcements should basically be caught up to your current position.

Turn 9: Use Henry to defeat the Slasher in front of him with a single attack. Use some Steam to try and move forward a few spaces without triggering an Overwatch attack from the Hound planted next to the goal. As John, move backward one or two spaces, then aim and fire a blast that will damage both the Slasher reinforcements. Use your remaining Steam to check the Help Monitor, then use two blasts to finish off the two Slashers (who are now separated because of the blast). Use the 2 Steam you have left to move forward closer to Henry's position. Try to end your turn with Henry having at least 3 Steam for an Overwatch, should the Hound decide to step down from the ledge by the goal. On the enemy's turn, the goal bodyguards will stay where they are, but another Hound should come out of hiding near where Henry is presently situated.

Turn 10: Rather than using Henry to attack the Hound next to him, use a single blast from John to put some distance between the two, also highlighting some of the cover options in that area. Once that's settled, move John forward so that he's positioned on the other side of the large tanks with 1 Steam in his tank. Make sure that both Hounds' eyes are yellow, not red. Then, as Henry, move towards the Help Monitor, then turn around to face the weak point of the Hound that John just attacked. Grab the coin it leaves behind, then check the Help Monitor for a full supply of Steam. After moving one space to the left, face the Hound on the right of the goal and use two attacks to eliminate it, allowing you to grab the yellow gear on the right without being hit by any enemies. End your turn with Henry on the space closest to the goal (in front of the large tanks).

Turn 11: From here on out, Henry can make his way into the goal without being apprehended, but it's up to you if you'd like to inflict some damage on the final Hound and grab some more coins before making your way to the exit.


This map may appear intimidating, but it is less so when you have a full party. In actual fact, although the starting point suggests an immediate ambush, the biggest threats lie further in. If you're not careful, the Hounds will barrage you with attack after attack, so it is imperative that John and Henry don't stray too far from one another. Unfortunately, the forest areas tempt you to act against this strategy, for they afford tactical advantages when going up against the blockade of enemies by the goal.

Turn 1: Look at all those red arrows! Funnily enough, the Slashers can't even reach Henry. In this situation, John's Bear Grenade should be put to use, damaging multiple enemies at once. Ultimately, the Hounds behind John (off to either side) are more pressing. You won't be able to reach the one that's to the right of the entrance gate, but you can aim the blast marker towards the one on the left without having to move. Do so, then hit fire. It will buy you some distance on successive turns. Next, head for the Help Monitor to refresh John's Steam Gauge, but save his blasts for when Henry can no longer attack.

Switch to Henry and aim for the explosive barrels in the middle of two Slashers. Use 3 Steam to fire, resulting in an instant KO for both enemies. Following that, you'll only have one attack left. Aim for the explosive barrels in front of the gold metal box, then fire to KO the Slasher next to it and reveal the coin pile inside the box. With the 2 Steam you have left, jump down in front of you and move one space forward. This is where Henry will conclude his turn.

Switch back to John so you can take care of the other Slashers in his immediate vicinity. Aim the grenade marker over to the left, ensuring that you highlight the enemy behind the barrels, but exclude the explosive barrels as these may come in handy on Turn 2. Fire to send the Slasher to the right. Next, lower the grenade setting and target the platform Henry started on, ensuring to also highlight the gold metal box by tilting to the left more than the right. This way, you'll avoid the explosive barrels on the right, which could cause harm to Henry. Use your remaining 2 Steam by moving forward in a line and end your turn on the space diagonally adjacent to the coin pile.

Turn 2: The setup from the last turn will now mean that Henry might be closed in by two Slashers (if they gather by John instead, these directions will still work, perhaps with some slight adjustments), but that can easily be remedied. First things first: Use John to grab all nearby coins, then return to your original position. From here, aim for the single Slasher near you, having the marker highlight the explosive barrels, then the green metal barrels, then stop when it also includes the Slasher — it must be in this order. Fire to send the Slasher to the space behind you, then use your remaining Steam for a second attack on the same enemy. Switch to Henry and defeat the two other Slashers in the immediate area, then use the 2 Steam left over to move forward towards the save point before ending your turn.

Turn 3: Following the enemy's turn, the first of the two Hounds should be caught up to you, allowing you to finish the job you started with a single blow from John. Then use any leftover Steam to move forward to the space behind Henry. Switch to Henry and collect all nearby coins, then return to your original position. Next, see where the digital sign is? Move Henry to that exact space and you'll see you can attack the weak point of the second Hound from the start. Move to the left edge of this space without moving to the next, aim carefully, fire to defeat the Hound, then end your turn here.

Turn 4: Bring Henry to the left of the save point with 3 Steam to go and simply save the game (no restoration). Switch to John and stop two spaces ahead of Henry (i.e., facing the metal barrels), then end your turn.

Turn 5: Without moving from where you are, turn John towards the Hound on the left and ensure the marker excludes the metal barrels (you will need these for ongoing cover). With the steam you have left, position yourself in front of metal barrels on the left side this time. Switch to Henry and follow these directions: 1 back, 2 right, 5 forward. Attack the Hound once to damage it, then end your turn here.

Turn 6: As Henry, aim at the Hound that attacked you on the last turn and attack once. Switch to John to complete the job (or attack another Hound in that area, if one moved there) without moving him from his spot. Subsequently, move him 1 space to the right and finish here. Now that there aren't immediate dangers, switch back to Henry and collect the blue gear on the right, then walk in front of the Help Monitor and read the message on the role gears play. With refreshed Steam, move forward to collect the single coin, then return to your original position. From here, move left 4 spaces, then forward 1 space. Point Henry at the Hound up ahead, then end your turn with 2 Overwatch attacks under your belt. One of these attacks will be used to defeat the Hound that tries to move in closer.

Turn 7: Use a single blast from John to eliminate the last Hound in this immediate area, then move him to the metal barrels on the right up ahead, picking up any coins along the way. Move Henry 3 spaces ahead, taking care not to go past the metal barrels. End your turn here.

Turn 8: Cautiously, have John aim the grenade marker so that it touches the explosive barrels close to the Hound standing guard up ahead. Fire and enjoy the instant KO. With the 3 Steam you have left, collect nearby coins and the Medical Kit, then move 1 space towards the center of the path with no Steam left. Move Henry 3 spaces ahead, and you should hear a Hound on the other side of the wall. Then move left 1 space and up 1 space, taking care not to go past the two metal barrels. End your turn here. If you planned it right, that secretive Hound will be out of commission by the time your turn hits again.

Turn 9: From here, it's a race to the goal with Henry. But before that, you can gather a few things. First move John forward ever so slightly until the grenade marker highlights the Hound in the forest area, then fire. If you are thinking of going into a 10th turn with the reinforcements, turn around right and fire a blast at another Hound to buy you some breathing space. Now it's up to Henry to grab any stray coins, and grab the yellow gear to the right of the goal. Grab the red gear, too, which is by the Hound in the forest. Note that the risk of an Overwatch attack could prompt another turn. Once all that is said and done, send Henry to the goal to clear this mission and chapter.

Chapter 2: Save the Queen!

Time to infiltrate Buckingham Palace! Now that you're aboard the Lady Liberty, it will serve as your hub to customize your party and access missions. You are also now able to equip Sub-Weapons, starting with the Medi-Carbine (a low-cost healing item) and the Steam Rifle. More will be unlocked as you progress through the story and earn coins. When compiling your team, note that the order in which you enlist party members will determine where they start on a given map. Over the course of this walkthrough, I will outline which team was used (mentioned in the order they were selected) and which weapons were equipped.


TEAM: Henry, John

This mission starts you off on the grounds overlooking Buckingham Palace. You'll need to plow through the guarding enemies — Hounds, Slashers, and a new enemy type known as Crashers — to make your way into the palace. Normally spitting up would be advisable because of the fact that the starting area splits off into two paths, and although you're tackling this with two people rather than a full group, it's still not a bad idea to follow separate routes.

Turn 1: On both the left and right paths, you will find Crashers, which have very low HP (even the slightest hit will KO them) but with the catch that they explode on impact. The same goes for when they are attacking, except their method is that of self-destruction. Use Henry to head for the Help Monitor on the left, then with your refreshed Steam, move forward one space and attack the Crasher enemy. From this space, you'll avoid getting hit by both the Crasher and the explosive barrels that the Crasher's explosion will trigger. Move forward one space and finish with Henry having two Overwatch attacks at the ready. Now off to John. Follow the same procedure of running straight for the Help Monitor, but before activating it, fire a blast that destroys the barrels and crates near the Crasher — they'll just get in your way. Check the Help Monitor for a reminder on healing, then move 4 spaces forward. From here, switch weapons to the Steam Rifle and attack the Crasher. Then use your 3 Steam to grab the single coin on the right, and end your turn on the space right in front of the stairs.

Turn 2: Use Henry to eliminate the last of the Slasher's health from the Overwatch attack, then place him on the space with the coin on it right in front of the stairs. As John, move 6 spaces forward to grab the coin, then move back 2 and switch to the Bear Grenade. Now aim the marker so that it highlights the Slasher up ahead, fire, then end your turn.

Turn 3: Move Henry down the stairs, then head up the stairs on the right. Make sure he stops on the left side, closest to the gold metal box. Switch to John, move back a smidge (don't leave this space), then fire with the grenade on the lowest setting to exterminate the Slasher in front of you, Following that, move the slider back to the high setting and fire at the Slasher up the stairs. If the knockback pushes the Slasher closer to Henry, move a few spaces back and right until you have 3 Steam you can use to defeat the Slasher with another move. After that, end your turn.

Turn 4: Before doing anything else, guide John over to the blue gear, then move to the space at the top of the stairs along the right. From here and with 4 Steam available, move the grenade marker so that it highlights the gold metal box, the Slasher, and at least one of the multiple Crashers in this area. Launch the grenade then watch the enemies fly like pinball. As far as Henry goes, move forward to grab nearby coins, then return to your original position. You'll be able to attack the Slasher from here, but move 2 spaces forward and attack from here instead so as to guarantee the Slasher's defeat. Then with your remaining Steam, position yourself one space diagonally from the metal box and end your turn.

Turn 5: Lots of coins for John to retrieve, so grab all those first, then return to your original position. From here, go up the stairs, then turn right and move 4 spaces forward, remembering to switch to the Steam Rifle in preparation for the enemy's turn. Next, with Henry, defeat the Slasher in front of you, then move 2 spaces forward and turn to your left where a Crasher should be standing. Rather than hitting the enemy, fire at the explosive barrels next to it, and call it a day for that turn.

Turn 6: Use Henry to grab any nearby coins, then head all the way forward without turning back for the save device. As John, switch to the Bear Grenade and fire a blast (on high setting) over the corner edge below the stairs, which should damage the Slasher. From there, use the save device behind you to restore just John's steam for a measly 10 coins. Then move forward two spaces so you can fire a grenade at the Crasher by the same edge as before. Switch to the mid setting and aim the blast marker so in such a way that it will force the enemy backward (i.e., aim for the coin and the empty spaces in front of you, but still narrowly highlight the enemy). Once you fire, the explosion should eliminate the Slasher if you aimed your blast properly. Stay where you are and switch to the Steam Rifle in preparation for the Crasher on the other side. End your turn here.

Turn 7: Run all the way forward as John (the camera will focus on the civilian if you look left, then you can continue) until you wind up on the furthest space ahead, then move back 2 spaces and finish here so you can grab the yellow gear on your next turn. Then as Henry, grab any coins in the vicinity and move ahead until you have 3 left in your Steam Gauge and are two spaces in front of the bench, then end your turn.

Turn 8: From here, grab any nearby coins as Henry, then guide him over to the area the Crasher came out of until you are on the space beside the staircase and closest to the red gear. Switch to John and aim the blast marker so that it will knock the Slasher backward (i.e., by having it more on the empty spaces than the actual enemy). Fire, then move forward in the direction of the Slasher until you have 3 Steam left. Then opt for the Steam Rifle and end your turn.

Turn 9: As Henry, grab the red gear, then return to your original position. Aim at the Slasher and fire, neutralizing it with a single attack. From there, move him to the space available at the bottom of the staircase. Then as John, grab the yellow gear to complete your collection for this map, in addition to any nearby coins. End the turn after moving him as far forward as you can.

Turn 10: Now there should be no threats standing in your way. It's up to you if you want to use John's Bear Grenade to destroy the metal box to then collect its contents on the following turn. But Henry now has the ability to reach the goal, so for the purpose of this walkthrough, we will proceed further from here and clear this map.


TEAM: [Newcomer], Henry, John

Rawwrg! Here's Lion, on the prowl! Lion is a valuable member to any team, able to leap over traps and enemies alike with his Lion Launcher. He also has a passive team ability called Courageous, which automatically increases the defense of everyone on your team.

Further in the way of new characters, you'll meet Prowlers for the first time here. On this map, you'll scale the side staircases to reach the height of the palace foyer, but before that, you must cross the ground floor. This area is also being targeted by the Prowlers up above who bear grenades similar to those carried by John. Think carefully or you'll wind up leading your team into a minefield!

Turn 1: See the chandelier in the center of the room? It can be detached from the ceiling, crushing any enemies below. But the catch is, not everyone has the firepower required to take it down. The Steam Crossbow, for example, won't cut it, just like how it wouldn't be enough to pry open a gold metal box. With this in mind, start off with switching John to the Steam Rifle, then fire at the chandelier after moving 1 space forward. This will eliminate two of the Slashers for you. Next, switch to Lion and activate the Steam Crossbow. Aim for the Prowler — specifically the weak point on its head — and fire twice to take it out. Next activate the Lion Launcher and aim for the Slasher atop the broken column, then launch. Move forward to collect the coin in front of you, then move back so you can have 2 Steam for an Overwatch attack using the Steam Crossbow. Switch back to John and fire a grenade at the gold metal box from where you left him, Then as Henry, move 5 spaces ahead but don't check the Help Monitor just yet. You should have 3 Steam left for an Overwatch attack when you end your turn.

Turn 2: It looks like Lion took a bit of a beating from that one Prowler, but he's got the strength to withstand those types of attacks over the long haul. Use Henry to attack the Prowler in front of you, clearing the way for your team. As John, grab all the coins along the ground floor as you move towards the Prowler who came from the right staircase, until you have 3 Steam left. Change weapons to the Steam Rifle and attack. Switch to Lion, who got sent behind the broken column, and move in front of the two column pieces. Using the 4 Steam in your Gauge, attack the Prowler's weak point twice with the Steam Crossbow. With Henry left to move, check the Help Monitor for a fresh batch of Steam. Then, run to the space on the stairs that's closest to the save device (you will have no Steam left). In this case, although there isn't a drastic need for health restoration, the idea is to get everyone out of this vulnerable position on the ground floor. So exchange 200 coins for the Restore All option, then, while still using Henry, run up the right staircase to grab any stray coins. Head back to where you were, then go up the first set of left stairs until you reach the space that's closest to the gold banister on the left. From here, use the Eagle Rifle to attack the weak point of the Prowler just above the second set of stairs.

Switch to Lion, then check the Help Monitor in the middle section leading off to the two staircases. Using nearly all your Steam, run to the other Help Monitor after the second set of stairs along the left staircase (now right, based on the direction you're currently facing), avoiding attacks on any enemies. Check the Help Monitor to refill your Steam Gauge a second time, only now you can go crazy with the Steam Crossbow. (Ha HA!) First attack the Prowler that's closest to Henry (or the bottom of the staircase) — it shouldn't take more than one to defeat it. Then turn back around and use your remaining four attacks on the other Prowlers, making sure you're precise when going after the weak points. Excellent work, team! Now guide John over to the same space Henry is on and end the turn here.

Turn 3: Now that your enemies have been removed, you can focus on grabbing the blue gear to Lion's left. Use the Lion Launcher on the lowest setting and move back slightly (but without leaving the space you're on), launch, then adjust the slider back to the high setting and launch yourself back to the upper area, exactly one space ahead of where you originally were. Guide Henry and John ahead of Lion and situate them on the space in front of the next set of stairs (not on them), just so you have enough of a buffer for the group of enemies several spaces away. End your turn here.

Turn 4: As John, move 1 space forward and as far to its edge as possible without going over to the next space. Then, with the Hound and gold metal box highlighted, fire a blast. Switch to Henry and use a single attack from your Eagle Rifle to defeat the Hound, then collect the coins and end on the space that will leave you with 3 Steam for an Overwatch attack. Do the same for John (3 Steam) and switch to your Steam Rifle. As for Lion, position him on the space behind Henry and aim the Steam Crossbow so that you can reach the weak point of the Prowler without losing more Steam. You should have two attacks at your disposal, just enough to defeat your enemy and end your turn.

Turn 5: After a failed attack by a distant Prowler, you can now use Lion to get rid of it and allow the team to press onward. Move Lion one space forward, aim for the weak point through the banister, and attack two times. Move forward one more space and save your other 2 Steam for an Overwatch attack. Now, switch to John and move forward until you have 4 Steam left. Use this to attack the Hound guarding the goal with your Bear Grenade. Important: Ensure you have the enemy highlighted, not just the plant next to it! With Henry's full Steam supply, make your way over to where the Hound is until you have 6 Steam left. Use this to defeat the Hound. (I only needed one because the Hound had its weak point exposed after the grenade blast, but it's possible the same won't apply if you aimed the blast differently.) With all the enemies defeated, there's no need for Lion to go on Overwatch, so just move him to the same space as John.

Turn 6: With the Lion Launcher activated, use Lion to grab the yellow gear on the pedestal. Switch to Henry and activate the save device, spending 20 coins just on Henry so you can grab the red gear without spending another turn here, that way you can still get a healthy Turn Bonus at the conclusion of the third stage. Now, use John to move forward in the direction of the gold metal box, using 4 Steam to send a grenade that will blow it open. (Make sure you move Henry out of the way first!) Then use Henry to pick up the coin pile, then make your way to the goal. Off to meet the wizard...err, the queen!