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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Story Walkthrough

The Spring Crystal

Items Needed
Softwood Lumber x20Sugar x1
1,000 GStrawberry x1
Quest Links
Harvest lots of flowers to wake up the Flower Harvest Sprite.Raise animals to wake up the Animal Harvest Sprite.Make a Barn
Catch lots of fish to wake up the Water Harvest Sprite.Get the Harvest Goddess’s strength back.A Special Gift

N. B.: Make sure you stop by the Goddess Spring each day and talk to Rowan. Even though he won't work for you just yet, speaking to him daily before you awaken the Flower Harvest Sprite will still raise his chemistry.

Save the Harvest Goddess!

The Harvest Goddess lost her power! Help us get our beautiful land back!

To complete this quest, you will need to awaken three of the missing Harvest Sprites to revive the Harvest Goddess herself. It's a good idea to use this time to chop down most of the trees, flatten the land for your buildings and crops, and build some stairs to the Goddess Spring as you'll be visiting there often. Many new people will arrive as you work to restore Spring, keeping things lively.

Every day from 6 AM to 8 PM
On the morning of the third day, Sam the merchant will arrive in your valley. He will sell you seeds, fertilizer, and other items necessary for agriculture as well as buy nearly any item from you. He will pay a lower price than other merchants for flowers and crops however, so you may want to save those until you can get a better price for them.

You can sell Sam your excess Softwood Lumber for seed money, but keep at least 29 in reserve (or 38 if you have the DLC character Andrea). Make sure you plant the ten Pink Pansy seeds he gifts you as soon as possible. If you have time and money, you can also buy more Spinach and Broccoli seeds to grow for cash. Save at least 19 Spinach (24 if you have the DLC character Luke), three Great Spinach, 23 Broccoli (28 if you have Luke), and three Great Broccoli for future purposes. You can plant these crops wherever you want, but Broccoli grows fastest at Level 17 (HE-3, three blocks lower than the entrance to your house) while Spinach grows fastest at Level 15 (HE-5, five blocks lower than your house entrance). For more growing information, see the Crops section.

Schedule: Wednesday & Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM
When Rowan tells you about a lost little girl one morning, visit the Goddess Spring in the daytime for a scene. The next morning, Sally will introduce herself and begin visiting your valley.

April & Iris
Wednesday & Thursday, 10 AM to 6 PM
These two will show up on a Wednesday or Thursday morning early in Spring. Iris sells flower seeds and will buy your flowers for a much higher price than Sam will. April is one of the four marriage candidates male players can marry.

Growing Pink Pansies and selling them to Iris is your best source of income until you can mine jewels, so make sure you stock up on seeds whenever Iris is visiting. Pink Pansies can mutate into Yellow or Purple Pansies, and if you sell 50 of each to either merchant, Iris will begin selling the seeds in her shop. Set aside ten Purple Pansies and four Yellow Pansies for later; the rest are safe to sell.

Luke & Andrea
Friday & Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM (Luke), Thursday & Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM (Andrea)
If you purchased either of the DLC characters, they will arrive sometime early in Spring. They are both modestly priced and their quest rewards are useful, so you may wish to purchase them even if you don't plan on marrying either of them.

Harvest lots of flowers to wake up the Flower Harvest Sprite.

Sam gives you ten Pink Pansy seeds to plant as a token of respect. Harvest at least five of these flowers to awaken Blossom, who can now be hired to work on your farm along with Rowan (see The Harvest Sprites for more information). If you accidentally sell the seeds or forget to water them, you can purchase more from Iris when she and April arrive.

Catch lots of fish to wake up the Water Harvest Sprite.

When you have a dream about a blonde-haired young man at the Goddess Spring, visit there in the daytime to meet Gilbert. He's only visiting for now, but before he leaves he will give you a fishing rod and teach you how to manipulate water tiles. (Don't worry, he'll be back later so you can get married.) Catch at least five fish to revive Dewy the Water Sprite.

Raise animals to wake up the Animal Harvest Sprite.

The night after Dewy awakens, the Harvest Goddess will appear in your dreams to thank you for reviving her. Visit the Goddess Spring in the daytime, and then... Dum-Da-Da-DAA! The Harvest Goddess has returned! She is grateful for your hard work, but unfortunately she cannot restore the seasons with the bracelet alone. The three Season Crystals vanished while she was powerless and must be restored before she can end the eternal winter. The Harvest Goddess could make a Spring Crystal if she had just a little more power... Maybe if you brought her an offering of something she likes, that would help her get stronger.

Brutus, Tony & Jimmy
Tuesday & Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM
Sometime on a Tuesday or Friday morning during Spring, this trio will show up to inform you they will be digging ore twice a week in Moon Valley. Brutus can refine your ore into more valuable metals and jewels while Tony can make tools for you. While they can't do much for you just yet, keep them in mind for later. Tony is also one of the four marriage candidates available for female players to marry.

Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM
Rowan will show up on the morning of one of Doc's scheduled days to alert you that some weirdo showed up all of a sudden. Despite your fervent protests, Doc will foist one of his Insta-buildings on you along with the key item ARCHITECT. With these, you can instantly build structures in no time flat.

Make a Barn

Use an Insta-Building to make a barn. Let Doc know when it’s complete!

While in your valley, open your bag and select the key item ARCHITECT from the last tab. This will place you in Building Mode, where you can place, remove, or rearrange buildings and objects. Press the X Button or the Menu button on the touch screen, select the Barn, place it, and then select the back arrow and confirm your changes. (Note that time does not stop while you are using ARCHITECT, so be sure to close the 3DS lid or open the building menu if you need time to think.)

Once you place the barn in a satisfactory location, you will need to visit Moon Valley and inform Doc of your success. You can build a land bridge across the river and rock cliffs, but the easiest and simplest way to reach Moon Valley is to place two blocks of dirt in the river by the waterfall at the foot of the Goddess Spring. The entrance to Moon Valley is a cave on the east side of your farm, and if you've dreamt of a dark-haired woman here, you can meet Naomi.

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday, 7 PM to 2 AM
When you have a dream about a dark-haired woman in Moon Valley, visit there during the daytime to meet Naomi. She won't offer any quests yet and doesn't run a shop, but try to remember to visit her here every once in a while.

Doc will reward you with a Well, which can be placed on any grassy tile you like using ARCHITECT. Wells will also unlock for purchase in his shop, but it will be awhile yet before you can obtain the Bronze needed to manufacture more of them. If you have 20 Softwood Lumber and 1,000 G, this is a good opportunity to buy the Kitchen upgrade from Doc. You'll need to be able to cook in order to progress with the main story.

Now that you have a barn placed, Hunter will show up on a Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday morning to give you a free cow. If you need to review Hunter's instructions on how to care for livestock, check the Farming and Ranching Basics section. Tend to your cow for a few days until Calvin awakens, completing this segment of the quest.

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, & Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM
Hunter will sell you animals you can raise on your farm. If you obtain a Miracle Potion, speak to him while he's in the barn to use it on one of your cows or sheep. For more information about livestock and breeding, refer to the Animals section.

Get the Harvest Goddess’s strength back.

When Calvin arrives, he will give you a recipe for Strawberry Jam. You will need a Strawberry, some Sugar, and a kitchen to make this tasty treat for the Harvest Goddess.

A Special Gift

Make some strawberry jam and give it to the Harvest Goddess to cheer her up!

Sam will now begin selling Strawberry seeds, so buy some and plant them. You can plant them anywhere you like, but they will grow the fastest at Level 20, the same height as the entrance to your valley. Once you've collected five or more Milk from your cow, Hanna and Emily will show up on the next Monday or Tuesday.

Hanna & Emily
Monday & Tuesday, 10 AM to 6 PM
Hanna will sell you recipes, food, and cooking ingredients, including the Sugar you need to make Strawberry Jam. She will also buy your cooked dishes and ingredients for a much higher price than Sam, so always sell your crops to her whenever possible. Emily is one of the four marriage candidates male players can marry.

Once you make the jam, put it in your rucksack and talk to the Harvest Goddess on a weekday from 8 AM to 6 PM. She LOVES the jam so much and is so happy that she's able to recreate a perfect Spring Crystal. Now spring will always come after winter, all thanks to your hard work!

Season Changes
If you restore Spring to the valley while still in that season, the season will change from Winter to Spring the next day. This means that all of your crops will wither and die. However, it will take a day for all the snow to melt, so if you want to save your crops, wait until Spring 30th to bring the jam to the Harvest Goddess.

Now that Spring is unlocked, Sam will begin selling Celery, Cabbage, and Onion seeds, along with Grapefruit Sprouts. Iris will now sell Marguerite and Pink Rose seeds. You can also accept two new requests from the visitors to the valley besides Naomi for a total of four quests per person.