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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Story Walkthrough

The Fall Crystal

Items Needed
Iron x3Crystal x1Red Rose x1
Fluorite x1Pink Rose x1Blue Rose x1
Quest Links
Get a Hammer!Get the Blessed FruitExamine the Blessed FruitFind the Tears of Happiness
Cheer up Tony!Get the Blessed SeedsFind Insta-SunFind Pendant
Meet the Underworld KingFind the Flower of GraceInsta-Sun MaterialsMake Reunion Bouquet

With Spring and Summer restored, only the season of Fall is now missing. The Underworld King is the only one who can make a Fall Crystal, but guess who caused the seasons to vanish in the first place? Despite the other sprites' fear of him, the Harvest Goddess will insist that the King is not a bad guy and will understand if you just speak reasonably with him. Rowan will mark the entrance to his lair on your map, but to reach it, you will need a Hammer to break up the stone cliffs above the entrance.

Get a Hammer!

Get a hammer to see the King of the Underworld! Is there anyone who could help you out?

Tony is your go-to guy for everything tool-related, so visit him in Moon Valley on Tuesday or Friday between 10 AM and 6 PM. You will arrive just in time to witness a fight between him and Brutus, causing Tony to storm off in anger. He's clearly not in a mood to help you, so let's do something about that, shall we?

Cheer up Tony!

Tony just had an argument with Brutus. Can you think of a way to cheer up Tony?

After the cutscene, talk to Emily on Monday or Tuesday between 10 AM and 6 PM to receive the key item "Emily's Bread." Give it to Tony in Moon Valley on his next scheduled day, and he will tell you what happened. Brutus gave him a knife to repair, but every time Tony thinks it's fixed, Brutus just yells at him, "Look more close!" without telling him what's wrong. You can pick either conversation choice to complete the quest, but "Maybe you're rushing it" will get a more favorable response than the second option. Return to Moon Valley on his next scheduled day, then one more time to finally receive the Hammer. About time!

Meet the Underworld King

To get fall to return again, go see King of the Underworld to get the Fall Crystal.

Now that you have the hammer, you can mine through the rock blocking your way to the Underworld King's lair...or you can exploit a beneficial glitch if you've completed Doc's Assistant 4. Use ARCHITECT to place a wooden bridge on the tile directly in front of any cave entrance, and you will be able to step off the wooden bridge into the cave no matter how high or low it is. If you don't have bridges or don't want to rely on a glitch, you'll need to tunnel downward to reach the Underworld King. You can simply mine straight down and use the Harvest Sprite Whistle to teleport home, but since you'll be returning here, you may want to build a proper tunnel. You can design it however you want, but a staircase like the one in the screenshot will take up a relatively small amount of space. On the map screenshot, you can see where the Underworld King, Gorgan, lives.

If you want to build a staircase like the one pictured above, lay out a roughly 5x5 space in front of Gorgan's lair, with the bottom left corner one block below the three tiles-wide entrance to the Underworld Kingdom. If you're looking at the map, it should be two blocks below the door icon, which is the center tile of the three tiles-wide cave. Break the stone block on that tile and a layer or two of the stone blocks in the rest of the 5x5 space, to make it easier to visualize exactly where the stairs will begin and end. Then dig the staircase in an S-shaped pattern starting from the top right step, labeled Step 21 in the diagram below. Step 1 will be on Level 1, Step 2 will be on Level 2, and so on all the way to the top of the cliff. It may seem complicated at first glance, but once you actually get started in-game you'll see it's not so bad. Just remember, do not build the staircase on the three blocks in front of the entrance. At least one of the blocks labeled "Lair" in the diagram must be cleared away completely to allow access to the Underworld.

↓ 18
← 19
← 20
← 21
Lair→ 17→ 16→ 15↓ 14
Lair↓ 10← 11← 12← 13
Lair→ 9→ 8→ 7↓ 6
↑ 1← 2← 3← 4← 5

However you chose to get there, you'll eventually come face-to-face with Gorgan, King of the Underworld. Before you can even ask him about the Fall Crystal, Gorgan angrily banishes you from his presence. So much for speaking to him reasonably! As you trudge off in dejection, Rowan will appear and suggest meeting with a Harvest Sprite who is on good terms with Gorgan. If you haven't already, break up several rocks or hit up the mines, and the next morning Flint will awaken. Return to the Underworld King again, and he will set you an impossible task—if you want the Fall Crystal, bring him a Blessed Fruit.

Get the Blessed Fruit

Give the Blessed Fruit to Gorgan to get the Fall Crystal.

Speak to the Harvest Goddess when she's available, and she will be shocked to hear Gorgan treated you so nastily. Obtaining the Blessed Fruit isn't impossible, just terribly difficult. First, you will need the Blessed Seeds. Who do you know that's mentioned having some very special seeds?

Get the Blessed Seeds

To get the Blessed Fruit, first you need the Blessed Seeds. Who do you think could help?

Talk to Gilbert when he's visiting the Goddess Spring on Monday or Thursday night. He is willing to part with the seeds, but in return, he would like you to bring him a Flower of Grace. Someone who knows a lot about animals may know something about it.

Find the Flower of Grace

Get Gilbert the Flower of Grace, and he’ll give you the Blessed Seeds. Ask someone who likes animals.

To get the Flower of Grace to get the Blessed Seeds to get the Blessed Fruit to get the Fall Crystal, talk to Hunter while he's in your barn on Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. He hasn't heard of any flower by that name, but he has seen wild animals with a strange-looking plant before. Hunter will introduce you to a dun-colored, lop-eared bunny, and sure enough, the flower it's holding is the Flower of Grace. (Remember this bunny for later; it will be important if you decide to get married.) Return to Gilbert on Monday or Thursday night with the flower in hand to receive the Blessed Seeds, then speak to the Harvest Goddess on one of her scheduled days. Not so fast, though! In order to grow the Blessed Seeds, you need...something. It seems the Harvest Goddess can't quite remember, so you'll need to find someone who knows a lot about trees.

Examine the Blessed Fruit

You need to figure out how to grow the Blessed Seeds. Is there anyone who could help you out?

Catherine was always nagging you about trees and bragging about her father's vast knowledge of them, so talk to her when she's by your house, at the Goddess Spring, or in Moon Valley. She will recite an old nursery rhyme for you alluding to the Blessed Tree and describing how to grow one.

Find Insta-Sun

You need the Insta-Sun to help the Blessed Seeds grow. Can you think of anyone who could help?

This "Insta-Sun" doohickey sounds an awful lot like an Insta-Building, doesn't it? Visit Doc in Moon Valley on Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday between 10 AM and 6 PM. Doc can make it no problem, but as his assistant, you'll need to supply the materials first. (Really, what did you expect?)

Insta-Sun Materials

Collect all the materials needed to make the Insta-Sun, then give them to Doc.

Iron x3Fluorite x1Crystal x1

To get the Insta-Sun materials to get the Insta-Sun to grow the Blessed Seeds to get the Blessed Fruit to get the Fall Crystal, you'll need to mine the ore and have Brutus refine it. Iron Ore can be mined from Flint's nodes or any cave except West Mine, Fluorite Ore from South Mine 1 and 3, and Crystal Ore from West Mine or South Mine 1, 2, and 3. (Refer to the Mining section if needed for mine location photos.) Once you have the ore in hand, visit Brutus on Tuesday or Friday in Moon Valley to refine the nine Iron Ore, Fluorite Ore, and Crystal Ore into the items you need for Doc.

Find the Tears of Happiness

To grow the Blessed Seeds, you’ll need the Tears of Happiness. Who could help you on this?

Return to your house to trigger a cutscene with Sally.

Find Pendant

Sally lost her pendant. Maybe someone’s found it. You should ask around.

Head to Moon Valley and speak to Naomi for a cutscene. After that, speak to April on Wednesday or Thursday when she's by your house for another scene.

Make Reunion Bouquet

To encourage Naomi, collect materials for a bouquet, then give them to April.

Pink Rose x1Red Rose x1Blue Rose x1

Bring these flowers to April when she's standing around outside your house, and then speak to Naomi. Select "Meet her!" to trigger another cutscene and receive the Tears of Happiness. Once you have both the Insta-Sun and Tears of Happiness in hand, bring them to the Harvest Goddess at one of her scheduled times and watch the events unfold. Congratulations on restoring all three seasons to the valley!

Season Changes
If you restore Fall to the valley while still in that season, the season will change from Winter to Fall the next day. This means that all of your crops will wither and die. However, it will take a day for all the snow to melt, so if you want to save your crops, wait until Fall 29th to bring the Insta-Sun and Tears of Happiness to the Harvest Goddess.

Now that Fall is unlocked, Sam will begin selling Potato, Carrot, Hot Pepper, and Pumpkin seeds, along with Apple and Orange Sprouts. Iris will now sell Cosmos and White Rose seeds. You can now accept quests all six, eight, or ten quests from every character, including Naomi.