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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16


Tabitha's Medicine

Collect all the ingredients needed to make Magic Medicine, then give them to Tabitha.

Tabitha's eight request is locked until you accept Sam's eightn request. For more help with growing the mutations she requests, see the Crops section or the crop/mutation FAQ. For more help locating the ores for her requests, see the Mining section.

No.Items NeededReward
1.Agate x3
Cabbage x5
Recipe: Peaceful Potion
2.Jade x3
Strawberry x5
Recipe: Active Potion
3.Fluorite x3
Corn x5
Recipe: Sensitive Potion
4.Opal x3
Mystic Herb x5
Recipe: Proud Potion
5.Crystal x3
Mandrake x5
Recipe: Bountiful Potion
6.Peridot x3
Royal Herb x5
Recipe: Spring Breeze Potion
7.Moonstone x3
Pink Spinach x5
Recipe: Summer Breeze Potion
8,Sapphire x3
Magical Berry x5
Red Rose x11
Magic Medicine x1
NameItems NeededReward
Spring 1Topaz x3
Dryad Seed x3
Grapefruit x3
Great Durum Flour x3
Excellent Feed x3
Spring 2Amethyst x3
Magic Pepper Seed x3
Great Pink Rose x3
Special Feed x3
Harvest Feed x3
Summer 1Ruby x3
Golden Bell Pepper Seed x3
Peach x3
Great Fodder Cornmeal x3
Volcano Feed x3
Summer 2Emerald x3
Princess's Eye Seed x3
Great White Rose x3
Legendary Feed x3
Tempest Feed x
Fall 1Onyx x3
Giant Pumpkin Seed x3
Apple x3
Great Barley Flour x3
Life Force Feed x3
Fall 2Diamond x3
Teardrop Seed x3
Great Red Rose x3
Excellent Feed x3
Sunshine Feed x3
Winter 1Pink Diamond x3
Cream Pumpkin Seed x3
Orange x3
Great Sweet Cornmeal x3
Barley Super Blend x
Winter 2Soul Gem x3
Dome Cabbage Seed x3
Great Blue Rose x3
Miracle Feed x3
Sprint Feed x3