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by Lirishae

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lirishae

Updated: 08/25/16

Festivals and Birthdays

Summer 15 - Great Horse Race

RankTime NeededPrizeConsolation Prize
Beginner44-38 secondsPassion Feed x5Great Animal Feed x5
Intermediate56-53 secondsSprint Feed x5
Advanced60-54 secondsTempest Feed x5

From Year 2 onward, Naomi will begin holding an annual horse race in the Summer. Before you can participate, you must own a horse and be able to ride it. Horses can be purchased from Hunter for 20,000 G starting in Summer Year 1, but cannot be ridden until first gaining approximately one heart of affection. For the Beginner race, you will race from your house to Moon Valley and back to your house; for the Intermediate and Advanced races, you will race to both the Goddess Spring and Moon Valley before looping back. Despite Naomi's misleading instructions, the race will begin when you touch the flag in front of your house, not her. Race as fast as you can to the objective destination, touch the flagpole to turn it red, then rush back to your house and touch the flagpole again to finish. If touching the flagpole at your house doesn't end the race, it means one or more midway point flags failed to trigger. Should this happen, you will need to reload and start the race all over again.


Since your entire valley is the racetrack, It's a good idea to create quick, direct paths from your house to both the Goddess Spring and Moon Valley. Breaking down the stone cliffs between your house and Moon Valley and filling the river with dirt will save you a ton of time, both during the race and in general. You will also want to keep your horse's affection high prior to the race, as her run speed increases with the number of hearts she has. Refrain from leaving your horse out overnight or waking her up after she has fallen asleep (unless it's to put her back in the barn, but try to avoid this too). If you have the money or the crops for specialty animal feeds, traits such as Sensitive, Clean, and Fast are helpful to have. Sensitive and Clean will help your horse's affection recover from being awakened or left outside while Fast is self-explanatory. (For more information on animal skills and feeds, click here.) If you're planning to compete in the Intermediate or Advanced classes, make sure to visit the Goddess Spring before the match and hire three of the Sprites, but preferably not Flint or Woody. These two may spawn trees or nodes in your way that will cost precious seconds to weave around, and should only be used if you have no other choice.

Beginner Class

The Beginner division is simple: race from your house to Moon Valley and back again. It can be won without any special preparation even if you're using the path at the foot of the Goddess Spring to get there and back. Touch the gray flagpole in your yard to start the race and head to Moon Valley, where you'll find another flagpole set up in the back of the cave. Trigger the checkpoint point flagpole to turn it red and then hurry back to the starting point as fast as you can. Sometimes the midway point flag doesn't register when hit; if this happens, you will be unable to finish the race and forced to forfeit or reload your save. You will need a finishing time of at least 44 seconds to stand a chance of winning.

Intermediate Class

In the Intermediate class, you will race to the Goddess Spring, then to Moon Valley and back to your house. The order in which you visit each location doesn't matter, only that you reach both checkpoints before returning to your house. Winning this race will require you to do some terraforming in advance to reach both locations quickly via horseback, but that's something that'll save you time in the long run, too. Before the race begins, make sure you stop by the Goddess Spring and hire three of the Harvest Sprites, though preferably not Woody or Flint. Three Sprites working on your farm means three fewer NPCs wandering around the Spring, blocking the narrow paths to and from the checkpoint. You will need to finish in at least 56 seconds to stand a chance of winning.

Advanced Class

For the Advanced class, you will race from your house to the Goddess Spring and Moon Valley again, but this time each location has multiple checkpoints you must hit to complete the race. There will be a checkpoint to the west of the starting flagpole, three at the Goddess Spring, and two in Moon Valley you must trigger to complete the race. Having a horse with five hearts and the Fast skill will help immensely in reaching a winning time, though the race can be won without the Fast trait. If all else fails, you can simply save your game with a minimum winning time just before you complete the race and reload until you emerge victorious. You will need a finishing time of one minute or less to stand a chance of winning.